DEAR CHRISTINE: Mother-in-law is tiring me out

23 February 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, Except for one thing, I have been happily married for the past three years. All during that time my mother-in-law was always quick to tell me how she used to do this or that. I feel she does not approve of anything I do, but she says what she says... Read More


WHAT MATTERS MOST: Governance issues need fixing

23 February 2017

A RIFT BETWEEN the governor of the Central Bank and the Minister of Finance has finally revealed the true seriousness of Barbados’ economic condition. The governor found ingenious ways to accommodate the minister over the last six years, to no avail, before finally... Read More


AWRIGHT DEN!: The value of teachers

23 February 2017

THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE in this country who have a lot to say about teachers, and most of them have not taught one single day in their lives. Teachers have to be lawyers, nurses, counsellors, guards, mediators, babysitters; and the list goes on. Now I don’t agree with... Read More


EDITORIAL: Privatisation could solve many problems

22 February 2017

THE PENDING SALE of the Barbados National Terminal Company Limited (BNTCL) is of utmost importance for a variety of reasons. Of particular note is that a Barbadian company can make the purchase for about US$100 million and in foreign currency. It is also hoped that... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Want nothing to do with baby’s dad

22 February 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I met a man a few months ago and I fell very much in love with him. Everything went well until I found out he has a young baby for someone else. When I asked, he said it was true but he did not tell me because he did not know what I would say. ... Read More


Revamp tax system

22 February 2017

ONE CAN UNDERSTAND the need for a cash-strapped government to seek every means to rake in money, but it is many years now of more talk than action in putting together a comprehensive and meaningful taxation plan for future years. The average Barbadian should have... Read More


FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH: Govt was warned

22 February 2017

GOVERNMENT CAN’T CLAIM IT wasn’t warned time and time again by people from various professional areas, including no less a person than Sir Geoffrey Cave. His Guest Column last week brings to mind his earlier warning while he was a senator which made the headline in... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Having doubts after affair of four years

21 February 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I would like you to help me solve a problem.I have been having an affair with a man for the past four years, but I have my doubts, as there is another woman in his life. When he is with this woman, he pays me no attention. Whatsoever the two of us... Read More


Need new Govt, not governor

21 February 2017

IT IS CLEAR TO ME that the Freundel Stuart administration is looking for a scapegoat for its eight-year-long and continuing abysmal economic performance, and has decided that Dr DeLisle Worrell is to be that scapegoat. Let us be very clear about this: in the real... Read More


ALL AH WE IS ONE: Statesmen wanted

21 February 2017

THE CURRENT IMPASSE between the Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Dr DeLisle Worrell, who got a court injunction against his dismissal, and Minister of Finance Christopher Sinckler, who is seeking to fire the governor, could not have come at a more difficult... Read More


EDITORIAL: Let’s bring pride to the fore

21 February 2017

BARBADOS CRICKET has been enjoying good times, and once again the local boys are kings of the Caribbean. They won the WICB Regional Super 50 final against Jamaica at the Coolidge Cricket Ground in Antigua on Saturday night. The victory is heartening for Barbadians... Read More


FAMILY FUSION: Death an elusive enemy

21 February 2017

No matter how prepared you think you are for the death of a loved one, it still comes as a shock, and it still hurts very deeply. – Billy Graham THERE ARE SEVERAL THINGS in life that can be ignored, but death is not one of them. It is mankind’s current constant companion.... Read More


EDITORIAL: Resist deportation fear by legal means

20 February 2017

FOR DAYS, the word on social media was that several Barbadians had been detained by United States immigration authorities. Thankfully, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, in Guyana late last week for the first quarter meeting of CARICOM leaders, was able to give clarity... Read More


LOUISE FAIRSAVE: Replanning your retirement

20 February 2017

CURRENTLY AND IN the years ahead, it will be even more difficult to fully retire say, between the ages of 50 and 60. This article explains some of the changes and obstacles to early retirement. Read More


What is the BLP’s plan?

20 February 2017

PARTIES COME AND parties go; the idea of a third, fourth and fifth party in principle is one that should be welcomed. It augurs well for any democratic state that the freedom exists where ordinary people can put themselves forward to contest political elections. Read More


ALTAR CALL: Much joy at harvest programme

20 February 2017

THERE WAS NO sermon preached, but the message was quite clear: whatever a man sows, he reaps. This was the central theme of the recent harvest programme at Fulnec Moravian Church in Watts Village, St George. Read More


WILD COOT: When friends fall out

20 February 2017

I APPOINTED YOU and I could disappoint you. Perhaps that is what the minister felt. You are not unique in being made a scapegoat. The Wild Coot passed that way twice in this fair island. The first time he spotted the scheming and took evasive action; the second time... Read More


HEALING HERBS: Mushroom plant above envy

20 February 2017

ARE YOU A JUDAS? Would you betray a friend, family or anyone else for 30 pieces of silver? Have you ever studied the spiritual symbolism associated with 30 pieces of silver? These pieces of silver may not necessarily be silver or money, but may be anything that you... Read More


TALKBACK: Smoking ban can hurt tourism

20 February 2017

PREPARE FOR THE economic fallout if Barbados places a complete ban on smoking. That is the warning from online readers – even those who don’t smoke – in response to the suggestion from long-time anti-smoking advocate Dr Tony Gale. Read More


PETER WICKHAM: Building bridges

19 February 2017

ON TUESDAY OF this week, I was privileged to witness the opening of the Caribbean’s newest airport on the neighbouring island of St Vincent. It was attended by what was easily the largest group of people ever assembled on that island, along with guests like myself from... Read More


TONI THORNE: Be your child’s role model

19 February 2017

LAST FRIDAY, when I arrived home, my mother was holding her cell. Without hesitation, she asked if I had seen Sherriann Norris’ video. I hadn’t seen it and since we are not Facebook friends I would not have. My mother handed me her cell and I watched the video with... Read More




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