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What about the cyclists?

Out of Bounds: cyclists have not been able to use the Randolph Field Velodrome, which borders the track at the National Stadium, since construction work began there several months ago.

By EZRA STUART | Mon, October 22, 2012 - 12:10 AM

What about contingency plans for cycling too? Local track cyclists have been unable to train on the Randolph Field Velodrome since July because of ongoing work at the National Stadium to put in place a new athletics track.

And long-standing coach Colin Forde is asking why no arrangement had been made to facilitate the continued preparation of national prospects for regional and international engagements.

Forde, who coaches Barbados’ top rider Darren Matthews and a number of other talented cyclists such as Jamol Eastmond and Javed Mounter, lamented that the inability to train on the velodrome had resulted in no Barbadian cyclists competing in the prestigious World Cup that started in Cali, Colombia, last week.

“I always had my concerns with the timing of the refurbishing of the athletics track. Although I know that the work had to be done, I felt there was not enough dialogue with the Barbados Cycling Union (BCU) [concerning] the timing of repairs at the Stadium,” said Forde, a Barbados individual pursuit and road race champion cyclist in his heyday.

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