Focus funds on primary health care

22 November 2015

A national budget change that shifts the focus from larger state run hospitals to primary health care services could be what the doctor ordered for national productivity and economic growth. New research from Barbadian economist Shane Lowe has concluded that “government’s... Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: Let us not forget

21 November 2015

If we in Barbados ever decide to be honest with ourselves when it comes to matters about the economy, we would have to admit up front that various Governments of the past have mismanaged the country’s affairs but the resilience of our people eventually saved the day.... Read More


10-MINUTE MANAGER: Jamal Ifill

21 November 2015

Jamal Ifill is managing director of Crystal Forms Are you where you’ve always wanted to be? No. I would have been into architectural design and building drawing. I never imagined anything like frameworking existed. What is your biggest professional challenge?... Read More


Designer making sense of ‘no cents’

21 November 2015

Last year when the Central Bank announced it was phasing out cents, jeweller Angela Went was delighted. She waited patiently for the day to come as she had thought of an interesting way to use them to showcase Barbados’ history through her heritage line. The owner... Read More


THE ISSUE (ON THE RIGHT): Dependence on imports

20 November 2015

Are Barbados and the region still challengedby food security issues? Barbados has kept the prevelance of undernourishment below five per cent since 1990 to 1992, except during the 2003 to 2005 triennium, when it rose to six per cent before falling again during the... Read More


THE ISSUE (ON THE LEFT): Foreign exchange key

20 November 2015

Are Barbados and the region still challengedby food security issues? Food security can be defined as existing when all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to meet dietary needs for a productive... Read More


THE ISSUE: Tackling food security

20 November 2015

Are Barbados and the region still challengedby food security issues? It is no secret that Barbados imports the majority of the food it consumes. Eating habits here have changed over the years, and the exposure to a large amount of foreign items means that the youngest... Read More


Couple's Dreams come true

20 November 2015

When Nicole Niles speaks about Caribbean Dreams Magazine, the passion resonates in every word as she tells the story of its past, present and future. Her husband David also shares that passion, especially when he shares his ideas. Together they intend to capitalise... Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Good prospects in the offing

19 November 2015

As the launch of a direct non-stop service between Los Angeles on the United States Pacific coast and Barbados an impossible dream? Personally, I do not think so. Los Angeles to Barbados is 3 931 miles (Great Circle) or 3 416 nautical miles, so around eight flying hours.... Read More


Bridgetown Port ready for mega ships

19 November 2015

Following the construction of a new berth and investment of millions of dollars in improvements, the Bridgtetown Port is ready to accommodate the cruise industry’s largest vessels. Indication of this came from Barbados Port Inc. chief executive officer (CEO) David... Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: Inniss flexing a muscle, selectively

18 November 2015

Saying that the intent was to ensure consumers got a better price on cement, Minister of Commerce Donville Inniss said last week he was standing by his position that the rate of duty should be lowered on imported cement. The goal of these protectionist tariffs is... Read More


Hurdle to export potential

18 November 2015

Barbados has the potential to earn more foreign exchange from exports but inadequate cooperation between farmers and manufacturers is a major stumbling block. The existence of this hurdle has prompted chief executive officer (CEO) of the Barbados Agricultural Society... Read More


AS I SEE THINGS: Stop the gimmicks

16 November 2015

IN SEPTEMBER 2011, I happily accepted the invitation by the Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry to participate in a post-Budget breakfast session. As part of the presentation, I said: “this Budget was a huge mistake that is going to hurt the economy very badly in... Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Dial ‘F’ for frustrating

16 November 2015

FOLLOWING LAST WEEK’S COLUMN, I had a surprising and very welcome email from Terry Layne, JetBlue’s man in charge in Barbados, who took the time to comment on my observations. If I have learnt a single thing about tourism over the last five decades, it is that a business... Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Concern over crime and violence

15 November 2015

"ENORMOUS”. As crime rates jump in the Caribbean, Barbados included, that word is increasingly being used to describe the impact of criminal behaviour on the region’s economies, especially on enterprises and the social life of the average citizen. “The economic impact... Read More


Fortress points out ‘negatives’

15 November 2015

BARBADOS-BASED INVESTMENT FIRM Fortress, which manages three funds with combined net assets of about $690 million, is reporting recent “negative returns”. In its latest report released ahead of its annual investor’s forum this week, Fortress said after “a good start... Read More


Employees are not parrots

14 November 2015

WOULD YOU EXPECT you expect a human resources consultancy to provide you with marketing advice? Would you let it handle your company’s advertising? It’s highly unlikely; but then most HR folks wouldn’t presume to offer such services. So what would you think about an... Read More


Benefits of blockchain

14 November 2015

SO WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS of the blockchain? In the Caribbean we have restrictive barriers to doing e-commerce. We have high remittance costs. It’s estimated that globally remittance costs can be reduced by up to 95 per cent by this protocol. Remittance in the Caribbean... Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: A not-so-strange case of monopoly apathy

14 November 2015

AS BARBADOS BRACES for the start of the latest edition of Showdown On Whitepark Road, scheduled for November 11, wherein the best and brightest of our legal profession will go toe-to-toe over whether Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) was legally within its powers to sign... Read More


Award for Apes Hill home design

13 November 2015

JENNY BLANC INTERIORS LIMITED, the London-based internationally acclaimed design company with a design showroom in Barbados, has won a major international award for its work at the Apes Hill Golf & Polo Club in St James. Jenn Blanc Interiors won the award for Best Interior... Read More


Time to take control

13 November 2015

TODAY EVERYONE IS FEELING the effects of the slow economy and we monitor what we spend. Some people pay the bills they receive first and spend until the money is gone. Others plan exactly what they will spend each month and prepare a budget monthly. These are principles... Read More




Should members of the Police Force be made to cut their locks?

Yes, the Police Force has a dress code.
No, let the hair stay.
Don’t Know.