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Honest debate no easy task

20 December 2017

May I congratulate Peter L. Thompson for his tantalising, eloquent and most cleverly crafted letter on Nelson’s ‘artist’ (DAILY NATION, December 5). That Mr Thompson is an honourable man is an irresistible verdict from what he wrote. The peddlers of ‘black’ history,... Read More


Rein in extra loud ads

19 December 2017

I would like to bring a matter to the attention of our law-makers that can make a significant difference to the health and livelihood of our citizens in the future. Obviously, there are those who are unaware and those who may know but ignore what is happening and... Read More


Renovate education engine

18 December 2017

From time to time there are calls to renovate or overhaul our education system. Frequently there is the suggestion that this or that subject be added to the already over-burdened curriculum, either at primary or secondary level. Read More


Give monument some attention

17 December 2017

I cannot pretend to understand Rihanna’s music to the same extent as the majority of her young followers, but I do appreciate and laud her humanitarian and patriotic generosity. I commend those responsible for renaming the road of her childhood in her honour. As is... Read More


Govt should be solutions-driven  

15 December 2017

It has been reported that the sewage problem in Worthing is beyond the technical capabilities of the Barbados Water Authority. The evidence suggests that that may be so. However, it is not beyond the technical capability of Barbados. The reason why the problem is allowed... Read More


Barrow’s warning coming to pass

14 December 2017

ATTORNEY AT LAW David Comissiong is highly critical of Government’s intention to sell Hilton Barbados and the Barbados National Terminal Company Limited, and has expressed his criticism by way of a letter in the columns of the news media. Mr Comissiong not only mentioned... Read More


We should consider Sweden tax plan

13 December 2017

I write in response to Ann Walcott’s article headlined Fed Up With Substandard Products From China, published in last Tuesday’s DAILY NATION. It is true that few of us still own cars, stoves, irons, kettles and washing machines of a certain vintage which continue... Read More


All for shunning Chinese goods

12 December 2017

Full congratulations, and 150 per cent-plus endorsement of Ann Walcott’s article in your publication on Tuesday, December 5. I couldn’t have written a better letter. I, too, have been fed up with the poor quality of most Chinese-made products in recent years. ... Read More


Knighthood a form of enslavement

11 December 2017

I do not want my grandchildren to grow up in Barbados, the country we love as home, feeling insecure, or for that matter, as psychologically tormented as Professor Sir Hilary Beckles or many of the other well-educated Barbadians who are missing that one thread that... Read More


Govt lagging on sewage problem

10 December 2017

I refer to the article in [Friday’s] WEEKEND Nation and the introductory: “No cancellation of bookings and no angry visitors leaving their paradise vacations this time around”. Frankly, you let the Barbados Water Authority and the government off the hook far too... Read More


Krystle Clear: Celebrating Anti-Corruption Day . . . or are we?

08 December 2017

December 9th, 2017 will be celebrated globally as Anti-Corruption Day, which is an initiative spearheaded by the United Nations Convention. Corruption is defined as “dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery”. With this in mind,... Read More


Hold civil servants accountable

08 December 2017

The Auditor General’s report and the NIS Actuarial Review were recently published in Barbados, and we have had the familiar public debate about the quality of governance at public institutions in Barbados, especially the lateness of financial statements. We are... Read More


Leading the blind

07 December 2017

Last month, our Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson led a two-day workshop which complained that 50 per cent of the inmates of Dodds were remand prisoners. Later in the month, the Office of the Attorney General published Government’s proposed amendments to the Bail... Read More


Govt making a big mistake

06 December 2017

The Clement Payne Movement deplores the decision of the current Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration to privatise and sell our state-owned Hilton Hotel, and we particularly deprecate and denounce the fact that the Stuart administration is making plans to divest... Read More


Gratitude to Nelson ‘artist’

05 December 2017

THE LAST SUNDAY SUN Editorial, No Good Reason To Deface Statue, is a lost opportunity for Nation Publishing to contribute positively to a conversation among Barbadians about the history and future together of those who are categorised as black or white. Make no mistake:... Read More


Issue more than skin-deep

04 December 2017

Dr Karl Watson obviously is endowed with the thickest of skin. While correct intellectually in his assessment of Horatio Nelson (Nelson Protest, Back Page, November 30 DAILY NATION), for the crime of not kowtowing to populist sentiment, he may now expect to be vilified... Read More


Trinity Clarke deserved standing ovation

03 December 2017

I would like to make the following little plea to my fellow adult Barbadians when you experience an 11-year-old child performing onstage with the magnificence that young Trinity Clarke exhibited when she performed at the Rihanna street-naming ceremony, please follow... Read More


Boy, have we changed!

01 December 2017

It is almost beyond belief that during recent times churches in the north of Barbados have had electronic equipment, fans, clocks, (no Bibles) etc. stolen, with even the Salvation Army reporting loss due to burglary. These organisations which have dedicated their... Read More


Opposition Leader: Offering hope for a better future

30 November 2017

We have been at the crease for fifty years as a nation, which is but the blink of an eye in terms of nationhood. We acknowledge that our journey as a people started long before our Independence. But, as we embark on our second half-century it is time to take fresh guard... Read More


How to clean up Barbados

30 November 2017

I have been writing letters to the editor about the litter that spoils Barbados for over 20 years, but sadly nothing has been done, and I suspect that this letter will also be a waste of time and ink. As I write this, the island is strewn with plastic bottles, cups,... Read More


PM: Draw on inner reserves

30 November 2017

Fellow Barbadians, I feel honoured to be able to address you once again on this the 51st Anniversary of the Independence of Barbados. When I addressed you last year, Barbados had just completed one full year of the celebration of its Golden Jubilee as an independent... Read More




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