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RI-RI’S back

A tired-looking Rihanna making her way through Bridgetown behind cousin Nicolette Alleyne as shoppers take pictures. Rihanna meeting with her mother Monica after shopping. She was overheard complaining about the constant harassment of the international paparazzi.

Sat, December 22, 2012 - 12:01 AM

Rihanna is back in Barbados for Christmas.

The global singing star was spotted in Bridgetown shopping yesterday, stopping at Tropicana Jewellers in Swan Street at one stage.

Her presence caused the already congested street to become all but impassable as eager Barbadians temporarily set aside the holiday rush and used the opportunity to snap pictures with their cellphones of the star.

The multi award-winning performer looked tired as she travelled with her aunt, cousin, best friends and bodyguard, but still managed to smile when some people shouted out how much they loved her.

Perhaps the reason for the tired appearance was her exasperation with the international paparazzi. She was overheard by our photographer saying they were “really annoying” and had stationed themselves outside her hotel in boats, most likely to take long range shots. She was heard asking them to give her a break so she could enjoy her vacation at home. (CA)

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Posted by J. Payne 1 year, 10 months ago
I didn't lie when I said Rihanna would create just as much publicity for Barbados spending old year's night on the island as a tourism ad. She could turn the tables do like Brian Lara throw a big bash at her house only charge a bundle of money per plate.

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Posted by Bim Bum 1 year, 10 months ago
WHEN I become Prime Minister of this country
all international (and local )celebrities will be assured of a peaceful stay on this island.
All they have to do
is let me know the dates of their visit.

Customs and Immigration at all ports of entry will be empowered to refuse entry to any photographer or press/TV reporter,
no photographic equipment,
no long tele-lenses.
No short ones either, with tele-extender optics!

This regime will be in force for two weeks prior to their arrival,
just in case they think they'll outsmart us and arrive early.
We have means to deal with that too!
(continue reading!)

Even if they make it past Customs and Immigration at all points of entry,
it shall be an offense, punishable by law
to follow, track, stalk, photograph, hound and harrass any celebrity or other person on this island.

This shall also apply to local photographers!

With this policy firmly in place
AND ENFORCED with examples deported and/or held in custody "at the Governor-General's pleasure"
it shall become known and admired that BARBADOS is the one place where a celebrity can come for a holiday,
or to get married and enjoy your honeymoon IN PEACE and quiet
without needing to be on guard all the time for paparazzi with $-signs in their eyes!

In the same manner that The Mustique Co. Ltd. "vets" people on their island when Princess Margaret visited them,
Barbados shall do better, we must do better
and we can and should out-Mustique Mustique!

Thank you for your attention to this matter which may seem to be of little importance to Bajans
but which would be MUCH appreciated among the celebrity community internationally.
Word will quickly spread
-that Barbados is THE ONE PLACE where they can come to relax and chill out.

and we can attract lots of well-moneyed visitors
with a guarantee of privacy like that described above.

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