LOUISE FAIRSAVE: Money triangle

25 July 2016

The Money Triangle is a model which is helpful in determining a personal investment strategy. Just remember that each person is unique in the approach to risks and so their personal investment strategy is one that suits them. One’s investment strategy tends to... Read More


HEALING HERBS: Fighting sexual dysfunction the healthy way

25 July 2016

ON THURSDAY morning a war started in my head and was being fought because of two topics. During the week I made a decision to draft an article about how to beat depression. I enjoy researching about depression because I was once depressed and I believe I can assist... Read More


WILD COOT: Credit card surge

25 July 2016

ROM THE TIME that our Central Bank freed up the use of the credit card, it had a problem with the control of foreign exchange. There is no control by the banks on the amount of foreign exchange used on a credit card in a year as was the custom when a control occurred... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: They blame me for his breakdown

25 July 2016

Dear Christine, FOR TWO YEARS there has been an understanding between a boy and I. I am 18 and he is 23. As they say the course of true love never runs smooth, and so like all young lovers we have had our misunderstandings but eventually we would make up. I remember... Read More


TALK BACK: Pros and cons of playing Pokemon Go

25 July 2016

Online game Pokemon Go has captivated some people in Barbados. Gamers told NATIONNEWS it was a great way to get exercise and meet new friends while trying to capture the elusive characters on their mobile phones. But others see it as just another “follow pattern”... Read More


ALBERT BRANDFORD: Playing politics with retirement

24 July 2016

INITIALLY, I WAS incredulous. Listening to the vote after a division on the Constitution (Amendment) Bill last week in the House of Assembly, I could not believe the Opposition had abstained on a policy it had championed in Government to rationalise the retirement age... Read More


PETER WICKHAM: Bajan Brexiters

24 July 2016

THE UK’S VOTE to leave the EU continues to provide food for thought and this week I was inspired by a conversation I had in the UK with a gentleman who was also fortunate to have been educated at the Foundation School, although under the tutelage of Harford Skeete.... Read More



24 July 2016

THE RECENT DEATH of the outstanding Barbadian statesman Sir Frederick Smith drove me into some moments of quiet reflection. As my mind floated, I became more and more proud of this our beloved country and how it has developed. My love and appreciation were informed... Read More


Trump no ‘caped crusader’

24 July 2016

JULY 21, 2016 shall be remembered by some and want to be forgotten by others. It was in night-time hours that we heard from the nominee of the American Republican Party, for President, Donald J. Trump. In his speech he seemed to have appointed himself, as one commentator... Read More


GET REAL: The root of poor service

24 July 2016

A WHILE BACK I met two Haitian-American college professors who had come here on a Caribbean cruise. They were livid. They said that the service they received in Barbados was the worst of any island they had previously visited. In a very short space of time they had... Read More


TONY BEST: Fitting send-off for ‘Clarkie’

24 July 2016

IT WAS AN interesting question. And it was quite rightly raised at the funeral for Austin Ardinel Chesterfield “Tom” Clarke at Toronto’s historic St James Cathedral. “What does one say about a man like Austin?” asked Dr Rinaldo Walcott, a University of Toronto scholar,... Read More


EDITORIAL: Need to discuss assisted death

24 July 2016

WHEREVER IT HAS been raised as an issue, the question of assisted death for the terminally ill has fuelled a hotbed of raging controversy, and the recent speech delivered by Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite when he suggested that thought be given to this topic would... Read More


TONI THORNE: So you’re not into Crop Over? Really . . .

24 July 2016

QUITE RECENTLY, I went out for drinks with a few friends and acquaintances. Naturally, the topic of Crop Over came up and we started to discuss which events we shall be attending and our personal reviews of events which took place. I realised one of the persons in our... Read More


RON IN COMMON: Sing Anthem with pride

23 July 2016

MORTICIAN, JAMES WILSON, who is also a musician of note, has been suggesting that Barbadians should start singing the National Anthem at events rather than playing the official instrumental version. It is a good idea, but it seems as if it has already been laid to... Read More


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Licks like peas over question

23 July 2016

VERBAL LICKS WERE reportedly shared this week when an important man called a big-up to ask a question. From what Cou Cou was told, it was one of those questions that when asked can change the mood of the person who must provide the answer. And that was supposedly just... Read More


SATURDAY'S CHILD: Journal of the plagiarist year

23 July 2016

I WAS ABOUT nine years old. In those days I lived among a mix of people of Indian and African descent and while I knew that there were people of Chinese ancestry who owned the laundry, the tea-shops and rum-shops, all called “Chin” by their customers, even Mr Tsoi-a-Fatt,... Read More


EDITORIAL: Pay up or shut up Chastanet!

23 July 2016

WHEN IT COMES to the regional airline LIAT and its relationship with St Lucia, the recently elected Prime Minister of that country ought to adopt a very simple motto – pay up, or shut up! Read More


MAVIS BECKLES: Retaliation or do fuh do

23 July 2016

BOY, I COULDA see this happening. It is only a matter of time before somebody decide tuh retaliate and do all sorts o’ foolishness. And the thing is, it ain’t only happening in the United States, ya know. It happening all ovah the world. People taking matters in tuh... Read More


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN’: Four types of gymazons

22 July 2016

ON TODAY’S EPISODE of National Geographic Barbados we take a look at the great Gymazon. The gymazon is a true social hub for humanoids; one can find all types of people when you pass through the doors of the land of the better health enthusiasts. Scientists have... Read More


EDITORIAL: Time to fix state corporations first

22 July 2016

IF THERE IS ONE PUBLIC institution in Barbados that has proven its worth to the population, particularly the working class, it is the National Insurance Scheme (NIS). We acknowledge that it has not always delivered perfect service, and one of the major blemishes... Read More


More in Mercy Committee than we think

22 July 2016

WHILE CHECKING some NATION newspapers before disposing of them, I discovered the names of the following members of the local Privy Council/Mercy Committee: Prime Minister Freundel Stuart; Opposition Leader Mia Mottley; Roman Catholic priest Father Clement Paul, who... Read More




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