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What’s Trending: Pound: More drug tests for Jamaicans

What’s Trending: Pound: More drug tests for Jamaicans

Sun, August 12, 2012 - 12:10 PM

The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados.

Today’s story in the Sunday Sun which recounts fomer anti-doping chief Dick Pound’s claim that the Jamaican athletes should expect more visits by drug testers had our online readers talking. Many people were quick to offer their views on this story. Here are their comments.

Jennyada Marshall: The Americans and the Chinese are winning lots of medals and I don't hear anything about them being tested... it’s all politics I say.

Jalal Almadfai: The ones that asked for drug tests should get sued... if they don’t find anything.

Angela Julien: It's usually Black people who are suspects until proven otherwise. Why weren't the banksters who were bailed out with government money who were actually the people who showed they couldn't be trusted given drug tests? It's only people on drugs could conceivably behave this irrationally.

Jamar Jones: It’s about the American ego. They seem to think once they don't beat you, you had an unfair advantage.  As if we from the Caribbean don't have the same drive and ability to win just like they do. They can be very selfish.

Sharon Woolley: People always bring in racism, but everyone gets tested.  It's sad but true that Jamaica is so well known for drugs, but all colours get tested in athletics and so they should.

Shemika Carrington: It's not about racism at all. It's more of "we can't beat them, let's cry murder". They are sore losers. I guess the island runners can’t train hard like they do. In the 100m heat, Gatlin had the fastest time out of everyone, US and JA, so I guess he is doping too! The US just needs to understand its JA time, they have four years to find and train harder/faster runners.

Claudette Jones: The only thing they will find pumping through their veins is commitment, hard work dedication and good old ground provisions. Test away.

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Posted by Francis Blackman 2 years, 2 months ago
Jamaica has at least two Universities at which major athletic performance Centers are based. UWI and University of Technology. The Vice Chancellor of one was a Rheumatologist prior to becoming Vice Chancellor. Prof. Morrison, in charge at UT is a recognized Biochemist and Endocrinologist. These are both West Indians. Athletes and their coaches should have access to as fine support as they need to preserve and advance our excellent products. People will use banned substances andwill be us. Increased outside scrutiny is to be expected. We should be equipped to deal with any visitors with less than honourable intent. The higher you climb, the more you're exposed.

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Posted by june skeete 2 years, 2 months ago
OH DEAR! The US doesn't DO the testing! It's the IOC!! READ, READ, READ AND UNDERSTAND PLEASE!!

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