Classmates weep for Abijah

30 June 2015

ABIJAH HOLDER-PHILLIPS’ classmates are still coming to terms with his untimely death. Read More


School to donate award in Shemar’s honour

28 June 2015

THIS TIME LAST YEAR, Shemar Weekes was the child who was identified as the one who “made it against the odds”. Read More


Joy turns to sorrow for Abijah’s schoolmates

28 June 2015

PHOTOS OF FUN-FILLED LAST DAYS at primary school turned into a memorial for 11-year-old Abijah Holder yesterday. Read More


Springer’s success story

22 June 2015

With over 50 years of “academic excellence”, Springer Memorial must be recognised as more than an athletics school. Read More


Rethink on cellphone ban

20 June 2015

GOVERNMENT’s OUTRIGHT ban on children using cellphones at school might end next September. But Minister of Education Ronald Jones, who indicated this yesterday, said it didn’t mean that students would be allowed to take out their cellphones in the classroom and make... Read More


Gun at school?

17 June 2015

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched into pictures showing students from a secondary school with a gun. Read More


VIDEO: George Griffith on parenting and sex education

13 June 2015

FORMER HEAD of the Barbados Family Planning Association George Griffith recently spoke to parents about a range of issues affecting teenagers, and the importance of sex education. Read More


Clubs plant trees at Blackman and Gollop Primary

06 June 2015

IN A FEW WEEKS, the roundabout at Blackman and Gollop Primary School will look quite different. Read More


Chalky Mount Primary moving to temporary locations

06 June 2015

THE MINISTRY of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation has advised that due to structural issues at Chalky Mount Primary School, St Andrew, the school will be closed on Monday and Tuesday. Read More


Wesley Hall hailed for its Heroes

04 June 2015

PREVIOUS HEADMASTERS of Wesley Hall Junior School were hailed yesterday for their efforts that produced three of Barbados’ National Heroes. Read More


Sir Hilary: Education the way to rebuild economies

31 May 2015

VICE CHANCELLOR of the University of the West Indies Sir Hilary Beckles has renewed his call for a university graduate in every household in the Caribbean. Read More


June 8 return to Combermere

28 May 2015

THE ALL-CLEAR has been given and officials are moving to return Combermere students back to their Waterford, St Michael home on June 8. Read More


Combermere study ‘must be priority’

27 May 2015

REPORTED CASES of cancer at Combermere School should not be dismissed or taken lightly. Read More


Inniss queries major cost of Sir Hilary’s installation

18 May 2015

The amount of money the University of the West Indies is spending on the “coronation” of “king Hilary” is of tremendous concern to Minister of Commerce Donville Inniss. Read More


Girls talk about issues affecting them

13 May 2015

GIRLS FROM SEVERAL secondary schools in Barbados are today facing off with authority in no-holds barred all-day youth seminar. Read More


Key job

11 May 2015

TEACHERS UNIONS in Barbados are in unanimous agreement with a judicial officer that theirs should be designated an essential service. Read More


‘Shortage of men’ at Open Campus

11 May 2015

MEN ARE NOT enrolling in the University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus in enough numbers and that is of concern to the new head of the institution. Read More


Bajan speakers in clean sweep

10 May 2015

BARBADIAN TEENAGED speakers dominated the Caribbean stage recently with the latest four taking the top four spots in the Optimist International’s Oratorical Contest in Jamaica. Read More


SBA deadline met

06 May 2015

THE MAD SCRAMBLE to ensure Barbadian students benefit from the work they put into completing their school-based assessments (SBAs) seemed to have paid off. Read More


Time to unwind

06 May 2015

WITH THE COMMON ENTRANCE Examination behind the 3 510 children who sat this year, it was time for play, fun and food. Read More


Smooth going at Princess Margaret

05 May 2015

THE SCHOOL YARD of the Princess Margaret Secondary School was a hive of activity as parents of the children taking the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination hurried their charges to the briefing rooms. Read More




Do Barbadians take disaster preparedness for granted?

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