Put health before sex, says cancer survivor

15 November 2015

Rawle Browne is living proof that being diagnosed with prostate cancer is not a death sentence. He was diagnosed with the illness in 2008 at 56 years old. Today, seven years later, this retiree reflects that he has always been on top of his health because of his... Read More


Building a life of love as Anglican priests

08 November 2015

Beverley Sealy-Knight and her husband Reginald go out shopping, casually dressed. Without the telltale collars this husband and wife duo are hardly ever recognised as priests. But the two Anglican ministers have no illusions about who they are, nor about their... Read More


Unease lingers in Spooners Hill

08 November 2015

It’s 12:50 p.m. on Thursday and Clarke’s Gap in Spooners Hill, St Michael, is quiet. There is hardly a person in sight as the SUNDAY SUN rolls through in a brightly painted vehicle that would ordinarily draw some attention. The atmosphere of the area is a far... Read More


Family still feels pain of deadly crash

08 November 2015

Eight years ago a close-knit family from rural Barbados was plunged into mourning after losing four loved ones to a vehicular accident – an experience some of them said they would never get over. But time has proven to be the ultimate therapy. On a bleak, rainy Wednesday... Read More


Lil Rick gets married

07 November 2015

RICARDO “LIL RICK” REID is now a married man. One of Barbados’ most popular entertainers tied the knot this evening with long-time girlfriend Caragh Smith, now Reid, at Golden Grove Plantation, St Philip. Read More


Fire in the pot

31 October 2015

REGIONAL FIREFIGHTERS showed their culinary skills yesterday as the aroma of well-cooked food flowed through the Probyn Street headquarters of the Barbados Fire Service. As part of the Caribbean Association of Fire Fighters’ (CAFF) week of activities, regional officers... Read More


Poonka’s new song on In Dependence

31 October 2015

VETERAN ENTERTAINER Wayne Poonka Willock has penned a song especially for Independence. The track, titled In Dependence, is set for release tomorrow. “In an atmosphere where there is so much emphasis on Christmas, even in the month of November, I thought it would... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Fitness his heart and soul

26 October 2015

Running a gym has fused the best of both worlds for Jonathan Bishop – his love of fitness and the joy of helping others. Bishop is the owner of Join & Develop Fitness Centre and Health Shop in Fairfield, Tudor Bridge, St Michael. It specialises in positive vibes,... Read More


Gabby's treat

26 October 2015

SCORES of Children had a mighty good time with calypso and folk legend Anthony Mighty Gabby Carter during story hour at the Public Library on Saturday. Gabby sent the 36 youngsters seated around him into fits of laughter as he read What Makes Me Happy What Brings... Read More


Parliament Buildings go blue for UN Day

25 October 2015

Parliament Buildings joined 150 international landmarks in a glowing blue tribute to mark UN Day yesterday. Monuments, buildings, museums, bridges and other iconic structures in more than 45 countries took on the official colour of the United Nations, as part of... Read More


Coke-Hamilton putting Caribbean brand on world stage

25 October 2015

Pamela Coke-Hamilton is a Caribbean woman with a fierce passion for the region and its development. The executive director of the Caribbean Export Development Agency stirred the audience at last weekend’s graduation ceremony at the University of the West Indies Cave... Read More


Cancer survivor living a full life

25 October 2015

Delores Jackson-Bourne lives just across the street from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Her husband Lionel worked there for 30 years and there is a plaque to mark that milestone hanging in the modest living room at her Martindales Road, St Michael home. What Delores... Read More


Theology the next step for Adzil

18 October 2015

WELL KNOWN make-up artist Adzil Stuart has gone back to school. No, he is not brushing up on cosmetology classes. Been there, done that! Adzil is taking on theology. He is burning the midnight oil beating some big hardback books as he chooses a new foundation... Read More


Birthday girl Doris pretty in pink on her 100th

18 October 2015

DORIS ELISE KING reached her 100th birthday surrounded by family and friends, eating cake, drinking non-alcoholic wine and exchanging repartee with Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave. Dressed in a pink dress with matching crown, the lively centenarian joked with... Read More


Heroics all in a day’s work

18 October 2015

The two police officers were on regular patrol duty when a panicked citizen flagged them down and reported hearing screams for help. They followed him. A couple of miles away another policeman heard his colleagues’ SOS over his radio. He swung his motorcycle around... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Crafting a living from ‘root to shoot’

12 October 2015

Sixty-five years ago, Emanuel Worrell was born in Hillaby, St Andrew. His entire lineage spent their lives working in agriculture and when it came time for him to pursue a career, his parents believed he would follow suit. And Emanuel did, for a time, but like... Read More


Lorene steps out in faith

11 October 2015

A Barbadian, Christian, black woman in a small Bosnian town of fair-skinned Muslims, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through acts of mercy and goodwill. An anomaly, some may say, but a reality of life for Lorene Goodman who, responding to a vision she had, sold... Read More


Man’s best friend under pressure

11 October 2015

SOME DOGS are being “let go” as families face tough economic times. Some of them are being put down, while others are released into the public to become strays. There is also now an emerging trend where, because of the financial strain, owners are choosing specific... Read More


How good girls go bad

04 October 2015

NOT SO LONG AGO girls were celebrated as being made from sugar and spice and everything nice, while boys were ridiculed as coming from snails and puppy dogs’ tails. That age-old nursery rhyme honoured girls as the fairer sex for their usual genteel demeanour and... Read More


Through it all Lesley’s still living the life

04 October 2015

Her morning class is due to start in about five minutes and people clear the way as Lesley Walcott is breaking the speed limit in her “Mercedes” wheelchair to make it to the classroom on time. “I like to be punctual”, she says to the small group keeping pace with... Read More


Sea egg harvest a ‘25-year setback’

04 October 2015

CHARLES INNISS KNOWS the sea like the back of his hand and can easily boast of this in the little fishing village at Conset Bay in St John. A fisherman for over 30 years, he is one of the divers contracted by the Fisheries Division to survey the ocean’s floor to... Read More




Has independence lost its significance to Barbadians?

Don't Know