ON THE LEFT: Drought a worldwide problem

20 October 2016

Should Barbados fear economic fallout from the recent drought? Populations around the world face many severe water challenges, from scarcity to contamination, from political or violent conflict to economic disruption. As populations and economies grow, peak... Read More


THE ISSUE: Fallout inevitable given historical evidence

20 October 2016

Should Barbados fear economic fallout from the recent drought? Everyone knows Barbados is facing a major water shortage and the impact has been felt for the past year by hundreds of residents and businesses. While it is acknowledged that by international... Read More


‘Useful’ lessons for offshore sector

20 October 2016

BARBADOS HAS TAKEN its fair set of hits in the international business arena over the years, but there have been some valuable lessons. Speaking at the opening reception for International Business Week, which was hosted by the Barbados International Business Association... Read More


Flow celebrates Mission Day by giving back

19 October 2016

BRIDGETOWN – The young students of Welches Primary School now have access to cutting-edge multimedia thanks to leading telecommunications provider Flow. As part of the company’s Mission Day, which was celebrated on Wednesday throughout Latin America and the Caribbean,... Read More


10-MINUTE MANAGER: Hayden Browne

19 October 2016

is managing director of DiningWithUs Are you where you’ve always wanted to be? No, not even close. Not until DiningWithUs is at the maximum growth potential. Helping restaurants and bars in Barbados and the Caribbean generate more and consistent revenue. I... Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: Dithering over the family silver

19 October 2016

Trinidad and Tobago, faced with the third straight year of declining revenues, has announced the sale of major stakes in some key state-owned assets. That’s one of the headlines emerging from the finance minister’s budget speech on September 30. T&T’s revenue from... Read More


Arrivals boost expected for November celebration

19 October 2016

TOURISM OFFICIALS are anticipating a good November as Barbados’ best known export Rihanna and members of the diaspora fly in for the 50th anniversary of Independence celebrations. Rihanna is slated to sing the National Anthem, backed by a choir of children from schools... Read More


H hotel to ‘restart work in 2017’

19 October 2016

HARLEQUIN SAYS IT IS PREPARING to restart work on its H Barbados property next year through a joint partnership. But the controversial British company, which is still indebted to a number of local companies and has faced financial strife, has not said if and when... Read More


New air deal with Canada near

19 October 2016

A NEW AIR TRANSPORT AGREEMENT between Barbados and Canada is in the works. Negotiations are also ongoing for a bilateral agreement that will liberalise trade between CARICOM and Canada. Making the announcements on Monday, Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator Maxine... Read More


BWU against privatisation of state corporations

18 October 2016

GENERAL SECRETARY of the Barbados Workers Union (BWU) Toni Moore is very much against the privatisation of state corporations in Barbados. Moore is also on the side of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW), when it comes to opposing the recent decision to sub... Read More


Sugar damper

18 October 2016

EXTREMELY LOW SUGAR YIELDS severely hurt the earning of farmers during the 2016 cane harvest. Senior agronomist with the Barbados Agricultural Management Company (BAMC), Dr Sandra Bellamy, told the DAILY NATION at yesterday’s open day of the BAMC’s Agronomy Research... Read More


It’s war!

18 October 2016

PRODUCERS OF PRE-MIXED CONCRETE in Barbados have accused the Arawak Cement Company of declaring war on them because they purchased cement from new entrant to the market, Rock Hard Cement. But Arawak’s parent company, Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL), is denying they... Read More


GAIA under pressure

18 October 2016

THE HEAT IS ABOUT to be turned up under management of Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA). After being pressured by airport workers last March to abandon efforts to get a disputed 3.5 per cent pay increase from GAIA and instead submit fresh proposals for... Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: Achieving fiscal discretion

17 October 2016

The 2008/2009 global economic and financial crisis should have done one good thing for all of the highly vulnerable countries in the Caribbean: make them realise the growing importance of structural reforms to, if nothing else, shift and increase production to the extent... Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Colombia filled with opportunities

16 October 2016

Last week we had an unannounced visit from one of the Lonely Planet travel editors, Alex Egerton, who is based in Popayan, Colombia. It brought back fond memories of a week I spent there many years ago, and reminded me of what a scenically beautiful and tremendously... Read More


Insurance firms in NIS query

16 October 2016

INSURANCE COMPANIES, alarmed at high payouts for people deemed unfit for work, are anxious for an explanation from the National Insurance Service (NIS). They want the NIS to tell them what criteria and methods are used to medically board employees for what are soft... Read More


FSC head: Insurance sector should review definitions

16 October 2016

INSURANCE COMPANIES may have to re-examine the definitions of personal injury in the policies they are selling, the chief executive officer of the Financial Services Commission, Randy Graham, has said. Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: The region’s gay economic conundrum

15 October 2016

“Does this destination deserve my money?” That provocative question was posed recently by Doug Wallace, a travel writer and contributor to the Toronto Globe & Mail, one of Canada’s leading daily newspapers. Wallace wasn’t focusing attention on Barbados alone. Instead,... Read More


Eyebrow girl feels she was unfairly dismissed

15 October 2016

NEVER IN HER wildest dreams did Tammy Edwards believe that a video which she posted to Instagram would make her an instant celebrity. Or, get her fired. After working at iMart convenience store for the past five years, Edwards lost her job as a cashier on Wednesday... Read More


IDB stands by funding

15 October 2016

BARBADOS IS NOT in danger of losing out on Inter-American Development Bank funding, despite continued downgrading by international rating agencies. Rather, new IDB representative in Barbados Carlos De La Hoz Vinas said the bank was expected to approve “a little bit... Read More


Natural gas back on at Warrens

14 October 2016

A NUMBER of food outlets in the Warrens, St Michael area are back in business after their service was interrupted by a shortage of natural gas this morning. Management at Burger King, Chicken Barn and KFC acknowledged their production was interrupted while a source... Read More




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