COZIER ON CRICKET: Cameron plumbs new depths

22 February 2015

WEST INDIES CRICKET BOARD (WICB) president Dave Cameron’s fondness for the use of social media has repeatedly revealed his arrogant belief in his own invincibility. Read More


LOOKA LEW: No harm in a lash or two

20 February 2015

HER MOTHER SCREAMED, “I tell she carry out de topsy this morning and she ain’t pay me no mind, but if she can’t hear, she gine feel!” Read More


RON IN COMMON: Building the Barbados athletics brand

19 February 2015

BOTH PRIMARY AND SECONDARY schools’ track and field championships are being held at this time. Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Well done on Relay Fair

18 February 2015

ONE OF THE THINGS I have noticed about the annual Relay Fair is that it tends to spark debate about who will do well at the secondary school sports. Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: I’m with police, but …

18 February 2015

YOU CAN’T USE a typewriter to send text messages. I’m sure no reader will disagree with me on that. Read More


THE ‘NETTE EFFECT: A glutton for teen punishment

17 February 2015

I SPENT THE WEEKEND chaperoning a bunch of teenagers. Many parents cringe at the very idea. Others smile and rejoice inwardly – maybe outwardly too – that it wasn’t them. Read More


TALKBACK: Online readers flog teachers

16 February 2015

READERS would have welcomed the news that teachers at Parkinson and Alma Parris Memorial Schools were returning to the classroom this morning. Read More


COZIER ON CRICKET: Gayle must fire for WI

15 February 2015

IN THEIR DIFFERENT WAYS, Chris Gayle’s influence in the West Indies dressing room is as significant as his intimidation of bowlers through his sheer physical power and the substantial 3.37 kilos (seven and a half pounds) of willow he wields. Read More


SATURDAY'S CHILD: A gleesome threesome

14 February 2015

WHEN PEOPLE ASK me about my favourite jokes, I go into rapid response mode and say quickly, “Patrick Manning and Basdeo Panday”. Regardless of the political affiliation of my audience, I invariably get a laugh. However,recently when someone demanded a “serious” answer, I had to think. Read More


MAVIS BECKLES: Women and double-barrel names

14 February 2015

All the years I come along and know dat when women get married, their last name should and does change tuh the man’s name. Ya doan be a miss anymore; ya does be a mistress. Read More



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