TALKBACK: Many not impressed by Tino’s tally

25 April 2016

MUCH LIKE THE BOUNCERS he bowled during his international career, condemnation came fierce, fast and furious for former West Indies and Barbados fast bowler Tino Best. It was in response to the latest excerpt from his autobiography Mind The Windows: My Story in which... Read More


TONY COZIER: Legends’ stance widens the fault line

24 April 2016

THE DIVISIONS WITHIN West Indies cricket that have transformed the once dominant force in the world game into one of the weakest are ever widening. The latest gaping fissure has pitted the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) against the Legends, an imposing group of... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Getting to the bottom of it

23 April 2016

HAVE YOU noticed the rising derrieres of so many of our women? Maybe, the plump butts are linked to too much drinking and eating, especially steroid-filled chicken and an array of processed foods. Or it may have something to do with the clothes they are wearing,... Read More


TALKBACK: Readers weigh in on teacher violence

18 April 2016

AS REPORTS EMERGE of violence against teachers in the secondary schools, members of the public were especially incensed about the most recent incident where a teacher was spat on, kicked and punched by a student in third form. This comes in the wake of an incident... Read More


TONY COZIER: Windies women make region proud

17 April 2016

HIS SIX-HITTING SPECTACLE that sealed the West Indies’ unforgettable last over conquest of England in the men’s final of the World Twenty20 in Kolkata transformed Carlos Brathwaite into an overnight superstar. His consecutive 6, 6, 6, 6 demolition of England’s trusted... Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Unanswered phones a pain

13 April 2016

IS IT POSSIBLE for the telephone to drive you mad? I am satisfied the answer is yes. The telephone is an absolutely essential device. Very few of us could live without one. And since the invention of the smartphone variety, it has become almost like another limb... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: No end to strife and conflict

13 April 2016

JUST IMAGINE how much stronger West Indies cricket can be without the sustained civil war. We are tearing each other apart as if we have different causes as opposed to singing in the same choir and from the same hymn sheet. It is among the greatest Read More


THE 'NETTE EFFECT: What about relatives?

12 April 2016

THERE’S BEEN some debate recently regarding the releasing of prisoners before their prescribed time expires. That occurs when the Mercy Committee exercises its discretion and as the name suggests, shows a great measure of leniency towards the imprisoned one. In many... Read More


TALKBACK: Readers not for legalising prostitution

11 April 2016

A SUGGESTION BY a visiting academic to decriminalise prostitution has drawn the ire of online readers. Professor Kamala Kempadoo of York University, Canada, made the recommendation while delivering this year’s Sir Arthur Lewis Distinguished Lecture recently. She said... Read More


TONY COZIER: Stubborn Cameron stands his ground

10 April 2016

THE euphoria that swept through the cricketing Caribbean following the men’s team’s victory snatched from the jaws of defeat in the World Twenty20 final last Sunday in Kolkata has been accompanied by the continuing heated debate over the future of the West Indies Cricket... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Cricket wins soothe the wounded region

09 April 2016

FEW THINGS BRING people together like sporting activity. When West Indies cricket is on top we rejoice across the Caribbean. When Usain Bolt flogs the field in both the 100 metres and 200 metres we are ecstatic. Lewis Hamilton has Caribbean roots so when he wins in... Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Rush to judge not irie a’tall

06 April 2016

ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS you are taught as a young journalist is how to avoid offending the law courts by steering clear of matters that are in the process of being adjudicated. In addition to not wishing to offend a judge or a magistrate, who at times can appear... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: The fruit of Clarke, Campbell’s labour

06 April 2016

RICHARD CLARKE and Alfred Campbell are two of the unsung heroes of the West Indies Women’s historic T20 victory. They laboured long and hard in the vineyard in helping to hone the skills of the Bajans in the team. My assertion Read More


TALKBACK: Readers weigh in on Jamaican’s detention

04 April 2016

STILL SMARTING from the case with Jamaican Shanique Myrie and the verdict handed down, Barbadians are keeping a wary eye on that involving Jahnoy Cassells. The 53-year-old Jamaican is suing the Attorney General for unlawful detention after spending nearly two years... Read More


TONY COZIER: Windies hopes on Badree, Benn

03 April 2016

IT IS A FORMULA for T20 cricket ideally suited to their game. As they have done since the International Cricket Council (ICC) added the shortest version of the game to its list of Cup tournaments, in South Africa in 2007, the West Indies again rely in today’s final... Read More


RON IN COMMON: No Republic without reform

02 April 2016

SOME YEARS AGO then Prime Minister Owen Arthur raised the issue of Barbados becoming a republic. It seemed like full steam ahead at that time, but it came to a rather sudden halt. Now, it is back on the national agenda, with people from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart... Read More


LOOKA LEW: Skipper, you can’t be serious

01 April 2016

I AIN’T telling no lies, piece ‘o that woman’s toenail could have flown through the air and lick out my eyes. Now have you ever seen somebody doing something so crazy that you said to yourself, “skipper/woman, you can’t be serious”? Well I found myself saying just... Read More



30 March 2016

I DID NOT WANT to be political two weeks in a row, but space did not allow me to deal with this matter last week. During the Estimates debate in the House of Assembly two weeks ago Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler and Opposition Leader Mia Mottley came to high... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Reward Harewood for job well done

30 March 2016

What if Colin “Heavy Foot” Harewood leads the national footballers to this year’s Caribbean Football Union’s finals? What if the team wins? Wouldn’t he have a good claim to be appointed national coach? I am sure that even now Read More


TALKBACK: Readers see both sides of Bradshaw’s dismissal

28 March 2016

AFTER FOUR MONTHS taking care of an elderly woman without any complaints about her performance, Rosita Bradshaw was fired. The employers claimed Bradshaw neglected the 97-year-old woman, but she was of a different opinion. The termination happened on the same day she... Read More


TONY COZIER: Fate of the spinner

27 March 2016

IT IS NOT difficult to imagine Rangy Nanan going to his grave with a wry smile on his lips. The most successful bowler in West Indies cricket in a first-class career between 1973 and 1991, the heavy-set Trinidad and Tobago off-spinner was restricted to a solitary... Read More




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