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What’s Trending: TV time

What’s Trending: TV time

Thu, February 07, 2013 - 12:01 PM

The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados.

The revelation that there will be no televised debates during this election has our online readers talking. Here are some of their comments.

Derek Gale: What a sham of a poltical general election and not having televised political debates of both parties. In democratic general elections or presidential elections is it important to have these poltical debates because it is considered a course of action for demoratic elections. It seems ruling Government does not wish to hold these poltical debates and only allowing the Opposition Party only two political addresses. Is Barbados going to the dogs and turning into a dictatorship?

Dian Leslie: Does Mr. Arthur really want to debate Mr. Stuart?

Frank Husbands: With today's multimedia approach to getting your message out the BLP shouldn't be taken back by the Dems having the last word on the lone government-owned station.

David Hall: I find the format appalling. With the dissolution of parliament and the calling of a general election, the country virtually has no government per-se, therefore, to give one party more time than the next is ludicrous. Under the U S presidential system both parties are given equal time or there is no time given at all. Under the current circumstances the incumbent D L P and Prime minister fully utilize the lone television station daily for his propaganda messages and also make it available to his cohorts for the same purpose. To come now and talk Electoral and boundaries Air time:  three segments to the ruling government and two to the Opposition is folly and one-sided. If this is the brainchild of the Electoral and Boundaries commission it is flawed. If it was invented and foisted on them, then they must repudiate it in the strongest and clearest possible manner. If there is to be no debate then give both sides equal time to make their case on state sponsored TV or none at all.

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