AS I SEE THINGS: Economic recovery

14 October 2014

From time to time, countries all over the world find themselves in tremendous amounts of financial and economic difficulties and are forced to take tough corrective measures to restore macroeconomic stability. Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Barbados, Ireland in the US cross hairs

14 October 2014

What do Ireland and Barbados have in common? Read More


Restoring consumer confidence

08 October 2014

There has been a lot of attention focused on the macroeconomic environment in many of my previous articles. Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Region fights for Cuba

07 October 2014

It’s like a recurring decimal at the United Nations (UN). Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Farewell to the Fairmont brand

06 October 2014

While not seeing it reported in our local press up to the time this column was submitted, I noticed a recent media release announcing the sale. . . Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES:  Why Washington should help the Caribbean

11 September 2014

There is a good reason why two members of the United States (US) House of Representatives from Brooklyn are focusing attention on the economic and social needs of Caribbean island-nations and coastal states. Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: Drowning in a sea of sugar and salt

11 September 2014

The National Initiative For Service Excellence (NISE), an organisation devoted to improving our standard of service on this island, just completed what seems to have been a pilot training programme for sno-cone vendors. Read More


ON THE RIGHT: Changes in visitor behaviours

10 September 2014

While traditionally we tend to focus on the number of visitors to the countries, there is clearly the need to go beyond that. Read More


ON THE LEFT: Opening of Cuba market will affect all

10 September 2014

Traditionally, we have always had the United States as our top market and that still is the case. Read More


THE ISSUE: One region, one tourism product

10 September 2014

Hundreds of tourism industry representatives are expected to assemble in the United States Virgin Islands next week for what many of them consider the region’s leading tourism conference. Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: Weighing the costs

10 September 2014

At a time when many Caribbean countries continue to struggle to overcome relentless economic and social challenges, it is mandatory that great care be taken in the allocation of already scare financial and human resources. Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: In absence of universal concessions

09 September 2014

It reminds me a little of the rather repetitive advertisement aired on local radio, which includes the phrase “how low can you go”. Read More


$2.5M more

08 September 2014

​THE UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT FUND is paying out millions of dollars more than it budgeted for, and Government’s retrenchment programme earlier this year has been blamed. Read More


Sugar holds key to non-sugar crops

19 June 2014

The efficient cultivation of sugar cane is essential for the cultivation of non-sugar crops. Read More


ON THE RIGHT: Need to change legal framework

17 June 2014

High energy costs associated with electricity generation and transportation currently ranks highest amongst the structural weaknesses limiting economic growth in Barbados. Read More


ON THE LEFT: Need to change legal framework

17 June 2014

There has been a perception that Trinidad and Tobago is the only energy-rich country in the Caribbean. Read More


THE ISSUE: Power play

17 June 2014

Is the energy sector the solution to Barbados’ and the region’s economic problems? Read More


ON THE LEFT: Efforts to ease path for LDCs

20 May 2014

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreements contain provisions that give developing countries special rights. Read More


ON THE RIGHT: Identify,  state specific needs

20 May 2014

There is language in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreements that recognises the existence of special and differential treatment. Read More


THE ISSUE: Case to be made

20 May 2014

Barbados is not new to the international trade arena and its related provisions. Read More


How to turn around economy

07 May 2014

BARBADOS’ ECONOMIC FORTUNES and global competitiveness can be improved, says Dr Justin Robinson. Read More




Show able-bodied people be fined for using parking spots intended for disabled people?

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