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Sealy, Gill sign papers

BLP candidate David Gill arrives to sign his nomination papers.

Wed, February 06, 2013 - 2:33 PM

ST Michael South Central candidates descended on the St Michael School in contrasting styles this morning – Richard Sealy with a carnival-like host of blue and yellow-clad supporters and David Gill with supporters entering without placards or fanfare.

Sealy, the Democratic Labour Party incumbent, arrived at 10:30 to sign his Nomination papers with veteran shopkeeper Elma Grant as proposer, and former St Michael East candidate Hamilton Lashley as seconder.

His placard-bearing entourage joined him in the school’s hall for the process that ended at 11:50, when the bell rang for the students’ midmorning break.

At 11:10 a.m. Gill arrived in the passenger seat of a white car and, with supporters trikling in, proceeded to sign his papers before returning officer Dennis Brereton and election clerk Bernard Young. Within 20 minutes, Gill and his group were leaving the hall, as students milled around, eating and playing football, almost oblivious to the national event.

Flanked by proposer Joan Williams and seconder Anderson Price, along with his brother and sister Lionel and Angela Gill, the three-time BLP candidate said he was “confident”.(RJ)

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