EDITORIAL: Time to embrace people with disabilities

02 March 2015

THIS MONTH, Barbadians have the opportunity to reflect on the critical issue of the disabled in the society. There is a need to bring awareness and, more importantly, to end discrimination and inequality against this group. Read More


LOUISE FAIRSAVE: Necessary insurance IV

02 March 2015

MOST OF US FEEL SECURE in the fact that we hold home insurance. Yet it is quite a complex topic and this article will point to some of the more detailed considerations in purchasing this coverage. Read More

FIRING LINE:Please, no more handouts

01 March 2015

I knew almost instantly when the issues first surfaced what I wanted to write about this week. However, I also knew that once it was publishedI would once again be politically labelled. Read More


THE BIG PICTURE: Private and public actors

01 March 2015

The issue of privatisation was one that surfaced in the 2013 elections. Regrettably it became more of a political football than a legitimate and serious policy initiative. Read More


PURELY POLITICAL: How do money men gain?

01 March 2015

CONCERN ABOUT vote buying is real, not imagined, even though politicians do not feel able to admit of its reality in public. Read More


EDITORIAL: Govt must work to restore confidence

01 March 2015

The quick denial of Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler that this countryis contemplating an IMF programme is important newsfor an economy which has suffered from six years of problems which however they were caused have preventedthe government from delivering on some of its policies. Read More


SEEN UP NORTH: A Bajan movie in US

01 March 2015

How does a foreign film director from Barbados fare when she takes her low-budget movie to Los Angeles, the century-old global centre for motion picture production? Read More


THE AL GILKES COLUMN: History wrong all along

01 March 2015

For most of my enlightened life I have been haunted by a question for which I have never been able to find an answer but which recurs in my head every year during the celebration of the just ended Holetown Festival. Read More


MAVIS BECKLES: History being destroyed

28 February 2015

WELL, FROM THE WAY how things looking in this country, it is only a matter of time before all the old buildings dat hold the history o’ this country are totally gone. Read More


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Start of porn industry?

28 February 2015

THE SEEMINGLY PROFESSIONALLY filmed video of what looks like a teenager having intercourse with a grown man has some officials here very worried. Read More



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