GEL records $62 million profit

10 February 2016

ADOPTING A BUSINESS MODEL that focuses heavily on overseas diversification is paying off handsomely for Barbadian conglomerate Goddard Enterprises Limited (GEL). GEL has earned nearly $62 million in profits after what its directors called a “record-breaking” 2015.... Read More


Region must err on the side of caution

08 February 2016

IT’S BEEN A ROUGH START TO2016, as seen by the recent bouts of financial volatility, stemming from uncertainties related to the slowdown in China, lower commodity prices, and divergent monetary policy in advanced economies. The global recovery continues to struggle... Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: Surviving in a dynamic world

08 February 2016

LAST JULY, former Prime Minister of Barbados Owen Arthur delivered a speech at The Gleaner Editors’ Forum, held at the company’s Kingston, Jamaica office, in which he alluded to the changing economic circumstances facing Caribbean countries and the kinds of adjustments... Read More


CTO, CHTA join fight against Zika virus

08 February 2016

WARY OF THE potentially devastating impact the Zika virus could have on the Caribbean’s rebounding tourism industry, regional officials have issued a call-to-action to the sector. The Barbados-based Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) and Caribbean Hotel and Tourism... Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Why Worrell should change course

07 February 2016

IT WAS A THUNDERING MOVE by one of the Caribbean’s leading media institutions and it was aimed, for good reason, at Dr DeLisle Worrel, governor of Barbados’ Central Bank. In an unusual step for an independent newspaper, the Nation published a front page editorial in... Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Sprucing up for winter

07 February 2016

SOME YEARS AGO, we pioneered a concept that was dubbed Tourism Enhancement Month. The simple idea was to persuade our paint manufacturers and suppliers, hardware, equipment rental and landscape companies to extend an extra discount to what was then our 100-plus small... Read More


IDB points out positives

07 February 2016

THE INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (IDB) sees some positive economic signs for Barbados. However, the financial institution – similar to others giving forecasts – says medium-term growth will reach only one per cent, which it said was based on expected starts for “tourism-related... Read More


How the US rate increase affects the Caribbean

06 February 2016

THE OUTLOOK for the world economy is mixed. While some major economies are experiencing solid growth, several economies, including major emerging markets, are facing challenges. The United States (US), the United Kingdom, India, and some European countries are projected... Read More


BARBADOS EMPLOYERS' CONFEDERATION: 24/7 operations and the issues

06 February 2016

OVER THE PAST 12 MONTHS there has been much discussion on the implementation of a 24/7 economy and the possible implication for employees and businesses alike. While ’round-the-clock service is increasingly imperative to ensure economic development, the management of... Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: No country for falling oil prices

06 February 2016

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO’S (T&T) economy, the once and still mighty financial battleship that cruises these Caribbean waters, bringing supplies of food and dinosaur energy to its geographically smaller and economically weaker neighbours, now faces the kind of attrition it... Read More


Same-sex bliss

06 February 2016

WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. That’s the call to Barbados’ authorities to get on board and legalise same-sex marriages. It comes from Cheryl McIntosh, a Barbadian resident in the United States, who two weeks ago legally tied the knot with her female St Lucian sweetheart... Read More


First murder for year

06 February 2016

HOURS AFTER it was spilled, the blood of 24-year-old Travis Austin remained on the ground as a graphic reminder of the country’s first murder for 2016. In the final hours of Thursday, members of the Royal Barbados Police Force responded to a report that led to the... Read More


Shake-up in police force

06 February 2016

THERE ARE RUMBLINGS in the Police Force today. And it has to do with what inside sources say is an act of alleged victimisation levelled against three lawmen who have sued the Police Services Commission for their non-promotions in 2012. Reports reaching the Saturday... Read More


Parris’ account remains frozen

06 February 2016

THE WAIT CONTINUES and the millions in former CLICO chairman Leroy Parris’ account remain frozen. Parris and his legal team of Queen’s Counsel Vernon Smith and Queen’s Counsel Hal Gollop were back in court yesterday, this time before Justice Olson Alleyne, in the... Read More


9 injured in two car accidents

06 February 2016

A VISITOR headed to Grantley Adams International Airport gave new meaning to taking flight when the vehicle he was driving somersaulted out of control, leaving him and five other road users counting their lucky stars yesterday morning. This was the first of two... Read More


GEL now catering in Colombia

05 February 2016

BARBADIAN CONGLOMERATE Goddard Enterprises Limited (GEL) has made a major acquisition in Colombia. GEL announced that its subsidiary Goddard Catering Group (GCG) had diversified its portfolio into hospital catering with the purchase of Inversiones Ibero Caribe SAS,... Read More


An economy for the world’s richest

05 February 2016

THE GLOBAL INEQUALITY CRISIS is reaching new extremes. The richest one per cent now have more wealth than the rest of the world combined. Power and privilege is being used to skew the economic system to increase the gap between the richest and the rest. A global network... Read More


Classics worth millions

05 February 2016

OWNERS OF CLASSIC CARS in Barbados could be holding assets worth millions of dollars. This emerged during the Barbados Classic Car Association’s first show for 2016, which was sponsored by Courtesy Garage and staged recently at Content, St Thomas. More than 40 classic... Read More


FirstCaribbean opens new finance centre

04 February 2016

CIBC FIRSTCARIBBEAN International Bank is on a mission to grow its business through enhanced customer service. The plan was outlined by new chief executive officer Gary Brown when the bank officially opened its new Finance Centre at Rendezvous, Christ Church Wednesday... Read More


Scotiabank rewards employees

04 February 2016

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE and unwavering commitment to customers put 26 Scotiabank employees in the spotlight at the Best Of The Best annual staff awards ceremony recently. They were recognised at a ceremony at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre at the end of a year in... Read More


One-on-one with Kevin

04 February 2016

WHEN KEVING FREDERICK was about 13 years old he knew that he wanted to be involved in fitness. “I started being a certified personal trainer about three years ago but I’ve been into the business of fitness literally half of my life, about 15 years, and I’m 32,” he told... Read More




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