Govt fighting cyber crime

14 November 2014

With 123 000 internet subscribers in Barbados, Government is moving to establish a Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) to assess the readiness and capability of cyber security in the country. Read More


Force reporting of cybercrime

13 November 2014

The recent hacking of banking systems by Bulgarians that resulted in several people losing money is proof that Barbadian financial institutions are not immune to cybercrime. Read More


Inniss: Licence all telecoms rates

11 November 2014

Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss wants to see the licensing of services provided by all communications companies operating in Barbados. Read More


'Check Deal'

07 November 2014

THE INK HAS NOT DRIED on Cable & Wireless’ planned takeover of Flow and already the cries of concern are growing over the multibillion-dollar deal. Read More


Virgin spaceship blows up, kills one

01 November 2014

MOJAVE, California (AP) – A winged spaceship designed to take tourists on excursions beyond Earth’s atmosphere broke up during a test flight Friday over the Mojave Desert, killing a pilot in the second fiery setback for commercial space travel in less than a week. Read More


Highway signs lit up by solar energy

13 October 2014

PEOPLE travelling along the ABC Highway can now see the advertising signs at night, thanks to solar electricity. Read More


Scam alert

13 October 2014

​POLICE ARE REPORTING that more Barbadians are being robbed shortly after making withdrawals from their bank, increased numbers are being scammed via the Internet, and more are falling prey to identity theft. Read More


Microsoft CEO apologises

11 October 2014

NEW YORK (AP) - Microsoft chief executive officer Satya Nadella apologised Thursday night and said he was wrong for saying that women don't need to ask for a raise and should just trust the system to pay them well.   Read More


Hewlett-Packard to split?

05 October 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) - Hewlett-Packard Co., the iconic maker of personal computers and printers, reportedly plans to split itself into two separate companies by spinning off its technology services business. Read More


Free Wi-Fi in San Fran public spaces

01 October 2014

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – San Francisco launched free Wi-Fi access at more than 30 public parks, plazas and recreation areas today, thanks to a grant from Google. Read More



Are Barbadian consumers to blame for high prices because we reject so much of what is produced locally?

Don't know