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Stirring Sleeping Bride

THE Main characters in The Sleeping Bride, Belinda (Lili Renwick) (left) and George (Shane Bourne), during one of their moments at NIFCA  last Saturday.   (Pictures by Sandy Pitt.) Rikardo Reid in his piece My Fren To D En’. The Combermere Steel Orchestra did an original piece called Uniform Boxing Ring and then an adaptation of Appasionata.

By John Sealy | Mon, October 15, 2012 - 12:07 AM

DAH COCOA TEA is a poison to me, goes the traditional Bajan folk song.

The brew was so potent that it caused a bride to sleep through her wedding day, missing out on a chance to marry her sweetheart.

One wondered if the cocoa tea was also to blame for the last moments of her life as she fell to the ground on taking a final sip, after musing about what could have been her future had she not fallen asleep on her wedding day.

The above scenario filled with traces of obeah, “malicious” neighbours and a mother who did not want her daughter Belinda (played by Lili Renwick) to marry “one of those Brathwaites” – George (Shane Bourne) – evolved as Mustardseed Productions presented a well received play entitled The Sleeping Bride at the National Independence Festival Of Creative Arts Semi-Finals at Combermere School on Saturday. It was an adaptation of a piece found in Addy Forde’s book It Happened In Barbados.


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