From The Archives: Integrity of rating agencies called into question

24 November 2014

AS THE ECONOMIES of more nations go into recession, one investment analyst has criticised the role of credit rating agencies ... Read More


Merger a plus for Caribbean, says C&W

24 November 2014

The planned merger of Cable & Wireless and Columbus Communications in the Caribbean could well be a boon for accelerating the roll-out of broadband in Barbados and the wider region. Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Bajan face behind NY union

24 November 2014

The six-foot-plus father could be easily mistaken in Ellerton or on Broad Street for an average “Bajan-Yankee” returning home to get away from New York’s bitingly cold winds. Read More


Moke makes a comeback

24 November 2014

After what is said to have been a 20-year hiatus, the popular Moke vehicle previously frequently used by tourists in Barbados, has returned. Read More


Women talk on money matters

23 November 2014

Make sure your family pays some of the bills, despite how keen you are on keeping it happy. Read More


Women share secrets to top

22 November 2014

SOME OF THE CARIBBEAN’S LEADING female business leaders and academics have been talking about secrets that have helped women to reach and hold jobs with a six-figure salary. Read More


Too close for comfort

22 November 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) – The head of the New York Federal Reserve was put on the defensive by Senate Democrats, who accused the Fed of being too close to the big banks ... Read More


BL&P may take to the sea

22 November 2014

Faced with uncertainty over its proposed Lamberts, St Lucy wind farm and limited land resources on the island, Barbados Light & Power Company (BL&P) might resort to floating wind turbines offshore. Read More


Toyota recalls nearly 423K Lexuses

21 November 2014

DETROIT (AP) - Toyota is recalling nearly 423 000 Lexus luxury brand cars in the US to fix fuel leaks that can cause fires. Read More


From The Archives: Duty bound

21 November 2014

A WIDE RANGE of imported goods was slapped with new duties on Monday. Read More



Are Barbadian consumers to blame for high prices because we reject so much of what is produced locally?

Don't know