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Springer rebound

Springer rebound Springer’s Shakeilia Smith (centre) tussling with Brittany Wood (right) of Parkinson Memorial while Makela Walcott watches. (Kenmore Bynoe)

Sun, October 14, 2012 - 12:03 AM

Springer Memorial rebounded from defeat to beat Parkinson Memorial 29-14 in the lone match played last Thursday in the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Netball League Under-19 Competition at the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex.

Both teams started slowly in the Powerade-sponsored competition with only 11 goals being scored in the first quarter.

Springer Memorial led throughout and turned on the defence in the second quarter, denying Parkinson a single goal in the second period to take a 15-4 half-time lead.

Goal attack Shakeilia Smith paced Springer with 20 from 27, as goal attacks Zakiya Kirton and Khadija Domingo combined for the other nine goals.

Shaquila Davis scored 11 from 14, Tatyanna Walrond two from five and Latisha Husbands added the other for Parkinson.

Matches will be played on Tuesday and Thursday at various schools. (SAT)

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