BE PREPARED: Cell phones – packed with potential

23 August 2015

IT HAS QUICKLY BECOME A TREND in the 21st century for people to be in the possession of a cell phone or other mobile device than it is for them to have a library card.What good does having a cell phone serve if a hurricane has taken out the communications towers? Read More


BE PREPARED: Recovery ready

22 August 2015

RECOVERING FROM any natural disaster is more than likely going to be a slow process. Getting back into your home, if it is still suitable, is one of the main desires of those trying their best to bounce back after catastrophe. Read More


BE PREPARED: Know your shelters

21 August 2015

IN THE EVENT that you and your family are unable to ride out a storm or hurricane in your home, several hurricane shelters are available across the island. Shelters may be public or private property and wardens are put in place to supervise those who chose to stay... Read More


BE PREPARED: Emergency shelter regulations

21 August 2015

SEVERAL REGULATIONS have been put in place governing the use of emergency shelters. 1. The senior warden is the supreme authority in the shelter and his or her decision is final. Read More


BE PREPARED: Check your vehicle

20 August 2015

IF A WARNING COMES about for a disaster, the precise management of time becomes of extreme importance. Having everything necessary for the worst situation helps cut the rush and enable a feeling of preparedness. Read More


Animals in a storm

19 August 2015

BEFORE DISASTER HITS pet owners should consider the safety of their furry friends in the event the worst comes to pass. It is good practice to maintain an emergency kit, not only for yourself and your family, but for your pets as well. Read More


BE PREPARED: An ounce of prevention

19 August 2015

PROPERTY PROTECTION is no joke with the increasing frequency and strength of hurricanes with every interval. Luckily, Barbados has been blessed with a low number of catastrophic cataclysms, but that is no reason to rest on laurels when nature’s course rarely bends... Read More


BE PREPARED: Make a plan

18 August 2015

DURING AN EMERGENCY, family members are often in different places and communication may be difficult. Put in a plan in place and educate all family members so they know what to do and where to meet in the event of an emergency. Read More


BE PREPARED: Emergency kit

17 August 2015

WHEN IT COMES to being prepared, it can seem like an impossible task to have everything that would be conceivably necessary all together. However, an emergency kit is a part of readying yourself that can continuously grow. Read More


BE PREPARED: What they mean when they say

16 August 2015

ON THE APPROACH of a tropical storm, hurricane, or any weather system that can cause significant damage, you listen to the advisories being broadcast on the local radio and television stations. Sometimes we don’t understand the terms used, so below is an explanation... Read More


BE PREPARED: Be ready before need arises

16 August 2015

OUTDOOR SKILLS and general survival techniques should be more commonly encouraged and practiced. Familiarity with your surroundings and dynamic planning for all circumstances should be a de facto aspect of universal knowledge. Especially in regard to civilisations... Read More


Seaweed chokehold on some beaches easing

16 August 2015

The once golden sands along some Barbadian shores have been defenceless against the Sargassum seaweed invasion. Seemingly endless layers of the brownish yellow moss-like substance drifted inland and became what is considered to be the worst deposit since 2011. A Sunday... Read More


BE PREPARED: Keep an eye on the weather

15 August 2015

THE HURRICANE SEASON is upon us and though this year is expected to be one of the lightest hurricane seasons on record, being unprepared does no one any good. Whether it’s protecting your home and property or making plans for any circumstance, it’s always important... Read More


Rain on the way

10 August 2015

BY EVENING, Barbados should start to feel the effects of a tropical wave. The wave is approaching the island and conditions, while fair at first, are expected to become increasing cloudy with scattered showers by mid-afternoon. Read More


St Lucy quarry change of heart

10 August 2015

RESIDENTS OF BROMEFIELD, St Lucy who are gearing up to do battle with their neighbour Arawak Cement Company over plans for a new marl quarry less than 50 metres upwind from some homes, may not have to go to war after all. Read More


Seaweed stench upsets residents

27 July 2015

SOME STOREY GAP, St Michael residents are fuming over the dumping of tonnes of Sargassum seaweed close to the area. “You can’t treat people like this,” Winston “Jack” Hoyte said yesterday. The residents say the estimated 100 metres long by 25 metres wide stretch of... Read More


Cherry makes ‘hometown’ pickup

27 July 2015

BUSINESSMAN ANDERSON CHERRY has taken matters into his own hands, helping to clean a community affected badly by a pile-up of garbage. “I cannot drive around and see this garbage piling up when I can get the resources to get it removed, but I cannot do it all over... Read More


Volcano alert level up to orange

23 July 2015

THE ALERT LEVEL on the Kick ‘em Jenny underwater volcano has been elevated to orange. This means there are highly elevated level of seismic and/or venting activity and eruption may begin with less than twenty-four hours’ notice. Read More


Not a cent

22 July 2015

GARBAGE COLLECTORS who went on strike for a week will not be getting a cent in pay from the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA). Read More


Another quake to the northeast

21 July 2015

SEISMIC ACTIVITY continues in the Atlantic Ocean with another earthquake being recorded in the same zone to the northeast of Barbados. Read More


Lab complex plan a concern

20 July 2015

TRAFFIC CONGESTION, chemicals, potential fire and health hazards are some of the major concerns of residents of Graeme Hall, Christ Church over a proposed construction project in their area. Read More




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