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Ministry set up to maintain roads

15 August 2017

It would be like a dream come true if the Ministry of Transport and Works can attend to some urgent issues which affect motorists and pedestrians all across Barbados. It would also mean that the ministry is doing what it has been established to do, and that is maintain... Read More


Water message should be non-stop

14 August 2017

LAST YEAR, BARBADOS had a woeful time with water outages and shortages in many parts. The situation was unbearable for many. Today, the situation has improved to the stage where we are not hearing the calls of complaints on the radio stations nor seeing reports in... Read More


Protect the people from themselves

13 August 2017

THE MINISTER OF HEALTH was recently on television speaking about the response of the public to the consumption of highly sweetened drinks. But what has become of the statement that “we have to protect the people from themselves”. This was a statement made by former... Read More


Hoping to have Alison Hinds next year

11 August 2017

YOUR GUEST WRITER in last Friday’s WEEKEND NATION Joy Alleyne wrote a balanced and fair review of Soca Legends In Concert. The concert took place at Kensington Oval on Saturday, July 29. She complimented the show but found one glaring omission, the absence of a female... Read More


Reaping what we sow

10 August 2017

IT SEEMS THAT some Barbadians are hell bent on destroying their own country. Can you imagine the news all over the world today because of a few lawless persons? The parallels with Jamaica’s decline into utter decadence is striking – irresponsible women and men who... Read More


Carifesta to the rescue?

09 August 2017

WITH CARIFESTA A MERE week or so away, and with Barbados and most of the Caribbean enmeshed in social and governmental dysfunction and crisis, the fundamental question that arises is as follows: Will we use CARIFESTA to launch a powerful cultural and artistic Campaign... Read More


Death penalty can lower crime

08 August 2017

AS ONE AMONG a number of people concerned about shooting deaths on the island, I listened attentively to the Attorney General commenting on a promised debate on the death penalty to take place in Parliament soon. He made reference to Trinidad and Tobago, where citizens... Read More


Come with plan to transform cricket

07 August 2017

CONGRATULATIONS to Conde Riley on his election as the new president of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA). I do hope that within a matter of months he can come to the public, not just the BCA’s membership, and outline a plan on how he and his team will transform... Read More


Use corporal punishment as last resort

06 August 2017

PEOPLE SOMETIMES GET things wrong and genuinely so, but when people misrepresent and misconstrue other people’s comments it conveys the wrong impression and the intended message gets lost. In response to the letter by Olutoye Walrond dated May 11, 2017, even if the... Read More


Police force needs more manpower

04 August 2017

THE AUTHORITIES in Barbados must not simply say that the crime situation in Barbados is not so bad, or as bad as it is in other Caribbean countries, and feel that is reason for us not to worry or take precautionary measures against any upsurge in violence. I am sure... Read More


A lift for mental health

03 August 2017

I WOULD LIKE to congratulate the leadership of the University of the West Indies (UWI) for establishing a Centre for Reparations Research. As a member of Barbados’ Task Force on Reparations (TFoR), and chairman of the Non State Actors Reparations Commission Inc.... Read More


So where’s the $44.8m?

02 August 2017

ON TUESDAY, JULY 18, in one section of the press, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) presented a full page advertisement, Part 1 of its FACTS series on health care. In one line of the article, the DLP points out that the Government spent $450 million on health care in... Read More


A plea, not a threat, Mr PM

01 August 2017

THE CORRESPONDENCE FROM the head of the Private Sector Association to the Prime Minister, urging a dialogue with the social partners to avert “social unrest”, must not be mis-interpreted. Nor is it fair to presume that they aren’t many intelligent, thinking, level-headed... Read More


Junior Kadooment a great spectacle

31 July 2017

HAVING WATCHED THE 2017 Junior Kadooment on CBC Channel 8, it leads me to wonder if there is any merit in going to or watching Grand Kadooment on August 7. Junior Kadooment was really a colourful spectacle with the emphasis on “spectacle” and all that it implies.... Read More


‘No glare’ of cameras, please

30 July 2017

THIS IS A PLEA to “the powers that be”: no television coverage of any Social Partnership meeting, please; for we have all seen how people react in the presence of the television camera(s). Indeed, we have seen how some people smile even in the most distressing situations... Read More


Marching alone won’t solve problems

28 July 2017

IN THE BARBADIAN political arena of loggerheads and threatening stances of late, cool heads are needed, not “powerful foolishness”. You don’t put out a fire with fire, but with water. Unrest does not bring positive solutions; it only inflames what’s there already. ... Read More


Price gougers at it again

27 July 2017

THE CLASSICAL definition of price gouging is the practice of retailers increasing prices when no alternative is available. These days, it has been extended to retailers in spite of other competitors. An environment exists in which retailers can raise prices, even... Read More


Give more power to Auditor General

26 July 2017

I CAN CERTAINLY relate to Sir Frank Alleyne’s frustration that successive administrations seem to have ignored the financial irregularities identified in our Auditor General reports over the years. I can only imagine how disenchanted our Auditor General Leigh Trotman... Read More


‘House Negro’ leaders abound

25 July 2017

IT IS AMAZING that in 21st century Barbados that people can be so patently misguided as to be blinded by partisan loyalties. Nevertheless, it is a common mistake that we as African people make all too often when dealing with each other. We tend to assume that every... Read More


Bajans must hold place on WI team

24 July 2017

IT IS INDEED a real joy to know that so many Barbadians are in the West Indies cricket team once again. This is something all Barbadians should be very proud of since it shows that our standard of cricket is not the worst in the region. What our players must do... Read More


Put aside egos, let all ideas contend

23 July 2017

DO WE, AS the normal ego-driven personalities have a self-centred sense of entitlement to the rightness of our views and solutions, especially for the economic woes of Barbados? In an answer, it seems as if that has been the position of this DLP government since... Read More



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