DEAR CHRISTINE: Lacking variety in the bedroom

30 August 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, From time to time I see men writing to you and I somehow feel as a woman (whom I presume you are), you’ll help me to understand my wife or get her to understand me. We have been married for 15 years and have two children. At this time of our relationship,... Read More


(Re)starting points for BWU

30 August 2016

CONGRATULATIONS TO the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) on its 75th anniversary. The union is made up of divisions representing workers from both combined interests as well as individual operations. After many years new staff may not have the slightest notion of the... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Hal boasts of the best rum punch

29 August 2016

STANDING SIX FEET, two inches and appearing somewhat authoritative, Hal Haynes could probably fit comfortably into the police force. That is, had he decided to join when he was younger and had the chance to do so back in 1971. Then a teenager, many people thought... Read More


WILD COOT: Appeal to Barbadians

29 August 2016

WHAT WILL HAPPEN to the profits and foreign exchange made by hotels such as Hilton, Sandals and the proposed Four Seasons, Sam Lord’s Castle and the Hyatt? What will happen to the profits of the Trinidadian supermarkets and stores that must be repatriated to their respective... Read More


TALKBACK: Readers’ mixed views on sick certificates

29 August 2016

ONE OF THE BIGGEST talking points among online readers last week was Minister of Labour Senator Dr Esther Byer Suckoo’s suggestion that doctors are issuing too many sick certificates. During a courtesy call with president of the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners,... Read More


HEALING HERBS: Clammy cherry more than a glue

29 August 2016

FREIDA NICHOLLS, who is a two-time Olympian, is the leader and woman whom I most admire. She holds that esteemed place behind my mother as an exceptional, charismatic and motivational leader. In retrospect, Ms Nicholls made a decision about my life that was priceless... Read More


National Flag or a rag?

29 August 2016

ONE OF THE MOST easily recognisable and identifiable symbols of nationhood and by extension sovereignty, is the National Flag of Barbados. Further, the words of our National Pledge invite and enjoin us to pledge our allegiance to it. But the pledge also places an... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband leaving me for younger woman

29 August 2016

Dear Christine, UNTIL RECENTLY I have had a fairly good marriage with my husband who is four years younger than I am. I am 46. We have three children who all adore him. He also loves them very much. The blow came when he told me that he had met a woman who is... Read More


EDITORIAL: Time to take charge, Ms Moore

29 August 2016

THE BARBADOS WORKERS’ UNION (BWU) has reached the significant milestone of 75 years and this is worthy of celebration. This landmark is an opportune time for the union to reinvent itself and set out its blueprint for the next 25 years. The general secretary Toni... Read More


LOUISE FAIRSAVE: Giving money away

29 August 2016

GIVING MONEY or money’s worth to a charitable and humanitarian cause has been identified as a ritual of wealth – an important aspect of spending wisely. Some religions encourage tithing of ten per cent of one’s income to the church and the clergy. Yet, there are... Read More


PETER WICKHAM: Another perspective on Michael Manley

28 August 2016

AS ONE WHO complains about the relative paucity of writings on the life and work of Caribbean readers, I was happy to receive an advanced copy of Godfrey Smith’s new book Michael Manley The Biography which Ian Randle Publishers will release shortly. This is not... Read More


NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE: Govt not complying with law

28 August 2016

THERE ARE times when I wish that I could come up with a profound and memorable quote to describe an event or situation. The announcement in the 2016 Budget that all temporary officers who had been employed in the Public Service for three or more years, would be permanently... Read More


GET REAL: Schooling a sound strategy

28 August 2016

I WAS AT the water park out in Christ Church years ago. We sat down to listen to the tour guide talk about the fish in a very big saltwater tank. All kinds of fish were in this tank. From predatory sharks to fish that would be shark food in the wild. In that tank... Read More


JEFF BROOMES: Strategic planning is important

28 August 2016

The CSEC and CAPE results are back, and the usual responses have been flowing quite freely. These have been coming from the Ministry of Education, CXC officials and the self-proclaimed experts as well as people who have an acute interest in such things. As we listen,... Read More


EDITORIAL: Disturbing picture of girls

28 August 2016

IT HAS BEEN said more often than one cares to remember that the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. This statement immediately recognises the critical role that girls and women play in our societies, and it is nothing short of astonishing... Read More


TONI THORNE: The prenup debate

28 August 2016

EARLIER THIS WEEK a conversation unfolded about prenuptial agreements. As usual and thankfully, it sparked an interesting and dynamic debate on the topic. I personally have always said that there is no need for prenuptial, midnuptial or postnuptial agreements in a marriage.... Read More


Utilities short on customer satisfaction

28 August 2016

THERE ARE SECTIONS of the print media reporting that although two of the island’s main utility companies having been given a passing grade by the Fair Trading Commission (FTC), some areas of concern have been identified and will be addressed. This customer is hoping... Read More


TONY BEST: Crown Heights after the riots

28 August 2016

CROWN HEIGHTS IS a fascinating New York City community. It’s a place in Brooklyn where many key Bajans have lived, assembled to discuss pressing issues, studied for university degrees, taught at public schools and colleges, planned cricket or soccer games, held... Read More


SATURDAY'S CHILD: Forks, spades and soppers

27 August 2016

IN TRINIDAD, in the old days, if you blocked someone’s view of an event, you would invariably be asked, “What happen? Youh father is a glass maker?” My way of dealing with this comment about my transparency or lack of it was to reply rudely, “Nah, but my mother is a... Read More


EDITORIAL: Don’t dismiss our concerns

27 August 2016

EVERYONE LOVES TO win; so we sent our 11 athletes to the 31st Olympiad in Rio de Janiero expecting them to capture medals. Such was the optimism that even the vice-president of the Athletic Association of Barbados (AAB), Noel Lynch, a former Olympian, predicted two... Read More


MAVIS BECKLES: Good job athletes

27 August 2016

WELL THE Rio Olympics are over now, the many stadiums are quiet and empty; every thing is silent and the athletes have all gone home tuh duh various countries, taking along wid dem, all types of emotions. Some o’ dem gone home on a low because duh didn’t achieve what... Read More




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