TALKBACK: Let’s pray for our children

16 November 2015

IN THE SPACE of three days last week, two teenagers faced the law courts on charges which stemmed from stabbing incidents. In one case it was a 16-year-old boy; in the other, a 14-year-old girl. Both incidents prompted online readers to discuss the causes and solutions... Read More


TONY COZIER: Windies selection fix

15 November 2015

TOO much exposure to the Caribbean sun, or to its best known beverage, seems as plausible an explanation as any for the latest, seemingly daft decision by the West Indies selectors. They have chosen to immediately send the same 15 players just beaten in both Tests... Read More


LOOKA LEW: Barely offset my Christmas

13 November 2015

I DEPRESS, I real real depress. Could you imagine, that these people, the World Health Organisation (WHO), wait til Christmas just around the corner, to announce that eating ham could give you cancer? I don’t know if a group of frightened pigs, who worried ’bout... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Enforcing call a real problem

11 November 2015

I DON’T mind if I’m called a pessimist, but I expect the latest, learned recommendations concerning West Indies cricket will come to nothing. Those who made the recent recommendations [calling for the West Indies Cricket Board to be dissolved] and those who did similarly... Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Mia must take action

11 November 2015

WHENEVER THERE IS a public squabble in a political party in Barbados (and I suspect elsewhere), key operatives are always quick to point out that even in the most close-knit of families, there will be disagreements. I agree 100 per cent. What they don’t so readily... Read More


TONY COZIER: Cameron’s ego in way of reform

08 November 2015

YET another effort to revive long suffering West Indies cricket was initiated last Wednesday. It is likely to be the last. The necessary medication to be administered was disclosed in a comprehensive report by an independent committee, agreed on and appointed jointly... Read More


LOOKA LEW: Big frighten men

06 November 2015

EVERY NOW and then I like to get serious. Now I have some big frightened male friends. When they aint frighten for the dentist they frighten for the doctor, and who ain’t frighten for the doctor frighten for all two both. I tell you, them got Bajan men, who would... Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Jones on point with cellphones

04 November 2015

NO, I AM NOT GETTING SOFT in my old age. No, he did not bribe or threaten me. And no, I have not suddenly become a Dem. But I do agree with Minister of Education Ronald Jones. Yes, that’s what I said – I agree 100 per cent with Jones. I am all for allowing children... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Rules are meant to be followed

04 November 2015

IT SEEMS that a self-inflicted wound has put the local bodybuilding and fitness federation in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Clearly, if there are no provisions in their constitution for staging a special general meeting, you ought to know that even to... Read More


THE NETTE EFFECT: Simmons, Ho equally at fault

03 November 2015

IN A LAST-DITCH EFFORT to secure some sea eggs before the ban kicked in on Sunday, I called up Marva from St Philip. It has long been rumoured that the parish is legendary for it sea eggs, which apparently have the ability to last for several years. Yes, that is... Read More


TALKBACK: Readers slam lack of resident forensic expert

02 November 2015

IT WAS REPORTED last week that an overseas forensic pathologist would be brought in to examine the body that was pulled from a ravine on October 24. The body is believed to be that of Marcelle Smith, who went missing on October 12. Some online readers were disappointed... Read More


TONY COZIER: Countdown to 2019 World Cup starts now

01 November 2015

ALREADY ELIMINATED from the ICC Champions Trophy in 2017, the West Indies have less than two years to ensure they don’t endure the same humiliation for the 2019 World Cup from May 31-July 15 in England. The countdown starts with the first of the three ODIs against Sri... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Footballers lack the ‘hunger’

28 October 2015

THE AVERAGE BAJAN lives in a comfort zone despite hardships at times and, as a result, our sportsmen don't have that hunger for success like some of their peers from other islands. This probably, more than anything else, explains why our footballers don't make it... Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Cabinet of comedians

28 October 2015

WHILE ON MY WAY to work on Monday morning I heard a news report on the high probability of a comedian in Guatemala being the next president of that country, based on the number of votes received up to that time. Instantly a smile enveloped my face and all kinds of... Read More


THE ‘NETTE EFFECT: Roads too much for Betsy

27 October 2015

I HAVE sworn never to drive through St Joseph again. And for sure not with a bunch of don’t-know-my-way-around-any-place teenagers taking directions from an I-don’t-know-my-own-backyard, Bissex, St Joseph teen. The rugged terrain, as I am poetically putting it, does... Read More


TALKBACK: Take missing girls issue seriously

26 October 2015

HARDLY A WEEK goes by without at least one teenage girl being reported missing. Last week police asked for assistance in locating three girls, one of whom had been missing for a month. At the same time, police continued to search for 18-year-old Emela John who disappeared... Read More


TONY COZIER: Windies cricket: Back to The Future III

25 October 2015

FOR all its global hype, Back to the Future Day last Wednesday might just have escaped your attention. As it was explained in hundreds of newspapers and websites, Back to the Future II was the title of a 1989 movie that propelled its two main characters, Marty McFly... Read More


TONY COZIER: No excuse for sloppy Windies fielding

18 October 2015

WEST INDIES interim coach Eldine Baptiste should endeavour to get his hands on a copy of the 1954 Wisden. As he couldn’t contain his frustration at the five dropped catches, one missed run out and overall fielding repeatedly referred to as “sloppy” by the television... Read More


LOOKA LEW: Viagra cocktails at 20?

16 October 2015

VIAGRA? At 20 years old? You mekking sport man! But then again, you can’t expect to eat corn curls and then go and cut cane, so that is why a lot of these young fellas taking Viagra, cause they starve out and need all the help. Now I know that when you think bout... Read More


THORNY ISSUE: Cleaning up FIFA’s act

14 October 2015

JACK WARNER was right about one thing. He said if he was touched by the world governing body of football, FIFA, a tsunami would follow. While there is no concrete evidence to prove that because he's been kicked out of the sport and faces extradition to the United... Read More


THE ‘NETTE EFFECT: Staring death in the face

13 October 2015

WHAT IF, you were staring down the barrel of a gun in the hands of a man who had just shot several people? What if, you knew for certain that the wrong response to his question could be deadly? Would you speak truthfully, with a loaded gun pointed at your head?... Read More




Should members of the Police Force be made to cut their locks?

Yes, the Police Force has a dress code.
No, let the hair stay.
Don’t Know.