A mental roller coaster

29 May 2015

YEARS AGO I vowed never to go on a roller coaster again. I have succeeded physically. However the things going on in Barbados do take me on a mental roller-coaster ride. Read More


More than a festival – let’s get creative

29 May 2015

WHEN I HEARD a recording of the Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley say at a church service, “Crop Over is more than a festival” it made me pause for consideration. That consideration was brought more into focus a few days after when the same Minister was leading the Christ Church “carnival” and was... Read More


LOOKA LEW: Who gine wash it?

29 May 2015

“NOT ME, he would have to wash it himself.” That is what a lot of women answered and said when I asked this question on the radio the other day. Read More


Nothing comes from nothing

29 May 2015

IT WAS AN uneventful night. I dropped onto my bed and in customary fashion I drifted into the unknown world called sleep. At some point in my slumber another phenomenon occurred. Read More


THE LOWDOWN: You can’t beat licking

29 May 2015

ME AND MR JONES, we got a thing going on … Actually, Jonesy is about the safest MP around. As one lady caller told me: “Whatever y’all do in the next election, leave Jones alone. He’s solid entertainment value”. Read More


GAL FRIDAY: Exercising self-con

29 May 2015

THE PAVLOVIAN PING of my cellphone and the constant cries of urgency on the line caused me to take what is called a digital detox. For two days, I was like John the Baptist - exiled to an isle (not Patmos), eating honey and, well, pancakes instead of locusts. Read More


EDITORIAL: Tourism: A game a must

29 May 2015

EVERY SO OFTEN something happens, good or bad, that causes us to sit up and take stock. We believe Wednesday’s official announcement that first quarter tourism arrivals to Barbados this year were at a record high should be one such moment. Read More


OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Jones’ comments not helping

29 May 2015

THIS WRITER is one who believes in corporal punishment and I think that the time is ripe for Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Ronald Jones to stop his public mouthing against it. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I tell wife her hubby is cheating?

29 May 2015

I AM NOT generally a nosy person and I tend to stay out of other’s people business. However, I need some sound advice right now. Read More


STREET BEAT: Plans hold the key

29 May 2015

IT IS SAID the sea has no back door and no one knows this better than the men who earn their daily bread in the open ocean. Read More




Should there be more community-based Crop Over events?

Don't know