Time to regulate banking, finance

17 January 2017

THE RAINY DAY is a phenomenon that provokes the idea that saving is essential, in case bad or no planning has been initiated. When careful planning has been put in place, and the end result is no different from the lack of preparation, this makes one wonder, what... Read More


ALL AH WE IS ONE: Natural collapse

17 January 2017

THE CURRENT POLITICAL SITUATION in Barbados suggests that the accumulated weight of the approaches, tendencies and collective “personality” of the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) over the last nine years is pressing heavily upon the party as it approaches the final... Read More


EDITORIAL: Enough talk, deal with litterbugs

17 January 2017

IF THERE IS ONE ISSUE on which this country has expended countless hours of talk with little positive outcome, it is that of littering. The evidence of our careless attitude is clear all across the island. For a protracted period the attention has been on coconut... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Torn between two lovers

16 January 2017

Dear Christine, I WOULD LIKE you to help me with this problem. I am 22 years old and have two boyfriends. I am living in a house with one. The next one I would say is too serious about me, knowing that I am living with this other guy. When I am going out, this... Read More


WILD COOT: Who is to blame?

16 January 2017

THE STARTLING REALITY is that things are now lopsided. The banks have made super profits, the supermarkets have made super profits and the Government has made super losses. “Sumtin wong!” Like John the Baptist, the Wild Coot has been preaching for the past five years... Read More


TALKBACK: Parents’ job to ensure children get to school

16 January 2017

IT IS NOT THE JOB of teachers to patrol the bus terminals and ensure children make their way to school. Rather, parents have to impress upon children the need to get to school early or failing that, make them pay for travelling on the public buses. This was in... Read More


EDITORIAL: Arch Hall station delay is shameful

16 January 2017

INDIVIDUALS WHO KEEP TRACK of the news would probably have heard one or more finance ministers suggest that as long as a country has people to tax, it cannot go broke. We understand what they seek to convey when they use this colloquial term. But we are also painfully... Read More


ALTAR CALL: ‘Walk in footsteps of Christ’

16 January 2017

THOSE WHO WOULD CHOOSE Christ must be willing to follow in His footsteps. This was part of a passionate sermon preached by Reverend Michael Charles to his congregants at Hawthorn Methodist Church last week Sunday during the 6:30 a.m. service. He spoke of Jesus’... Read More


LOUISE FAIRSAVE: Starting an emergency fund

16 January 2017

BOOSTING ONE’s emergency fund has been set as a priority for 2017. However, you can only boost something that is already existing or started. Without empirical evidence, it is estimated that about 80 per cent of Barbadians have little or no emergency funds. So,... Read More


Accountability the key

16 January 2017

FOR MANY YEARS NOW, there has been a lot of discussion about public sector efficiency. Some commentators have suggested that the infusion of a businesslike approach into public sector operations is likely to improve overall efficiency. While I am inclined to agree... Read More


HEALING HERBS: The benefits of daffodils

16 January 2017

SOMETIMES I DO NOT know where to turn when I recognise that there are some people who do not learn from their mistakes. I often ask myself if they will ever discover that mistakes are learning tools. Recently, I began to reflect on my life because I mistakenly... Read More


TONY BEST: Reflect on Dr King’s legacy

15 January 2017

TWO BAJAN IMMIGRANTS may not have exchanged ideas face to face, but they agree on some key issues when it comes to Dr Martin Luther King and outgoing president, Barack Obama The first is that King, whose birthday will be officially recognised tomorrow with a public... Read More


PETER WICKHAM: Well done, Obama!

15 January 2017

LIKE MOST POLITICOS, I was transfixed by the Chicago farewell address of President Barack Obama delivered last Tuesday and immediately commenced a reflection on the extent to which his presidency will be distinguished from that of his successor and indeed his predecessors.... Read More


TONI THORNE: Consider this before forming a partnership

15 January 2017

BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS are like marriages. It is best to enter into partnerships with people with whom you are equally yoked. Today, I will highlight the personality traits to assess and avoid before entering into your next partnership. The shirker Delegation... Read More


JEFF BROOMES: Benefits of reading

15 January 2017

IN MY PREVIOUS submission I proposed that there can be no bad readers. You can either read or you cannot. It is the levels or degrees to which the accompanying traits of identifying, following and appreciating are inculcated and reproduced that determine quality.... Read More


GET REAL: Putting on a face

15 January 2017

MY JAW dropped so low, it dislocated when I saw President-elect Donald Trump’s latest press conference. It reminded me of a professional wrestling event. Why does everything on American news seem as though it was scripted by the World Wrestling Entertainment? They... Read More


Crime does pay!

15 January 2017

IS THE OLD DICTUM “Crime does not pay” really true? The recent brouhaha over the habits of the coconut vendors made me consider the question asked above. Whilst the actions of the coconut vendors might not be construed as a crime in the strictest and legal sense... Read More


ALBERT BRANDFORD: PM Stuart, a fox or a hedgehog?

15 January 2017

DONVILLE INNISS IS playing a strange political game. He is trying to sell a belief that he is different from his Cabinet colleagues. It is strange because this difference is directly related to policy. But, he is part of the Cabinet that has overall responsibility... Read More


EDITORIAL: Proud of two companies

15 January 2017

THE ANNOUNCEMENT THAT local company Preconco has landed a major contract in Bermuda involving the construction of a major international resort is one of the best new year business stories that will gladden the hearts of those interested in wishing Barbadian companies... Read More


NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE: Guidance for retrenched workers

15 January 2017

MY LAST COLUMN on severance pay that was published on New Year’s Day generated a slew of phone and email queries from persons who had lost their jobs over the years. The most frequently asked question came from persons who wanted to know if they can now make a claim... Read More


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Who will lead DLP?

14 January 2017

IF NEWS CIRCULATING among some members of the political class is true, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart may create another first in Barbados’ history. If what is being whispered has any credibility – on top of Stuart being the longest serving acting Prime Minister of... Read More




Are commercial banks giving customers enough of a return on their savings?

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