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Things Bajan: Culpepper Island

Things Bajan: Culpepper Island

Mon, November 05, 2012 - 11:12 AM

For November, we will focus on things Barbados as this country celebrates its independence. Every day we will be highlighting Barbadian sayings, artefacts unique to the country, as well as personalities, icons, some places and things that reflect Barbados.

Culpepper Island is the focus of Things Bajan today.

It’s a tiny island just off  St Philip between Skeete’s Bay and Ragged Point. It has been described as Barbados’ only dependency since Pelican Island, which was lost in the course of the deep water harbor reclamation.

It is no more than 25 by 35 yards and 20 feet high. Its name derives from a 17th Century family of Culpeppers owning an estate “on the mainland” nearby.

Source: A-Z of Barbadian Heritage

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