Small's big win

24 July 2016

FOR A SECOND time, bandleader Kevin Small has played his cards right. His kiddies band Fifth Element has claimed the Best Junior Band title in this year’s Junior Kadooment and Fair. Read More


Kaiso juniors on a roll

24 July 2016

THE Scotiabank Junior Monarch Finals started off last night at Kensington Oval at a hot pace, with the youngsters competing in the 8-12 category. With eight vying for the crown, there was no defending monarch as last year’s winner Dynamo has graduated to the 13-18 category.... Read More


Junior Kadooment underway

23 July 2016

A FEW HUNDRED people are currently at the National Stadium cheering on their children who are taking part in Junior Kadooment & Fair. So far the Kings and Queens of the some of the bands have already faced the judges. Overall 17 bands are expected to take part in... Read More


Square One rocks the boat

23 July 2016

THERE WAS A REUNION like no other on the high seas along the West Coast on Thursday night. A reunion of the members of the band once labelled the “Soca Ambassadors”; a reunion of family, friends and fans with the band; and a reunion of the band and their following with... Read More


Battling for turf

23 July 2016

NOT ONLY WILL Sweet Soca King Edwin Yearwood and Party Monarch Peter Ram defend their titles tomorrow, they will engage in a fierce battle on each other’s turf. Edwin is in Party Monarch with a chance to dethrone Peter Ram, while Ram is in Sweet Soca with a chance to... Read More


Weekend Buzz July 22, 2016

22 July 2016

Calypso and soca lovers have been busy. See what they experienced at the Pic-O-De-Crop Semi-finals, Soca on the Hill and Square One's Reunion Concert. Also, find out what you can do this weekend. Read More


Classic ready to rumble

22 July 2016

CLASSIC WILL NOT be dethroned without a fight. The reigning monarch of the MQI/Mount Gay Pic-O-De-Crop Competition, whose real name is William Waithe, said he was confident in the strength of his two songs. “I intend to defend [my title] with everything I’ve got;... Read More


Sherborne brings the swing

22 July 2016

SWING MUSIC and Crop Over met on the South Coast when a visiting British “big band” of teenaged musicians gave a 90-minute performance at the Ocean Two Resort & residences. Twenty-six all-male musicians from the Sherborne School of England thrilled staff and guests... Read More


Pokemon GO takes off in Barbados

21 July 2016

IT HAS TAKEN over the world by storm and people in Barbados are also getting caught up in the craze. What are we talking about? Pokemon GO - the world’s newest fad. The upgraded game made by game developer company Niantic crisscrosses the virtual world of gaming... Read More


MRBLOOD first out the blocks

21 July 2016

MRBLOOD WILL BE the first calypsonian on stage at the MQI/MountGay Pic O De Crop finals. The ten finalists in the annual competition signed contacts today at the Mount Gay’s Visitor’s Centre on Brandons Spring Garden Highway where they also pulled their numbers. ... Read More


New People’s Monarch on cards

21 July 2016

WHO WILL BE the Starcom Network People’s Monarch 2016 and walk away with $15 000? There will be a new monarch this year as Red Plastic Bag didn’t make it to the eight for the quarter-finals. Votes were done online at Hott953.com and by text to cut it to the eight.... Read More


Twitter cracks down on abuse

20 July 2016

TWITTER INC SAID TUESDAY it had moved to permanently suspend a number of user accounts for abuse and harassment after Ghostbusters actor Leslie Jones on Monday drew renewed attention to the issue and announced she would quit the social media site. Jones retweeted... Read More


Tanya is Miss Crop Over

18 July 2016

STANDING AT 4 feet 11 inches, Tanya Hinds dazzled the judges with her dancing, stage presence and confidence to be crowned Miss Crop Over 2016. Before a small but supportive audience at the Queen’s Park Steel Shed on Saturday night, the passenger service agent looked... Read More


Soca high

18 July 2016

OVER ELEVEN THOUSAND party animals did “de dawg” yesterday as Farley Hill was ablaze for the annual Flow Soca on the Hill event. From mid-morning people started to flock to the St Peter location for what was one of the major activities on this year’s Crop Over Festival... Read More


9 go forward to meet Classic

17 July 2016

EMCEE CARL ALFF PADMORE announced nine calypsonians to face defending monarch William Classic Waithe in the MQI/Mount Gay Pic-O-De-Crop competition finals slated for July 30 before a sparse audience at the National Stadium early Saturday morning. Read More


Four women get Pic for finals

16 July 2016

FOUR WOMEN, including 21-year-old Aziza Clarke, received the nod from the judges for the finals of the MQI/Mount Gay Pic-O-De Crop competition. Aziza, a former two-time Junior Monarch, joins TC and Chrystal Cummins-Beckles from De First Citizens/Digicel De Big Show,... Read More


Smooth start to kaiso battle

16 July 2016

Kaiso lovers did not let the rain that had earlier threatened to put a damper on the night stop them from heading to the National Stadium yesterday to see 18 calypsonians do battle at Waterford. The MQI/Mount Gay Pic-O-De-Crop Semi-Finals got under way without technical... Read More


Weekend Buzz July 15, 2016

15 July 2016

WHETHER YOU MISSED these events or just want a recap, here's what went down at Puff of Colour, Wadadah Back to School, Pan Fusion and Pan Pun De Sand. Don't get left out of the action this weekend; find out which events are buzzing as Crop Over gets even hotter.... Read More


Calypso semis underway at stadium

15 July 2016

THE MQI/MOUNT Gay Pic-O-De-Crop Semifinals is off to a great start. A large crowd gathered at the National Stadium the old home of the competition. Jamal JSlo Slocombe was the first to hit the stage and another member of the young brigade, Sammy G, will close... Read More


Back to Waterford battleground

15 July 2016

IT’S BACK TO THE old yard this evening, after an extended break, for the Pic-O-De-Crop Semi-finals when the top 18 will battle it out at the National Stadium. The event has not created that buzz of yesteryear, but calypso fans and those who just enjoy a good song... Read More


Rain stops Oval jam

13 July 2016

THE CROWD WAS RESTLESS. They were cold. They were frustrated. Doubts surfaced. When will it start? Will it be cancelled or postponed? The clock was ticking and wasted time cannot be regained. Finally, there was some good news. Read More




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