Tunisians rally against terrorists

30 March 2015

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) – Tunisian security forces decimated the leadership of a Tunisian jihadi group linked to al-Qaida’s North African branch, including the man identified as the “operational chief” of the attack this month on the National Bardo Museum that killed 22 people, mostly foreign tourists, the... Read More


Boko Haram disrupts Nigerian elections

30 March 2015

ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) – Boko Haram fighters attacked poll stations in northeast Nigeria and a governor demanded elections be cancelled in an oil-rich southern state Sunday as the count started for a presidential election too close to call. Read More


Air Canada plane skids off Halifax runway after hard landing

29 March 2015

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (AP) — An Air Canada plane made a hard landing in bad weather and skidded off the runway at the airport in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and officials said Sunday that 23 people were taken to hospitals for observation and treatment of minor injuries. Read More


Amanda Knox murder conviction overturned by Italy high court

27 March 2015

ROME (AP) - Italy's highest court on Friday overturned the murder conviction against Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend in the 2007 slaying of Knox's roommate, bringing to a definitive end the high-profile case that captivated trial-watchers on both sides of the Atlantic. Read More


Sierra Leoneans to stay home in final push to stop Ebola

27 March 2015

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) — Sierra Leone's six million people were told to stay home for three days, except for religious services, beginning Friday as the West African nation attempted a final push to rid itself of Ebola. Read More


Prosecutors: Evidence Germanwings co-pilot hid illness

27 March 2015

MONTABAUR, Germany (AP) - Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz appears to have hidden evidence of an illness from his employers, including having been excused by a doctor from work the day he crashed a passenger plane into a mountain, prosecutors said Friday. Read More


12 injured in New York fire, building collapse

26 March 2015

NEW YORK (AP) — An apparent gas explosion levelled an apartment building, largely destroyed another and launched rubble and shards of glass across streets in the heart of Manhattan's trendy East Village on Thursday, injuring at least a dozen people. Smoke could be seen and smelled for miles. Read More


French prosecutor: co-pilot wanted to 'destroy' the plane

26 March 2015

PARIS (AP) - As a frantic pilot pounded on the cockpit door and passengers screamed in panic, the Germanwings co-pilot "intentionally" sent Flight 9525 straight into the side of a mountain in the French Alps, a prosecutor said Thursday. Read More


France gets audio from jet's black box, but cause a mystery

25 March 2015

SEYNE-LES-ALPES, France (AP) - The last communication from a doomed German jetliner was routine. The mangled black box has yielded sounds and voices, the lead investigator said Wednesday, but so far not the "slightest explanation" why the plane plunged into an Alpine mountainside, killing all 150 on... Read More


Official: Boko Haram abducts hundreds of Nigerian civilians

25 March 2015

ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) - Hundreds of civilians, including many children, have been abducted and are being used as human shields by Boko Haram extremists, a top Nigerian official confirmed Wednesday. Read More




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