Call to ease cargo fees

27 March 2015

LOCAL IMPORTERS are apparently hopping mad over having to fork out millions of dollars in charges for holding on to cargo containers too long. Read More


Private sector ‘pays the bills’

27 March 2015

MINISTER OF INDUSTRY Donville Inniss has told public sector workers they need to be a bit more appreciative of the work of the private sector, considering that was how their bills and salaries were paid. Read More


Minister Inniss meets with international business stakeholders

26 March 2015

EFFORTS ARE ON to foster closer relations between the Ministry of International Business and stakeholders of the international and financial services sectors. Read More


Abandoned house catches fire again

26 March 2015

A CHAPMAN STREET, The City house caught fire again today, leading fire officers to call for its demolition. Read More


Barbados’ health care system comes under microscope

26 March 2015

PRIME MINISTER Freundel Stuart says Barbados has done remarkably well in keeping health care accessible, available and affordable, but the time has now come to re-examine how things are done in that area. Read More


NATION newscast March 26, 2015

26 March 2015

In tonight's news: Officials call for demolition of smouldering abandoned city building. Rihanna teases the music world with her new single. Springer dominate the girls at interschool sports, with a tight race among the boys. Read More


Puppetry demonstration on at primary schools

26 March 2015

PUPPETRY, a fun way of teaching children to read and learn language, will be demonstrated to teachers and students of Grazettes Primary School next week. Read More


Crunching numbers together

26 March 2015

THERE IS A QUIET atmosphere in the offices at ME Murrell and Company except for the crisp, friendly voice of the receptionist occasionally answering another call from clients of the accounting firm. Read More


Puerto Rico prepares for luxury shopping amid recession

26 March 2015

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) - A pair of nearly five-inch black satin heels with a large gold alligator that serves as the front strap retails for almost $1 600 at the first Saks Fifth Avenue store to open in Puerto Rico, more than what the average person here earns in a month and where nearly half the... Read More


ON THE RIGHT: Caribbean just not keeping up

26 March 2015

IF WE LOOK at the world over the last three and a half decades, the Caribbean actually sticks out in a very important way, and not in a good way. Read More




Should Barbados become a republic?

Don't know