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What’s Trending:Barbados’ new credit rating

What’s Trending:Barbados’ new credit rating

Fri, December 21, 2012 - 1:30 PM

The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.

Moody’s downgrade of Barbados as well as the response from Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler to this news have readers talking this morning.

Barbados' credit rating is now at Ba1, into junk territory, and Moody’s cited the country's lukewarm economy and rising government debt levels as the reason for this new rating.

Seeker Che Shane: “This is crap. These IMF puppets just do this to get countries to borrow money from the lending agencies.”

Yolanda Antonio:  “Not the greatest news. Praying for your speedy economic recovery Barbados.”

Philip F Corbin: “If Mr.Sinckler seriously believes that Barbados is past the worst then he has not listened to the latest statement from the BCCI which states quite clearly that private sector layoffs of employees are unavoidable in 2013. This will guarantee further shrinkage in the economy, which has become chronically disabled in the past four years.”

Ellena Bowers: "I have no idea why the business men and women of Barbados who voted this complacent government into office haven't marched to government headquarters and demanded these people leave office before they finish destroying the Barbados economy."

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Posted by collin green 1 year, 10 months ago
Dear Christine,
In 2008 I had a friend that treated me well, made sure I got everything I needed. My friend made it a point that the price i paid for everything was reasonable and everyone in the caribbean wanted to hook up with me. Then I met someone who gave me alot of sweet talk telling me that they can do better for me so I give that person a chance and ever since then I been catching hell. The bank ready to take my house, I cant drive my car because gas too expensive. The bank where I used to put my money my new friend make sure the Trinis take it over.
So Christine what you think I should do early next year. Everyone saying I should get rid of my sweet mouth friend. Even the lil free university education I had the new friend want me to start pulling from my pocket help pay for it.
I hear its not just me the new friend made all these promises to and soon the yankee dollar which was two to one since I can remember in jeopardy.
I think its time I tell my old friend I was wrong and see if we can get things back to normal. Don't print my name Christine cause they may turn me back next time I come through Grantley Adams airport.

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