Cave Shepherd announces partnership with Visa

27 September 2016

CAVE SHEPHERD HAS entered into a partnership with the Visa Inc., which should give additional benefits to all its customers. Existing customers will be issued with the new Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card through the mail through the end of October. Holders of the... Read More


‘Intervention needed’ before further downgrades

27 September 2016

UNLESS THERE IS an “intervention”, economist Ryan Straughn fears that Barbados’ credit rating will continue to decline. He said the recent downgrade of Barbados by Standard & Poor’s from ‘B’ to ‘B-’ would cause international investors to be less confident in the... Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Exploit the film tourism niche

26 September 2016

WHEN I LOOK at my near three decades living on Barbados, it is difficult not to applaud the progress of our fledgling film industry and the key players who have thought past our tiny geographical size and produced world class moving images. But, at the same time, I... Read More


FAO ‘should boost food mission’

26 September 2016

AFTER CHANNELLING ABOUT $24 million in support to Barbados and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) over the last five years, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is set to play a larger role in this part of the region. Read More


Tax dent in FCIB profits

25 September 2016

REGIONAL FINANCIER CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank (FCIB) has earned $222 million in profits so far this year. It included a “strong” third quarter performance, highlighted by $76 million in profits. However, Gary Brown, chief executive officer (CEO) of the institution,... Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: The knowledge economy

25 September 2016

THE ECONOMICE LITERATURE speaks about the transition that economies go through from heavy dependence on agriculture and subsistence living to a more advanced society in which services and mass consumption dominate. During this transformation, there is also a noticeable... Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: Gercine Carter - Life lessons in writing

25 September 2016

WHEN I WAS 15 or 16, I heard that Rediffusion was looking for a co-host for its Saturday evening programme aimed at teenagers, and was changing the show’s name from Teensville to Teen Scene. So, with absolutely no interest in a broadcasting career, I went there to be... Read More


Finding light in the blackout

24 September 2016

ON SEPTEMBER 1, around six a.m., we had a reminder that we are still vulnerable to power outages in spite of having one of the best and most reliable power companies in the region. The thing is, I didn’t know there was an outage until I started seeing WhatsApp messages.... Read More


BARBADOS EMPLOYERS' CONFEDERATION: Discrimination impacts health and safety at work

24 September 2016

WHILE THE EMPLOYMENT laws of Barbados are silent on the issue of discrimination and the outright expression of such has been significantly reduced in recent decades, the impact remains the same. Perceived discrimination in the case of health and safety can be equated... Read More


Agriculture, fisheries to go high-tech

24 September 2016

GOVERNMENT PLANS TO HIRE a team of international consultants to “stimulate growth” in agriculture and fisheries using a modernised information and technology infrastructure. The effort is being led by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management,... Read More


More women on the job

24 September 2016

BARBADIAN WOMEN HAVE now surpassed the men in employment. The situation, which occurred for the first time last year, was reported Thursday evening by professor of economics and pro-vice chancellor for planning and development at the University of the West Indies, Andrew... Read More


The performance management nightmare

23 September 2016

EXISTING PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT systems review performance in the past which is out of sync with the needs of the organisation and its stakeholders, for whom the need for profit is immediate. Consequently, in the existing form performance management systems do not address... Read More


Programmed to pass on the knowledge

23 September 2016

IN A FEW YEARS after his new company is operating the way he envisions, businessman Evelyn Austin wants to get into gaming and education. He wants to teach others, especially children, what he knows about computer software. “In Barbados, we need to teach people how... Read More


10-MINUTE MANAGER: Jenell Weekes

23 September 2016

Are you where you've always wanted to be? Yes, I have a job that I absolutely love – which makes it feels more like a hobby than a job to me. I am comfortable here, I can be true to myself and this field also allows me utilise my creativity. Read More


Bid to break bounced cheques

23 September 2016

A LOCAL ENTREPRENEUR has created a solution to the huge problem of dishonoured cheques in Barbados. However, time may be against him. Software developer Evelyn Austin has created Ryteback, an app designed to eliminate “bounced” cheques by utilising a special cheque... Read More


Barbados may face EU tax screen listing

22 September 2016

GOVERNMENT MIGHT FACE a future when for the umpteenth time it has to defend Barbados from a tax haven branding. More than a year ago, authorities here reacted angrily and swiftly after European Union (EU) countries placed the island on a list of the world’s worst tax... Read More


Improving public sector reform

22 September 2016

THE ADMINISTRATION of Government services in Barbados has long been the subject of scathing criticism for being slow, and unresponsive to the real needs of members of the public. In effect, the public service is criticised at the point of delivery of its services. Read More


BHTA’s service call

22 September 2016

TOURISM PLAYERS are being called on to improve their level of service excellence as the industry becomes more and more competitive. It has come from new chairman of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA), Roseanne Myers, as she addressed its third quarterly... Read More


New year start for $50m fund

22 September 2016

IN JUST OVER three months, small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to access the $50 million fund earmarked by Government for their development, a move that has been welcomed by their representative body, the Small Business Association (SBA). Minister of... Read More


Pelican Village tenants paying arrears

22 September 2016

THE BARBADOS INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (BIDC) is reporting “a significant turnaround” in the collection of rent arrears owed by tenants of Pelican Village. Chairman Benson Straker said the agency had so far not pursued threatened court action to collect... Read More


Small business leading charge

22 September 2016

BARBADOS’ Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are bringing in the lion’s share of revenue generated by the private, non-agricultural sector into the Government’s coffers, a just-released report has confirmed. The survey found that MSMEs contributed... Read More




Do Barbadians take hurricane preparedness too lightly?

Don't Know