Barbados loses ground

21 April 2017

BARBADOS’ HAS LOST some of its travel and tourism competitiveness. However, it remains the highest ranked destination in the English-speaking Caribbean. That’s based on the 2017 edition of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report.... Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: China a viable and realistic travel market

21 April 2017

CONVENTIONAL WISDOM, often defined as a set of ideas or explanations embraced by the public or by gurus of a particular field is seldom wrong, right? Wrong! After all, much has changed in the world of ideas since the late John Kenneth Galbraith; a major global economic... Read More



21 April 2017

ARE YOU WHERE you’ve always wanted to be? Definitely not. I am probably where I wanted to be about ten years ago but life is about reinvention. I keep moving the goalpost so that I don’t become complacent or bored. What is your biggest professional challenge? Balancing... Read More


Fashion is her calling

20 April 2017

GAYNELDER GRAZETTE WAS born to design and make clothes. At least, that’s the way it seems when she tells the story of how she started Kudos Designs. And with fashion-forward people wanting to stand out from the crowd, the demand for one-of-a-kind pieces is increasing.... Read More


Five obstacles to a more productive Caribbean

20 April 2017

CARIBBEAN ECONOMIES HAVE have hardly grown in the last 30 years. The last significant growth was in the 1980s when tourism and banana production expanded, but has since declined due to the loss of competitiveness in the bananas market and the emergence of other tourism... Read More


Real estate demand growing

20 April 2017

A MARKED UPTICK in reservations and purchases at the scenic Adams Castle Estate property development could signal a return to real estate as a first choice investment for Barbadians. This was so for individuals seeking both a housing solution and a means of making the... Read More


ON THE RIGHT: Businesses can’t do it alone

19 April 2017

MANY ENTREPRENEURS HAVE talent and, given the opportunity, can excel. They require access to capital, enabling legislation, a skilled domestic workforce and, most important, limited bureaucracy to succeed. Indeed, too much bureaucracy can choke an enterprise while in... Read More


ON THE LEFT: Old frameworks hurting progress

19 April 2017

CARIBBEAN COUNTRIES SHARE a growth challenge. Economic performance among them varies but the countries share a challenging outlook. Growth in the region is projected to accelerate on average but growth rates remain low and there are considerable risks to those projections.... Read More


THE ISSUE: Need to refocus growth agenda

19 April 2017

THE BARBADOS PRIVATE sector has been crying out for policy direction from Government. It has also been pleading with the Freundel Stuart administration to accept recommendations from the business community. Such a stance is not unexpected considering that across the... Read More


‘Urgent’ meeting

19 April 2017

THE ENTIRE PRIVATE SECTOR of Barbados is being called out with a “sense of urgency” to address this country’s burgeoning economic problems. Barbados needs to adopt a renewed effort to “keep our economy on track”, says Barbados Private Sector Association (BPSA) chief... Read More


The gender dynamics of corporate life

18 April 2017

OVER THE PAST decade the demands of the corporate world have increased ten-fold, resulting in ever increasing time driven demands on executives in order to be in compliance with what is expected of such roles. This leads to a heart wrenching battle between family and... Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: For Gabriel, rum is an uplifting experience

18 April 2017

IN A PAID advertisement in the DAILY NATION of Thursday, April 6, 2017, the buyer of the West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd. said it was only four per cent short of owning all of the company’s stock and would move to forcibly acquire the remaining shares, as allowed under... Read More

Marla Dukharan


18 April 2017

DESPITE GOVERNMENT’S PUBLIC REJECTION of an International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme, a regional economist says one is bound to come sooner rather than later. Royal Bank of Canada’s (RBC) group economist Marla Dukharan made the prediction as she offered her outlook... Read More


Cost control a real problem

17 April 2017

HOSPITALITY COMPANIES IN Barbados and the Caribbean might be paying the price for having inadequate purchasing and cost control practices. Caribbean hospitality consultant Lisa Beckles, of Lisa Beckles Consulting, feared that at a time when regional economies were struggling,... Read More


Borrow with caution

17 April 2017

BARBADIAN CONSUMERS ARE being warned that their financial stability could be destroyed if they do not borrow cautiously. Barbados Workers’ Union Co-operative Credit Union Limited general manager Corinne Clarke gave that advice in the first edition of its newsletter... Read More


Barbados slips in tourism ranking

17 April 2017

BARBADOS HAS LOST some of its travel and tourism competitiveness. However, it remains the highest ranked destination in the English-speaking Caribbean. That’s based on the 2017 edition of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) The Travel Tourism Competitiveness Report.... Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: Choosing governments

16 April 2017

THE ECONOMIC AND political conditions in Barbados and indeed several other regional countries are such that many pundits believe the only real mechanism for change is the opportunity for people to choose the governments they believe can potentially deliver the relief... Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Travel agents still relevant

16 April 2017

DURING MY TIME in Canada, starting back in the late 1960s, I worked as a travel agent in Winnipeg. It was an amazing learning experience and one opportunity that I will always be truly grateful for. Read More


Bizzy takes Regus to Trinidad

15 April 2017

PROMINENT BARBADIAN ENTREPRENEUR Ralph “Bizzy” Williams has started his quest to boost the island’s foreign exchange earnings through involvement with Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions. Read More


Trading finance for farming

15 April 2017

A YEAR AGO, Joana Waterman went from crunching numbers to sowing seeds. Growing up she never had an interest in agriculture and after pursuing a degree in finance and working in the banking sector for ten years, she traded in balance sheets and calculators for boots,... Read More


10-MINUTE MANAGER: Andrea Thompson

15 April 2017

ARE YOU WHERE you’ve always wanted to be? Yes, I am. From a child, I knew that I always wanted to be involved in something creative or some form of art but didn’t know how. Read More




Should Barbadians living overseas be added to the tax net?

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