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VIEW FROM SHANGHAI – Home away from home

12 October 2010

I’ve been here in Shanghai just under one week, and I’ve moved house already. I haven’t moved far though: from Building 7 to 5 at the Expo Jin Jiang Apartment Hotel into the apartment allocated to the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).  Read More


ON REFLECTION – Land issues watered down

11 October 2010

As the flood waters began to subside last Monday evening, many would have heard Acting Prime Minister Freundel Stuart touch lightly on an issue that has been a sore point for most Barbadians from as far back as the days preceding the 1937 Riots. Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET: Give players a break

10 October 2010

IT was inevitable from the year the first formal domestic Twenty20 tournament in England proved a rousing success that the game’s briefest format would create a dilemma for administrators and players. Read More


PURELY POLITICAL: Self-interest in Cabinet reshuffle

09 October 2010

NOW THAT SOME of the dust has settled on Prime Minister David Thompson’s third Cabinet reshuffle, maybe it’s time for Barbadians to step back from the emotionalism and partisanship and take a more reflective look at the circumstances surrounding the changes. Read More


Click here for audio of PM Thompson's address to the nation

06 October 2010

THURSDAY, SEPT. 30 – Speaking of 'the path forward' in his address to the nation tonight, Prime Minister David Thompson says that he has advised his Excellency, the Governor General to reconfigure the Cabinet as follows, as of October 4th 2010: Read More


Does the Drainage Unit deserve a "thumbs up"?

06 October 2010

Sunday Sun Editor Carol Martindale questions the "thumbs up" recently given to the Drainage Unit. Deputy Prime Minister Freundel Stuart must be one of the very few people in Barbados who has heaped praise on the Drainage Unit.   Read More

A THORNY ISSUE: World Cup goals

06 October 2010

CONCACAF president Austin Jack Warner believes Barbados can one day play in the World Cup and I agree with him. Read More


On reflection - Estwick given raw deal?

03 October 2010

The third reshuffle of his Cabinet by Prime Minister David Thompson in less than three years! What does it mean? Read More


PM thanks Barbadians for their support and prayers

30 September 2010

Live Blogs from Sunday Sun Editor Carol Martindale: Prime Minister David Thompson says the changes in his Cabinet will "accelerate the delivery of vital policies and services".   Read More


Cabinet changes

30 September 2010

Prime Minister David Thompson tonight reshuffled his Cabinet.   Read More


Unite and Love

30 September 2010

"Use adversity to refocus our energy". That is the challenge from Prime Minister David Thompson - Unite and Love.   Read More


Be concerned with the message and not the medium

30 September 2010

Prime Minister David Thompson tonight told Barbadians he has chosen not to speak by live broadcast because his illness has resulted in weight loss. He told Barbadians to be concerned about the message and not the medium.   Read More


Live blog tonight on PM's address

30 September 2010

Sunday Sun Editor Carol Martindale will be blogging live on tonight’s address to the nation by Prime Minister David Thompson.   Read More


What can Rihanna do for her country?

29 September 2010

Sunday Sun Editor Carol Martindale on Rihanna and what she is doing for Barbados. Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country? Read More

A THORNY ISSUE: I wish I was Bravo or Pollard

29 September 2010

IT WAS just a matter of dollars and sense. Let us settle on that as being the possible reason that Trinidadians Dwayne Bravo and Keiron Pollard reportedly turned down lucrative central contracts from the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET: Signs of new times?

26 September 2010

UNSURPRISINGLY, the attention on the retainer contracts offered by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) for the coming year has focused on the few high-profile players not granted one and the two, possibly soon to be three, who have chosen to go their own way. Read More


A principal's stand

24 September 2010

Sunday Sun Editor Carol Martindale takes a look at the Principal who is big on principles. Rules are rules! Plain and simple. Read More


To sign or not?

23 September 2010

NATION Associate Editor (Sports) Haydn Gill gives his take on this subject: Were Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard obligated to accept retainer contracts from the West Indies Cricket Board? Read More


THE SPORTS MIND: Who's better – Roger or Rafa?

22 September 2010

YOU DECIDE. The sports world is talking about it. It’s the most asked question. And today, The NATION’s Associate Editor, Barry Alleyne gives his take on what has the tennis world talking. Read More

A THORNY ISSUE: Boxers not up to scratch

22 September 2010

The jury was out on the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships and now the verdict is in after ten days of deliberation. Read More


Wish Your Prime Minister Well

16 September 2010

Prime Minister David Thompson’s personal physician, Dr Richard Ishmael announced to the nation that the leader has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Read More


Do you think that the new Constitution River Terminal for public service vehicles will help curb some of the indiscipline often complained about in the sector?

Not sure