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Tivoli report due in two weeks

Tivoli report due in two weeks Public Defender Earl Witter

Thu, December 06, 2012 - 5:49 PM

AFTER MISSING a number of deadlines, it appears the long-awaited Tivoli report will be in the hands of lawmakers in the next two weeks.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Michael Peart, told The Gleaner yesterday that the report was complete but the document was being printed and collated.

He gave the assurance that Public Defender Earl Witter would deliver on this final deadline.

Witter had missed a number of deadlines for submitting the report to Parliament this year and vowed not to give any new targets at a recent press conference.

Peart did not disclose what action Parliament would take if the public defender did not deliver this time.

The Jamaica Civil Society Coalition (JCSC), led by Carol Narcisse, this week launched a petition online to drum up support as the group pressures legislators to ensure that the Office of the Public Defender delivers the report.

The group is also asking Parliament to provide the requisite capacity for the public defender to complete and furnish, at a minimum, an interim report before January 31.

The JCSC contended that the continuing lack of resolution surrounding the Tivoli incursion was a denial of justice. The group said this undermined the best interest of the affected families, communities and the country.

Over 70 persons were killed in west Kingston by the security forces in 2010 after thugs aligned to then fugitive Christopher 'Dudus' Coke reportedly engaged lawmen in a deadly gun battle to prevent a warrant being served on Coke.

The Government has indicated that it was awaiting the public defender's report to determine whether a commission of enquiry should be held to probe the actions of the security forces.


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