TALKBACK: Readers not buying healthy lifestyle motive

22 June 2015

FROM AUGUST 1, local consumers will begin to feel the effect of a ten per cent tax on beverages that “contain added high-calorie sweeteners”. Read More


TONY COZIER: Future of WI cricket in focus

21 June 2015

AS THE EVER UPBEAT president of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) Dave Cameron sees it, the annual meeting of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in Barbados at the end of the week “demonstrates the significant role West Indies cricket continues to play in the... Read More


LOOKA LEW: Tax Remy hair too

19 June 2015

WELL A MONTH AGO, I beg Sinckler like a dog in hot sun begging for li’l water, not to hit we with any more taxes. Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Move on or suffer the pain

17 June 2015

WE MAY NOT be there yet, but I am convinced we are headed there fast. The rate at which individuals are recording fights involving schoolchildren and uploading them to Facebook is really alarmin Read More


TALK BACK: Some readers agree with ZR crackdown

15 June 2015

THE UNFORTUNATE INCIDENT which led to a route taxi (ZR) overturning last week and 22 people being injured, has served as a wake-up call to Barbadians. Read More


COZIER ON CRICKET: Oh, for ten more Taylors

14 June 2015

“I AM only one person,” Jerome Taylor told the television interviewer at the end of the first day of the second, and final, Test against Australia on Thursday. Read More


LOOKA LEW: ZRs’ clown princes

12 June 2015

ALL ZR DRIVERS ain’t bad, and all ZR conductors don’t smell musty. Just let me state that. What I do know, is that the ones who bad and who does smell musty pulling down the others who really trying them best. Read More


IN THE PUBLIC’S INTEREST: Better off, but not in manners

10 June 2015

I HAD a most interesting conversation with some “mature” Bajans at the Usain Bolt Sports Complex two weekends ago after the formal ceremony at which Sir Hilary Beckles was installed as vice chancellor of the University of the West Indies. Read More


TONY COZIER: WI must stick with youth policy

07 June 2015

EVEN AS THE WEST INDIES fell apart for 148 on the opening day of the first Test against Australia last Wednesday, head selector Clive Lloyd was unlikely to have had any compunction over his announced policy of concentrating on young players in the future, even at the... Read More


LOOKA LEW: What Charlie what?

05 June 2015

I AIN'T HERE to debate if demons exist or not. I here to say that Charlie ain’t none. Read More




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