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FULL STORY: The naked truth

By Maria Bradshaw | Fri, November 18, 2011 - 12:20 PM

A local attorney is warning operators of exotic massage parlours that their establishments could be considered brothels if they are being used for any form of sexual activity, including intercourse or any other sexual act, in exchange for money.

Attorney-at-law Ralph Thorne, Q.C. was contacted by the WEEKEND NATION last night after we spoke to several of these operators here, including some who willingly revealed the intimate details of businesses and were also being widely promoted on world wide web.

“While the owner may describe it as a massage parlour, the law would treat it as a brothel, and brothels are illegal operations,” said Thorne, pointing out that the operator or anyone involved in management of the business could be found guilty of the offence of keeping a brothel.

The Sexual Offences Act 1992, Section 13 states that a person who: (a) procures a minor under 16 years of age to have sexual intercourse with any person either in Barbados or elsewhere; or (b) procures another for prostitution, whether or not the person procured is already a prostitute, either in Barbados or elsewhere; or (c) procures another to become an inmate of a brothel or to frequent a brothel, whether the person procured is already an inmate of a brothel in Barbados or elsewhere, is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for 15 years.

However, the risk of prosecution is so far not proving to be a hindrance for some operators here who admitted they do not prevent “their girls” from going further with a paying client, if he or she wanted more than a massage.  

“There is a thin line between exotic masseuse and prostitution but I do not allow any form of prostitution on my premises,” said Antonio Jaime, owner of Exotic Massage 4 U – one of the first exotic massage parlours to operate here.

Jaime said he insists that his employees sign a detailed contract which states, among other things, that the premises would not be used for any “lewd acts or sexual intercourse” and he publishes the Barbados’ Sexual Offences Act on his website.

 “The posting of the website was an attempt to clear the grey clouds associated with the business,” he said.

“The ladies are contracted to work here and in their contract the law regarding prostitution is outlined to them, where if they
do not use my premises for immoral gain but used the premises to arrange to meet clients off premises for immoral gain, they are still in contravention of the relevant legislation.”

“I am very vigilant because I do not want my business to turn into a brothel,” Jaime said, as he described exotic massage as
“a sexy rub down”.

At Charms Secrets, the owner, “April”, a former exotic dancer, said as far as she was concerned what happened behind closed doors between the client and the employee was their business.

“When I employ these girls, I tell them that they have to be able to do two things – hand jobs and do massages in lingerie. Any other thing is their personal business,” she added.

She admitted that while she allowed sexual intercourse on her premises “it is not forced on the client”.

“That is where the money is,” she stated.

“I started out dancing in a strip club but I did not strip, so I tell my girls that they do not have
to have sexual intercourse.

There are certain girls who expose themselves in other massage parlours,” said the 29-year-old womanThe owner of Seductive Touch Exotic Massages, said she started the business three months ago after she realised that “this is where the money is”.

“We offer full body massages but what goes on in the room after that is their personal business,” she stated.

The woman, who did not give her name, said she was surprised at the number of applications she received from young women when she posted an advertisement for exotic masseuses.

“As long as they can do full body massage in lingerie, that is fine with me,” she said.

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Posted by Mary Yearwood 2 years, 11 months ago
Here in NJ just as recently as last year, a number of these massage parlors were closed (and the employees hauled off to jail for promoting prostitution). That is exactly what they are, and they have influences from people in other countries which specialize in these types of massages. Good work by the Weekend Nation staff...Thanks for protecting the young innocents who might be tempted.

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Posted by Frank Husbands 2 years, 11 months ago
Question? Why the RBPF never charge the owners of the brothels in Nelson Street and Bay Street for running prostitution rackets? It is a given that the area is a Red Light District lined with brothels and common whore houses.Is it that Barbados people feel that these activities are to be located certain places? The Exotic massage parlors are to be found in residential areas and thus the focus? Where as The Nation Newspaper never did an expose on the open whore houses in Nelson Street filled with foreign workers.Why the brainy Lawyer don't warn the proprietors of the bars in Nelson Street that they are openly running a foul of the lawyer? The laws of Barbados are for everyone or a least suppose to be;and a prostitute by any other name is still a prostitute whether in stinking Nelson Street or in a licensed massage parlor or in a private dwelling house where five motor cars pull up daily,The law of the land is still the law for all and sundry.

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Posted by S. A. 2 years, 11 months ago
“When I employ these girls, I tell them that they have to be able to do two things – hand jobs and do massages in lingerie. Any other thing is their personal business”
Well, I don't know what the laws say about it, but usually the owner has to assure that illegal actions will not be tolerated in whatever way, as long as it happens in their parlour.

Their place, their responsibility!

So, they HAVE to care about that their masseuses will stick to the laws. If NOT, and be proven that they support prostitution in their parlour, or simply don't care about it, they also (should) have to face prosecution.

And such as postings about the laws on their websites rather seems to be a way to more easily evade prosecution.

In general, I'd like to point at another view, which I had read about the same topic in the past and which I fully subscribe to. It said like:

"Lets be honest about it. We all know, what 'exotic' massages are, and in what they result."

In my eyes, there are no "grey clouds" associated with it. There are just black ones. Because there is only one thing that 'exotic' massages are about...

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Posted by Frank Husbands 2 years, 10 months ago
The Nation Newspaper presumably exposing the naked truth about Exotic massage parlors based on hearsay.Yet a few yards away from the newspaper headquarters the police find it necessary to raid a night club where they detain and hand over to Barbados immigration several non-nationals.
All this happening right under the newspaper's nose and they busy out digging up hearsay and passing it off as the gospel truth.
Next door the to the Nation newspaper there is a big story about human trafficking and prostitution but the seem oblivious, indifferent and unwilling to expose the "Naked Truth" about the exotic dancers in their backyard.

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Posted by S. A. 2 years, 10 months ago
Well, "Frank", you can be glad they did not publish my other comments, in which I pointed at further facts about this.

But let me re-send them, maybe they'll change their opinion about it, after you had accused them about that...

But in one thing, I have to agree with you:

The way in which the Nation filters opinions or facts seems to be very random/causeless/unexplainable.

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