Workers: Give us the money

27 July 2016

SEVERED NATIONAL CONSERVATION Commission (NCC) workers are no longer interested in re-employment at the agency. The workers represented by the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) had been calling for reinstatement or re-engagement since theEmployment Rights Tribunal... Read More


‘Biased’ Axe

26 July 2016

POLITICAL CONSIDERATIONS were involved in the retrenchment exercise at the National Conservation Commission (NCC) two years ago, contends veteran trade unionist Senator Sir Roy Trotman. The retired Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) general secretary said this flawed... Read More


Business facilitator promises improved dialogue

25 July 2016

GOVERNMENT’S NEWLY-APPOINTED business facilitator has made it clear that while he will seek to improve communication between Government departments and the business sector, he will not act as a tribunal or arbitrator, making final decisions on outstanding matters. ... Read More


BEC: Punishment and reward

25 July 2016

The management of a workforce can be very challenging at times. Often supervisors and managers have to ask themselves whether to give an employee the carrot or to use the stick. What do I mean when I say carrot versus stick? As a supervisor, you need to know when to... Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Emerging from the Brexit gloom

25 July 2016

Following the referendum on Brexit, I would imagine the entire outward bound tourism industry in Britain has gone into overdrive to mitigate the effect, both short and long term, that it will inevitably have on their businesses and market share. I have already seen... Read More


BHTA appoints new Board

24 July 2016

THE Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) has appointed its new Board for the 2016 –2018 period, headed by new Chairman Roseanne Myers. Other members of the Board include Immediate Past Chairman Sunil Chatrani, First Vice-Chairman Jerry Lewis, Second Vice-Chairman... Read More


Flavourful twist to sugar cakes

24 July 2016

When Maria Joseph was a teenager, her grandfather, Vincent Stuart, didn’t like to see her idle during the long summer vacation. So, he taught her how to make sugar cakes. She had to husk the coconut, grate it before turning it into delightful bites of confectionery.... Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Education as an economic platform

24 July 2016

“Education as an economic sector.” Minister of Education Ronald Jones used those words in New York recently to describe a key part of his desire to expand the role of education in Barbados’ future development. And as if to underscore his point, Jones cited the recent... Read More


Worrell’s comments ‘a concern’

24 July 2016

MUTED, BUT VERY concerned. That was how the outgoing chairman of the Barbados Private Sector Association (BPSA), Alex McDonald, described the business community’s reaction to governor of the Central Bank Dr DeLisle Worrell’s hint that foreign exchange outflows would... Read More


Sharing a must in business

23 July 2016

It is “really important” for people who have knowledge and skills to share them with those who do not, says small businesswoman Kebra Smith. “We need to empower each other. If I want to know something I go to YouTube if I’m not sure. We have different opinions and... Read More


10-MINUTE MANAGER: Walton Trotman

23 July 2016

Walton Trotman is creative director/designer at Imperial Stylings Are you where you’ve always wanted to be? Yes; working for myself. I just need the money to catch up to the title and attach to the lifestyle. What is your biggest professional challenge?... Read More


Bridges that won’t fall down

22 July 2016

A new generation of indestructible bridges could be possible, thanks to research from the University of Warwick. Emeritus Professor Wanda Lewis, in the School of Engineering, has taken a design process called ‘form-finding’, inspired by the natural world, to another... Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: Development strategy

22 July 2016

Imagine a ship sailing through turbulent waters in the open Caribbean seas with destination, Barbados, but the captain has no known technology to allow him to sketch out his route. What do you think will happen? You guessed right: the ship will sail aimlessly with the... Read More


Daniel: It’s something in the water

22 July 2016

HE REMEMBERS the bout of excruciating pain he suffered in January as if it had happened yesterday. Six months later, Waterford, St Michael resident Winter Daniel says he has figured out what caused it – it was the tap water he was drinking, he claimed. Daniel,... Read More


Sagicor makes move to Bermuda

22 July 2016

SAGICOR FINANCIAL Corporation has officially moved its headquarters to the British oversees territory of Bermuda after more than 100 years in Barbados in its previous incarnation as The Mutual. In a statement issued yesterday, the company said following shareholder... Read More


Cheaper power coming soon

22 July 2016

BARBADIANS LONGING FOR cheaper electricity will start getting an ease now that Barbados Light & Power Company Limited (BL&P) has completed its ten megawatt solar farm. New BL&P managing director Roger Blackman also said further relief would come once the Fair Trading... Read More


No wings on Pelican business

22 July 2016

DESPITE REPEATED CRIES for help, Pelican Village has become a virtual ghost town, operators at the location are claiming. Contending that they were in danger of losing their livelihoods, the owners are calling for a better marketing strategy from the relevant authorities... Read More


Concerns about cell phones in the workplace

21 July 2016

CELLULAR PHONES HAVE been blamed for a lot of time wasting in the labor force. This view was expressed today by Senior Assistant General Secretary and Human Resource Manager of the Barbados Workers’ Union, Gillian Alleyne, as she participated in a symposium on labour... Read More


ON THE RIGHT: Tourism training an important goal

21 July 2016

BASED ON REPORTS from different organisations related to tourism it has been emphasised that this industry has grown in the greater Caribbean, covering a range of sectors such as hotel chains, restaurants, airlines, recreational complexes, convention centres, tourism... Read More


ON THE LEFT: Don’t skimp on staff development

21 July 2016

How key is training to the success of the tourism sector? One of the key factors of any business, particularly those in the hospitality and tourism industry, is human resource management. A hotel’s staff is inextricably linked to its success and profitability.... Read More


THE ISSUE: Need for training at all levels

21 July 2016

How key is training to the success of the tourism sector? Barbados is well known for its focus on education. It is also regarded as a leading tourism destination. Over the years, though, questions have been raised about the emphasis on tourism education. Given... Read More




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