THE ISSUE: Harder times are yet to come

25 May 2016

BARBADOS’ RECENT WATER WOES woes are widely known. From last year up to now people living in rural areas, including St Joseph, have been hard hit by water shortages. The authorities have been under pressure to find solutions at a time when there is a severe drought... Read More


Pride and industry

23 May 2016

Cheggins, a small manufacturing business offering a line of skin care products, is a mere seven years old. But that has not stopped its directors from creating a special line for Barbados’ 50th anniversary of independence. Managing director Cheryl Wiggins, her son... Read More


BEC: The importance of CVQs in your recruitment drive

23 May 2016

As the awareness of Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQs) and the benefits of the CVQs continue to increase across sectors with regards to training; it is now our aim at the Barbados Employers’ Confederation (BEC) to inform employers of the importance of including... Read More


10-MINUTE MANAGER: Andrea Jordan

21 May 2016

Are you where you’ve always wanted to be? Yes I am where I’ve always wanted to be! I was born in the United Kingdom to Barbadian and Guyanese parents, and I made the deliberate decision to emigrate to Barbados almost ten years ago to live and work here as a midwife.... Read More


THE ISSUE (ON THE RIGHT): More digital focus driving business

20 May 2016

Is enough attention being paid to the benefits of social and digital media? We’ve looked at the ebb and flow of the local/regional markets over the past year, and as reflected in our 2015 Digital Marketing Manifesto, we were able to pinpoint the core sales and marketing... Read More


THE ISSUE (ON THE LEFT): Get serious about social media

20 May 2016

Is enough attention being paid to the benefits of social and digital media? When customers need help, they expect companies to offer it quickly and through multiple social media channels - but most companies aren’t set up to do that. Some companies increase their... Read More


THE ISSUE: Progress made but more effort needed

20 May 2016

Ordinary citizens use digital and social media daily in the region. But is its potential as a major benefit to business and the overall economy being fully exploited? This is a question that researchers in many countries continue to examine. An increasing number... Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Capitalising on tourism opportunities

19 May 2016

I still find it remarkable that after so many years such an exceptional property like Villa Nova remains unsold and empty. Yes, of course it has its geographical challenges competing with what is perceived as the traditional form of tourism accommodation, but when you... Read More


Open up to external eyes

18 May 2016

More Barbadian organisations need to open their doors and allow external assessors to evaluate their operations. Seasoned banker Horace Cobham, who is one of the review panellists deciding finalists and winners in the Barbados’ Best Employers (BBE) programme, feels... Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: Changing attitudes to knowledge

18 May 2016

There is absolutely no denying that we all live in a technological era where information on almost anything conceivable is available to each one of us in an instant with a simple click of a computer mouse. Hence, it would be reasonable to conclude that people, having... Read More


Understanding your bill

17 May 2016

THERE ARE TWO TYPES of billing methods for a renewable energy system – “buy all, sell all” or “net metering”. Barbados has implemented “buy all, sell all” for systems over two kilowatts (KW) and people with systems two kilowatts and under have the option of net metering.... Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Things looking up for airline industry

16 May 2016

THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION has reported that airlines made more than US$25 billion in after-tax profits in 2015, an increase from US$7.5 billion in 2014. These figures were based on 25 US-based passenger airlines. Pre-tax operating profits were... Read More


Wanted: More women in ICT

16 May 2016

MORE FEMALE INVOLVEMENT is needed to end the male domination in information and communication technology (ICT). Barbados ICT Professionals’ Association (BIPA) president Philip Lewis expressed that view last week as he reported on a recent panel discussion on Women In... Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: CSME and our changing attitudes

15 May 2016

WHEN IT COMES to the movement of people within the region, everyone is likely to have a different experience based on his destination as well as country of residence. And if we as a serious people wish to deny that basic fact, then, what’s next? Here is a simple case... Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: Sir Fred calls it a day

15 May 2016

IN THE 2015 financial statement for One Caribbean Media Ltd. (OCM), published recently in the NATION, there is a brief note at the bottom. It is an announcement by Sir Fred Gollop that he is retiring as chairman of the group at the close of the annual meeting next month,... Read More


New look South Beach reopens

14 May 2016

THERE’S A FRESH ATTRACTION around the Rockley area on the South Coast. Following a $2.8 million upgrade, South Beach Hotel, a boutique property owned by the Ocean Hotels group, has just reopened and is already attracting international attention. “We have invested significantly... Read More


BARBADOS EMPLOYERS' CONFEDERATION: Want to improve productivity? Then go lean

14 May 2016

HAVE YOU READ the Moody’s Investor Service report of April 1? One point that was highlighted was the reported slow progress Barbados was making towards economic stability. What message should be derived therefrom for the “remaining” business owners? What further precautions... Read More


Barbados’ debt a tiny slice

14 May 2016

BARBADOS HAD ONE of the tiniest pieces of the regional bond market pie as about US$29.76 billion worth was issued in the first quarter of this year. But despite continued improvements in Latin American and the Caribbean this year, a new report is cautioning that “the... Read More


Directors must ensure compliance (Part I)

13 May 2016

WORKING IN A BANK, especially if you work in the loans department, you get to know several company directors. In the good old days, it seemed like directors led a very enviable existence. They seemed mostly men of integrity and known business acumen who, when they were... Read More


Hopes on Carlisle Bay

13 May 2016

AUTHORITIES ARE PINNING their hopes on the Carlisle Bay area to give Bridgetown a major economic lift. A new hotel bearing the Hyatt brand is already earmarked for Lower Bay Street. In addition, Government has been continuing discussions with Chinese officials in an... Read More


Hitting punchline at Julie’s smoothie bar

12 May 2016

JULIE GITTENS-GEORGE knows she is onto something good, given the number of customers urging her to expand. The Lodge School old scholar has been operating Punchline Juice & Smoothie Bar Barbados for about two years and despite the strident suggestions for her to set... Read More




Are Barbadians doing their part to help police stop crime at the community level?

Don't Know