Time right for hydro project

18 June 2017

IN PAST TIMES in Barbados when government money was not so scarce, there was project oasis to help the unemployed boys and girls “on the block”. But now in this economically turbulent time when entrepreneurship is needed most, why now not a hydro-ubiquitous project?... Read More


Stop with the ‘deadbeat’ talk

16 June 2017

IT IS ALWAYS a sad day when we are treated to all manner of insidious comments from various quarters when it comes to our fathers. What makes this practice so much worse is when it comes from those who hold positions of authority and influence. Have we not realised... Read More


Govt horsing around too much

15 June 2017

HERE WE GO AGAIN. Am I hearing, seeing or reading correctly? I had to refer to the Oxford Dictionary app on my phone for the word “sense”. After reading last Friday’s WEEKEND NATION, I was amazed and at the same time quite alarmed at the headline: Obese Jockey Too... Read More


Drought, yes, but of leadership

14 June 2017

FOR THE PAST SEVERAL YEARS, parts of Barbados have experienced severe water shortages and, in some instances, none at all. The main reason given by the relevant minister and officials from the Barbados Water Authority has been that the island was experiencing a drought.... Read More


Mirror image doesn’t lie

13 June 2017

I ATTENDED THE FUNERAL of a well known middle class colleague some time ago and was totally taken aback by the outpouring of tributes given to this person. As I sat in the congregation and reflected on the life of this individual, I could not help but wonder how... Read More


Islam questions left unanswered

12 June 2017

‘PEAS AND RICE’, in your SATURDAY SUN Question Time column of May 27, had the temerity to ask Suleiman Bulbulia, the usual spokesman for the Muslim community, five questions relating to Islam, recent atrocities and the responses to them of that community. They were... Read More


RON IN COMMON: 11-plus is but a phase

11 June 2017

IT IS THE DREAM of parents for their children to do well, even if they have certain intellectual, physical or emotional weaknesses. Little wonder the Common Entrance Examination is such a big deal. Parents who attended one of the leading older grammar schools are... Read More


Devaluation can help

11 June 2017

THE WORLD BANK’S deputy chief economist for Latin America and the Caribbean, Dr Daniel Lederman, is reported to have “stayed clear of making any pronouncements on whether or not Barbados should devalue in light of the country’s economic problems”. This is so typical... Read More


People get the govt they really deserve

09 June 2017

IT IS EVIDENT that many Barbadians are becoming more and more disenchanted with politicians and the customary game of blame. When I read the various commentaries from Barbadians who appear to be drawn from either side of the political divide, I get the sense that... Read More


Let the people decide on Brexit

08 June 2017

ALL THE HYPE AND BROUHAHA about Brexit, Theresa May and today’s British elections, the real deal and “main course” is that democracy will come out a winner. Local political pundits, obviously with varying perspectives and opinions, have a penchant on whether the... Read More


Be decisive on capital crimes

07 June 2017

IN 1993 the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council ruled in the famous case of Pratt and Morgan that it is inhuman and degrading to keep a condemned prisoner on death row for more than five years after his conviction and therefore contrary to the Constitution. This... Read More


Let’s be careful on the Hyatt

06 June 2017

THE PROPOSAL TO ERECT a 15-storey Hyatt hotel in Bridgetown and on the coastline of Barbados is everybody’s business. What exactly do we understand about the true costs and benefits of such a scheme? I have read comments about its aesthetic enhancement of The... Read More


Research key to truth about Islam

05 June 2017

I RESPOND TO FIVE QUESTIONS posed to me in your Question Time section of your SATURDAY SUN newspaper of May 27, 2017, by “Peas and Rice”. Question 1 asks if I accept that Islam has a negative image amongst many people in many parts of the world. The answer depends... Read More


We’re not suitably qualifying Bajans

04 June 2017

ANOTHER WORK PERMIT APPLICATION has found its way on the pages of our daily newspapers. This time it is from the Barbados Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation, an arm of Government. A job in the field of agriculture with a description “Product Development... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Budget a lotta long talk

03 June 2017

THE BUDGET HAS been delivered, the reply has been given and the debate wrapped up. Looking around us, after all the talk over three days in the House of Assembly, the sky hasn’t fallen in, yet, and those of us still alive, well, we’re still breathing mostly fresh... Read More


Broken dreams for boys on the block

02 June 2017

SOME OF THE BOYS on the block somewhere along the line seem to have had their dreams broken. We prefer to say they have fallen through the cracks. Most of these must have had dreams of one day being the best they could be and of developing their dreams, their God-given... Read More


Folly to the nth degree

01 June 2017

REGARDING THE RECENT demolition of the compound built by kids to practise sports like roller blading biking and skateboarding at the Ministry of Agriculture’s Graeme hall grounds, why would you demolish [it]? Have you any semblance of sense? Do you realise that children... Read More


Power of dads over children

31 May 2017

THOSE WHO KNOW ME will say that I am not a gambling man. That’s because I recognise the house always wins and the odds are always against me. Almost every day we are treated to commentary relating to our youth, most of which is negative. Read More


Overtaxation not the solution

30 May 2017

Government can wreck a business by confiscating its money by taxation. – Owen Paterson (1956- ), Conservative member of the British Parliament since 1997. THE MORE INFORMED BARBADIANS become, the easier it will be to reject the notion that taxation is a corrective... Read More


Let’s think rationally

29 May 2017

EVIDENCE ABOUNDS all around us that literacy and, indeed, higher education, are not passports to intelligent, rational thought. And nothing demonstrates this more than the contentious issue of what is popularly known as “gay rights”. In the May 23 DAILY NATION,... Read More


Beating ourselves

28 May 2017

IF A CRICKET PITCH is not up to a set and recognised standard for playing the game at the highest level, then not only the pitch should be criticised but the persons who are ultimately responsible for the preparation should be reprimanded. It is a symptom and sad... Read More




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