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31 July 2010

AFTER a lukewarm start in a constituency more concerned at the time with calypso tents, all-night fetes and Kadooment costumes, Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET – Act now to make CCC right

25 July 2010

THE stirring performance by the team from Cave Hill in the extraordinary regional T20 double-tie with Barbados at Kensington Oval Read More

A THORNY ISSUE – Question is, if not Gayle, who?

22 July 2010

IF NOT Chris Gayle, who? Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET July 17 – WI 'A' team on the up and up

18 July 2010

IT LASTED just a week short of three months, touched four countries spread across the planet and included international matches against five different opponents. Read More

A THORNY ISSUE: Red card for FIFA!

30 June 2010

EVEN if FIFA appears to be the most autocratic sports organisation in the world, the time has come for them to yield to goalline technology. Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET – Another nail in Test coffin

27 June 2010

WHEN the first ball of a decisive Test between the West Indies and the game’s second-ranked team was bowled at Kensington Oval yesterday, Read More

A THORNY ISSUE: Pedigree counts at World Cup

23 June 2010

IS IT likely that a country that has never won it before will lift the World Cup? Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET - End of line for Gayle

20 June 2010

THE theme of despair running through West Indies cricket for a decade and more has never been more blatant than in the current series Read More

A THORNY ISSUE: Don't give up on our boys

16 June 2010

Understandably emotions are running quite high after another West Indies defeat to South Africa. Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET – Pollard dilemma

13 June 2010

IN A WEEK when the sporting world - indeed, the world, period - had ears and eyes only for the football World Cup, Read More


COZIER ON CRICKET: Aussies, Brits most worthy

15 May 2010

ONCE they hit the back straight, the feature event, for the ICC Twenty20 Trophy, was purely a two-horse race.After jostling for positions out of the stalls and overcoming a few minor bumps over the first furlong, the entrants in the green and gold and the red, white... Read More


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