BEHIND THE HEADLINES: The region’s gay economic conundrum

15 October 2016

“Does this destination deserve my money?” That provocative question was posed recently by Doug Wallace, a travel writer and contributor to the Toronto Globe & Mail, one of Canada’s leading daily newspapers. Wallace wasn’t focusing attention on Barbados alone. Instead,... Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: Down the economic rabbit hole

14 October 2016

Everywhere you go in this country, it seems, somebody is complaining about the Government. Now, under normal circumstances, this is as it should be. Even if your Government is doing a pretty good job overall, we would, and should, always find something to complain... Read More


ON THE RIGHT: Progress made in reducing poverty

13 October 2016

Does Barbados still have a poverty problem? Although we talk a lot about poverty in the country, we have very little objective data on poverty. I know ministers and politicians would always talk about poverty in this and poverty in that, but I always ask ‘well, where... Read More


ON THE LEFT: Income equality must be enhanced

13 October 2016

Does Barbados still have a poverty problem? Latin America and the Caribbean is a very diverse region that does not follow a single pattern of change. However, one common feature among the countries of the region is that they have all undergone significant social,... Read More


THE ISSUE: Still some work to do

13 October 2016

Does Barbados still have a poverty problem? Most countries are faced with poverty, even though the intensity of the problem varies. It is no different for Barbados and the Caribbean, although over time there has been some progress in reducing the challenge.... Read More


Remote office assistance

12 October 2016

There’s a saying that “necessity is the mother of invention”. For Rhasheda Skeete this is certainly true. Back in 2014 she lost her job and for six months tried unsuccessfully to find one because she needed money to run her household. Then the idea hit her – she... Read More


10-MINUTE MANAGER: Leanne Payne

10 October 2016

ARE YOU where you’ve always wanted to be? Well to be honest I have never been one to plan where I wanted to be. I just go as it comes. What is your biggest professional challenge? My biggest professional challenge right now is to become more comfortable... Read More


Investors urged to buy bonds

10 October 2016

An international firm is advising investors to buy Barbados bonds, but it is concerned about the island’s “less-than-stellar fiscal performance” and overall economic “underperformance”. CIBC World Markets, the investment banking subsidiary of the Canadian Imperial... Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Harness our potential

09 October 2016

Not that I needed any more persuasion, but after participating in the recent Road Runner event (during the now concluded Tourism Week) it reminded me there is still vast untapped potential in tourism that could help return our economy to a much needed healthy and viable... Read More


Vicki breaks language barrier

08 October 2016

Before she graduated from university, Vicki Olton knew that she would one day be involved in marketing. The desire to get into this particular field was strong and although it took her a while, she is right where she wants to be. The managing director of Effective... Read More


Proposals for Bridgetown

08 October 2016

A Rihanna-inspired store on Broad Street, late-night shopping, themed City tours with guides, an annual cultural and entertainment programme, and a new Bridgetown Foundation are among recommendations intended to give Bridgetown the major boost it needs. While making... Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Reaction to the correspondent banking issue

08 October 2016

Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago Guyana and other small states, get an annual chance to show why the United Nations (UN) is vital to them. And they usually use the world body as a platform to articulate their major economic, social and political concerns. ... Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: The banking revolution

07 October 2016

As concerned citizens of Caribbean countries, how many times have you heard finance ministers and other government officials complaining about the negative effects the 2008/2009 global economic and financial meltdown had on their respective economies? How many times... Read More


ON THE RIGHT: Opportunity knocks for the best brains

06 October 2016

Should Barbados and the region be worried about brain drain? The rate of skilled emigration from small states and territories, defined either by territory size, population size, national income or some combination thereof, tends to be persistently high over time.... Read More


ON THE LEFT: Migration has its positives

06 October 2016

Should Barbados and the region be worried about brain drain? There are 250 million international migrants around the globe, of whom 21.3 million are classified as refugees. South-South migration is larger than in South-North migration. Intra-regional migration... Read More


THE ISSUE: Labour migration is good and bad

06 October 2016

Should Barbados and the region be worried about brain drain? In 2011, one year into his leadership of Barbados, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart made a vow while addressing Barbadians overseas. Delivering the keynote speech during a fundraising dinner hosted... Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: Counting airline crews as tourists

05 October 2016

“The tourism out-turn (for 2015) was the best on record since 2007, with activity in the sector rebounding to pre-crisis levels. Tourism receipts grew by an estimated five per cent, with arrivals up by 14 per cent, and all major markets recorded double-digit increases,”... Read More


10-MINUTE MANAGER: Carol Forde

05 October 2016

Carol Forde is manager of Personalise It. Are you where you’ve always wanted to be? Not yet. What is your biggest professional challenge? Not having enough money to keep the vision at a constant flow. Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Getting the most from tourism

02 October 2016

By the time this publication hits the streets, we will be halfway through this year’s Tourism Week and I, among several persons, would have been privileged to join the StarCom Road Runner on Monday morning September 26. Not only is it a great opportunity to spread... Read More


The changing face of jobs

02 October 2016

Could a robot do your job? Millions of people who didn’t see automation coming will soon find out the painful way. The answer is a resounding yes. The World Economic Forum’s Future Of Jobs study predicts that five million jobs will be lost before 2020 as artificial... Read More


Barbados key to Cuba investment

01 October 2016

Barbados is holding one of the keys to a likely investment surge in Cuba. With the United States having eased restrictions on the Spanish-speaking Caribbean island, Bruce Zagaris, a prominent American tax attorney who has long-standing working relationship with Barbados,... Read More




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