A THORNY ISSUE: Don’t forget Nurse and Sealy

21 September 2016

TOO MANY NAMES to call, so they couldn’t call all. Agreed? Still, there were some obvious omissions from the list of sporting icons who were duly recognised for their achievements, covering the period of our 50 years of Independence. Why no place for Marva Sealy?... Read More


THE ‘NETTE EFFECT: The nerve of some beggars

20 September 2016

SOMETIMES I’ll come back to a topic time and again. Begging is one of those topics. No doubt many of you have been approached by a beggar in some form or the other. I have, and it is not usually a problem. And yes, even though the frequency and boldness with which... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Sports commentators need to up their game

18 September 2016

IN SPITE OF THE inconsistent performance of the West Indies cricket teams, fans still like to follow them, whether in the Caribbean or overseas. One of the best ways over the years has been via radio. Listening can be just as good as seeing, especially if there is... Read More


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN’: Seeking de real world class

16 September 2016

SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY over so that means it is back to school time for all students. This also means new shoes, uniforms, bags and books, which means more small loan applications being sent into the bank ’cause dese tings ain’t cheap. People does be in town like ants... Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: 5 years without progress

14 September 2016

LET ME BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR up front. Nothing contained in this article is written to impugn the character of our Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson. I know nothing about him personally, and therefore can’t speak to any such matters. For all I know he might very well... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Riley, Browne given raw deal

14 September 2016

WE SURE KNOW how to demoralise those who merit selection on national teams. I think recent instances in table tennis and bodybuilding give credence to my belief. I read both sides of the story and could find no justification for the selectors leaving our best... Read More


TALKBACK: High school costs still bother for parents

12 September 2016

EVEN AS SCHOOLS throw open their doors today to signal the start of a new academic year, some parents are still reeling over the high cost of uniforms, shoes and books. Parents took to the Nation Barbados’ Facebook page to vent their anger and frustration at the... Read More


FAZEER MOHAMMED: A question of credibility

11 September 2016

IF DAVE CAMERON represents the lowest of the low when it comes to the administration of West Indies cricket, then the former officials now calling for the regional game to be rescued from his clutches need to first acknowledge their own roles in the protracted downward... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Friends of all . . .

10 September 2016

ALMOST EVERY PUBLIC and some private sector officials have been promoting China as the best thing for Barbados in its foreign relations. It is seen as the country for almost everything – from niche markets for our exports to a potential tourist market and training... Read More


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN’: We need more house rules

09 September 2016

I WAS ON FACEBOOK the other day and I saw a video of a man who wanted to take gum from off the bottom of his shoe. He proceeded to put his shoe, that he walk bout outside wid, in a ziplock bag and put it in de freezer for a while and then peeled off the gum. In the... Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: A poor reflection

07 September 2016

I’M BACK AFTER a much needed rest and have a lot to talk about. I was going to devote all my space today to the issue of gun violence and my feeling on how we are dealing – or not dealing – with it, but I decided to put it off until next week so I can look closely... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Hope Bajans can change WI fortunes

07 September 2016

HOW WILL THE apparent Barbadianisation in leadership positions work for the benefit of West Indies cricket? It is quite noticeable that in recent times several Bajans have been elevated to senior positions on and off the field. It makes you wonder if it is just... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Need for more activists, NGOs

03 September 2016

IT TAKES a lot of guts and determination to go out there and fight issues on behalf of the public when very often, the only interest some of the people on whose behalf you take up a cause is in a positive outcome. It is perhaps because of this lukewarm response from... Read More


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN’: Shopping ain’t for everyone

02 September 2016

I BELIEVE STRONGLY that the world is made up of different types of people so that life wouldn’t be boring. So yuh have yuh introverts and extroverts, artists and blue collars, politicians and everybody else. However, what I wish to share with you today are the two... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Nuff lip service but little action

31 August 2016

IT’S ABOUT TIME that all stakeholders stop talking and start doing something fundamental for sports development. It might go a long way in not having the same repetitive conversations after our national teams return from major competitions. I have been hearing... Read More


TALKBACK: Readers’ mixed views on sick certificates

29 August 2016

ONE OF THE BIGGEST talking points among online readers last week was Minister of Labour Senator Dr Esther Byer Suckoo’s suggestion that doctors are issuing too many sick certificates. During a courtesy call with president of the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners,... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Zimbabwe deserves our attention

27 August 2016

THERE ARE SO MANY domestic issues of pressing concern that we tend to take our eyes off the international matters which should attract our attention. If we are locked on to the American agenda then our perspectives can be skewed. The issues in Africa should naturally... Read More


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN': A strange wedding table

26 August 2016

YUH SEE A WEDDING, a wedding is a serious ting and not just cause it is two people joining lives permanently, but because it is a melting pot of almost every personality you can think of. Maybe that is why the seating arrangements does give people so much stress – study... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Keep hope alive for Japan 2020

24 August 2016

NOT ONE MEDAL. Nobody even came close! But am I despondent? Am I drowning in a sea of despair? Am I going to bash the athletes who represented us in Rio? Far from. Read More


TALKBACK: Online readers’ say on Sinckler’s view about some bosses

22 August 2016

COMMENTS FROM Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler that many highly paid managers at statutory corporations are doing a terrible job brought a swift response from online readers over the weekend. Wrapping up debate in the House of Assembly on the 2016 Financial Statement... Read More


RON IN COMMON: The Olympics and the need for reflection

20 August 2016

THIS PAST WEEK there were two big events locally for newspeople; the Budget and the Olympics. Well, we had to cover the Budget and the debate, but, if truth be told, the focus and interest of the media were on Rio. I suspect that this was even the case with MPs as well.... Read More




Do Barbadians take hurricane preparedness too lightly?

Don't Know