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Sir Garry: What about Wes?

Sir Garry: What about Wes? Sir Garry (left) presenting a trophy to Carlson Leacock who had a winning net score of 142. (Kenmore Bynoe)

By Kenmore Bynoe | Tue, May 03, 2011 - 12:00 AM

Just a couple of days after Barbados celebrated its heroes, the sole living National Hero, The Right Excellent Sir Garfield Sobers, has expressed amazement that one of his closest comrades on the cricket field, Wesley Hall, has not been given a knighthood by his country.

He was speaking at the closing ceremony of the Garfield Sobers Golf Tournament which was concluding its tenth edition at Durants Golf Club on Sunday night. 

Sir Garry said the tournament was bearing his name due to the fact that he had achieved “something in cricket”.

Describing Hall as a loyal and true friend over the years, Sir Garry remarked that he could not understand how Wes could give so much to the region and to Barbados and yet no one could see it fit to honour the man who once delivered pace like fire for the West Indies.

Hall was not only a feared fast bowler, but  also a member of parliament, a Minister of Tourism and Sports and has become a man of the cloth with the same passion and commitment as when he wore his West Indies colours. He is also a popular speaker at several gatherings.

Sir Garry also praised James Johnson who captured the championship flight over 36 holes for the third year in a row and for the fifth time. Carlson Leacock, who returned to action this year, placed first in that division with a net of 142.

This year’s tournament was affected by the weather, with the final flights on the last day being washed out. That did not affect the quality of play, with Brian Lara and Dwight Yorke being among the hundreds of golfers from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Canada, Europe, Antigua, the United States and host Barbados.Serena Smith won the ladies’ over 45 holes.

Former Barbados hockey player Shawn Cumberbatch captured the second flight over 36 holes; Nigel Lynall, with a net of 206, took the over 54 holes, and former Barbados keeper Ricky Skeete clinched the gross with 229.  

Raymond Alexander won the Super seniors over 54 holes, while the over 45 holes for the professionals was taken by Alex Sandeman who is based in Barbados.This year the tournament was contested at Durants, Apes Hill, Royal Westmoreland and Sandy Lane.

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Posted by En Dee 3 years, 6 months ago
This request of Sir Garry's speaks volumes of the man and of his unselfish attitude to life. He obviously cares about his fellow man and is not satisfied to take the "I made it who cares about the others" approach. For the last few years I have observed the knighthood announcements and wondered what it would take for Wes Hall to be recognized for his contribution to sports, Government, religious ministry and the name of Barbados. Here is a man whose name, after so many years, is still held in the highest esteem in the cricketing world at large. Mention the name Wes Hall in England, Australia, New Zealand, India or Pakistan and the level of respect for the individual is quickly displayed. Yet, here in Barbados several individuals whose records and achievements pale by comparison have been knighted. This is a burning shame and smacks of political favouritism. Sir Garry is right; let's fix this inappropriate situation now.

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Posted by Leonard B 3 years, 6 months ago
Sir Garfield Sobers is absolutely correct: "What about Wes". With his stellar contribution(s) to Barbados, why was Wes Hall overlooked and not given a knighthood? This matter is in serious need of attention and I commend Sobers for taking the first step.

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