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Just can’t believe the PM said so!

26 March 2018

Some things are beyond and above partisan politics, such as honour, decency, integrity and the rule of law. When these are assaulted, or worse, deliberately trampled, that nation is perilously near the point of no return. When they are flouted by the very people... Read More


A question of competence, not gender

25 March 2018

It has bothered me to respond to Maureen Holder’s question – “Is the nation seriously ready for a female Prime Minister?” – because the fact it was uttered, and uttered by a female, could provoke a “public mauling” of a woman for asking so asinine a question. So... Read More


Is it wrong to be right?

21 March 2018

Recently there has been a great deal of discussion in the national press on the subject of the Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 2017, with particular emphasis placed on the use of mobile telephones while driving. At a press conference held at police headquarters on Thursday,... Read More


Powers that be not in sync

20 March 2018

Well, well, well, I have to also add my two cents worth to the Road Traffic (Amendment) Act Section 148 and 148A pertaining to cellphone use. I first heard of the amendment to the cellphone use on Morning Barbados from Sergeant Seibert Johnson. Change is inevitable... Read More


Spare the rod and . . .

19 March 2018

Flogging is the act of punishment for a breach of law or code of behaviour used to correct disobedience. It is performed by beating the body of the person found guilty of breaking this law with special implements such as rods and whips. New UNICEF representative... Read More


PR not only for damage control

18 March 2018

I would like to commend the writer of your Editorial Good Public Relations Lacking (Saturday Sun, March 8) for an honest and forthright approach to that issue. For too long, some political, commercial and voluntary entities have abused the principles of good public... Read More


A dream or nightmare?

14 March 2018

Last night I had a dream about the Land Of Let’s Not Pretend, so-called because it’s so real, it’s just beyond your imagination. In that land, there was a state agency called the National Hotbed of Corruption. Many of the good citizens of that fair land suspected... Read More


Welcome to a different place

13 March 2018

For many years most people who came to Barbados had an expectation that they were coming to an island – most easterly in the region – which served as a lighthouse with a beacon that shone brightly for all to see. From 2008, however, that certainty, that expectation,... Read More


Dangers of AI

12 March 2018

Recently, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking have again warned of the dangers posed by AI (artificial intelligence). As a species, we seem unwilling to challenge scientists when they offer us technologies meant to make decisions for us. Such challenges needed... Read More


Checklist for voting decision

11 March 2018

Fellow Barbadians, as general elections draw near I started thinking about a rationale that could help me to decide how to vote. As a country and a people, we expect that an administration should focus on making the country better so that we, the voters, can see... Read More


Enough with the talk

07 March 2018

It bothers me that for more than a quarter of a century, there has been a slow abandonment of Government agricultural stations spread across many of the rural districts of Barbados. Services previously offered to local farmers are virtually non-existent. Years... Read More


Not fair to use CBC for Govt PR

06 March 2018

The position taken by Minister Donville Inniss regarding the vote of $9.2 million to liquidate the outstanding debt of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) was interesting. He seemed to be putting a case for privatisation of this state corporation. However,... Read More


I see an April 30 election date

05 March 2018

In a recent article, I opined that Election Day would be April 30, and given the feedback received from some quarters, it appears that a breakdown of my thesis may be useful. I have no formal training in political science and my assumptions are based on information... Read More


How much can we expect of children?

04 March 2018

Many families take advantage of school report cards to talk with their children about school. Even if the report card is itself important, it should not be the sole standard to evaluate a child’s academic performance, since every child is different and so are his or... Read More


Fines will hurt the poor

28 February 2018

Permit me to offer an opinion on one aspect of the recent legislation dealing with traffic offences. I particularly refer to the size of penalties for drivers guilty of using mobile phones while driving. I read last week of the first case brought before the courts.... Read More


It’s morality versus legality

27 February 2018

Barbados achieved partial Independence from the clutches of Britain on November 30, 1966. Constitutional experts have made us aware that certain niceties have still to be attended to before the process can be regarded as completed and full Independence achieved. ... Read More


Respect our policy, Ambassador

26 February 2018

Whilst delivering remarks at the Human Rights & Civil Society Grants Awards Ceremony, Ambassador Daniela Tramacere, Head of Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Barbados, the OECS and CARICOM/CARIFORUM, is reported to have noted that Barbados has not carried out... Read More


Use your words to empower others

25 February 2018

Like many others, I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to watch the much anticipated Black Panther movie, which from all accounts has reignited a worldwide consciousness of the magnificence we possess as a people. For many years the Israel Lovell Foundation and... Read More


Police must report all, not just some

23 February 2018

Section 20 (2) of the Road Traffic Regulations 1984, Cap. 295 states that: No person shall, without the permission in writing of the Licensing Authority, (a) affix to the front of a motor vehicle any letters or figures, other than those required by the Act,... Read More


Gun violence horse long bolted

22 February 2018

Though there were 17 killed and nine wounded at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Plantation, Florida, last Wednesday, every student there was a victim. These kids have been through an experience ghastlier than most adults have ever survived. Minutes after... Read More


Streetcars can boost transport

21 February 2018

Now that there is a call for the marking of the old train line, I thought it appropriate to propose an idea of streetcars that would greatly enhance the mass transit of passengers across Barbados. At some point, the next elected Government should be able to stabilise... Read More




Do you believe Barbados should change its buggery laws?