NIS seminar on severance pay

03 August 2016

EMPLOYERS WERE given an insight into the workings of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) during a recent series of seminars. Supervisor in the severance section of the NIS, Samuel Morris, who gave the address under the title Severance Payment And Rebates said: “We... Read More


Foreigners getting better breaks?

02 August 2016

LOCAL ADVOCATES of the solar energy industry feel that they are being sidelined when it comes to getting permission to embark on large projects. This was the consensus during a town hall meeting held by Canadian energy company Deltro Group to discuss its plans to... Read More


Comissiong plans to protest Hyatt development

02 August 2016

A WARNING is being sent to Government and the developers of world-acclaimed brand Hyatt who plan to soon begin construction of a multi-storey hotel on Browne’s Beach. “We are going to lead a movement over the next few weeks to resist this effort to take a national... Read More


Deltro Solar coming to Barbados

02 August 2016

THE ALTERNATIVE ENERGY sector of Barbados will be boosted, thanks to the development of Deltro Solar, a 20 megawatt solar farm to be constructed on 70 acres of land at the corner of the ABC Highway and Waterford Plantation. By November, the Deltro Group also plans... Read More


Banks retrenchment underway

31 July 2016

THE RETRENCHMENT EXERCISE at Banks Holding Limited (BHL) has started. Last month it was announced that 48 employees would be sent home under a restructuring programme initiated by the new owners of the beer company, Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev). Read More


WEDNESDAY WOMAN: Bourne in love with design

27 July 2016

WHEN MOST PEOPLE see her work, their first reaction is, “Wait, a girl did that?” That gives graphic designer Shanice Bourne great pleasure since she loves getting into areas that people do not always expect women to. For the past seven years, 22-year-old Bourne... Read More


Noel replacing Harrison at TBBA

27 July 2016

IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS, the Barbados Bankers Association (TBBA) will have a new head. Effective August 1, David Noel, managing director, Caribbean East, Bank of Nova Scotia, will take over the role as president from Barbadian Glyne Harrison. An attorney at law and... Read More


Local cement exports up

27 July 2016

ARAWAK CEMENT COMPANY Limited has registered its strongest export numbers in three years with a record-high of 20 000 tonnes in June. The robust export figures followed a trend set in the first half of the year, when the company exported 90 000 tonnes, a 27 per cent... Read More


Cruise blues

27 July 2016

THE MV HARBOUR MASTER’S return to Barbados has left operators of Jolly Roger 1 feeling as if they have been attacked by buccaneers. The party boat’s operators have reported a drop in bookings since June. All this, charged one of its directors, was due to the return... Read More


19 let go from Royal Westmoreland

27 July 2016

ROYAL WESTMORELAND has sent home 19 workers as it feels the pinch of expired contracts and a weaker British pound. Now faced with “a marked slowdown in property sales activity”, the St James-based luxury residential and golf resort has decided to take on “the exchange... Read More


Hyatt construction set to begin

27 July 2016

AFTER EIGHT YEARS in the pipeline, the first step has been taken to make the multimillion-dollar Hyatt Hotel a reality on the Bridgetown landscape. Mark Maloney and James Edghill, directors of Vision Development Inc., the company behind the project and Patrick McCudden,... Read More


Bishop calls for code of conduct

27 July 2016

WITH GENERAL ELECTIONS drawing closer, the issue of vote buying has again emerged as an undesirable factor in local politics that needs to be addressed. And yesterday, while Roman Catholic Bishop Jason Gordon did not speak to the matter directly when he addressed... Read More


Workers: Give us the money

27 July 2016

SEVERED NATIONAL CONSERVATION Commission (NCC) workers are no longer interested in re-employment at the agency. The workers represented by the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) had been calling for reinstatement or re-engagement since theEmployment Rights Tribunal... Read More


‘Biased’ Axe

26 July 2016

POLITICAL CONSIDERATIONS were involved in the retrenchment exercise at the National Conservation Commission (NCC) two years ago, contends veteran trade unionist Senator Sir Roy Trotman. The retired Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) general secretary said this flawed... Read More


BHTA appoints new Board

24 July 2016

THE Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) has appointed its new Board for the 2016 –2018 period, headed by new Chairman Roseanne Myers. Other members of the Board include Immediate Past Chairman Sunil Chatrani, First Vice-Chairman Jerry Lewis, Second Vice-Chairman... Read More


Worrell’s comments ‘a concern’

24 July 2016

MUTED, BUT VERY concerned. That was how the outgoing chairman of the Barbados Private Sector Association (BPSA), Alex McDonald, described the business community’s reaction to governor of the Central Bank Dr DeLisle Worrell’s hint that foreign exchange outflows would... Read More


Daniel: It’s something in the water

22 July 2016

HE REMEMBERS the bout of excruciating pain he suffered in January as if it had happened yesterday. Six months later, Waterford, St Michael resident Winter Daniel says he has figured out what caused it – it was the tap water he was drinking, he claimed. Daniel,... Read More


Sagicor makes move to Bermuda

22 July 2016

SAGICOR FINANCIAL Corporation has officially moved its headquarters to the British oversees territory of Bermuda after more than 100 years in Barbados in its previous incarnation as The Mutual. In a statement issued yesterday, the company said following shareholder... Read More


Cheaper power coming soon

22 July 2016

BARBADIANS LONGING FOR cheaper electricity will start getting an ease now that Barbados Light & Power Company Limited (BL&P) has completed its ten megawatt solar farm. New BL&P managing director Roger Blackman also said further relief would come once the Fair Trading... Read More


No wings on Pelican business

22 July 2016

DESPITE REPEATED CRIES for help, Pelican Village has become a virtual ghost town, operators at the location are claiming. Contending that they were in danger of losing their livelihoods, the owners are calling for a better marketing strategy from the relevant authorities... Read More


Concerns about cell phones in the workplace

21 July 2016

CELLULAR PHONES HAVE been blamed for a lot of time wasting in the labor force. This view was expressed today by Senior Assistant General Secretary and Human Resource Manager of the Barbados Workers’ Union, Gillian Alleyne, as she participated in a symposium on labour... Read More




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