MPs want Psychiatric Hospital check-up

06 May 2015

THE LOW SUPPLY of drugs to treat mental illness is among the problems facing the Psychiatric Hospital. Read More


Bajans in Canada donate health supplies

06 May 2015

THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH is singing the praises of overseas benefactors who have donated more than $250 000 worth in medical equipment and supplies. Read More


Explore link between C-sections and health problems

05 May 2015

BARBADIAN HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS should explore claims that there’s a link between birth “interventions” such as Caesarean sections and health problems which such emerging babies face later in life. Read More


TALKING SEX: Schools hotbeds of sex

02 May 2015

“WELL I AM REALLY NOT SURE what works for adolescents but if we put realistic pictures of sexually transmitted infections – we are sure to get some parent or teacher complaining that the material was too explicit for school-age children. I would prefer to err on the side of not offending parents until... Read More


Sargassum seaweed no threat to humans

25 April 2015

THE CONTINUOUS INFLUX of sargassum seaweed on beaches across Barbados poses no threat to human health. Read More


TALKING SEX: Many rivers to cross

25 April 2015

REMEMBER THE TIME when “family planning” or avoiding unplanned pregnancies was shrouded in secrecy? The ability of women to control the number of pregnancies they had was very limited. Read More


Jump in abuse

25 April 2015

CHRISTMAS IS ANYTHING but a happy time for some couples as the chairman of the SAVE Foundation reports a spike in calls to its hotlines, around that time of the year, about domestic abuse. Read More


Cancer’s toll on sex organs

25 April 2015

ALMOST HALF OF the women who die from cancer in Barbados have succumbed to breast, uterine or cervical forms of the diseases. Read More


Chikungunya on the decline in Barbados

23 April 2015

CASES OF chikungunya disease in Barbados continue to decline, with 57 suspected cases reported for the first 12 weeks of this year. Read More


QEH evacuation exercises this week

21 April 2015

THE QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL (QEH) will be conducting a series of evacuation exercises this week to test its readiness in the event of a disaster. Read More




Should private waste haulers continue their protest against the tipping fee?

Yes – Their livelihoods are at stake.
No – The health of the nation is at stake.
Don’t know.