THE ISSUE: Waiting on Trump to repeal the law

22 February 2017

MANY CARIBBEAN PEOPLE, including Barbadians, admired former United States (US) President Barack Obama, although there is a view by some that his eight years in office did not result in meaningful support for the region. Read More


VAT filing deadline extended

21 February 2017

TAXPAYERS HAVE ANOTHER day to file their Value Added Tax returns. As a result of technical issues experienced earlier today, the Barbados Revenue Authority announced that the VAT filing date has been extended to tomorrow, February 22, 2017. Read More


Cut spending ‘now’

21 February 2017

GOVERNMENT’S FINANCES are in such bad shape, the Freundel Stuart administration needs to bite the bullet and slash its spending now. It should start by reducing funding to state-owned enterprises and cutting the public sector wages bill, says former Central Bank... Read More


Boxill takes up role at GAIA

20 February 2017

A DEPUTY CHIEF executive officer has been appointed at the Grantley Adams International. Neville Boxill, a former deputy CEO at Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. assumed duties on February 1. Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy said it was necessary to create the... Read More


CDB urges regional governments to act now

20 February 2017

BRIDGETOWN – The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is projecting that the region will experience economic growth of approximately 1.7 per cent in 2017. However, CDB Director of Economics, Dr Justin Ram, warns that this will not be enough to stimulate employment, particularly... Read More


Weatherhead buys Time Out At The Gap

20 February 2017

TIME OUT AT THE GAP, which was part of the controversial Gems Project, has been sold. Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy made the announcement moments ago at his annual press conference, which is ongoing at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. Sealy revealed the... Read More


PomMarine in need of more occupancy

20 February 2017

BARBADIANS are being encouraged to patronise the Hotel PomMarine to give hospitality students an opportunity to discover the world of work. The hotel is the heart of the Hospitality Institute of the Barbados Community College. Acting principal Deborah Trotman... Read More


New equipment company opens

19 February 2017

The economy is not firing on all cylinders, but now is not the time for local businesses to retreat from investing. That’s the position of Barbadian construction firm Innotech Services Limited. At a time when some local firms are looking to cut back, management... Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Immigration policy and family ties

19 February 2017

It’s a question many Bajans, Trinidadians and other Caribbean immigrants as well as corporate leaders across the United States are asking: where is US immigration policy heading and how will it hurt us? The urgency in their voices is clear and it can be traced to... Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Finding tourism’s value for money

18 February 2017

French hotel giant the Accor Group is now in advanced discussions to acquire 100 per cent of the Atlanta based luxury villa rental company, Travel Keys, which offers over 5 000 properties in more than 100 destinations in the Caribbean, United States, Europe, Asia and... Read More


BEC: Reinstatement versus Reengagement

18 February 2017

The Employment Rights’ Act (ERA) 2012, brought the advent of new remedies for persons who have been deemed by the tribunal to have been unfairly terminated by their employer. Prior to the proclamation of the act, damages were the only remedy one could receive, however... Read More


Inside Maria's basket

17 February 2017

Especially For You: Created With Love” sums up the care and thought that Maria Evanson puts into each basket she creates. Regardless of the occasion – birthday, anniversary, or just because–- the contents and the unique packaging will win you over. Evanson told... Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: Institutions and economic performance

17 February 2017

At a time when Barbados and most member states of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) are under severe economic and financial stress, with growing incidence of poverty, shrinking middle classes, lack of any real and sustained rates of economic growth,... Read More


Devaluation ‘always a negative’

17 February 2017

“DEVALUATION NEVER WORKS!” That is the caution coming from an internationally recognised economist, who believes that Barbados should not even be contemplating devaluing its dollar. John Tammy, a political economy editor at Forbes, has advised that the country... Read More


ON THE RIGHT: Increased demand for oil worldwide

16 February 2017

Are higher oil prices threatening Barbados’ economic recovery? World oil demand was revised marginally up by 10 000 barrels, to average 1.25 million barrels per day (mb/d) in 2016; as a result, total oil demand stood at 94.44 mb/d. This upward revision was... Read More


ON THE LEFT: Oil market in wait-and-see mode

16 February 2017

Are higher oil prices threatening Barbados’ economic recovery? Observers of the oil market this month are focusing on the level of compliance with the production cuts agreed by members of Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and 11 non-OPEC... Read More


THE ISSUE: Impact on foreign reserves

16 February 2017

Are higher oil prices threatening Barbados’ economic recovery? Barbados’ economic performance, and Government’s finances, would have been worse were it not for the fact that the island benefited from reduced oil prices in recent years. It is true that some... Read More


E-window ready to roll

16 February 2017

THE BARBADOS ELECTRONIC Single Window (BESW) will facilitate more than 190 forms in an online setting, which were previously submitted manually. That is one of the many benefits expected from the system, which was officially launched at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford... Read More


10-MINUTE MANAGER: Darren Ellis

15 February 2017

Darren Ellis is general manager of Regus Barbados Are you where you’ve always wanted to be? Most definitely! I am passionate about ‘serviced offices’ and the array of workspace solutions offered by Regus. I was ecstatic when we opened our flagship business... Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: Encouraging healthy competition

15 February 2017

Readers of this column may have noted that, from time to time I may have been just a tad critical of the Government. But when it comes to the obesity crisis facing Barbados, you will also know that I support every effort it is making in this regard. I especially... Read More


FULL STATEMENT: Barbados Private Sector Association on the economy

15 February 2017

LAST WEEK, the Barbados Private Sector Association issued a statement on the Barbados economy. In addition to identifying the problems affecting the sector, the statement also offered short-term solutions and long-term goals. Click here to read the full BPSA statement... Read More




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