BARBADOS EMPLOYERS' CONFEDERATION: Competency-based education and training

22 January 2015

BEFPRE THE ADVENT of the Competency Based Training Fund many Barbadians were not as open to the idea of vocational qualifications. Read More


Access to official info ‘poor’

22 January 2015

BARBADIAN BUSINESSES are crying out for better “official information” from Government institutions and industry associations. Read More


ON THE RIGHT: In the company’s best interest

21 January 2015

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS has approved a recommendation from management to prepare plan to re-domicile Sagicor Financial Corporation (SFC) (the non-operating holding company of the Sagicor Group), for approval by shareholders. Read More


ON THE LEFT: Reasons to leave may vary

21 January 2015

SUCCESSFUL INTERNATIONAL STRUCTURES in most cases begin with choosing the right jurisdiction to host a company that will form part of an international business. Read More


THE ISSUE: What’s best for Sagicor

21 January 2015

SAGICOR FINANCIAL CORPORATION’s recent unexpected announcement that it plans to relocate its registered office from Barbados after more than 175 years has been generating debate in Barbados. Read More


Bank loan growth at its lowest

21 January 2015

IT APPEARS THAT HARD TIMES have virtually sucked the life out of the growth in commercial bank credit. Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Mind your mouthings

18 January 2015

The multimillionaire owner of the upscale Lone Star Hotel and Restaurant on Barbados’ West Coast is learning the hard way why people are often advised to “watch your language”. Read More


Barbados among least corrupt

18 January 2015

It’s a truism: public corruption is a fact of life in every country under the sun, albeit more so in some places than in others. Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Think again about TripAdvisor

17 January 2015

I will be the first to admit that TripAdvisor is far from being the perfect medium and model for quality control, but it is a living, breathing reality . . . Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: Managing C’bean economies

17 January 2015

Although the expectations generally can be considered mixed throughout the region, there is nonetheless some optimism among certain sectors of a turnaround . . . Read More



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