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Sir Hilary: Need for quality research

Principal of the University of the West Indies’ Cave Hill Campus, Sir Hilary Beckles (second from left), in conversation with some of this year’s postgraduate scholarship winners of the School for Graduate Studies and Research. (Picture by Sharon Harding.)

Wed, October 24, 2012 - 12:07 AM

While western hemisphere countries are gradually emerging from the worldwide recession, the response of Barbados and other English-speaking Caribbean countries to post-recession development is the most sluggish.

Sir Hilary Beckles, principal of the University of the West Indies’ Cave Hill Campus, stated this yesterday during the School for Graduate Studies and Research’s fourth Annual Postgraduate Scholarship Holders’ Breakfast at the campus’ 3Ws Pavilion where 50 graduates received scholarships.

Beckles said that the slow economic growth response could be attributed to the fact that the private and political sectors had an ad hoc judgment in running the economy, rather than focusing on the impact that research has on development in terms of new ideas, products and ways of generating value.

“It has to do with the undeveloped nature of research-driven policy. Therefore, one of the contributions that the university can make at this time is to establish as a way of life in Barbados, the need for quality research,” Sir Hilary said. (AH)

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Posted by Francis Blackman 2 years ago
As one whose education was in and by the Caribbean, it is heartening to read of the Principal's recent remark. The need for development of research driven policies within the economic sector is his concern. There is no doubt that the abilities for effective research currently exist in the West Indies. What may be not there is the will to apply these findings. Much has been researched and published by UCWI, UWI and many associated regional organizations. These writings have been in Education, Social and Economic research, Finance, Public Health, Energy and a host of other subjects. Much seems to have gone without notice or even ignored. Occasionally, falling standards are addressed as in the comments made by the then Chief Justice when he remarked on the use of English by local attorneys. Talk is known to be an inexpensive commodity but it can be quite fruitful. Let us hope that those who see an exhortation in Sir Hillary's speech will be able to enjoy the discussion and application of their proposals. Dismissal, destructive criticism and a clinging to the 'good old days' seems to be having undesired outcomes.

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