Lowe backs SSA, scolds litterbugs

16 June 2016

MINISTER OF the Environment and Drainage Dr Denis Lowe is throwing his support behind staff at the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) as Barbadians cry out over garbage pile-ups islandwide. Speaking on the sidelines of a presentation ceremony for the National Independence... Read More


Sargassum’s back

15 June 2016

THE SARGASSUM SEAWEED is back – at least on some northern beaches. The smelly pelagic seaweed that covered the island’s beaches last year has reappeared at River Bay, St Lucy, and one or two other spots. Coastal Zone Management Unit officials said sightings of... Read More


Garbage taken from West Coast waters

12 June 2016

FLIPPERS, BOTTLES, PLASTIC GLOVES with red dye on them, even a large beach towel filled with broken and dead pieces of coral were pulled from the seabed yesterday. The discoveries came as dive operators, the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU) and the Barbados chapter... Read More


‘Cheaper’ to fix White Hill

24 May 2016

GIVEN THE NUMBER of residents located on the slipping slopes of White Hill, St Andrew, it may be cheaper to just fix the road. So said Minister of Housing and Lands Denis Kellman, while speaking at a meeting of his Democratic Labour Party St Lucy branch in Pie Corner... Read More


$1 million to move sand

18 May 2016

IT’S GOING TO COST the Barbados Port Inc. about $1 million to remove the sand that’s built up at The Pierhead mouth. This is the estimate given by Harbour Master Richard Alleyne, who explained that the 4 500 cubic metres of sand would take a few weeks to remove.... Read More


Desal plants to arrive soon

14 May 2016

TWO NEW PACKAGED desalination plants are expected to arrive on the island next week, Minister of Agriculture and Water Resource Management Dr David Estwick has announced. They are being brought in by Williams Industries and Innotech, which have reportedly been dealing... Read More


Roads of Hardship

13 May 2016

WHITE HILL has become the latest poster child for deteriorating roads and land slippage in the Scotland District. But residents are old hands at battling these conditions in this north-eastern area, which is prone to landslides. The reality is that many of the... Read More


Garbage tax

12 May 2016

OUT WITH THE controversial Tipping Fee and in comes the garbage Tax. With Government searching for a way to find a fairer and more equitable system of paying for the management and disposal of waste in the country, Minister of Environment and Drainage Dr Denis Lowe... Read More


Ban for plastic and Styrofoam

12 May 2016

GOT PLASTIC? Not for long. Plastic and styrofoam could soon no longer be a part of the Barbados landscape, as Minister of the Environment and Drainage Dr Denis Lowe has said a complete ban is coming. Speaking to the media yesterday from his Warrens Tower office,... Read More


White Hill ‘abandoned’

10 May 2016

THE PEOPLE OF White Hill, St Andrew, have been abandoned. That’s the assessment of Member of Parliament for St Andrew George Payne, who described Government’s handling of the residents’ plight with severe land slippage as “disgraceful”. “The Government has abandoned... Read More


Hard road to travel

06 May 2016

THE UP AGAIN, down again tale of White Hill, St Andrew, is decidedly down again. The road, connecting Hillaby on one side to Cane Garden and the heart of St Andrew on the other, is again in a deplorable state. Residents were feeling hopeful in December last year... Read More



03 May 2016

ALMOST ONE YEAR after Government introduced the controversial tipping fee, Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre (SBRC) is seeing a significant drop in the amount of waste being deposited there. Chairman of the SBRC, Ralph “Bizzy” Williams, said it had fallen by... Read More


Dumping grief

29 April 2016

PEOPLE LIVING in Charnocks, Christ Church, are concerned about a troubled man in the neighbourhood who has been strewing garbage along a large piece of land, but the man is only part of the problem. When the WEEKEND NATION team investigated, the amount of garbage... Read More


White Hill shock over road closure

28 April 2016

THE EARLY Christmas present given to residents of land-slippage prone White Hill, St Andrew, has now been taken away. And that is because workmen from the Ministry of Transport and Works (MTW) turned up yesterday and erected three signal poles with cement and a sign... Read More


White Hill targeted

27 April 2016

WHITE HILL, St Peter was the site of another clean-up as health officials continued to bear down on illegal dumpers across the island. A team led by environmental health officer Ryle Rock had the location cleared on Monday of about ten truckloads of garbage after... Read More


Batts Rock gets a fresh look

26 April 2016

A SECTION of Batts Rock, St Michael, is taking on an eye-catching look. An area leading from the hillside down to the shoreline is being landscaped and has enhanced the environmental appeal. This forms part of the old roadway, which is expected to be closed off... Read More


Officials probing fishkill

24 April 2016

HUNDREDS OF BIG EYE JACKS have washed up on a stretch of East Coast beach and environment officials aren’t quite sure why. Right now, their best guess is low oxygen levels in the water. Yesterday morning the dead silver scale fish were the first thing that greeted... Read More


Health inspectors on the job

24 April 2016

WAY BEFORE sunrise they are on the prowl for acts of illegal dumping. From up north in Clinketts, St Lucy to down south in Long Beach, Christ Church, officers from the Ministry of Health have been intensely engaged over the past week keeping watch on pesky perpetrators.... Read More


Dump bad habit, warns BWA

24 April 2016

CEASE AND DESIST with immediate effect. With the rising disquiet caused by illegal dumping recently, a Barbados Water Authority (BWA) official is now sending a strong message to those who engage in the habit. BWA’s water quality technologist Alex Ifill has cautioned... Read More


Truck drivers ‘dumping’

06 March 2016

ILLEGAL DUMP SITES are popping up all over Barbados, putting pressure on the Sanitation Service Authority and Government’s environmental health department. While the SUNDAY SUN was unable to reach officials, a source said that a nationwide effort was being formulated... Read More


Dry pond a blow for farmer

06 March 2016

If you did not believe the drought in Barbados was real before, believe it now. Acting general manager of the Barbados Water Authority, Dr John Mwansa, announced that beginning last Tuesday restrictions would be placed on water usage across the island until May 31.... Read More




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