More training for Teachers

21 June 2016

MINISTER OF EDUCATION RONALD JONES projects that all teachers in Barbados’ primary school system will be trained by 2020. Introducing a resolution on the Public Service Teachers Order 2016 in the House today, Jones said Erdiston Teachers’ Training College was gearing... Read More


Parental support key

17 June 2016

PARENTS HAVE BEEN urged to help their children transition from primary to the much different world they will experience at the secondary level. The advice came from Angela Smith, principal of Gordon Greenidge Primary School, during her report at the school’s graduation... Read More


Ex-teacher slams poor parenting

14 June 2016

A RETIRED TEACHER has raised serious concerns about the level of parenting in Barbados and the role it is playing in increasing school violence. The matter was highlighted by 82-year-old Edwena Armstrong, who was yesterday given the honour of having a road at Hothersal... Read More


Skinner wins Kregg Nurse Memorial Scholarship

13 June 2016

JANELLE SKINNER is the newest recipient of the Caribbean Catalyst Kregg Nurse Memorial Scholarship Award. Today at the Caribbean Catalyst’s River Road, St Michael offices, Skinner was chosen at the 12th winner of the annual award which recognizes individuals who... Read More


BSTU: No request for transfer

28 May 2016

THE BARBADOS SECONDARY TEACHERS’ Union is denying that the female teacher involved in a fracas with a student in the classroom has requested to be transferred from the Black Rock, St Michael school. BSTU president Mary Redman said that the teacher did attend two... Read More


Programming a hit at St Alban’s

23 May 2016

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING is a hit among students of St Alban’s Primary. And although the subject is one commonly taught to those 15 and over, the 11-year-olds at the Weston, St James school were very enthusastic about the information technology subject taught by a team... Read More


Education Ministry teaming up with BMA

17 May 2016

THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION and the Barbados Manufacturers’ Association (BMA) will soon be working together on a number of incubator projects for young entrepreneurs. Chief Education Officer Karen Best made the disclosure after a tour of the exhibits from the island’s... Read More


Matter ‘will be settled’

13 May 2016

MINISTER OF EDUCATION Ronald Jones is promising an end to the impasse with the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) of which he is a past president. Yesterday during a no-confidence motion being debated in the House of Assembly Jones gave the assurance after saying he... Read More


Teachers can’t ‘work to rule’

12 May 2016

THERE CAN BE NO work-to-rule in teaching, says former school principal-turned-priest Reverend Keith Griffith. He said any such action was disgusting and anyone who wanted to participate in it should not be in schools. Griffith was addressing pupils, teachers and... Read More


WorldSkills still ‘top class’

11 May 2016

WHILE THE number of participating organisations in the WorldSkills Barbados competition has fallen, the standard has remained high and organisers are gunning for gold in the regional competition this year. “The interest is still very high. Perhaps the criteria or... Read More


Jones Must Humble!

10 May 2016

A FORMER SCHOOL BOARD CHAIRMAN who was on the receiving end of the Ronald Jones-Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) wrath says Jones should humble himself and meet the union. Pastor Vincent Wood, of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, was chairman of the St Leonard’s Girls’... Read More


School aims to tap every talent

10 May 2016

CHILDREN WHO PASS for Alma Parris Memorial Secondary School come September will have even greater chances of soaring to new heights. That was the word from principal Valdez Francis, who said the St Peter school was making headway in its efforts to construct a curriculum... Read More


Parents not bothered by work-to-rule

06 May 2016

THE BARBADOS UNION of Teachers (BUT) is getting pushback from both Ministry of Education, Technology and Innovation (METI) and parents in a controversy which puts primary school students at the centre of an ongoing impasse. The BUT a few days ago gave an ultimatum... Read More


BUT: It’s War!

05 May 2016

TEACHERS HAVE DECLARED WAR on the Ministry of Education as their union ups the ante in the ongoing dispute. President of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) Pedro Shepherd made the declaration yesterday in Queen’s Park while revealing that his next move was to write... Read More


Teachers back in classroom today

05 May 2016

TEACHERS WILL RETURN to classes today to perform their stipulated duties. But before anyone breathes a sigh of relief, president of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) Pedro Shepherd says they will work to rule, doing no more than they are strictly required to perform.... Read More


No row’ with teachers

05 May 2016

WHAT IS THE DISPUTE? That was the question from Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Senator Harry Husbands, as he told the Senate yesterday the ministry had met several times with officials of the two teachers’ unions over the past several months.... Read More


BUT Meeting

04 May 2016

TODAY IS ONE week since the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) industrial action started against the Ministry of Education. And it is set to continue today next door to the Ministry of Education at Constitution Road, The City. This in spite of the issuing of a letter... Read More


Mum wants action against teacher

04 May 2016

THE MOTHER OF a Deighton Griffith student is asking for action to be taken against a teacher who she believes has a free lease to do as she pleases. Speaking to the MIDWEEK NATION last week, the mother said that her daughter had been subjected to a teacher’s actions... Read More


Two new medical schools on card

04 May 2016

TWO NEW medical schools will be setting up campus in Barbados by yearend. This has been revealed by Minister of Education Ronald Jones, who was leading off debate on the Caribbean Accreditation Authority Education In Medicine And other Health Professions (Incorporation)... Read More


New man at Parkinson from today

04 May 2016

AFTER 21 YEARS at Grantley Adams Memorial School, Ian Holder is about to write another chapter in his teaching career. This morning, the 55-year-old former deputy principal at the St Joseph school will walk into Parkinson Memorial Secondary School as its new principal... Read More


Teachers on job for exam

04 May 2016

TEACHERS TURNED OUT in their numbers yesterday for work across the island. They were at the examination centres to support their charges as over 3 500 students took the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination, also commonly known as the 11-Plus. They... Read More




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