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‘Your bank’

‘Your bank’ (FP)

By GERALYN EDWARD, Business Editor | Thu, October 18, 2012 - 12:10 AM


That’s how outgoing Republic Bank Barbados chief executive officer and managing director Derwin Howell wants Barbadians to view the former Barbados National Bank (BNB) after a firestorm of criticism over its renaming three months ago.

Republic got majority control of BNB in 2003 when it acquired 57 per cent of its stock after Government privatized the institution. Since then Republic has increased its holding in the institution.

But in a wide-ranging interview while preparing to head back to Trinidad to become executive director of the Republic Bank Group, Howell said he wanted to leave the island knowing that Barbadians accepted the Trinidad bank subsidiary as part of their own.

In an exclusive interview with the DAILY NATION, Howell said: “I am a Trinidadian. Fine – that is what is on my passport, but at heart I am a Caribbean man, and at the end of the day, Republic Bank is a Caribbean bank. Our goal is to be a Caribbean bank owned by the people of the Caribbean.”

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Posted by Derico Weir 2 years ago
This subtle act of "corporation rape" via stock accumulation must stop in BARBADOS. The Great Errol Walton Barrow once prophetically echoed that one morning Bajans will wake up and find that Barbados is not theirs anymore. It is coming to pass. The issue is not about caribbean status here, but about the subtle depleting of things Bajan! Barbadians need to wake up fast and shout NO!!!

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Posted by Bim Bum 2 years ago
Waking up and shouting NO will accomplish little.

NO is cheap: it tek MONEY to buy Banks,
and to buy house-and-land up for sale!

Bajans en got nuh money, but still want everything.

This issue is not about Bajan national pride.
What wunnuh gyne do?
Storm de Bank and mashup everything inside?
Make you feel better now?
Look de cops coming right now!

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Posted by Derico Weir 2 years ago
@ BIM BUM---Bajans ent got no money eh? So u tink we stupid? Wha' we gine do?-SPEAK SOFTLY AND CARRY A BIG STICK- We are a resilient people- don't forget that- De cops coming? You Sure? Dem is Bajan too! LOLLOL!

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