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Help students realise potential

17 April 2018

I am always disturbed when I hear someone say “our children have great potential". Why does this bother me? Because it makes me nervous waiting for the “but” that is sure to follow. “Our children have great potential, but . . . .” But what? But our schools lack the... Read More


PM’s ‘brilliant’ ploy

16 April 2018

IN MY OPINION, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart should be credited for his ingenuity, particularly as it relates to political strategy. As a student of philosophy, Mr Stuart is aware of the spin-offs that often accompany the ancient practice that many philosophers refer... Read More


Transparency a must when dealing with public funds

15 April 2018

There seems to be a growing number of Barbadian voters who are uncomfortable, or may be incensed, over the continuation of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government beyond the dissolution of Parliament. I strongly believe that this DLP Government is acting immorally... Read More


Door left open for ludicrous challengers

13 April 2018

The negative press that Barbados has been recently subjected to by international publications – highlighting what Barbados has become or is rapidly becoming – is of some concern to me. The gradual decline now appears to have become an all-consuming politically inspired... Read More


Barbados not new to Sputnik news

12 April 2018

AS A PROUD BARBADIAN, my first reaction to the Sputnik news story about the Political Prostitutes Party (PPP) was embarrassment and curiosity. I wanted to know why a Russian government-backed newspaper would be interested in Barbados and how it got the story. But... Read More


Baseless concerns and propaganda

11 April 2018

In an article in the last SUNDAY SUN headlined Concern Over Principal In BUT Race, a number of very baseless concerns were raised about the right and suitability of Everton Briggs, principal of St Bernard’s Primary School, to be a candidate in the race to be president... Read More


Long-term fix needed

10 April 2018

The Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB) calls attention to the tireless and relentless efforts of employees of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA), Ministry of Health and other public sector agencies to alleviate the suffering and inconvenience... Read More


What crisis?

09 April 2018

Laws are made to achieve particular objectives. For example, the laws regulating the use of cellphones on our roads. Those laws were presumably enacted to promote road safety. Two senior police officials gave their interpretation to the public which was seemingly... Read More


Waiting five years for a response

08 April 2018

I wanted to know if there are others who are as equally upset with the Inland Revenue/Revenue Authority as I am? Since June 2014 I have unsuccessfully tried to access my income tax refund; 2014 was the year of the voucher, but I remained “voucherless”. The “nice”... Read More


Well done, QEH, but it could be better

05 April 2018

If there is one institution which often gets a thorough tongue-lashing from Barbadians, even if unfairly, it is the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). We are often quick to pull it down, despite the obvious good that it does. – The preamble to Editorial, Tuesday, April... Read More


Love yourself, love others

05 April 2018

THE OTHER DAY I had this conversation with the (Heavenly) Father who gave me a message which I think is appropriate for many. Michael: Father, I do need your help, love and support in every aspect of my life. I pray that You will guide me and I will hear and listen.... Read More


On that Telegraph article

04 April 2018

A week ago a friend sent me the article on Barbados published in the Daily Telegraph of 15th March 2018. Written by a Julia Bradshaw, a Business editor for the British newspaper, the piece is entitled, ‘The stench of economic decay is overwhelming Barbados.’ It begins... Read More


Natalie, Mia and Jesus’ say

04 April 2018

Ms Natalie Harewood is a self-confessed prostitute, seeking to unseat Colonel Jeffrey Bostic as the parliamentarian for the City of Bridgetown in the General Elections. If it is as she says, that she is a prostitute who has cleaned up her act, and even if she did... Read More


Youth will lead drive for change

03 April 2018

While reading Editor’s Notebook by Editor-In-Chief of the Nation newspaper, Mr Eric Smith, on March 28, 2018, it made me recall the turbulent years in South African student politics in the 1980s and the recent changing of the guard in the African National Congress (ANC).... Read More


Criminals gaining confidence

02 April 2018

At one time not so long ago, our open coastline was thought to be the weak link in our security defences, against illegal activities involving people smuggling drugs and guns. Beaches have been side-stepped as they are now thought of as being too risky, due to countermeasures.... Read More


Barbados our paradise

01 April 2018

We all see beautiful places on cable television and we dream of going to these places. But as beautiful as these places are, none of them can touch the beauty of our island Barbados. I enjoy being here in this country, being on the beach and seeing the beautiful... Read More


Choose whom we will serve

30 March 2018

NO MAN CAN SERVE two masters. As a nation, Barbados is being called to chart its course according to one of two masters, both of whom require unflinching allegiance. One warns of hell after death; the other warns of hell on earth for not toeing the line. On the... Read More


What about competence?

29 March 2018

The entry of Natalie, a self-confessed former prostitute, into the political arena has created a lot of discussion. I say the lady has guts. Certainly more than I have. To make that confession and hold your head high requires a courage that is rare. Hats off to her!... Read More


Get cow itch before it flowers

28 March 2018

In the 1940S and 1950s when as youngsters we roamed the various cane fields in groups prior to the beginning of the crop season, to quench our thirsts, we never encountered the dastardly cow itch. This menace appears to be a new – relatively speaking – dimension.... Read More


Aussies sledging victims?

27 March 2018

Every person who follows cricket knows that the Australian cricketers are the leaders in sledging. And every person who follows cricket knows that whenever there is a response, the Australian cricketers are the first to claim they are victims. Today in South Africa,... Read More


Just can’t believe the PM said so!

26 March 2018

Some things are beyond and above partisan politics, such as honour, decency, integrity and the rule of law. When these are assaulted, or worse, deliberately trampled, that nation is perilously near the point of no return. When they are flouted by the very people... Read More




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