TONY COZIER: Champions Trophy looms as latest WI crisis

19 July 2015

THE WEST INDIES have gone through harrowing times for two decades now. The real possibility of failure to qualify for the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy in England is the latest worry. Read More


LOOKA LEW: Sick car syndrome

17 July 2015

DON’T TELL me that it can’t happen cause it happened to me. A “sick” car sneezed on my car and made it sick. True. Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: No disrespect in declining the offer

15 July 2015

RECENTLY I WENT into the heart of the country and met an old lady who displayed a quite feisty personality and a lot of pride. Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Legacy of a sprint champion

15 July 2015

TRACK AND FIELD great Carl Lewis has always divided opinion. I could see why after interviewing him last week as he took a break from the jump and sprint clinic he was putting on for young, local athletes at the National Stadium. Read More


TALKBACK: Concern over heavy equipment in beach clean-up

13 July 2015

ONLINE READERS at home and abroad have long been expressing their concerns and offering solutions on how to tackle the escalating problem of Sargassum seaweed on our beaches. Read More


LOOKA LEW: Nothing like a dog run

10 July 2015

WHEN IS THE LAST TIME you had a real good run? And I ain’t talking ’bout a li’l run for exercise, or a run to catch a bus. I talking ’bout a real good run like if you was in a horror movie and a monster was running you to eat you. Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Take your best shot

08 July 2015

WHEN THE OLD PEOPLE say “everything does happen for a reason”, they say so based on the wisdom of experience. Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: The Falopa model

08 July 2015

MARCOS FALOPA’S short stint as technical director of local football seems par for the course. The record shows that normally he doesn’t stay one place too long. Read More


TALKBACK: Some say Bishop Holder entitled to his views

06 July 2015

ANGLICAN BISHOP OF BARBADOS Dr John Holder recently stated the Anglican Church would not be performing same-sex marriages even if they were legalised by the state. Read More


TONY COZIER: Return to fast lane a priority

05 July 2015

THE PROBLEM has developed unchecked over the past couple of decades. Read More


LOOKA LEW: No wrong sins and right sins

03 July 2015

QUESTION: If your son told you he was getting married to his boyfriend, yes I said boyfriend, and he wanted you there at the wedding to give him away, would you attend the wedding? Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Bring another CPL argument

01 July 2015

LET ME CONFESS up front: I am not a follower of West Indies cricket anymore, but I am excited by the Caribbean Premiere League (CPL) tournament. Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: NSC to blame on court confusion

01 July 2015

THE TITLE went where it was destined, but was Blackman and Gollop’s retention of the Pine Hill Dairy Primary Schools Netball Championship as sweet as it should have been? Read More


TALK BACK: Uproar over chinks in stand’s maintenance

29 June 2015

AN INFESTATION OF BUGS – known in Bajan vernacular as chinks or chiggers – has hit the benches at the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal in Bridgetown. Read More


TONY COZIER: Is it the last of CPL?

28 June 2015

THE CARIBBEAN PREMIER LEAGUE (CPL) exits Barbados this morning and St Lucia tomorrow, heading north to St Kitts for its next round of feting and T20 cricket. Read More


LOOKA LEW: $7 000 beyond me

26 June 2015

$7 000, yes I said $7 000 for a Kadooment costume. That is what one local Crop Over band sold a costume the other night for, and everybody wanta know who it is that could afford to buy a costume for that kinda money. Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: A year on ‘hell road’ still unfixed

24 June 2015

IT MAY BE HARD for some people to believe, but I actually hate when I have to use this space to criticise anyone or anything. Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Case for a card

24 June 2015

SHOULD SOMEONE GET the boot for placing Barbados’ World Cup advance in jeopardy? If not the red card, surely a yellow for making a goof which seems unacceptable based on our antecedents? Read More


THE ‘NETTE EFFECT: A testimony of true christianity

23 June 2015

IT TAKES a powerfully wicked mind to enter a place of innocence, see goodness on display and then set about cutting a swath through it. Read More


TALKBACK: Readers not buying healthy lifestyle motive

22 June 2015

FROM AUGUST 1, local consumers will begin to feel the effect of a ten per cent tax on beverages that “contain added high-calorie sweeteners”. Read More


TONY COZIER: Future of WI cricket in focus

21 June 2015

AS THE EVER UPBEAT president of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) Dave Cameron sees it, the annual meeting of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in Barbados at the end of the week “demonstrates the significant role West Indies cricket continues to play in the... Read More




Do Barbadians take disaster preparedness for granted?

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