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What’s Trending: LIME layoffs

What’s Trending: LIME layoffs

Thu, January 03, 2013 - 9:35 AM

The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.

The lay offs at LIME, Barbados’ main telecommunication service provider has readers talking this morning.

Managing Director Alex McDonald yesterday announ ced that the company had to cut 97 workers as a result of poor customer service and losses.

These layoffs at the start of the year makes it especially hard says some readers.

Kim Lyn: “Families, children and Christmas debt must suffer now, at the start of a New Year. Sigh.”

Aicart Tracia: “I am at a total loss for words.”

Keisha Weekes: “LIME does only think about the year start this isn't fair to the workers.”

Al Tered: “Sorry to the job losses, but customer service across Barbados is the pits. Sometimes people need to stop blaming the company and examine themselves and the way they treat customers. Why should I keep accepting the poor standards of service? Barbadians have got a long way to go in this area.”

Lynn Lucas: “LIME announced last year that the stores would be outsourced. Employees were given the option to be a part of that process. Customer service is poor throughout the island not only at LIME.”

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Posted by Tony Webster 1 year, 9 months ago
We live in interesting times indeed, and I expect that there is a lot more in this mortar, besides the pestle. I fully accept that each and every worker, has an inalienable right to union representation. I go further…a right to strong, effective, representation. Even further, to the highest, most powerful union voice available, on their behalf.

However, when a union (or indeed, a corporate entity, such as one holding a monopoly on crucial services or products!) is so strong that it is in a position to affect the work attitudes / performances/ policies/ pricing levels of said monopolies, it is just possible..just possible..that the norms of employer/employee relationships may be eroded to breaking point. Just ask Dame Magaret Thatcher, how she arrived at the only course of action open to her government, in dealing with the N.U.M.(and one fire-cracker unionist, Mr. Arthur Scargill) c. late 1970's. The other possibility…just a that any such holder of a monopoly, might just have been able to agree very generous concessions to union demands, and blithely passed them onto poor consumers, who had no option, but to pay. These wage levels would naturally have aggregated "north" over many years, and indeed, would have been tenable so long as the monopoly held . However, nothing is forever..and even monopolies come to an end. Go figure, and watch with some awe, the flocks of chickens coming home!

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Posted by Bim Bum 1 year, 9 months ago
My Karib Cable TV showing sweet!

My Karib Cable internet works as well
if not better than
LIME's service which I terminated a month ago.
DirecTV also 'lost de wuk' a month ago!

Cuh dear..look how Karib Cable gone and upset de whole Bajan apple cart, nuh?

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