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Mastering strings

06 January 2018

In Crystal Barker's eyes, the violin is more than an object that produces musical sounds. She said that when it is played it tells a story which evokes emotion from the musician and the listener. The instrument has a way of connecting people. That bond is the... Read More


Abandoned in St Andrew

28 July 2017

In response to numerous calls and complaints, the WEEKEND NATION has brought this series looking at abandoned Government buildings that are eyesores and health hazards. This is the final edition of the eight-part series. THE PEOPLE of Belleplaine, St Andrew are less... Read More


Hundreds flock to Wesleyans’ walk/run

26 June 2017

OVER 1 100 RUNNERS and walkers from all strata of society took part in the second annual These Fields And Hills five-kilometre run/walk put on by Ellerton Wesleyan Holiness Church yesterday. Among those participating in the healthy lifestyle fundraiser were former... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Second man seems a mistake

05 May 2017

Dear Christine, I HAVE A CHILD and I am contemplating a divorce, as my husband and I have not been getting along for a number of years. He is neglectful and unfaithful. He seldom sleeps home and we have little to say to each other. A few months ago I moved back to... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Boyfriend won’t support his child

03 May 2017

Dear Christine, I ALWAYS READ the advice you give to people about their love problems, so I do hope you can help me with mine. Christine, I have a boyfriend who says he loves me, but he does not really prove it. When I talk to him about it, he always says: “It is... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Asking ex-girlfriend to please forgive me

01 May 2017

Dear Christine, I AM A REGULAR reader of your column. As a matter of fact, the first thing I read when I get THE NATION is your column, and I must say that I am very pleased with the advice you give. I never thought I would have to write to you for advice but recently... Read More


A bumper pumpkin surprise

06 October 2016

A CHRIST CHURCH SHOPKEEPER has reaped over 45 pounds of what he has not sown – well, at least not intentionally. Victor Smith, of Parish Land, said he always prayed to reap a giant vegetable but never had the time to spend in his kitchen garden because he was a full-time... Read More


WEDNESDAY WOMAN: Couple bringing Parish Land back to life

05 October 2016

IN YEARS GONE BY Parish Land, Christ Church was a place where activities abounded for young and old. Football and cricket tournaments were the norm and there was a sense of community. Not anymore. The clearest sign is that the community centre, once a focal point... Read More


Tree falls on St Peter home

10 July 2016

A MASSIVE MAHOGANY TREE fell on a house at Station Hill, St Peter on Saturday night, damaging a large section of the house. As a result, Station Hill road is closed for the rest of the day as personnel from the St Peter District Emergency Organisation, headed by... Read More


‘Misery’ downwind from farm

01 July 2016

SOME COLERIDGE and Parry Road residents in St Peter are saying the practices of a nearby farmer are a threat to their health. Members of the farmer’s family are refuting those claims, saying they had already been visited by the police and cleared. For more than... Read More


Tom Clarke passes

26 June 2016

ONE OF CANADA’S and Barbados’ literary giants, Austin “Tom” Clarke, an award-winning Canadian and Commonwealth novelist died this morning in a Toronto hospice. Clarke was 81. He has written dozens of books and short-stories, as well as hundreds of newspaper columns,... Read More


Arawak meets with residents

17 June 2016

RELATIONS BETWEEN RESIDENTS of Bromefield, St Lucy, and their industrial neighbour Arawak Cement Company appear to be improving. Last Saturday the top brass of the company sat down with more than two dozen residents who had been complaining for months about dust... Read More


Birthday girl Alicia quiet on her big day

14 June 2016

BARBADOS’ LATEST CENTENARIAN has been described as a very committed and affectionate person by family members. The newest member of the 100 club, Alicia Waithe, celebrated her big day yesterday among friends and family. She was joined by Acting Governor General... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Tannis tall on banking

30 May 2016

HOW DOES A money-strapped little boy from a working class family in Barbarees Hill and later The Pine, St Michael, go from packing bags in a supermarket to managing million and billion dollar funds? If you were to ask Patrick Tannis, he would simply proclaim: “God.”... Read More


47 sweet years

28 May 2016

FOR THE LAST 47 years, Grantley Johnson has been selling sno-cones. Sweet flavours like coconut, strawberry, lime and lemon, cream soda, ginger, grape, pear, orange and pineapple, all of which he makes, poured onto scooped ice in cups tempt the little ones and adults... Read More


The ‘terror’ of St John

27 May 2016

WITH NIGHT COMES terror for residents in the neighbouring St John communities of Coach Hill and Haynes Hill. An armed outpatient of the Psychiatric Hospital has been tormenting them to the point where some residents are afraid to leave their homes after dark. ... Read More


Brown water woes for northern folk

27 May 2016

AS THE NORTH of the island is starved of water, things are looking brown. When some people in St Joseph accessed the community tanks this week what came out was far from satisfactory. “The water in this tank dirty. I have to leff here and go St Thomas to look... Read More


Water scarce in the north

27 May 2016

IT IS A bittersweet tale for those in the North of the island as the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) is reporting mixed results concerning ending the water shortages in St Peter, St Joseph and St Lucy. Acting general manager Dr John Mwansa said relief was on the way... Read More


Residents upset by authorities’ decision

24 May 2016

RESIDENTS OF MASSIAH STREET in St John are openly upset over the decision by authorities to leave Harriette Codrington in the home where it has been alleged she was being abused by her caretaker. While chairman of the National Assistance Board, Senator Reverend David... Read More


Police fired at fleeing men, claim Airy Hill folk

17 May 2016

IT IS ONLY natural for men to run when they see police, so why would the police shoot at them? This was the argument put forward by men who were liming at Airy Hill, St Joseph, yesterday morning, who accused police of opening fire on them as they scampered. The... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Bougainvillea’s man of steel

16 May 2016

PLENTY OF PEOPLE report to their jobs daily and work for what some deem as the longest eight hours. At the end of a 40-hour work week, they are usually the happiest people. As a matter of fact, to many of them, retirement rather than a mere two days off would be... Read More





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