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A rifle shooter’s day

11 October 2017

As a joke, I challenged some of my friends from Waterford, who shoot little short equipment (pistols), to turn up at their annual Glock Shoot which took place last Sunday, and knock spots off them after a day’s practice. They took the bait. I turned up dressed as... Read More


Gun debate not about statistics

10 October 2017

Every time a mass shooting horrifies America, gun control advocates trot out statistics and charts proving that more guns produce more violent deaths. Then pro-gun people respond that the overall gun homicide rate has dropped 50 per cent since 1993, despite a boom... Read More


Murder by another name

09 October 2017

Why abortion? Sometimes women’s lives are in danger when a foetus dies within, or develops incorrectly, or in the fallopian tube, and not in the uterus where it should develop. Likewise, poor physical health causes risk and ending the pregnancy may be necessary.... Read More


Everyone is broadcasting

08 October 2017

In exasperation, someone wrote a letter a few days ago to an advice columnist titled “Cellphone causing me headache and grief with family”. It said, in part: “My mother and my aunt recently bought smartphones and started exploring social media. This has led to them... Read More


Fall in standard of marriage

06 October 2017

Marriage is a standard. It is a standard that was established by the Creator of the first man and the first woman. There was a period when the first man was alone, even though he was surrounded by animals. There was no suitable creature that could become his companion.... Read More


Rape victim’s right to abort

05 October 2017

UNBORN JUSTICE, a Christian pro-life organisation, has stated, through its founder Kamille Martindale during a recent church service, that women who become pregnant after being raped should carry the pregnancy to full term, as it pushes its mandate to stamp out all... Read More


What next, Prof. Howard?

04 October 2017

I am grateful for Professor Michael Howard’s comments and explanations which appeared in the WEEKEND NATION of Friday, September 22, in response to my letter in the MIDWEEK NATION on September 20. However, it has left me only marginally wiser – which I attribute... Read More


Inside Editorial: The best and worst of times

03 October 2017

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Cited and referenced endlessly over the past 150 years, Charles Dickens’ timeless words could easily apply to the state of the news business now. People are reading, watching and listening to more news than... Read More


Greening our nation

03 October 2017

In this year’s presentation of the Budgetary Statement and Financial Proposals, a sentence jumped out at me because of its worth and because it offers some hope for all of us who are distressed by the socio-economic conditions badly impacting on Barbados. Minister... Read More


Barbados needs a cultural change

02 October 2017

We have recently been witnessing an upsurge in the level of criminal activity here on our precious shores. I fear that this is just the beginning of an escalation of gun violence and other criminal activity as members of the so-called gangs enact revenge for the loss... Read More


Barrack money to be shared among team

01 October 2017

On Tuesday last, the House of Assembly passed a money resolution which included the sum of $9 571 796.50 to pay the costs awarded to Barrack Construction Limited in the dispute with the National Housing Corporation over the construction of the five-storey Warrens Office... Read More


Krystle Clear: Restoring Investor Confidence in Barbados

29 September 2017

In my first blog, I spoke of the Deficit Committee of the Social Partnership and their Action Plan to reduce the fiscal deficit. The plan included agenda items to assist the country in making a comeback and rise from the slump of austerity. The Ease of Doing Business... Read More


Praying for gays

29 September 2017

From my observation, some individuals appear to be gay from birth. They just seemed to have more of the female genes. They never indulged in boyish activities, but preferred to play with dolls and keep house. Later, I was led to conclude that it can also be a... Read More


Easy to retrofit roof

28 September 2017

AFTER ASSESSING THE DAMAGE caused to buildings from Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria, witnessing the heart-breaking misery of those who have lost so much, observing unrestrained looting of non-food items, and experiencing the halt to all national economic activity,... Read More


Supreme Court needs wake-up call

27 September 2017

In the DAILY NATION of Tuesday, September 12, 2017, in the article CJ Hits Back At CCJ, Sir Marston Gibson is alleged to have stated that the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), in questioning the long delays of justice in Barbados, also has delays, namely, the Maurice... Read More


Spare the rod, ruin the child

26 September 2017

IT IS NOT WISE to go against the Word of God. To do this will be to our own ruin and that of our children. The God of the universe who created us and knows what is best for us says that we are to correct the children and when necessary, the child should be spanked.... Read More


To whom much is given . . .

25 September 2017

Professor Michael Howard last week responded to my letter of August 22, 2017, which was a response to an earlier article in which he made statements about the National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL), the behaviour and activities of the unions, his perception of the... Read More


Arch Cot folk want answers, Mr Minister

24 September 2017

When apprised of this legitimate concern by people living in the affected area, Minister Michael Lashley’s dismissive response was, in summary, “We will get to it, but I don’t know when.” Such an arrogantly dismissive attitude to legitimate public concerns is... Read More


Shade of the soul main thing

22 September 2017

Oh yes, we are at it again: “Take down Nelson!” I hold no brief for Nelson and his ilk but I have to give myself pause and wonder if any of my African ancestors were responsible for selling their “brothers” to those who carried on the slave trade. On the other hand,... Read More


A punishment, not deterrent

21 September 2017

MR JEFF CUMBERBATCH, in a recent article related to crime, punishment and the rule of law, made reference to the Holy Scriptures that contrasted Moses’ Law of “an eye for an eye” and Jesus’ exhortation “to turn the other cheek”. If Mr Cumberbatch has derived any... Read More


Chris needs a dose of reality

20 September 2017

MINISTER OF FINANCE Christopher Sinckler has a most challenging responsibility. He must consider competing interests and prioritise the spending of limited funds. He must also be careful to respect the concerns of sovereign rating agencies, creditors and the International... Read More



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