Chatrani wants Airbnb regulation

10 July 2017

A FORMER HEAD of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) does not view the international online hospitality service Airbnb as a rival. However, he wants local properties registered on the global site to pay their fair share of taxes and maintain high standards.... Read More


Big pay, no work

09 July 2017

GOVERNMENT HAS PAID more than $1 million to two senior public officers who did not drive a stroke for up to seven years. The two had been sent on special leave, but continued to earn their salaries. In what a trade unionist has described as “a coward’s way out”... Read More


‘No push’ to get Government out

09 July 2017

WILD TALK and foolishness. Those are just two of the terms being used to describe suggestions that the private sector is part of a scheme to prevent the re-election of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). There have been claims in political circles that certain... Read More


Few foreign workers in elegant group

09 July 2017

THE HEAD OF Barbados’ biggest hotel group says there is no reason to issue work permits to large numbers of foreign workers in the tourism sector. Elegant Hotels Group is proof of that. Sunil Chatrani, its chief executive officer since 2012, said that out of more... Read More


Outages a safety measure

09 July 2017

BARBADOS LIGHT and Power Company (BL&)P) is intentionally causing outages in some areas, and the news has given some customers a jolt. The SUNDAY SUN understands that some businesses and households have been reporting disruptions to their power supply and have been... Read More


BeepBus on route to raise funds

07 July 2017

CARIBBEAN TRANSIT Solutions is continuing its work in revolutionising Barbados’ transport system but the team needs support. The latest endeavour, BeepBus, seeks to provide real time tracking of Transport Board buses and PSV’s so commuters would have accurate, up... Read More


Bank Hike Looming

06 July 2017

THE IMPACT OF GOVERNMENT’S Budget measures is about to hit commercial bank customers and it comes as one bank announced that from next month, a $1.50 fee will be charged on all paper credit card and savings account statements. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) earlier this... Read More


Work output challenge

06 July 2017

IF THERE IS ONE THING to make a Barbadian construction worker more productive, it is more money in his pay packet and a good relationship with his boss. On the other hand, workers in the financial services sector say unfair and unsupportive management will kill their... Read More


Howard: Best tax won’t work

03 July 2017

PROFESSOR MICHAEL HOWARD said that despite Government’s removal of the 300 items from the National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL), Barbados’ fiscal problem will not disappear. “Our fiscal problem will not go away as a result of taxation and will occupy the best... Read More


Crane on $13m high

03 July 2017

THE CRANE IS “ABSOLUTELY NOT” in financial difficulty, its owner says, and, in fact, made a $13 million profit last year. An upbeat Paul Doyle said the numbers were looking even better for the St Philip property this year. Early indications were that 2018 would also... Read More


IMF cautions Barbados on public finances

01 July 2017

BRIDGETOWN – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says the Barbados economy continues to recover due to a stronger tourism performance but warned that improving public finances remains a critical challenge. It said that economic growth in 2016 was estimated to have... Read More


Barbados Pride donate to fund

30 June 2017

THE Barbados Pride cricket team has joined the list of contributors to the Elliott and Loretta Scholarship Trust Fund. Jason Harper, chief executive officer of the cricket franchise, made a $10 000 donation to the Governor General at Government House yesterday. ... Read More


50 jobs saved

30 June 2017

A LOCAL CORPORATE CLASH involving soft drink titans Coca-Cola and rival Pepsi Cola has ended well for 50 Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) employees. Regional company Coca-Cola (KO) South Caribbean Bottlers (KOSCAB) Holdings Ltd has agreed to buy out the BHL subsidiary,... Read More


Sandals: No private beach

30 June 2017

SANDALS RESORT BARBADOS is in no way trying to privatise Dover Beach. That assurance has come from the hotel’s public relations manager David Hinds, in the wake of accusations from some beachgoers that the all-inclusive resort in St Lawrence, Christ Church, had erected... Read More


Forex fee delayed

29 June 2017

THE TWO PER CENT FEE on foreign exchange transactions has been delayed. The imposition on over-the-counter foreign currency transactions will start on July 17 and not July 1, as indicated in the Budget. The Central Bank has given commercial banks and other affected... Read More



29 June 2017

TIME IS RUNNING OUT and Barbadians are rushing to buy high-priced consumer items that are expected to cost significantly more in a matter of days. With less than 48 hours to go before implementation of the ten per cent National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL),... Read More


Courtesy gives Crop Over a lift

28 June 2017

COURTESY GARAGE is contributing important foreign exchange to the Barbados economy and injecting funds to ensure the Crop Over Festival is a success. This was underscored by the Wildey, St Michael automobile dealership’s senior general manager Nicholas Mackie as... Read More

Marla Dukharan

Worry over foreign reserves continues

25 June 2017

CONCERN STILL EXISTS about Barbados’ level of foreign reserves. It is coming from Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) group economist Marla Dukharan, who said in her latest analysis of Caribbean economies that the foreign reserves level was the key economic statistic to monitor... Read More


Region’s sovereigns all rated as junk

25 June 2017

A RECENT DOWNGRADE by Moody’s of oil-rich Trinidad and Tobago’s sovereign credit rating to non-investment/speculative grade, or “junk” status, now means there are no remaining investment grade sovereigns in the Caribbean. The downgrade from Baa3 – the lowest level... Read More

Marla Dukharan

Options limited

24 June 2017

A REGIONAL ECONOMIST says Government may have no choice but to cut the number of people working in the public sector and state-owned enterprises. Marla Dukharan, group economist with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), in her last Caribbean Economic Report on the state... Read More


Battle for millions

23 June 2017

DOZENS OF CREDITORS, including Government, are facing an uphill battle to recoup millions of dollars owed by the English developers of two abandoned tourism projects in Barbados. A high-powered team of financial and legal experts from the Caribbean and the United... Read More





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