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Sky Mall’s got Mapp Hill’s back

Sky Mall’s got Mapp Hill’s back Captain of Mapp Hill Andy Parris receiving some of the gear from Etoria Young of Sky Mall as his teammates look on. (Picture by Kenmore Bynoe.)

Wed, September 11, 2013 - 12:03 AM

The sky is really the limit for Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) Division 2 team Mapp Hill after they received sponsorship for the season from Sky Mall in nearby Haggatt Hall.

In making the presentation of gear and funds to the club, Etoria Young, administration assistant at Sky Mall, said that the proud history and discipline of Mapp Hill made the club an ideal candidate for sponsorship.

“Mapp Hill is located within the immediate catchment area of our mall and besides attracting players, who are some of our customers from within and outside of the area, to play cricket we are confident that this club will carry our brand with distinction,” Young said.

Mapp Hill boasts one of the best and most expansive non-Elite or Division 1 playing fields. The club has been in existence for 35 years but it was only two years ago that they switched from the Barbados Cricket League to the BCA.

In those years, they maintained a position of around fourth or fifth in their Division 2 zone.

On accepting the sponsorship, captain Andy Parris said that Mapp Hill would aggressively seek younger members to help  the club in its goal to climb the promotion ladder.

“With this support from Sky and our continued positive performance, we hope to make Mapp Hill the cricket club of choice for all of the talented youngsters within and outside of this area,” Parris said.  (KB)

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