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What’s Trending: DEMS not involved in vandalism

What’s Trending: DEMS not involved in vandalism

Wed, February 06, 2013 - 12:30 PM

The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados.

The Democratic Labour Party has come out with a strong denial of any involvement in the vandalism of posters. Our online readers were quick to comment on this issue.

Monique Headley: Come on people we need to stop the nonsense. People from both sides are behaving like a bunch of spoil kids so talk to your peeps that are working with the posters and stuff and ask them to respect each other. If one’s poster is up first just put the other either below or above the one you found first. Stop pushing down the billboards and foolishness. At the end of the day while we are out here trying to hate and kill each other those politians will remain friends after all that is said and done.

Peggy Davenport: If talk about these posters are true and voters are doing it what good will come them. Still hungry, no job, cost of living still the same, therefore , DLP, BLP, themelves would have to do the tearing down , and putting up. Cause a few dollars will only last but so long.

Reeko Lynch: It may not be anything to most of you, but those posters and billboards were paid for and people worked hard to set them up. Vandalism is never acceptable.


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