Thieves in our midst

26 November 2014

A Barbadian businessman has confessed to losing $3 million in the last two years through the fraudulent actions of a now former employee. Read More


Innotech gets St Lucia job

26 November 2014

Barbadian construction firm Innotech Services Ltd has landed a $4.5 million contract to refurbish a St Lucia school. Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: The mouse that roared

26 November 2014

I’m going to have to start today’s column by being perfectly honest with you: Up to last week, I had never heard of ECTEL. But I take comfort in my suspicion that neither had Cable & Wireless. Read More


Secure answer to garbage pile-up problem

25 November 2014

A local manufacturer is offering a secure bin to store garbage safely away while keeping out animals and rodents. Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Bajan face behind NY union

24 November 2014

The six-foot-plus father could be easily mistaken in Ellerton or on Broad Street for an average “Bajan-Yankee” returning home to get away from New York’s bitingly cold winds. Read More


Moke makes a comeback

24 November 2014

After what is said to have been a 20-year hiatus, the popular Moke vehicle previously frequently used by tourists in Barbados, has returned. Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Rewarding customer loyalty

23 November 2014

While it may initially seem off-topic, I wonder if we could better apply the same concept to tourism. Read More


THE ISSUE (ON THE LEFT): Timeliness at the heart of the issue

21 November 2014

I can recall a response in the Press three years ago to a comment made by my then president Andy Armstrong about the challenges . . . Read More


THE ISSUE: Time is money

21 November 2014

To what extent are delayed town planning decisions affecting the faciltiation of business in Barbados? Read More


THE ISSUE (ON THE RIGHT): Some applications take longer

21 November 2014

The Town and Country Planning Department plays a pivotal role in facilitating and stimulating growth in the economy. Read More



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