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Sealy:Winter season looking up

Sealy:Winter season looking up Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy, giving an update on tourism earlier today. (Ricardo Leacock)

Wed, November 21, 2012 - 7:12 PM

Barbados' winter tourist season is expected to be much better than last year in terms of flights says Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy.

Giving Barbadians an update on the sector during a media conference at Ocean 2 hotel today, the minister said more flights were scheduled from the island’s main market, Britain, while growth in the North American markets via JetBlue, WestJet and Air Canada was expected to continue.

He added that having recently attended the World Travel Market (WTM), predictions for Barbados this winter were encouraging.

“On the basis of what our partners have been telling us, the winter will be an improvement on where it was last year. There were a number of very encouraging developments coming out of WTM,” Sealy said. (RJ)

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Posted by Thora Jones 1 year, 11 months ago
After being in office for years, all Minister Sealy can tell us is that people from the three countries we have always been dependent on (US, UK, Canada) might show up.

We need a tourism minister who is capable of opening up new markets for Barbados. Until we get one, Barbados' tourism industry will remain stagnant.

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