'We buy Bajan'

02 March 2015

SANDALS BARBADOS has hit back strongly against Sir David Seale’s accusation that they do not stock local rum, calling the claim “ridiculous” and “mischievous”. Read More


Cops' job

02 March 2015

SOME FAMILIES of missing people may be taking too long before they make contact with the police for help. This was one of the responses of the Royal Barbados Police Force as it fended off heavy criticism on social media yesterday about the extensive state resources employed in the weekend search for... Read More


Barbados Flow's best market

02 March 2015

BARBADIANS have been going with the Flow so eagerly that the island has become the telecommunications service provider’s best market “ever”. Read More


Businesses damaged

02 March 2015

TWO BUSINESSES suffered heavy damage and a home was gutted when fire struck in Bridgetown yesterday morning. Read More



01 March 2015

BARBADOS IS “on the way” to having year-round tourism, Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy said yesterday. Read More



01 March 2015

TWO FORMER Central Bank Governors are puzzled about the circumstances which have allowed former CLICO boss Leroy Parris to have a $5 million cash account with the Bank. Read More


Landmark case

01 March 2015

IN A LANDMARK DECISION, the Court of Appeal last week declared that the Barbados National Oil Company Limited (BNOCL) abused its position of dominance when it acquired the contract for the supply of oil to the Barbados Light & Power, the island’s major source of electricity. Read More


Woman found, but mystery abounds

01 March 2015

MYSTERY STILL shrouds the disappearance of the wife of a businessman who was discovered 24 hours laterat a stranger’s house in a village two miles fromher upscale home. Read More


Agro boom

01 March 2015

AGROFEST CONTINUES to register greater and greater numbers and organisers are seeking to have it expanded. Read More


Sir Kyffin puts millions in Guyana agriculture

28 February 2015

Guyana’s agriculture sector is reaping big benefits from the multimillion dollar investment of Barbadian business mogul Sir Kyffin Simpson. Read More



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