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Other side of the PSV ban on students

23 May 2010

I am a student of the Coleridge & Parry School Read More

Mr Golding Should Go

23 May 2010

The ongoing saga in Kingston concerning the request Read More

FLYING FISH & COU COU: The million dollar man

22 May 2010

The boss man and his crew are wringing their hands in frustration and it does not even have anything to do with the other boss and her crew who are trying to replace them. Read More

MAVIS BECKLES: Adoptin' a lot o' dangerous fads

22 May 2010

YOU WOULD THINK dat wid the access tuh everything through the lot o’ technology duh got today, people – especially young people – would find it hard tuh be bored  and be distracted  by foolishness, or even get led away by things or people who gine only cause dem grief... Read More

SWIMMING UPSTREAM: Go forward or be left behind

21 May 2010

Social media networks are defined  as the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction and the construction of words and pictures. This new dynamic has created an environment where communication, collaboration and coordination exist without any barriers.... Read More

The way to go Cave Hill

21 May 2010

SIR HILARY BECKLES has made the brave announcement that the Cave Hill Campus,  of which he is Principal, is in for a "complete" overhaul. He wants to make the university "more relevant to the 21st century  educational needs". Read More

THE LOWDOWN: Allo! Allo!

21 May 2010

Long ago in the cold North Land, so the Inuit say, there was only one fire. A man and his small boy were Keepers of the Fire. The man tended the fire  at night, the boy during the day. Read More

OUR CARIBBEAN: Sharing the dreams of Reds Perreira

21 May 2010

JOSEPH "REDS" PERREIRA has evolved into a name synonymous with sports in the West Indies, and cricket commentary in particular. At 71, the Guyanese lad of humble beginnings, stands proudly among Caribbean icons whose outstanding contributions over the years have enriched... Read More

Living dreams and making choices

20 May 2010

As we continue debate about the direction in which our young people are headed, it is just as well that we contrast current newspaper reports of two young persons from overseas. Read More

Twenty20 'coffee cricket'

19 May 2010

THE STAGING of the International Cricket Council (ICC) 2010 World Twenty20 Championships was a resounding success. Read More

NOTES FROM A NATIVE SON: Greek crisis affects many

19 May 2010

THE MELTDOWN in the Greek economy and its spreading contagion in the rest of the eurozone is not, as many people suggest, a little domestic difficulty. Read More

MARKET VENDOR: Dis tournament, we all win

19 May 2010

THE AUSSIES came, they saw and they conquered, well almost, as over the past few weeks we saw the good the bad, the awful, and the magnificent as the I.C.C. T20 Cricket tournament came to town and people like Amurcan troops in Iraq came to the Mecca, Kensington Oval.... Read More

THORNY ISSUE: Time for heads to roll

19 May 2010

When there is consistent failure in any sporting discipline it usually signals that there is time for change and for some to be relieved of their posts. Read More

THORNY ISSUE: Dottin, Sammy seize spotlight

19 May 2010

VERY OFTEN, the  world stage throws up individuals who rise  to the challenge and others who falter.             Read More

Misgivings on today's EPA meeting

18 May 2010

THERE ARE some strong misgivings among senior government officials and regional thinkers of the Caribbean Community over an inaugural meeting scheduled for today  in Madrid, Spain  of the Joint Council on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) signed in 2008 between... Read More


Fines against West Indies players unfair

18 May 2010

ON THE day that the West Indies cricket team would face the invincible Aussies in a crucial match of the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Twenty20, the home side was greeted with the news that the captain had been fined 40 per cent and each of the rest of the... Read More


Is Govt slacking off on the environment?

18 May 2010

I WOULD like to offer my congratulations to The Future Centre Trust, volunteers and businesses that helped make “No Plastic Bag Day” on May 8 the success it needed to be. Read More


Praise for Ministry of Tourism and BTA

18 May 2010

I WOULD like to commend the Barbados Tourism Authority and Ministry of Tourism (BTA) for the excellent and professional way in which they carried out their duties in making sure that the recently concluded Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development (STC... Read More

GUEST COLUMN: 'Beach bums' and tourism

18 May 2010

One prominent South Coast hotelier, well known for his tirades against beach vendors, was himself a beach vendor and could be described  as a beach bum.  That is how he met his wife, who financed the purchase of his hotel. Read More

BLABBERMOUT BABSIE: Crystal ball, wha' gine happen?

18 May 2010

Well, muh girl, life ’pon dis li’l "Treasure Islan’" gine on as usual, good fuh some, not so good fuh ethuhs. But as a frien’ o’ mine always say, "Life is wha’ yuh mek it Read More

ALTAR CALL: Submit yourself to the fire

17 May 2010

IT WAS A three-week crusade with  a difference. Read More


With more public servants set to go home next month, do you think that the Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation programme (BERT) is working?