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What’s Trending:Teachers staying put

What’s Trending:Teachers staying put

Sat, January 05, 2013 - 10:20 AM

The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.

News today that three of the teachers from Alexandra School who were to be transferred to other schools will be returning to the St Peter School when school starts back on Monday.

Reports are that Head of the school’s Science Department Amaida Greaves, who was to be shifted to Harrison College, is one who will be staying put.

Readers are weighing in on this new development:

Colin Daniel: “This approach is one of the reasons we are going nowhere fast in Barbados. Anyone who read the summary of the commission report would have understood that there would be consequences for everyone embroiled in this issue. While the notice given to those affected by the transfers was in my view inadequate, we have no idea of how much time was devoted to the process of identifying the persons who would be affected. The BSTU is using the same argument about the MOU signed back in the 1980's that Mr Broomes will be able to use…. Let us be mature enough to recognize that the solution is not perfect. However, if we are all interested in the success of the students who will ultimately be affected, then the BSTU should provide and alternate plan. I understand that they outlined their concerns and they have had no response from the Ministry. However, we all know the process of moving communication through the public service due to their existing (and somewhat arcane process). Real leaders should be able to sit at the table and hammer out a solution to this. If there are mismatches in the transfers, then solve them, don't fight the process…”

Conchita Moseley: “Here we go again! "Three will stay". Which three and why would they being staying? Seems like the teachers at the AX are a law unto themselves. Who is running things, the teachers or the ministry? This situation is a joke one big joke. We are rebels, we are staying, ‘remove Broomes and we will run tings "bout hey.. When the new Principal does not adhere to their unprofessional behaviour, what next, another inquiry or another walkout?”

Devaron Bruce: “What madness is this?”

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Posted by Janet Mayers 1 year, 9 months ago
Those teachers must be self-employed!!!
If my boss sends me to another area to work and I am qualified to do the work, I better go and grieve it later otherwise I would be unemployed.The position I hold is not important, it is what my boss said to do and it is within my scope of practice.
Somebody please tell them that change is good for brain health.
What testicular fortitude!!!

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Posted by c holder 1 year, 9 months ago
Fire them and end this fiasco of indiscipline and lawlessness. They are employed by the taxpayers of this country and we are sick of them!

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