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Waitress on fraud charges freed on bail

04 June 2010

A WAITRESS on 12 fraud charges involving sums totalling just over $4 000 was released on bail when she appeared in the District "A" Magistrates' Court yesterday. Sheena Nakeisha Lambert, 23, of Reid Gap, The Garden, St James, was not required to plead to the charge... Read More

Barbadians urged to start own businesses

03 June 2010

YOUNG BARBADIANS have been urged to see entrepreneurship as a viable career path.This advice came from recently appointed Minister of State in the Ministry of Economic Affairs Patrick Todd, speaking yesterday during a meeting with the executive board of the Barbados... Read More


Brownies spread cheer

03 June 2010

Students of the St Paul’s Primary School Brownies Pack paid a special visit to the Children’s Ward (C7) of the  Queen Elizabeth Hospital earlier this week. The Brownies attached to the 10th, 19th and 21st packs brought cheer to the children as they chatted and sang... Read More

Burglar begs for mercy

03 June 2010

THE BURGLAR who was stoned, then knocked down and run over  by the people whose establishment he had just robbed at gunpoint, begged for leniency from the High Court yesterday. Troy Anderson Greene said his guilty plea, the two years he had spent on remand, along with... Read More

Man admits to indecent assault

03 June 2010

A 37-YEAR-OLD MAN who fondled the breasts of a 15-year-old girl and only stopped when she claimed  to have reached the residence of a family member  will be back later in the Sessions for sentencing. Curtis Deighton Wilkinson, 37, of Garden Land, Country Road, St Michael,... Read More

Faria lauded as sincere man

03 June 2010

A ROMAN CATHOLIC priest yesterday lauded the late Norman Faria as a sincere man  who sought justice for all. Monsignor Vincent Blackett told the congregation at yesterday’s funeral service  for the late honorary consul for Guyana, that while Faria was resolute in his... Read More


03 June 2010

Put CLICO International Life Insurance Company under judicial management.That will be the recommendation of the Government-established Oversight Committee, said chairman William Layne. Read More


Using sun to cook up a storm

03 June 2010

Barbadians may soon be  able to take advantage  of the hot, sunny days  to cook up a storm. A solar oven for cooking with the power of the sun was unveiled yesterday by alternative energy scientist William Hinds at the Consett Bay Sustainable Fishing Educational Expo... Read More

Four on robbery charges

03 June 2010

Police have arrested and charged four men, including three Jamaicans, with a string of armed robberies and burglaries committed over the past five months.   Read More

Jail not a solution

03 June 2010

Stop sending fathers to jail for failing to support their children financially! This appeal was made yesterday by Independent Senator Orlando Marville who maintains that those fathers should be made to do community service for money  that would be paid directly  toward... Read More

Waitress on fraud charge

03 June 2010

A 23-YEAR-OLD St James woman will appear in the District "A" Magistrates’ Court today on 12 counts of credit card fraud. Sheena Nakisha Lambert, a waitress of Reid Gap, The Garden, St James, is accused of committing the offences last month. Read More


Credit union boss: CMFC jobs are safe

03 June 2010

The jobs of all 17 workers at CLICO Mortgage and Finance (CMFC), including general manager Andrew St John’s, are safe. The assurance was given by Anthony Griffin, president of Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union, as the co-operative got closer to taking... Read More


03 June 2010

STRESSING he did not want to see Barbados become as turbulent  as Jamaica, Government Senator  Dr David Durant warned that it would be unwise to dismiss reports  that Barbados had  a gang problem. Read More

I'm not hooked on weed, says smoker

03 June 2010

DESPITE CONFESSING to smoking ten spliffs a day, convicted escapee Matthew Mortimer Phillips strenuously denied he was addicted to marijuana. "It is not an addiction.  I can stop if I want to stop," he said. Read More


New Guyana consul soon

02 June 2010

UYANA has not received reports of any deportees following the end of the amnesty. Director General in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and non-resident High Commissioner of Guyana to Barbados, Elisabeth Harper, said, however, it was not something they were focussing... Read More


Gas leak scare

02 June 2010

QUICK action by the Barbados Fire Service and the National Petroleum Corporation yesterday morning averted what could have been a major catastrophe when a four-and-a-half-inch natural gas main at the Lancaster/Orange Hill roundabout was damaged by excavation equipment.... Read More

Mother seeks justice for son

02 June 2010

A ST MICHAEL MOTHER is crying out for due process for her son who she said was assaulted  by police. It has been nearly three years since Esther Husbands, of Beckles Road, St Michael,  first complained  to the Department  of Professional Responsibility about alleged... Read More

BWA workers: Stop abuse, be patient

02 June 2010

Barbados Water Authority (BWA) workers are pleading  with the public to be  more patient and less abusive as they go about repairing burst mains and broken pipes. The call came from a number of workmen who turned up to fix a major burst in St Peter which they had only... Read More

Family divided before death

02 June 2010

THE mother of a woman  found dead near a Christ Church plantation on Monday told the DAILY NATION she and her daughter, Sharece Griffith,  had been at loggerheads when  her offspring left home  a couple months ago. Karen Jones, of Launceston,  Gall Hill, Christ Church,... Read More


02 June 2010

Barbadians will receive earlier warning – at least by 12 hours – if a hurricane is approaching the island. That’s because the lead time for a hurricane watch and warning has been increased by 12 hours. A hurricane warning will now be issued 36 hours in advance instead... Read More


02 June 2010

Residential customers of LIME will pay more for postpaid mobile services while both residential and business customers will have to dig deeper into their pockets for internet services come July 1. The company made this announcement yesterday. Read More





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