Parris now certified

24 May 2017

BARBADIAN LOUIS PARRIS recently earned the Certified Advanced AML Audit Specialist (CAMS-Audit) credential from the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS). The CAMS-Audit designation is an advanced-level certification and is the first... Read More


Customs hold-up a concern

24 May 2017

BARBADOS IS MISSING out on important technical assistance because of the failure to add Customs to the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA). The delay is also causing “significant stagnation” and “harm” to Customs administration in Barbados, says an International Monetary... Read More


Crafter uses paper to unleash creativity

23 May 2017

AT A TIME when e-cards are becoming increasingly popular, there is a “paper crafter” who delights in making something that you can hold. Elizabeth Blackman has turned her hobby into a business and she is enjoying every minute of it. In an interview with BARBADOS... Read More


Flow nets 16 000 subscribers

23 May 2017

MORE THAN 16 000 mobile subscribers are currently enjoying Flow’s superfast 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. And that number is expected to double by year end. “In less than two months, just over 16 000 mobile accounts, both prepaid and post-paid, are enjoying... Read More


Fiscal discipline a must

23 May 2017

ON TUESDAY, MAY 9th the Central Bank of Barbados held its first economic press conference since 2014. It was hosted by Acting Governor Cleviston Haynes, who succeeded Dr DeLisle Worrell who was fired in February. Haynes touched on a range of economic issues while fielding... Read More


Finance needs leaders

22 May 2017

EASTERN CARIBBEAN CENTRAL BANK (ECCB) Governor, Timothy Antoine, says the region must make urgent changes if its financial sector is to thrive in the modern, global economy. Antoine was delivering a keynote address, entitled Imperatives For Financial Sector Development... Read More


A passion for colour

21 May 2017

BEFORE SHANIQUA THOMAS was creating beautiful faces with her brushes and colour palettes, she was trying to find her passion, that one thing she truly loved and motivated her to keep going. In an interview with BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY Thomas said she was always... Read More


Elegant in expansion mode

20 May 2017

ELEGANT HOTELS GROUP PLC is pressing on with its expansion strategy. Elegant chief executive officer Sunil Chatrani said he company would continue to “focus on under-performing hotels that can be refurbished, repositioned and replaced, both in Barbados and throughout... Read More


Grace still keen on Barbados

19 May 2017

GRACEKENNEDY (GK) LIMITED, one of the Caribbean’s largest conglomerates, is looking for new investment opportunities in Barbados. Last week, the Jamaica-based company, which has 60 subsidiaries and associated companies in the Caribbean, North and Central America,... Read More


Big plans in store for Bathsheba

18 May 2017

TRANSFORMING THE CLOSED New Edgewater Hotel into a “new tourism development” is among suggestions to improve Bathsheba, St Joseph. Other proposals in the new Bathsheba Community Plan include developing an Interpretive Centre at the Hill Crest archaeological site... Read More


Income gap grows

18 May 2017

INCOME INEQUALITY IN Barbados is heading in the wrong direction. That’s the conclusion of new research by a Guyanese economist, who linked the trend to increasing wealth generated through the international business and financial services sector. Collin Constantine... Read More


Improving work ethic

17 May 2017

IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY REQUIRES coordination between government and the private sector. On April 19, I attended the annual meeting of the Bretton Woods Committee, where the speakers included Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, along with other... Read More


Barbados still in the woods

16 May 2017

BETWEEN 2006 AND 2016, Barbados experienced ten consecutive rating actions by international rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P). In March, 2017 that number increased to 11 with S&P downgrading Barbados’ sovereign credit rating from “B-“ to “CCC+”; the negative outlook... Read More


Sprucing up Belleplaine

16 May 2017

BELLPLAINE, THE LARGEST community within the area designated as Barbados’ National Park, is to be the focus of major renewal. That’s based on a Belleplaine Community Plan proposed as part of the revamped Physical Development Plan and in which the St Andrew village... Read More


Call to fix implementation woes

16 May 2017

BARBADOS NEEDS TO drive into the project implementation fast lane. Such acceleration would be helped by a commercial court that deals with contractual and other disputes. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados (ICAB) executive director Reginald Farley... Read More


Don’t fear Cuba tourism

15 May 2017

BARBADOS TOURISM OFFICIALS should not be losing sleep over the expected opening of United States (US)-Cuba tourism. That’s the implication of new research released by the International Monetary Fund. While noting that their analysis was “a static one that holds... Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: Sir Richard’s business adventure

15 May 2017

SIR RICHARD BRANSON, who is among the most storied and passionate entrepreneurs of our time, gave at least two publicly-staged interviews over about a week. The ones I am referring to are his appearance on a Washington Post-sponsored Programme called Cape UP, in... Read More


Boost for tourism training

14 May 2017

THE OCEAN HOTELS GROUP has cemented itself as a leader in training and human resource development in the tourism and hospitality industry. This was underscored with the recent accreditation of Ocean Two Resort, one of three hotels in the group, as an assessment centre... Read More



14 May 2017

AS WE COMMENCE our week of activities, we thought it best to remind our readers of our purpose and vision for employment relations in Barbados. The Barbados Employers’ Confederation (BEC), founded in 1956, continues to be a membership based private sector trade union... Read More


OUTSIDE THE BOX: Be brave for love of country

14 May 2017

A NUMERICAL TABLE appended to a document should not have the power to make a big man or woman afraid. Perhaps it should, so what follows is a sense of the urgency of now. I have written about Government debt in this column before but I want to return to it again.... Read More


Talent war and workplace conflict

13 May 2017

THE SAGA OF existing employees waging war against newcomers and their positive attitudes raises concerns for human resources practitioners who are concerned with continuously improving the level and quality of talent acquired by the organisation. There has been a... Read More




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