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How West Indies can win

06 June 2010

THE CURRENT NONSENSE which passes for West Indies cricket must by now be a major affront and embarrassment Read More

AL GILKES COLUMN - The power of info

06 June 2010

THE POWER of the mobile phone and Internet media like Facebook was demonstrated recently when text messages Read More

ON THE OTHER HAND - Price of progress

06 June 2010

I LAMENT the passing of many things, but none more than Pine Hill Dairy "fresh" pasteurised milk. It's the end of an era. Read More


06 June 2010

AS "WEST INDIANS", as "Caribbean people", we face a basic contradiction of oneness and otherness, a basic paradox of kinship and alienation. Read More

MAVIS BECKLES: In dire need of a new hospital

05 June 2010

WHEN I was growing up, there was the General Hospital there pon Jemmotts Lane wid the eye ward over the road 'pon Bay Street. Then the Errol Barow administration build the Queen Elizabeth Hospital 'pon Martindales road, discarding the old one. As the years went by,... Read More

EDITORIAL: Keep graduation costs within reach

05 June 2010

WITHIN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS primary and secondary schools will hold their annual graduation ceremonies. These graduations are among the most eagerly anticipated events on the school calendar for students, parents and teachers. For students, graduation represents their... Read More

Real Jezebel on the job

05 June 2010

THE WOMAN who believes that some workers in a certain organisation dislike her colleague, should be the last to talk about anyone. Currently, she has someone in court for theft, and sometime back she caused one of her male comrades to go before the boss for lying. For... Read More

SATURDAY CHILD: Chai till I die

05 June 2010

"START WITH the rubber curry. The rubber curry should be used in a circular motion to loosen dirt that has settled under the horse's hair." This is good advice for people who curry horses. In this case, the word "curry" is associated with neatening and not with eating.... Read More

COU COU & FLYING FISH: Power play in the works

04 June 2010

THE NEXT FEW WEEKS should determine the division of troops in one army and who the ultimate general will turn out to be. One of the generals lost a recent manoeuvre involving a trusted ally, but is still very much the front-runner. The second general got his wish... Read More

OUR CARIBBEAN: Arthur's read on CSME way for OECS/Belize

04 June 2010

THE CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY ministers responsible for trade and economic development will shortly consider what is viewed as a very serious exercise in support of full integration of Belize and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) into the evolving CARICOM... Read More


04 June 2010

FREUNDEL STUART IS the Deputy Prime Minister, Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs of Barbados. In recent days he has made his first major insensitive blunder, which has given Barbadians the opportunity to see the impact, which the stress of high office seems... Read More

THE LOWDOWN: Master races

04 June 2010

TWENTY-FOUR-HOUR BBC is great. News updates every half-hour. Alas, as any husband will tell you, that isn't nearly enough. As every newscast begins, my wife crouches ready to pounce on whichever headline takes her fancy. She then runs with the subject like a star... Read More

GUEST COLUMN: Dr Esther and St George South

04 June 2010

THE DECISION to initiate constituency conferences was one that many of us did not fully understand. However, last Sunday there could be no question of my not attending my first constituency conference for St George South. Sometime towards the latter part of 2007 I... Read More


04 June 2010

THERE IS A SENSE in which being Machiavellian is the accepted norm for one to be regarded as a true politician. Such comments as "you are too honest or too soft to be a politician" are familiar in an arena where survival of the fittest is the mantra. Here the emphasis... Read More

New laws needed

04 June 2010

WITHIN THE PAST MONTH at least two very learned calls have been made for actions directed in the main to discovering what went wrong in relation to two regional corporate collapses and we support these calls, not least because the continuing recession and certain developments... Read More

NEW YORK, NEW YORK: AG for Caribbean cause

03 June 2010

ERIC HOLDER, the United States Attorney-General, knows where his loyalties lay but he has forgotten his roots. Ministers of security from the Bahamas, Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica and diplomatic and other representatives from the rest of Caricom left a one day meeting... Read More

Leadership needed

03 June 2010

AN ARTICLE in the DAILY Nation of Thursday, May 27, reported some truly harsh comments by a senior West Indies Cricket Board official about the players the board employs. Now what did the official expect to achieve  by his comments? He only confirmed that he too is... Read More

BP spill shows up US Achilles heel

03 June 2010

NOTHING SEEMS to be going right for United States President Barack Obama. He must by now have come to the stark reality of the Shakespearean aphorism  that "all things that are; are with more spirit chased than enjoyed".  His presidency is taking a battering from the... Read More

THORNY ISSUE: Illiteracy comment a false stroke

02 June 2010

IN THE search for a solution to the problems of West Indies cricket I think foot-in-the-mouth disease is becoming an epidemic. The former chief executive officer of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), Dr Donald Peters, suffered from it, and his successor, Dr Ernest... Read More

NOTES FROM A NATIVE SON: Customer service

02 June 2010

AT A RECENT MEETING at the Barbados High Commission in London, a member of the audience told how he went  to see lawyers in Barbados on family business and two  of his attorney’s colleagues threatened to take off their jackets and fight him. Read More

New twist to meeting with Clinton

01 June 2010

LAST MONDAY'S report in the DAILY NATION of a likely visit to Barbados by United States Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to meet with Caribbean Community (CARICOM) foreign ministers has come as a surprise to the Community Secretariat. A clarification is now being... Read More


Should the Barbados Secondary Schools' Entrance Examination (11+) be abolished?