DEAR CHRISTINE: Not sure if he really loves me

26 September 2016

Dear Christine, I AM IN LOVE with a man who is a good few years older than I am. I love this man very much but I do not know if he loves me. He never told me he did. Every time I go where he works, I can see a different woman there. With all this, I cannot say... Read More


TONI THORNE: Prejudice and racism often mixed up

25 September 2016

LAST SUNDAY, I swear the words “Shannon Harris” were trending all across social media platforms for Barbadians. It was the morning after the pageant and I woke up to a myriad of statuses congratulating this 21-year-old young woman I have had the pleasure to work and... Read More


TONY BEST: Kudos for Bajans in America

25 September 2016

WHAT DO THE composer of some of the world’s bestselling Caribbean music, the elected mayor of a middle-size American city, and a Broadway makeup artist have in common? That question can also be asked about a leader of one of New York City’s major trade unions, a... Read More


WICB forensic audit clearly required

25 September 2016

WRITING in the SUNDAY SUN of September 11, Fazeer Mohammed has used a very broad brush of misinformation in attempting to dilute the importance of having a forensic audit into the affairs of West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). He has personalised a bundle of allegations... Read More


JEFF BROOMES: Evaluating the focus of education system

25 September 2016

IN EVERY endeavour in life, for success to be achieved and identified there must first be a clear understanding of its purpose and goals. In education, this is an absolute given. Contemporary society has brought contemporary challenges that must be addressed consistent... Read More


ALBERT BRANDFORD: Crime, violence chickens . . .

25 September 2016

There can be no development unless our society is freed from the grip of crime and violence. We must all join in the fight to defeat the cancer that is threatening to consume all of us. – Opposition Democratic Labour Party (DLP), 1999 election manifesto. THERE... Read More


EDITORIAL: Ironing out tax kinks

25 September 2016

ALL NEW TAXES or levies need a settling-in period during which any kinks can be ironed out and the new imposition can be calculated and collected in a smooth and efficient manner. Yet the new National Social Responsibility Levy imposed in the Budget on August 16... Read More


GET REAL: Colour blindness– racist excuse

25 September 2016

LIKE Martin Luther King Jnr, I have a dream. My dream is that one day the race of the winner of a Barbadian beauty pageant winner would not be a topic of conversation, because we would have finally overcome centuries of the conditioning of slavery, colonisation and... Read More


NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE: Govt gone a step too far?

25 September 2016

THE FINANACES of this country appear to be so bad that Government seems to be scrounging around to collect money, that in some cases, is not owed. Over the last several months, I have been inundated by calls from public officers about Government unilaterally deducting... Read More


MAVIS BECKLES: Walk in dem shoes

24 September 2016

IF I WAS the people at the Water Authority, I would listen tuh and do what the Prime Minister say when he tell dem tuh talk tuh the people. I agree whole-heartedly wid Fruendel Stuart. Evahbody does say dat he doan talk much, if at all, and sometimes ya does wonder... Read More


SATURDAY'S CHILD: Gun with the wind

24 September 2016

TODAY IS REPUBLIC DAY in Trinidad and Tobago. When I think of the past, “Police and Thief” was the game of my boyhood. Life and concepts were simple then. The police were supposed to catch the thieves. When I went to school in Port of Spain, the game was “Rescue” and... Read More


EDITORIAL: PM changes his tune

24 September 2016

THE EXTENT to which Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has come around to expressing his appreciation for the value of the Social Partnership in Barbados is not just welcome on all sides. It is revealing of how holding office can alter one’s perspective. Distance from a... Read More


FLYING FISH & COU COU: A wedding, but not his

24 September 2016

A PHOTOGRAPH ON Facebook of a well-known public figure in a suit with a similarly dressed friend, and with the friend’s hand on his shoulder, prompted suggestions that the two had married. These ideas seemed to be fuelled by the well-known individual’s statement in... Read More


EDITORIAL: Pause on violence

23 September 2016

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that we have a problem with violence and violent crime in Barbados. There can be no arguing the position that too many seem incapable of negotiating their way out of challenges or simply turning the other cheek. They resort instead to... Read More


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN’: Caan please everybody

23 September 2016

BAJANS IS SOME of de hardest people to please. If you doubt me ask me. I got a friend who was single from before dem had flat screen TVs. The last time she was in a relationship de BLP was in power. And all she friends and family asking is “When yuh gine get married”... Read More


Oh, for hassle-free movement

23 September 2016

HERE WE GO AGAIN, well, well, well, same old, same old. There goes our Immigration, Customs and police officers again in another deportation tussle. As published in the WEEKEND NATION of September 2 and the SUNDAY SUN of September 4, two Jamaican women made claims... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: I’m on to her tricks

23 September 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I want to give a girl a fair chance to think about what she is doing and so endeavour to correct her mistake by going back to the one who truly loves her. So please print this letter that she might see how I really feel and what a fool she really... Read More


OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Why do WI need a coach?

23 September 2016

THE BIG QUESTION this week is: Does the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) really need a coach? It was the big topic last week and this week also with the sacking of Phil Simmons. Personally, I do not think that a coach is needed. Who coached Sir Garfield Sobers and the... Read More


EDITORIAL: Fresh approach to stadium construction

22 September 2016

IT IS GENERALLY ACCEPTED that this country’s National Stadium at Waterford,St Michael, has long passed its usefulness and that there is need for a new complex. The reality is that Government simply cannot afford to undertake this type of capital works project at this... Read More


AWRIGHT DEN!: Whites are Bajans too

22 September 2016

SO A BAJAN WINS Miss Universe Barbados and it’s an issue because she is white? Seriously? Two white Bajans represented Barbados at the recently held Rio Olympics – Michael Maskell in shooting and Jason Wilson in the triathlon – and we celebrated with them. Professional... Read More


WHAT MATTERS MOST: New approaches not working

22 September 2016

LAST WEEK’S ARTICLE noted that it is important to take a step back to put Barbados’ present economic situation in context. Since Independence, there have been five economic recessions (greater than one per cent decline in real annual GDP) in Barbados: 1974-75; 1981-83;... Read More




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