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Health service praised

13 October 2016

THE PAN AMERICAN Health Organisation’s (PAHO) top brass had nothing but praise for Barbados’ primary health care system, even describing what they observed as “far superior”. Director of PAHO Dr Carissa Etienne spoke glowingly of local facilities after a tour of... Read More


‘Only for health care’

01 September 2016

EVERY DOLLAR EARNED from the National Social Responsibility Levy will be used to help Barbados’ health care bill alone, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler has reaffirmed. The levy, which takes effect from today, is expected to earn Government in the region of $142... Read More


New lupus link?

31 August 2016

THE CULPRIT BEHIND the debilitating lupus disease may also be a factor that draws tourists to our shores. According to president of the Hope Foundation, Shelly Weir, silica is possibly being linked to the disease which attacks one in every 250 people worldwide. ... Read More


Move to make Bajans more aware of condition

19 July 2016

BARBADIANS will soon know more about myasthenia gravis as the Myasthenia Gravis Association of Barbados intensifies its education and public awareness initiative. Rosalind Mascoll, president of the association, said her group wanted the word to become well known.... Read More


More people diagnosed with cancer

05 July 2016

CANCER SUPPORT SERVICES is reporting an increase in the number of people diagnosed with cancer. News of this came from Chief Public Health Nurse Ann Worrell as she delivered opening remarks at last week’s Cancer Support Services 2016 conference, held at the Accra... Read More


HEALING HERBS: Nectarines full of vitamins

27 June 2016

IMAGINE THAT LAST MONTH was the first time I ever ate a nectarine. It was very delicious but I will never trade it for a ripe Bajan golden apple or a small bag of Caribbean tamarinds. However, as I continued to consume that firm, red juicy nectarine, I wondered... Read More


Vaccine needed for travel to yellow fever endemic areas

15 June 2016

PEOPLE PLANNING to travel to Brazil for the Olympic Games in August are reminded that they will need to be vaccinated against yellow fever. The Ministry of Health, in an advisory issued today, informed persons travelling to all areas endemic for yellow fever that... Read More


Barker: Too many fat kids

27 May 2016

BARBADIAN CHILDREN are eating junk and drinking sweet drinks and it is showing around their midsections. These were the findings, said a health promotions officer in the Ministry of Health, of a school-based study done four years ago. Donna Barker was speaking... Read More


Concern over shortage of intern spaces

26 May 2016

INDEPENDENT SENATOR Carol Lady Haynes has given her support to the Caribbean Accreditation Authority (Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions) Incorporation Bill 2016 debated in the Senate yesterday. However, Lady Haynes called for a balance between the... Read More


First Zika birth in Barbados

25 May 2016

BARBADOS HAS HAD its first Zika birth. And so far, all signs are that the baby is not suffering any related birth defects. This news came from Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Karen Broome, who revealed that there were nine other pregnant women who were confirmed... Read More


‘More can be done in AIDS fight’

24 May 2016

MORE AND MORE PEOPLE in Barbados with HIV/AIDS are surviving because of the treatment, but there are many AIDS sufferers courting death by not taking their prescribed medication. This is a concern of Dr Timothy Roach, one of the early pioneers in the AIDS fight.... Read More


False lashes way to go

21 May 2016

EYELASH EXTENSIONS are the latest accessory for women to have their faces “beat” for every occasion. Women ranging in ages are applying the lashes to help beautify their look. The SATURDAY SUN probed this growing craze and discovered that the application of individual... Read More


New hospital still on

11 May 2016

A NEW QUEEN Elizabeth Hospital is still in the Government’s plan, as the search continues for the ideal location. Minister of Health John Boyce said yesterday he and other health officials had recently visited the newest site under consideration for building “a complete... Read More


Mia knocks state of QEH

11 May 2016

BARBADOS’ HEALTH-CARE SECTOR is so in a mess that those without health insurance should pray to never get sick and have to attend the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. That is the view of Opposition Leader Mia Mottley. The veteran MP claimed during debate of a no-confidence... Read More


Two new ambulances for QEH

10 May 2016

TWO NEW AMBULANCES have been added to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s fleet. The two Toyota vehicles costing $190 000 each were officially handed over to hospital officials at the temporary headquarters for the Ambulance Services on Jemmotts Lane this morning. ... Read More


Lepto threat ‘being ignored’

04 May 2016

NOT ENOUGH ATTENTION is being paid to leptospirosis in Barbados or the Caribbean. That assertion has come from acting chief medical officer Dr Kenneth George, who has insisted that many cases of the potentially fatal disease are under-reported, even though laboratories... Read More


HPV vaccine taking hold

02 May 2016

THE INITIAL RESISITANCE is gone and the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine is now being accepted across the island. So said Senior Health Sister in the Ministry of Health, Juleyette Serrano, who was speaking to the DAILY NATION as her ministry hosted outreach programmes... Read More


No outbreaks for years, says ministry

01 May 2016

AS AN ANTI-VACCINE movement gains converts in some countries, a Ministry of Health official has pointed out that there have been no outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases in Barbados for many years. The movement has questioned the safety of mandated childhood vaccine... Read More


Cigarette imports and sales down

01 May 2016

BARBADOS IS IMPORTING fewer cigarettes. Figures from the Barbados Statistical Service show that over the past five years, fewer tobacco based-cigarettes were imported into the island. In 2011, imports were valued at $13 103 418 but in 2015, the figure dropped to $9... Read More


Mixed smoke signals

01 May 2016

STAMPING OUT smoking will take more than a legal ban on cigarette advertisements. That was the view expressed by several shopkeepers regarding the pending legislation to ban advertising for cigarettes. The legislation was prompted when the Chinese company Hongyang Manufacturers... Read More


New hospital still on the cards

26 April 2016

A NEW HOSPITAL is still on the cards for Barbados, says Minister of Health John Boyce. And he is scheduled to visit a possible site today. Boyce made the declaration at a Democratic Labour Party St Philip South constituency meeting at Belair on Sunday night. ... Read More



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