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Priest on wheels a hit

21 August 2010

BUDAPEST – A Hungarian Catholic priest who spreads God's word from a skateboard has become an Internet sensation. Read More

'Vuvuzela' among new words in Oxford

21 August 2010

LONDON – The ever-present hum of the vuvuzela during this year’s soccer World Cup catapulted the plastic trumpet to prominence and now it has earned a place in the Oxford Dictionary Of English. Read More

Body in backpack for 9 years

21 August 2010

TOKYO – The remains of a Japanese woman have been found in a backpack, in the latest gruesome discovery by investigators searching for missing old people. Read More

5 cops held for murder

21 August 2010

Mexico City, Mexico – Five police officers and a transit worker have been arrested in the abduction and killing of a mayor this week in the Mexican border state of Nuevo Leon, the state's governor, Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz, announced yesterday. Read More


Highway bed

20 August 2010

Pakistani flood survivor children sleeping outside their makeshift tent set-up on the mid-section of a main highway Read More

Ex-soldier jailed for smuggling eggs

20 August 2010

LONDON – A former special forces soldier was jailed yesterday for attempting to sneak out of Britain with a stash of 14 rare peregrine falcon eggs Read More

Closer to peace talks

20 August 2010

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration said yesterday it was near to securing an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians Read More


Last US combat troops leave Iraq

19 August 2010

IRAQ-KUWAIT BORDER – The last United States combat troops crossed the border into Kuwait this morning, bringing to a close the active combat phase of a seven-year war that overthrew the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein. Read More


Voters oppose mosque plan

18 August 2010

ALBANY, New York – A majority of New Yorkers remain opposed to a mosque proposed as part of a planned Islamic cultural centre near ground zero Read More


Peril in Pakistan

18 August 2010

Flood survivors carrying relief goods along a flooded area in Muzaffargarh, Punjab province, in Pakistan Read More

Obama sits down with average Americans

18 August 2010

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Admittedly wary of losing touch, President Barack Obama returned to the comfort of backyard politics Read More

Host to give up show

18 August 2010

LOS ANGELES – Laura Schlessinger, the talk show host who recently apologised for saying the N-word 11 times to a caller on the air, said on Tuesday that she planned to give up her Dr Laura radio show Read More


Suicide bomber kills job hunters

17 August 2010

BAGHDAD – Young men from some of Iraq’s poorest areas waited all night outside an army recruitment centre, only to become easy prey yesterday for a suicide bomber who killed 61 of them. Read More

Ex-governor guilty of lying

17 August 2010

CHICAGO – A federal jury found former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich guilty yesterday of one count of lying to federal agents, and the judge said he intends to declare a mistrial on the remaining 23 counts. Read More

Facebook users 'being duped by scammers'

17 August 2010

SAN FRANCISCO – Computer security firm Sophos on Monday warned that scammers are duping Facebook users with a bogus "Dislike" button that slips malicious software onto machines. Read More


130 survive plane crash

16 August 2010

BOGOTA, Colombia – A Boeing 737 jetliner carrying 131 people crashed in a thunderstorm and broke apart as it slid onto the runway on a Caribbean island on Monday. Read More

Afghan couple stoned for adultery

16 August 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan – Taliban militants in northern Afghanistan stoned a young couple to death for adultery Read More

No Brazil asylum for adulterer

16 August 2010

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran will not send a woman who had faced death by stoning on an adultery conviction to Brazil Read More

Bloomberg backs mosque

16 August 2010

NEW YORK – New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says it would be "a sad day for America" if opponents successfully kill plans for a mosque proposed near the World Trade Centre site. Read More

Plus for teenagers having sex in a steady relationship

16 August 2010

LOS ANGELES – There’s good news for parents who worry that their teenagers’ sex lives are affecting their school performance: A provocative new study has found that teens in committed relationships do no better or worse in school than those who don’t have sex. Read More


Bear trouble

16 August 2010

TWO BLACK bear cubs, one with a jug  on its head, running along a roadway in Ocala National Forest, Florida. The black bear cub in Florida affectionately known as "jarhead" can finally enjoy a good meal. Read More





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