THE HOYOS FILE: Oil’s ‘game of thrones’ saving our economy

27 August 2015

THANKS TO climate change, and the return of El Nino, it’s been the hottest year on record since the late 1990s, the scientists say. But oil – a major contributor to this doomsday scenario – is still being produced in quantities that far outstrip demand. About two million... Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: Economic development options

27 August 2015

ADMITTEDLY, WHEN it comes to options facing Caribbean countries as they seek to grow and develop economically, we have definitely seen it all. In Grenada, for example, governments have moved from strategies of import substitution, industrialisation and export promotion... Read More


Banker cites concerns

27 August 2015

KEY ASPECTS of banking continue to be a challenge for a number of international business companies operating in Barbados. Chair of the Barbados International Business Association’s (BIBA) banking committee, Gregory McConnie, reported that not only have these entities... Read More


Remy to upscale rum

26 August 2015

BARBADOS' DISTINCTION of being the birthplace of rum is about to be “leveraged” like never before. Fresh from acquiring Mount Gay Rum Refinery and Mount Gay Plantation in St Lucy for a combined $28.7 million, French alcoholic beverage company Remy Cointreau has sanctioned... Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: On filling empty LIAT seats

26 August 2015

FRANKLY, I have employed extraordinary restraint in commenting on the subject of LIAT, because at the end of the day I feel that until the politics is completely taken out of the airline and it is operated in a purely commercial environment, then it has no long term... Read More


Cold cash

26 August 2015

TASTY COCONUT or red sno-cone can hit the spot on a sweltering day and 29-year-old vendor Keisha Moore knows this all too well. So too, do her many customers, some of whom she paused to serve during our interview on a rather warm day in The City. The temperature seemed... Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Keeping the lid on inflation

24 August 2015

BARBADOS MAY BE BATTLING tough economic times, but it is benefitting from price stability. That’s also true for several CARICOM neighbours where inflation is being held in check. Indeed, inflation numbers contained in a series of economic reports indicated that the... Read More


Politically exposed persons

24 August 2015

AT A RECENT ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING RISK CONFERENCE, a heated discussion broke out over whether it would be okay to employ a close relative of a politically exposed person (PEP) as an anti-money laundering compliance officer. Robust arguments revolved around undue influence... Read More


IATA: Flunctuating air travel demand

24 August 2015

IT HAS BEEN AN UP AND DOWN YEAR for international air travel. The International Air Transport Association (IATA), in its latest global passenger traffic report, said up to June there was a 5.7 per cent increase in demand compared to June 2014. However, it added that... Read More


The right energy expectations

23 August 2015

MANY BARBADIANS HAVE ALREADY invested in a renewable energy system or are planning to invest in one. Most people, if not all, made the decision to invest in a system to reduce their electricity bill and among them most have an expectation of a zero bill. Is this a realistic... Read More


Chip and PIN for more security

23 August 2015

REPUBLIC BANK IS BOOSTING THE SECURITY of its credit cards in Barbados. The commercial bank has been notifying customers of improved credit cards featuring “new Chip and PIN” technology, which it says is a first for banking here. Read More


$224m in CDB support

23 August 2015

BARBADOS STANDS TO RECEIVE $224 million in financing from the Caribbean Development Bank between this year and 2018. Having approved 85 loans worth $857.8 million for Barbados over more than 40 years – $648 million of which was disbursed between 1970 and 2013 – the... Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: Valuing economic advice

22 August 2015

IN A WORLD characterised by many as becoming increasingly more globalised, led by rapid advancements and diffusions of technology, do our economic policy advisers and policymakers believe they are still capable of “pulling the wool over people’s eyes”? Are these officials... Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: Awaking from our sugar induced coma

22 August 2015

ONE OF THE FEW, but useful, things I have learned about sugar cane since moving to “the country (well, St George) nearly two decades ago, is that the fire engines which are heard racing to cane fires during crop time don’t actually go there to put out the fires, unless... Read More


Sweet start for Sugar Bay

21 August 2015

ITS MULTIMILLION DOLLAR MAKEOVER is not completed but already bookings are “looking promising” for Sugar Bay, Barbados’ newest all-inclusive hotel. Morgan Seale, general manager of the Hastings, Christ Church property – previously operated as Amaryllis Beach Resort... Read More


Charise’s jewellery natural by design

21 August 2015

CHARICE WORRELL will be the first to tell you she was always a fashionista. So when she received a handmade bracelet for her birthday in 2010, she examined it and realised that she could make her own bracelets, earrings and necklaces. “I started before I even knew there... Read More


Companies want charges waived

21 August 2015

BUSINESSES THAT FELT THE FALLOUT from the recent go-slow by Customs’ officers are hoping for a waiver of some of charges due at the Bridgetown Port during that period. Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) executive director Lisa Gale said that as part of... Read More


Ashton Turney: credit union at his core

20 August 2015

ASHTON TURNEY “eats, drinks, and lives” the credit union movement. He and the Barbados Workers’ Union Co-operative Credit Union Limited (BWUCCUL), an institution to which he has given 25 years of unbroken service, are virtually inseparable. Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Some UK, US airlift options

20 August 2015

VERY FEW BUSINESSES PRESENT as a constant a challenge as the airline industry. It only seems a twinkle ago that controversy hit the media over the sale of the valuable Heathrow slots by the now defunct BWIA, for what many felt was an under-valued five million pounds... Read More


‘Trapped’ by poor service

20 August 2015

BARBADIANS ARE LONGING for improved customer service so much that they would willingly spend more money to get it. But local businesses should not take any comfort from that fact because the majority of consumers are ending their patronage of companies after just one... Read More


ON THE RIGHT: A part of worldwide legal convergence

19 August 2015

THE START OF THE implementation of the Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act on July 1, 2014, combined with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) adoption of the common reporting standard, the support by the European Union of the automatic exchange... Read More




Have we become too soft on crime as a country?

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