Stench closes immigration office

26 January 2015

AN ENVIRONMENTAL problem at the Immigration Department’s Office at Wharf Road, The City resulted in it being closed today. Read More


Guyanese charged following discovery of cocaine

26 January 2015

MEMBERS OF THE Drug Squad have arrested and charged 28-year-old Guyanese Ryon Marlon George in connection with the discovery of a quantity of cocaine. Read More


Skeletal remains found

26 January 2015

POLICE ARE INVESTIGATING the discovery of human skeletal remains found at Grants Bay, St Peter, near Foster’s Fun Land on January 25, 2015. Read More


Immigration Department closed today

26 January 2015

THE BARBADOS GOVERNMENT Information Service has advised that the Immigration Department will be closed for the remainder of the day, as a result of an environmental problem in the area. Read More

Marguerite Woodstock-Riley

‘Increase in complaints’

26 January 2015

THE NUMBER OF COMPLAINTS lodged against lawyers has increased in the last year. Read More


Head of bar backs reputation of lawyers

26 January 2015

THE HEAD of the Barbados Bar Association has stoutly defended the reputation of lawyers, saying the numbers who play the system are fewer than thought and the judicial system would be better if judges listened to the recommendations of attorneys. Read More


Warrens folk upset over use of land

26 January 2015

RESIDENTS OF Warrens Park South, St Michael, have a problem with a property in the area. Read More


Open Shop!

26 January 2015

MINISTER OF COMMERCE DONVILLE INNIss has called for a total reform of the legal profession. Read More


Money ‘safe’

25 January 2015

TWO LAWYERS who have conducted a paper trail of a million dollars allegedly missing from the Nigerian Delta State Youth programme say they have evidence that the money is accounted for. Read More


Students’ interest ‘still priority’

25 January 2015

THE FORMER LOCAL ORGANISER of the Nigerian students programme in Barbados says she still has the students’ interest at heart. Read More



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