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Krystle Clear: Restoring Investor Confidence in Barbados

29 September 2017

In my first blog, I spoke of the Deficit Committee of the Social Partnership and their Action Plan to reduce the fiscal deficit. The plan included agenda items to assist the country in making a comeback and rise from the slump of austerity. The Ease of Doing Business... Read More


Krystle Clear: Crime, Violence and the Economy

16 September 2017

The recent spate of violent crimes within this beloved country has sobered me. It appears that a week cannot pass without a voice note or news report accounting horrific stories of another human being shot, chopped or otherwise bludgeoned, another victim of senseless... Read More


It's not your money, it's your behaviour

11 September 2017

If no one ever told you, the way you behave affects the way you manage your money. Have you felt you were unworthy of an opportunity that you automatically disqualified yourself from even trying? You guessed it. That’s how behaviour affects your decision making.... Read More


What You Do with Your Money Matters

31 August 2017

Financial Leadership is giving your money PURPOSE and DIRECTION. You are the C.E.O. of a corporation. You need a team to fulfill the vision of your company and help execute the purpose of the company. Therefore different roles need to be established. You will need... Read More


Krystle Clear: Of Alternative Budgets and Marches

31 August 2017

I reviewed the plan and appreciated the significant level of thought and expertise. It is not a quick fix, neither will it guarantee a turnaround in this country but it was most certainly comprehensive and an excellent start to addressing the deficit discussion. ... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Against America First Policy

24 June 2017

THE ACTIONS of president Donald Trump have become fairly predictable. This is particularly true if it has anything to do with the legacy of president Barack Obama. Trump will try to undo everything Obama did; it almost seems as if he would like to pretend that the... Read More


RON IN COMMON: 11-plus is but a phase

11 June 2017

IT IS THE DREAM of parents for their children to do well, even if they have certain intellectual, physical or emotional weaknesses. Little wonder the Common Entrance Examination is such a big deal. Parents who attended one of the leading older grammar schools are... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Budget a lotta long talk

03 June 2017

THE BUDGET HAS been delivered, the reply has been given and the debate wrapped up. Looking around us, after all the talk over three days in the House of Assembly, the sky hasn’t fallen in, yet, and those of us still alive, well, we’re still breathing mostly fresh... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Don’t overindulge on those mangoes

20 May 2017

YOU CAN’T HELP BUT hear the talk, whether it is a warning or friendly nudge about watching what we eat and drink. Thankfully, it is all for our good; cutting back on the salt, exercising more, eating smaller portions and avoiding the saturated fats. The words... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Throw light on politics and the courts

13 May 2017

ACROSS THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING Caribbean we often scoff at what is done in United States of America. We hold dear to certain precepts we inherited from Britain, even if we do not follow them to the letter of the law. So the way appointments are made to the Supreme... Read More


TALKBACK: Readers want backyard burning doused

08 May 2017

THE PRESIDENT of the Asthma Association of Barbados, Rosita Pollard, last week pleaded with Barbadians to stop the practice of backyard burning as it was a major trigger for the respiratory ailment. She said it should have been added to legislation to stop smoking... Read More


FAZEER MOHAMMED: Overcoming a fear of failure

07 May 2017

"WE THOUGHT WE would get a wicket with some pace and some bounce in it so we could utilise our fast bowlers, but the wicket wasn’t that great, so it was a bit disappointing. Hopefully, next time that could be corrected.” On the face of it, Shannon Gabriel sounds... Read More


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN': Body talk, yuh gotta listen

05 May 2017

THE OTHER DAY I WAS reverted back – note de redundancy – to being a child of about eight years old. I did was just leff de gym and as a result this meant that I had also just finish drinking a full litre of water. Anyway, I got into the car now and as I pull out I... Read More


ON THE BALL: Told you so

03 May 2017

I KNOW IT’S really not nice to rub something in someone’s nose and say “I told you so”. But I won’t ever be confused for nice. So to all of Barbados’ best road tennis players, let me just say . . . I told you so. I mean it was less than two months ago I wrote (in... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Pinelands, Gall Hill can be great again

02 May 2017

NOTWITHSTANDING THAT Pro Shottas won three of the five titles, the results for the two other winning teams matched them for significance in the weekend’s Guardian Group youth football finals played at the Wildey AstroTurf. Pinelands won the Under-11s for the second... Read More


FAZEER MOHAMMED: Trapped in the spin cycle

30 April 2017

MAYBE IT’S TIME for another change to West Indies cricket’s badge of identity, at least in Tests. No point bringing back the old one, the original coconut palm motif worn from the pre-Test days and encompassing all the great names right up to the mid-1990s. Apparently... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Why the silence on Venezuala?

29 April 2017

SILENCE IS GOLDEN. This approach has come to be used by many people, including those in leadership positions, who believe that in some circumstances saying nothing is preferable to speaking. Of course, there are people who take this proverbial saying too seriously.... Read More


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN’: All kind ah species pon de road

27 April 2017

ON TODAY’S EPISODE of Bajan Geographic we’ve got the different types of driverzonians. Sometimes there are cross-breeds but today we will look at all of the original species. First up is the Turtlesaurous Rex. these particular types of drivers have often been BARP... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: 12 Carifta medals just not cutting it

26 April 2017

BARBADOS GOT ONLY 12 medals from the CARIFTA Games. That’s far below the threshold and the 20 projected before the squad left for Curacao. Those in charge will have to analyse the reasons for the low return but, at the same time, we must praise those who got silverware... Read More


RON IN COMMON: A facelift for Bridgetown

23 April 2017

NEARLY EVERYONE seems to agree that Barbados is notoriously poor when it comes to the maintenance of state property. The evidence is there. It always is. Take the prevailing circumstances in and around Bridgetown. We have the former Louis Lynch Secondary School... Read More


FAZEER MOHAMMED: Substance behind Gayle’s swagger

23 April 2017

AS MUCH AS the big-hitting and the bling, the “Universe Boss” bravado and even the “Don’t Blush Baby” bacchanal give him celebrity and infamy beyond the boundaries of the game, it is easy to overlook the reality that there is considerable cricketing substance to all... Read More


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