Family of eight facing eviction

29 April 2016

COME MONDAY, a St Michael family of eight will be out on the streets – unable to meet the required rent. The family’s lone breadwinner, Elvis Brewster, said he was less worried about himself and more worried about his girlfriend Esther Worrell, her four children... Read More


Water woes a strain for Shop Hill

29 April 2016

BARBADOS’ water woes show no sign of abating as the latest word is from Shop Hill, St Thomas, where some residents have gone weeks without running water. Other residents tell stories of water going off at night, coming on in the morning and then going off again for... Read More


Ex-Scotia banker says early days not all rosy

28 April 2016

PETER ROSS WAS the first teller hired by Scotiabank when the Canadian bank set up operations in Barbados in 1956. Looking back on his life, he regards his foundation in banking the template. Long retired, the 79-year-old has many stories to tell. He has in fact... Read More


White Hill shock over road closure

28 April 2016

THE EARLY Christmas present given to residents of land-slippage prone White Hill, St Andrew, has now been taken away. And that is because workmen from the Ministry of Transport and Works (MTW) turned up yesterday and erected three signal poles with cement and a sign... Read More


GG refusal not stopping residents

27 April 2016

RESIDENTS OF BELLEPLAINE, St Andrew are prepared to step up their action, notwithstanding the refusal to meet with them from the highest official in the land. The residents are speaking out against the intention to incorporate the Belleplaine police station into... Read More


Centenarian thanks God for helping her

26 April 2016

SHE IS TEN YEARS OLDER than the Queen and she knows it. And the island’s latest centenarian Mildred Gentilia Turney credits her longevity to God. Surrounded by her family, including her 91-year-old sister Clovine, at her Hothersal Crescent, St Michael home on... Read More


St Joseph still facing water woes

26 April 2016

WE DON’T WANT any talk. We want water. This could have been a quote from last year, but these were the feelings of St Joseph residents on Sunday as they vented their frustrations over the continued lack of waterin the rural parish. The development came days after... Read More


Meredith’s miracle

13 April 2016

FOR ABOUT TWO MONTHS Meredith Hinds could not talk. He couldn’t utter a word. His mouth was moving but the words just weren’t coming out. In his mind, he was talking loudly for all around to hear. Not so. Hinds simply could not speak. A cancerous tumour... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Best pizza ‘on the block’

11 April 2016

KENVILLE CADDLE is a Bajan but his pizzas are so tasty, they could quite possibly have been baked in any of the finest pizzerias in Italy. Though his signature is vegetarian, the meat pizzas are nothing short of fantastic too. Caddle has been serving up slices from... Read More


Protect us from noisy advertisements

07 April 2016

MR ALEX WAITHE (Page 9, Tuesday’s DAILY NATION) and others before him have spoken through the Press about a type of disruptive, cacophonous atmosphere that permeates the environs of St Lawrence Gap, mostly on weekends. There is another type of noise not cacophonic... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Running man a proud coconut vendor

04 April 2016

KEITH CUMBERBATCH was one of Barbados’ best endurance runners. In terms of distance running, he started relatively late, at the age of 20, but his undeniable talent took him across the world, including to Canada and the famous Boston Marathon in the United States. And... Read More


Praise for Massy worker

02 April 2016

PATIENT, KIND, INSPIRING. Those were some of the words used to describe Natalie Rouse, a worker at the Massy Stores Supermarket in Worthing, Christ Church. She has been praised for going beyond her regular duties to help visually impaired Anna Beckles, a regular... Read More


Going out on a high

29 March 2016

THIS MAY BE the last year residents of Blackman’s, St Joseph, hold their annual kite-flying community fun day next to Andrews Sugar Factory. That is because the area has been earmarked for construction of an expanded multimillion-dollar sugar factory for the revival... Read More


‘Fed up’ paying for dry taps

29 March 2016

RESIDENTS OF MOUNT BREVITOR, St Peter, are fed up getting water bills for dry taps. One day after those people living in a number of St Joseph districts expressed similar sentiments to the DAILY NATION, the St Peter folk were up in arms over their continuing water... Read More


Fifty joyous years of the perfect fit

27 March 2016

He is quiet, she is loquacious – differences Lilian Hoyte and Harold, her husband of 50 years, say make their marriage “the perfect fit”. Tomorrow they will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary without much fanfare beyond the joy of being surrounded by their... Read More


Mumsie marks 101 milestone

27 March 2016

Mumsie knew exactly what she wanted to eat for lunch on her birthday. Split pea rice, stew chicken and plenty of vegetables. That order was put in days before her birthday last Tuesday. On that day, Doris “Mumsie” Greaves turned 101 on March 22. Mumsie got... Read More


It's not an easy road for two ex-cons

27 March 2016

July 6 will be five years Frank Carter has been out of prison. When he was released in 2011 after serving 27 years, Carter had already steeled himself to the fact that many in society would not welcome his presence because of his past. In 1985, Carter was sentenced... Read More


Winter blues spark McCaw’s Bajan obsession

27 March 2016

FOR THE LAST 38 years, Clare McCaw has visited one Caribbean nation –Barbados. In fact, Barbados is the only foreign destination the 85-year-old Canadian has ever travelled to in her entire life. McCaw’s commitment to the island was deemed so remarkable that on... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Olton moving to beat of conscious music

21 March 2016

When you hear Albert Olton’s music, you hear Albert Olton. He is a man whose objective is to sing music with a deeper purpose other than simply for entertainment, and contribute to the awakening of people. From the time he concocted his first “drum set” with pots... Read More


Maynard, 70 and still keeping up sports pace

13 March 2016

THE AGE OF 70 is often considered a time when many are in retirement mode, but Esther Maynard compares life at 70 to the rippling after a stone has been thrown into a river: it just keeps flowing. Her 51-year involvement in track and field, which includes 12 years as... Read More


Mark looking back on life

13 March 2016

IF YOU’VE ever listened to radio in Barbados then you know there is one programme that has led the way in bridging the generation gap. For the past quarter of a century Mark Williams has been doing this by reminding Bajans of the old-time days by way of his nostalgic... Read More




Are Barbadians doing their part to help police stop crime at the community level?

Don't Know