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The popular sexual enhancement drug African Black Ant, which usually sells on the black market for $20 a pill. The cover of the box. (Pictures by Maria Bradshaw.)

By Maria Bradshaw | Sat, October 27, 2012 - 12:10 AM

Barbadian men, both young and old, are popping pills daily to get an erection and to enhance their sexual performance.

So big is the demand for the “miracle” pills that a thriving black market has developed and men are willing to dish out as much as $100 per pill to increase their libido.

Some of the popular brands include Black Mountain Ants, Arousal Plus, Kamagra, African Black Ants and African Red Ants. These range from $20 to $40 a pill.

A man who recently contacted the SATURDAY SUN to complain that the market was drying up because the Customs and Excise Department was seizing the drugs from people who go to Miami to purchase them, confessed that he was totally addicted to them.

Please read the full story in today’s SATURDAY SUN, or in the eNATION edition.

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Posted by Mr Psychotic 2 years ago
I understand that you can get these from some pharmacies...someone needs to let me know where you get these things from so that I could assist in the policing of the place...

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Posted by Derico Weir 2 years ago
Hey what happened to a good guinness or mackeson mixed with milk egg and essence/spices?
What happened to a small shot of brandy or some raw nuts soaked in a little white rum? LOL! What happened to eating a proper plate of food? Well I guess the reason for such low sex drives are that people are now drinking coca cola for breakfast, eating bread and two (fishcake) for lunch and sleeping less- or trying to handle too many women at the same time. smile

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Posted by Carl Harper 2 years ago
Men clearly need all the help they can get to boost their sexual performance. It is the yardstick by which they measure their manhood. 

With the amount of erectile dysfunction out there due to diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, poor blood circulation, excessive alcohol drinking and lack of exercise, big bellies are the order of the day among Bajan men. No wonder these men are turning to pills for a better ride.

While men boast to their buddies about their sexual conquests, girlfriends and wives are keeping men's bedroom failures secret, allowing them to maintain their big egos since that's the only thing measuring up to size.

One man has even been taking the Bible literally - too literally. He firmly believes that you should love thy neighbor as thyself, especially when her husband is not at home. Of course I advised him to stay faithful to his partner but he says he does not believe in hell.

Another friend complained that he got a stiff neck when one of the "miracle" pills got stuck in his throat. I told him to watch his tongue, not to rush things and try swallowing with water next time.

Bajan men must understand that in order to get to heaven or see the promised land, you must first be dead. It is only then that you can truly enjoy milk and honey.

As the Bob Marley song says, "get up, stand up, stand up for your right...don't give up the fight!"

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Posted by Rod mann 2 years ago
I totally agree with carl about the poor health and a big ego thing and being caught up in an age of "fast results", but what you for got to state is that its also a "mind" thing.

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Posted by D. Stoute 2 years ago
All these pills, always running after the latest fad to make Mr. Happy happy, and then they still bore you to death. Most men don't even understand that there are/could be serious medical side effects associated with these "wonder drugs", and even if they do they don't care.

Quite frankly, I think testosterone is mostly wasted on men. One study has it that men think about sex 19 times a day. Geez, who has the time? That's a lot of distraction. No wonder the nurturing role is left to women; otherwise the children would starve to death or wander off. I think the animal kingdom has it right. There's the rutting season among the ungulates, bull elephants go into must and in every species the males knock themselves (and each other) out, and then the females can be left alone.

Gentlemen, enthusiasm and high libido will never make up for basic skill and proper care of your physical selves. That you need all this outside help doesn't say much about you.

Imagine what a better world it would be if men channeled a portion of their sexual energy into making it a better, safer place. How about starting with mentoring the young men in Barbados who sorely need guidance?

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Posted by Carl Harper 2 years ago
@ Rod Mann
While I agree that some of the erectile problems are a "mind thing," which represents about 15% of men, the overwhelming majority is due to physiological and medical factors, as shown in studies.

Can you explain how a man can be impotent at home but performs like a raging bull out in the field?

I think you know what I mean.

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Posted by Janet Mayers 2 years ago
Poor fellas,buying anything which they believe will enhance their sex-life.There comes a time when the clock hits 0630 and it it not going to do 0600 again unless some supports are implanted.
Twenty to one hundred dollars is quite a bit of money for a pill which is not life saving.Most likely, the African Ants are compounded from ants native to Florida and some of the other pills or capsules are powdered leaves or other spices.
There are some prescribed medications for ED(erectile dysfunction) so why not go the legal way and rest assured that toxic chemicals are not ingested.
Better yet,eat healthy and exercise to maintain clean arteries and adequate blood flow to your very important appendage.

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Posted by Rod mann 2 years ago
@ Carl Harper cant say I get what you mean Mr Harper because you just repeated what i stated about it being a mind thing and poor health = physiological and medical factors just bigger words , you already made you point guy so stop trying to over do .

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Posted by mac _ ham 2 years ago
Users like to stand long pun it, not about rising to the occasion, want to out perform the partner.

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Posted by junior k 2 years ago
Here in America Viagra is tested before use, good luck to anyone who puts these pills in their body.

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Posted by Pan Wallie 1 year, 12 months ago
Don't forget de brothers like to prove how macho we be.
@ Derico Wier: you forgot the seamoss and horse oats.
@ Carl Harper: If you mean big bellies - big and hard like tombstones - then anything under a tombstone has to be dead. So tell these big belly men don't waste the money.
@ D. Stoute: Vey well said.

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