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The importance of eating Bajan

Picture by Marcille Haynes.

Wed, October 24, 2012 - 12:00 AM

We have all heard about the benefits of eating local – not to mention the nutritional value of the foods our parents and grandparents grew up on.

Last Friday – Eat Bajan Day – Barbadians had the chance to showcase their local foods.

The day was conceptualized by the Graham Gooding Trust Fund to sensitize the public on the importance of local agriculture. Foods made with local produce are tastier, fresher and more nutritious.

Some Barbadians didn’t miss the opportunity to sample local cuisine. People even put creative touches to old Bajan staples from breadfruit and cou cou to flying fish and tempting treats like sugar cakes and coconut bread.

Bajans enjoyed their local feasts washed down with local drinks like mauby. We asked people to write in and tell us what local foods would be on their plates that day. Here’s what they had to say.

Deborah Hunte said she would be eating green banana with salt fish and avocado pear salad. “Yum,” she wrote as she prepared to dig into the sumptuous local dish.

Lawlesselvis Burke said for him it was going to be breadfruit and pig’s tail.

Annecia Gonsalves said she was hoping to get some cou cou and pink salmon.

Geoffrey Graham said his palate was ready for a smoothie made from mango and paw-paw (from his tree) before dinner. Then, he said, his further plan was to roast a breadfruit and have it with fish fried in olive oil.

“I’m having stewed food – cassava, plantain, sweet potato, dumplings, pumpkin with red herring gravy. Steamed okras and carrots are also on my menu.” (CM)

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Posted by nesta marley 2 years ago
all dat food got my mout watering, well except fuh de pig

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Posted by michelle marshall 1 year, 12 months ago
Bajan food is the best food in the world. Bajans have no Idea the treasure they have called " Fresh Food" .. Especially the fresh fruits, vegetables and seasonings. After living in North America for so long , you are exposed to many cultures and their cuisines; " You thank GOD that you know about ; Lime/Lemon and I really miss the weekends , Saturday Black Pudding and souse , sundays , rice and peas bake Pork, chicken , stew or what ever meat or Fish meets your Fancy, side of fresh vegetable(s) macaroni Pie with a tall glass of ice cold Mauby or fruit Juice.. The benefits of fresh food and how it impacts your health, especially your skin is Wonderful. So Please " DO NOT GIVE UP EATING BAJAN" For the so called " Fast Food " that has no Value in it, its only to keep you Unhealthy at the Doctor's office .. smile

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Posted by RANDY BRIDGEMAN 1 year, 12 months ago
Well said, Ms. Marshall. Bajan food is simply the best as you said. Sadly, an increasing number of mostly younger ones don't appreciate this fact. The lure of mostly unhealthy fast food is too much for them to resist. On a recent trip home, overheard a boy saying, "I doan like cou-cou; my mummy suh dah is duck food!" Came to find out that the lady hails from one of the northern Caribbean countries.

We simply need to cut back on the heavy usage of salt and Hydrogenated oil in some of our dishes and we'll be fine. Was reading a few days ago that Barbadians are in the top 10 in terms of eating healthy foods. See the link below. "I cummin' fuh sum P & S (puddin' n' souse) tuhmorruh, Ms. Crichluh, befo I gine tuh crickkit."

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