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RON IN COMMON: No Republic without reform

02 April 2016

SOME YEARS AGO then Prime Minister Owen Arthur raised the issue of Barbados becoming a republic. It seemed like full steam ahead at that time, but it came to a rather sudden halt. Now, it is back on the national agenda, with people from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Time for answers and change

19 March 2016

MOST BARBADIANS EXPOSED to North American television like watching the various programming options available. So whether it is one of the networks offering continuous news and news analyses such as CNN, MSNBC or even FOX, they are glued to the events and can tell... Read More


RON IN COMMON: A cashless society

12 March 2016

A FEW WEEKS ago the police were warning about the dirty deeds of the skimmers and their efforts to get your money at the ATMs and ABMs. By now most Bajans should be aware of these tricksters from overseas who come here and do their dirty deeds and then head off to... Read More


RON IN COMMON: The year of the monkey

20 February 2016

FREEDOM OF SPEECH is a wonderful thing. We should cherish it since it allows us to speak openly, posit different viewpoints and agree to disagree. Take the case of Minister of the Environment Dr Denis Lowe, who is concerned about the local monkey population and wants... Read More


RON IN COMMON: A press conference with a difference

13 February 2016

PRESS CONFERENCES can be run-of- the- mill. Unfortunately, some do not yield what is expected since the press corps present fails to ask the pertinent questions and can be satisfied with whatever is presented. The most hurtful thing is when the reporters assigned... Read More


RON IN COMMON – More opportunities to travel north

06 February 2016

YOU ONLY HAVE TO make the first trip and then it is almost contagious. You want to go again and again. So little wonder an increasing number of Barbadians are simply taking to the skies whenever they can. Two periods coming up will prove this point as hundreds of... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Lottery could give more

30 January 2016

ALL ACROSS BARBADOS ever single iota complaining. Things tight. People want money. And to prove the point, just look at those lines wherever a lottery machine located. This was especially evident the first two weeks of January. Big money was up for grabs so people... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Preparing for water crisis

23 January 2016

IT IS ONE THING TO HEAR of the hardships caused by no running water to actually experiencing them. No water to wash your face, no water to flush the toilet, no water to wash up the dirty dishes and struggling to get water to wash some clothes. And on top of everything,... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Sandals good for Barbados

16 January 2016

JUST OVER A YEAR AGO, Sandals Barbados Resort & Spa started operations. A year earlier, we could not but hear the noise, all the hurrah about the presence here of the region’s most successful hotel chain operating here. The Freundel Stuart administration and more... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Athletics championships should include all

26 March 2015

IT’S THAT TIME of the year again. Not referring to Lent, or Reggae on the Hill or the just concluded Estimates debates in Parliament. Not even thinking about completing income tax returns even though I’m still awaiting refunds from last year’s filing and doubtful if... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Turned off by Budget debates

13 March 2015

SO THE ESTIMATES debates will begin on Monday and continue throughout all of next week. It is an annual undertaking which should be in the best interest of all Barbadians and Barbados. Read More


RON IN COMMON: Embracing free movement across CARICOM

06 March 2015

THERE IS NO end to the talk about free movement of people across the English-speaking Caribbean, with politicians, academics, business people, religious leaders and small traders seeing it as necessary. Yet there are different types of interpretations. Read More


RON IN COMMON: Building the Barbados athletics brand

19 February 2015

BOTH PRIMARY AND SECONDARY schools’ track and field championships are being held at this time. Read More


RON IN COMMON: What happened to the sea eggs?

06 February 2015

EVER SO OFTEN, the police – thanks to the efforts of their marine unit and the Coast Guard – have been apprehending fisher folk and plain ordinary Barbadians, usually very good divers, harvesting that Bajan delicacy, sea egg. Read More


RON IN COMMON: Nigerian situation a lesson

22 January 2015

THE INCIDENTS SURROUNDING those Nigerian students now in Barbados ought to be an eye-opener for all of us. Read More


RON IN COMMON: My wishes for 2015

08 January 2015

A NEW YEAR, but the same old issues. Read More


RON IN COMMON: Killer high heels

19 December 2014

HEELS OR FLATS? That’s going to be a subject of big discussions on the lips of many females across Barbados over the coming days. Read More


RON IN COMMON: Notebooks, questions and garbage

13 December 2014

SOME THINGS REALLY do make you go, hmmm! Read More


RON IN COMMON: Things dread on the road

03 December 2014

IF I WERE MICHAEL LASHLEY, the Minister of Transport and Works, I’d be blue vex. Read More


RON IN COMMON: Chik-V and income tax pains

15 November 2014

Yeh, I’m up and around and thankful. Read More


RON IN COMMON: Unite to fight Ebola

19 October 2014

The news is raging about chikungunya, mosquitoes and unsightly garbage pile ups all over the place.  Read More


Do you agree with the Barbados Licensing Authority’s decision to repeal the decision to require motorist to provide proof of address in order to renew their licenses or register new vehicles?