BEC WORKPLACE:  Practical Workplace safety and health

18 October 2014

Every day, employers battle with the dilemma of trying to decipher what is a reasonably practicable solution to the risks posed by the hazards at their workplace. Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: As Thomas Cook exits

17 October 2014

Sadly, it would appear we are losing the summer weekly Thomas Cook (TC) Manchester flight from early May 2015. Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: Green is the new black

16 October 2014

At some point, comparing numbers loses all meaning for me. Read More


ON THE RIGHT: Tax treaty will play key role

15 October 2014

Our economies are very similar. We support our activities on international services and the new challenges that we are facing, for instance, the fact that the exchange of information concept has been moved from a by-request process to a more widely automatic exchange of information process in tax... Read More


ON THE LEFT: Historic and cultural value

15 October 2014

Building a bridge is a careful, painstaking task. It calls for great skill and ingenuity, as well as detailed prior research, investigation and drawings. Read More


THE ISSUE: Prospects seem favourable

15 October 2014

As Barbados searches for ways to diversify its economy Latin America is being mentioned increasingly as a market in need of attention. Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: Economic recovery

14 October 2014

From time to time, countries all over the world find themselves in tremendous amounts of financial and economic difficulties and are forced to take tough corrective measures to restore macroeconomic stability. Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Barbados, Ireland in the US cross hairs

14 October 2014

What do Ireland and Barbados have in common? Read More


Restoring consumer confidence

08 October 2014

There has been a lot of attention focused on the macroeconomic environment in many of my previous articles. Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Region fights for Cuba

07 October 2014

It’s like a recurring decimal at the United Nations (UN). Read More



Are Barbadian consumers to blame for high prices because we reject so much of what is produced locally?

Don't know