TALKBACK: Harsher penalty needed for crop thieves

15 August 2016

THE NEWS THAT THIEVES made off with a bounty of cassava from the farm at the Ministry of Agriculture’s headquarters in Graeme Hall, Christ Church, brought crop theft back into the spotlight last week. The Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Esworth Reid, said the... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Share positives on social media

13 August 2016

THERE IS NO such thing as privacy once you discuss a matter in an open forum. There is no such thing as confidential when it comes to social media - be it Facebook, texts, email, WhatsApp, Twitter or whatever else. Hillary Clinton’s email affair should teach us... Read More


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN': Extra special Olympics

12 August 2016

OLYMPICS IN DE AIR and I feeling excitable. I uses to look forward to the Olympics from de time I was a child. I could remember fishcakes getting fry and ting so de whole family could sit down together and try to judge de people doing the fancy dives from high,... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Too many divisions in sport

10 August 2016

The conversation about the injured Sada Williams went from the objective to the malicious. Sadly, since Williams returned from the World Youth Games in Poland, the focus seemed to be on a member of the medical team and whether she was the right person to be there... Read More


TALKBACK: Readers standing behind Sammy

08 August 2016

THE DECISION BY the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) to sack T20 captain Darren Sammy has not been well-received. Sammy revealed in a video on social media that chairman of selectors Courtney Browne told him of the change in a very brief conversation. Online readers... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Pre-Independence Clean-up

06 August 2016

THERE’S A FEELING of patriotism all across Barbados. People are connecting to the national symbols, such as the flag, anthem and the pledge. This was very evident during Crop Over, whether at Pic-o-de-Crop, Kiddies Kadooment or Grand Kadooment. I suspect this mood... Read More


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN’: How road rage happens

05 August 2016

YUH SEE DIS DRIVING TING? It doestek a person wid a strong heart to drive pun de roads in Barbados. If yuh ain’t never cuss, I can guarantee it will happen from the time you beginto drive. You could be driving on the main road and see a car a ways off by a corner... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Russians may be scapegoats

03 August 2016

THE RIO OLYMPICS could go down as the most controversial ever. For starters, the Games are being staged at a time when the political environment in Brazil is very volatile and industrial relations between the powers that be are strained and some of those involved... Read More


TALKBACK: Thumbs down to highway closure for Day 2 jump

01 August 2016

A DECISION TO CLOSE OFF a section of the Ermie Bourne Highway (East Coast Road) stage the Day Two jump up has drawn the ire of many Barbadians. Organisers say the event won’t be catering to spectators, so if you are not jumping in a section, stay away from the area.... Read More


RON IN COMMON: All hail Sir Garry

30 July 2016

THIS PAST WEEK Barbados publicly celebrated the birthday of its only living National Hero, Sir Garfield Sobers. More than 40 years after retiring from the game of cricket, he remains a real legend in his time. Engaging, endearing, it is simply a joy to be in his... Read More


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN’: A whole $280 for a fete?

29 July 2016

It is CROP OVER, music now got to play, drinks now got to drink and food now got to eat. My word, people gine have fun pun top of fun the week coming I can’t wait! When I say I can’t wait, I mean I can’t wait for THEM to have fun cause I won’t be going anywhere.... Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: 2016 safest Crop Over ever

27 July 2016

WHAT I AM ABOUT to write may seem contradictory, but it really isn’t. Just follow my reasoning. A few weeks ago some idiot posted a message on Facebook suggesting there would be bloodshed during Foreday Morning celebrations. Almost immediately there was near panic... Read More


THE ‘NETTE EFECT: Lessons in contentment

26 July 2016

I FEEL A change coming on. Oh yes I do. It is approaching that time of year when I look to make do with what I have – at least for a month or just beyond. I call it is my lesson in contentment and I anticipate I’ll need it more than ever by the time this year... Read More


TALK BACK: Pros and cons of playing Pokemon Go

25 July 2016

Online game Pokemon Go has captivated some people in Barbados. Gamers told NATIONNEWS it was a great way to get exercise and meet new friends while trying to capture the elusive characters on their mobile phones. But others see it as just another “follow pattern”... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Sing Anthem with pride

23 July 2016

MORTICIAN, JAMES WILSON, who is also a musician of note, has been suggesting that Barbadians should start singing the National Anthem at events rather than playing the official instrumental version. It is a good idea, but it seems as if it has already been laid to... Read More


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN’: Four types of gymazons

22 July 2016

ON TODAY’S EPISODE of National Geographic Barbados we take a look at the great Gymazon. The gymazon is a true social hub for humanoids; one can find all types of people when you pass through the doors of the land of the better health enthusiasts. Scientists have... Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Take care in ascribing motive

20 July 2016

I HAVE GROWN accustomed to taking blame for things I know nothing about. It is par for the course. It comes with the job. In fact, it comes with being human. Every so often, though, when I am blamed for something, I try to use it as an opportunity to teach others... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Not insular to have more Bajan Tridents

20 July 2016

INITIALLY BAJANS had a difficulty understanding why a Trinidadian was chosen to be captain of the Barbados Tridents. After heated debate, they eventually embraced Kieron Pollard when the concept of a franchise was explained. It wasn’t mandatory to have a Bajan skipper... Read More


TALKBACK: Cautious welcome for Foreday searches

18 July 2016

WITH SECURITY CONCERNS paramount this Crop Over season, Acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith warns they will be conducting searches at Foreday Morning and Grand Kadooment Day. This is part of an overall strategy which also includes improved lighting and the... Read More


RON IN COMMON: What the secret with the points?

16 July 2016

SO THOSE CALYPSONIANS who will match up against reigning monarch Classic have been chosen for this year’s Pic-O-De-Crop finals. Like most people I am eagerly anticipating that event at Kensington Oval on Saturday, July 30. Given the names of those who will do battle... Read More


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN’: Discipline of a different time

15 July 2016

LAST WEEKEND I went to a party with a good friend of mine who warned me that nuff young people would be there. Now I am not saying I am old. However, I consider myself to be mature, but when I land in the party all my eyes could see were nuff young ppl that look... Read More




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