US$10m loan to reduce poverty, unemployment

02 October 2015

BARBADOS WILL STENGTHEN its social safety net for its poorest citizens and improve labour market training opportunities with a US$10 million loan approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The programme seeks to reduce extreme poverty and high unemployment... Read More


More CAL airlift for Barbados

02 October 2015

BARBADOS IS GETTING increased airlift from Trinidad. This comes with Caribbean Airlines’ (CAL) launch of its fall schedule, which took effect on September 10. The airline’s management said the new schedule was “designed to facilitate better connectivity within the Caribbean... Read More


Barbados food, rum, hits in Harlem

01 October 2015

GUESTS FLOCKED TO HARLEM hot spot Red Rooster recently for a preview of Barbados’ sixth annual Food & Wine and Rum Festival. The festival, which takes place from November 19 to 22, has a fresh new look and a star-studded line-up of culinary masters. It was previewed... Read More


From quarry waste to money earner

01 October 2015

AMID CONTINUED CONCERN about the large amount of waste Barbados is generating daily, C.O. Williams Construction Limited is in the process of eliminating all waste from its main quarry operation. It will also mean increased revenue for the comapny known for its road... Read More


ON THE RIGHT: Chip technology major tool in card fraud fight

30 September 2015

VISA HAS WORKED with financial institutions, governments and merchants for more than 50 years to extend the benefits of electronic payments to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Together we provide account holders with a more secure, convenient and reliable... Read More


ON THE LEFT: Counterfeiting, data breaches key causes

30 September 2015

GROSS FRAUD LOSSES to criminals incurred by issuers, merchants and acquirers of US$16.31 billion increased 19 per cent over 2013. Fraud losses occurred from counterfeiting, card not present (CNP), fraudulent application, lost and stolen, card not received, and other... Read More


THE ISSUE: Worldwide card losses exceed US$16.31m in 2014

30 September 2015

TWO YEARS AGO the Caribbean Association of Banks issued the following alert: “Banks and other financial institutions across the Caribbean have been impacted by a security breach at a financial institution in the region. This potential security breach can result in the... Read More


Nathalie’s soothing touch

30 September 2015

WHEN NATHALIE ROACHFORD was about 15 or 16 years old she realised she had a healing or soothing touch, at least that’s what her mother Dulcie Forte told her. Until then the massage practitioner did not know she could have “made a living from it” but yet, after leaving... Read More


BEC: Managing the middle

28 September 2015

Contrary to popular belief, the supervisory tier of any organisation is critical to its success or failure. So why then do senior managers often undermine and ignore this level within the organisation? Many times, persons perhaps do not realise the value of this level... Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Airline fuel cost vs ticket prices

27 September 2015

Having clocked up over 1 500 miles in a hired car during a recent trip to Kentucky, United States, it was fascinating to see the huge variation in fuel prices. I filled up only four times and the per gallon cost varied from US$1.96 up to a high of US$2.57 for 3.8 litres.... Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: Finding the right balance

27 September 2015

Since our independence on November 30, 1966 the socio-economic development of Barbados was supposed to be determined by “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”. Having experienced several changes in Government over the past 49 years as a self-managed... Read More


10-MINUTE MANAGER: Heather Barker

26 September 2015

Heather Barker is managing director of Clearly Content Communications Inc. Are you where you’ve always wanted to be? In some ways, yes. I’ve been able to pursue several interests, in terms of setting up a communications or “story telling” company which attracts... Read More


National financing: the way forward

26 September 2015

Today’s conference comes at a time when the economy has overcome the foreign exchange challenge of 2013 by the decisive budgetary adjustment taken in that year. The adjustment policy is a textbook example of how economies like ours should respond to foreign exchange... Read More


THE ISSUE (ON THE RIGHT): Private sector must be very involved

25 September 2015

With high debt and large deficits, how will the Caribbeanfinance its economic recovery? Unlocking finance for growth in the context of a less favourable global economy is key for Caribbean countries, many of which are facing gaps in financing, heavy debt burdens,... Read More


Sure signs of recovery

25 September 2015

Barbados will have to do without the “heady days” of major economic growth for now, but senior banker Ian De Souza says the signs of recovery are clear. The Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited chief executive officer and managing director also said that despite the... Read More


THE ISSUE (ON THE LEFT): Strengthen banking, small business

25 September 2015

In 2014, Caribbean Development Bank financed a major study on Public Private Partnerships In The Caribbean: Building On Early Lessons. That study estimated that about US$21 million is needed over the next decade to bring electricity, transport and water and sanitation... Read More


THE ISSUE: Investment a major challenge

25 September 2015

With high debt and large deficits, how will the Caribbean finance its economic recovery? The Caribbean continues to search for ways to accelerate its economic recovery. Islands, like Barbados, which continue to be hemmed in by growing debt and large fiscal deficits,... Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: The man with the golden strum

24 September 2015

This is neither an obituary, nor could I say Robin Hunte was a personal friend. In the late 1980s, my young kids and I went to Congo Road to get a kitten from his family, and that night I probably had the longest conversation I ever had with him. I still remember a... Read More


Caribbean Dreams adds Docked to its titles

24 September 2015

An online publishing company is expanding its products range. Husband and wife team David and Nicole Niles recently gave details of plans for their Caribbean Dreams Magazine during a launch at Guinea Plantation, St John. It includes the introduction of Docked,... Read More



23 September 2015

As the University of the West Indies’ (UWI) new top administrator, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles has a vision and a message for the Caribbean’s leading tertiary educational institution and the region itself. And the UWI Vice Chancellor summarised the strategy in a... Read More


Power to the farmers

23 September 2015

A Barbados-based entity which represents regional non-governmental organisations is leading efforts to reduce the energy costs of several farmers here. The Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC), supported by the United Nations Development Programme’s Global... Read More




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