More cracks, cries in White Hill

26 November 2014

AT LEAST one parent in White Hill, St Andrew, will not be sending her child to school until something is done about the collapsed road in the village. Read More


From The Archives: Sanitation workers rapped

25 November 2014

SANITATION WORKERS IN BARBADOS have been accused of acting irresponsibly and doing jobs outside those they have been employed to do. Read More


From The Archives: Beaches disappear

25 November 2014

BARBADOS IS NOW FACED with a multimillion dollar beach erosion problem. Read More


Crane not caving in to seaweed

24 November 2014

THE CRANE HOTEL in St Philip has a major daily battle on its hands. Read More


Sand mining a cause for concern

18 November 2014

THE PRACTICE OF SAND MINING in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) must come to an end, especially as the islands continue to feel the effects of climate change. Read More


Chikungunya Fact Sheet

15 November 2014

Chikungunya is a viral disease that is spread by mosquitoes. Read More


Waste plan

09 November 2014

Barbadians can expect more timely garbage collections as early as mid-December. Read More


Alleynedale residents battle water

08 November 2014

Residents of Alleynedale, St Lucy had to battle rising waters as heavy rain fell across Barbados today. Read More


From The Archives: The hands-on minister

07 November 2014

MINISTER OF HEALTH and the Environment Liz Thompson spent four hours on the road early yesterday morning helping Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) workers collect garbage. Read More


Nearly 5 000 object to location of Ebola centre

07 November 2014

CLOSE TO 5 000 individuals have put their signatures where their mouths are in objecting to the siting of the quarantine facility for people suspected of having infectious diseases. Read More



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