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What’s Trending:Jeff Broomes reports to Parkinson

What’s Trending:Jeff Broomes reports to Parkinson

Tue, January 29, 2013 - 9:16 AM

The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.

Principal Jeff Broomes is now on the job at Parkinson Memorial School.

The embattled Broomes, who was transferred to Parkinson Memorial School as part of a shake-up at Alexandra School where he was principal for ten years, had been on certified sick leave before the start of the term.

Broomes spent the first part of yesterday meeting with staff and familiarizing himself with the facilities.

Our readers are already commenting.

Fiona Griffith: “He's going to also going to make his mark there. I'm glad he showed up for duty.”

Sophia Mayers-Jones: “I felt so good today when I heard he has showed up for work. Good job Mr Broomes.”

Caroline Clarke: “I would go do the job that I am assigned to do and try to make Parkinson better than ever try to get along with everyone and let them take that no fuss not another word just do my work.”

Gail Jewell:  “Wishing him all the very best in this new chapter in his life. Change is good Mr Broomes.

Sharie Goodman: “Mr Broomes I think you are a good person. On behalf of my ward which attends Parkson Memorial Secondary School I welcome you with opened Arms!!!God Blessings and he will watch over you and your family. We at Parkson are proud to have you in our family.”

Thelma Jean Jackman-Forde: “Good luck Mr Broomes”.

Sebastian DaCosta: “Good luck Mr Broomes.”

Sione Butters: “He would now be able to prove is ability. Change is good get on top of the job at Parkinson and put the critics to rest. Everyone does things that are questioned by others or others don't understand. You are an educated person. You  will work through this. All the best Sir.”

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