Not budging

12 January 2017

DESPITE GETTING more up-to-date information on the Barbados economy, international credit rating agency, Standard & Poor’s (S), is sticking to the downgrade it issued five months ago. It is also maintaining its negative outlook through to next year. In September,... Read More


Exchange rate worry

12 January 2017

THE THREAT OF a dollar revaluation could be looming on the horizon for Barbados following another downgrade. That’s according to a Caribbean Information and Credit Rating Services Limited (CariCRIS) report, which listed the threat of revaluation due to the printing... Read More


BNTCL to be sold to SOL

11 January 2017

BARBADOS NATIONAL OIL Company Ltd. (BNOCL) has confirmed that it has signed an agreement with the SOL Group for the sale of the shares of its subsidiary, Barbados National Terminal Company Limited (BNTCL). A release issued today said in accordance with the agreement,... Read More


Preconco lands Bermuda deal

10 January 2017

BARBADIAN COMPANY Preconco Limited has secured a major contract in Bermuda. This was announced by operations manager Joshua Read, who said the project involved the construction of an international resort and that Preconco beat out several American precast companies.... Read More


50th bash puts dent in profits

06 January 2017

THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY Independence celebrations took a bite out of Christmas shopping. This was the word from president of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Eddie Abed, who said while the official figures were not yet in, reports from those in the business... Read More


Tighter Belts

05 January 2017

IF BARBADIANS THOUGHT 2017 would be one of relief, a private sector leader says trouble is on the horizon, while the Central Bank governor is hinting that more belt-tightening measures are needed. Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell announced this week that for the last... Read More


Worrell advised to meet press

03 January 2017

BARBADOS’ CENTRAL BANK Governor has been told it’s time to hold a real press conference. As the bank’s team led by Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell prepares to present Barbados’ economic report card for 2016, a former top Barbadian banker and minister in the Ministry... Read More


50% increase expected from sugar harvest

03 January 2017

THE 2017 HARVEST looks set to be the start of a sweet new chapter in the life of sugar cultivation in Barbados. And while the numbers remain small compared with those of 30 years ago, industry officials are bullish about an expected near 50 per cent increase in output,... Read More


City Ahoy!

29 December 2016

WITH CRUISE SHIP PASSENGER ARRIVALS projected to be about 800 000 this year, there are calls for Bridgetown to take a “quantum leap” to cater to the burgeoning numbers. Local cruise expert Martin Ince said the time had come for Barbados to improve the Bridgetown... Read More


$1M Flood Bill

27 December 2016

ONE OF THE largest motor underwriters in Barbados will be paying out close to $1 million in claims to vehicle owners who got stalled during the torrential rains of Tuesday, November 29. A number of the vehicles, which were widely circulated on social media stuck... Read More


Court clarifies severance issue

25 December 2016

SOME EMPLOYERS have been accused of attempting to “get around” paying severance to dismissed employees by claiming that they were not made redundant. But in two recent rulings, both the Severance Payments Tribunal and the Court of Appeal warned that once certain... Read More


At odds over longer hours

23 December 2016

BARBADOS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY president Eddy Abed and chief executive officer of the Small Business Association Lynette Holder are butting heads over the issue of extended business hours. Abed said he would like the practice to not only prevail but spread... Read More


FLOW disconnects contractor

23 December 2016

FLOW HAS PARTED WAYS with one of its primary subcontractors. The telecommunications company has declined to comment on the issue, but the WEEKEND NATION has learnt that the contract with S. M. Communications, which is run by Shanita Mayers, has been terminated. ... Read More


Done Deal

21 December 2016

DRESSED IN RED and white, general secretary of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) Roslyn Smith was Santa Claus who brought the best gift for the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) workers – a seven per cent wage increase and back pay on top of that.... Read More


Digicel denies any money woes

21 December 2016

QUESTIONS ARE BEING RAISED about the financial health of Digicel, which is a major player in the telecommunications sector in Barbados and the Caribbean. But the company founded by Irishman Denis O’Brien is dismissing suggestions that a mountain of debt and other... Read More


Businesses worried

14 December 2016

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! That was the consensus of dozens of residents and business owners last night as they held talks to figure a way out of the mess created by what appears to be a malfunctioning South Coast sewage treatment facility. As effluent continued to... Read More


Solaris ‘close’ to settled payments

14 December 2016

THE DOORS of Solaris Global Energy have been closed for a month, and the workers are still waiting for the good news about money owed to them. According to a high-ranking official of the Trinidad-owned company, the debt could all be settled before Christmas. “We... Read More


Labour Department guidelines for Christmas overtime

13 December 2016

THE LABOUR DEPARTMENT is reminding shop owners and staff, especially in the distributive sector, there are specific guidelines to be followed for overtime periods this Christmas Season. In December, businesses classified as shops under the Shops Act, are usually... Read More


Water problems hit BHL

11 December 2016

BANKS? EXACTLY. PRESIDENTE? Not right now. Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) has been forced to suspend the manufacturing of Presidente Beer, which is aimed for the Cuban market, because of continued water pressure issues at its bottling plant in Newton, Christ Church.... Read More


Christmas backpay

09 December 2016

IT’S NOT TOO late for workers at the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) to receive a Christmas bonus. That’s the word from Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy, who believes there is still a possibility the airport’s management and the National Union of Public... Read More


Businesses worry sewage leak may return

09 December 2016

WHILE THE SEWAGE leak that affected the island’s South Coast might be out of sight, for some businesses the problem is definitely not out of mind. Scorching sunlight for the past week has helped to evaporate some of the water that had previously been overflowing... Read More




Are commercial banks giving customers enough of a return on their savings?

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