Life of the village

21 September 2015

AS A BABY, Dondré Hunte-Weekes was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy. As a result, he is unable to walk and uses a wheelchair. He cannot talk and has limited use of his hands. Additionally, he cannot chew as a “normal” person would so all of his foods are blended.... Read More


Band of brothers had each other’s backs in Dominica

20 September 2015

The egg and small salad eaten earlier that morning had long since been digested. Thrown into a terrain they had never seen before, Barbados’ search and rescue team in Dominica was now running on low fumes of energy, and high levels of adrenaline. The stench of death... Read More


White twins with black roots

20 September 2015

The way Susan Taylor and Janet Kangro talk about their “granddad”, one pictures two little red-haired English girls playfully romping on the lap of a grandfather they adored. But these twins from Liverpool never knew their paternal grandfather. In fact, not before... Read More


Young man found dead

16 September 2015

A ST MICHAEL COMMUNITY has been thrown into mourning after one of their own was found dead early this morning Eighteen-year-old Shakem Turton of Long Gap, Spooners Hill was said to be involved in an altercation with a 16-year-old neighbour on Tuesday. Read More


MONDAY MAN: Road safety expert driven to save lives

14 September 2015

FOR ALMOST all his seven years at Combermere School, every time Junior Jordan hopped on to a bus, he would dart to the seat directly behind the drivers and watch eagerly as they manoeuvred the Albion buses. It was in the late 1960s into the early 1970s that buses were... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Grave digging his pride and joy

07 September 2015

IT IS SAFE TO SAY that when one thinks about a great career, never does digging holes for long hours or dealing with the dead come to mind. In fact, one would hardly see students in long queues at any career showcase desirous of entering a career field with the aforementioned... Read More


Marilyn new director at Flow

07 September 2015

FLOW BARBADOS has announced the appointment of Marilyn Sealy to the role of director of communications. Sealy will be responsible for leading the corporate communications portfolio of the company, including the internal and external corporate reputation. Read More


Dems’ TV star going strong

06 September 2015

SOME PEOPLE believe she was pivotal in helping the Democratic Labour Party(DLP) win the 2013 general elections Hyacinth Mapp says she did the campaign’s most memorable advertisement for the political party she loves. “It is my party and I did it for my party. I didn’t... Read More


St Joseph’s lies abandoned, awaits financing

06 September 2015

THE BATTERED “St Joseph Hospital” sign barely hints at the state of a hospital still in wait of revival. Hidden by overgrown bushes and fallen trees, the Ashton hall St Peter facility stands in a dilapidated and abandoned condition telling of a structure desperately... Read More


MONDAY MAN: There’s work in me yet!

31 August 2015

IN THE EVENING OF HIS LIFE, Clarence Jones could be home like any other octogenarian, feet up and relaxing in a reclining chair. However, to do this would be out of character. So instead, at 84 years old, Jones can still be seen riding his nifty bicycle “Betsy” – which... Read More


Xavier refuses to let ordeal keep him back

30 August 2015

THE NIGHTMARES have finally stopped. Brave little Xavier Bertram no longer awakes in the middle of the night, screaming out for daddy. He’s back to sleeping with the lights off too. That was far from the case three months ago, when the nine-year-old shooting victim... Read More


From the block to the Bible

30 August 2015

AS a young boy, Dwight Auguste was on a deadly and destructive path. He was spending a lot of his days and nights on the block. At 15 years old, while in third form at Foundation School, he was expelled after persistent reckless and deviant behaviour. He left the... Read More


Osbourne on mission to save young men

30 August 2015

GRANTLEY OSBOURNE is on a mission. As the new head of the Men’s Support Educational Association (MESA), he is determined to do what he can to halt the downward slide of men in Barbados. “There is no turning away. We have to confront the young men and their problems.... Read More


FAMILY FUSION: Let you light shine (1)

26 August 2015

THE GENETICALLY MODIFIED zebra fish that glows in the dark recently caught my attention. This fish, according to BBC News of April 2012, is used by scientists at the University of Exeter for medical research purposes. This glow-in-the-dark fish is designed to identify... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Serious about his jokes

24 August 2015

It is an unlikely place to peddle one’s wares, but Kemmerick Harrison does it. The former comedian sells his self-penned books in front of St John’s Parish Church perched high on the rugged Parris Hill, St John, with a breathtaking view of the ocean. The 60-year-old... Read More


Young Guns ‘bringing about change’

24 August 2015

The level of gun violence in Barbados is leaving many wondering what is happening to our young men. The Joshua Men Young Guns is one group whose mandate is mentoring and empowering young men to seek God and do better in their lives. Read More


Torchlight Tour into the past

24 August 2015

A HAND desperately clawing through the food slot of Cell 50. The buxom great-great-great grandmother of literary giant Frank Collymore, a freed slave amid the luxury of her plantation home. The original fire cart that carried a hose, but no water. It was all part... Read More


Granny’s tasty legacy

16 August 2015

Evelyn “Granny” Walcott died last week leaving behind a legacy of entrepreneurship and achievement. Hers is a story of determination, seizing opportunities and ploughing through any obstacles in her way.Her business acumen took her from the kitchens of others, to her... Read More


For Jerry and Kat true love waits

16 August 2015

Some people say true love doesn’t exist anymore; cynics say maybe it never did. But observing Jerry Weekes as he lovingly gazes at his fiancée Katrine Phillips one cannot ignore the fact that it is very present between them. Beginning back in 1995, the story of the... Read More


Vincent Layne laid to rest

15 August 2015

VINCENT LAYNE, who touched the lives of many Barbadians, was laid to rest at the Bushy Park cemetery, St Philip after a service at Dunamis Outreach Ministries, Christ Church this afternoon. Layne, known for his engineering and farming skills, was also an ardent contributor... Read More


Captain Peter Short laid to rest

12 August 2015

A WHO’S WHO OF CRICKET was in the congregation at St George Parish Church for the funeral service of former Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) president Captain Peter Desmond Short, who passed away last week at the age 89. Captain Short was a powerful figure in the... Read More




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