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Flood misery 'could spark unrest'

15 August 2010

ISLAMABAD – The humanitarian and economic disaster caused by the worst floods in Pakistan’s history could spark political unrest that could destabilise the government Read More

Four shot dead outside Buffalo restaurant

15 August 2010

BUFFALO, New York – A shooting outside a restaurant in downtown Buffalo early yesterday left four people dead and four wounded, police said. Read More


Killer mum facing life

14 August 2010

MANCHESTER, England – A mother who smothered her three-year-old daughter to death with her cuddly toy is facing life in jail. Read More

Broke man rich in honesty

14 August 2010

NEW YORK – A Manhattan homeless man had an emotional reunion on Thursday with the kindhearted ad executive who lent him her American Express Platinum Card Read More

Obama okays US$600m to boost border security

14 August 2010

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama signed a bill yesterday that provides US$600 million in emergency funding to help secure the United States-Mexico border. Read More

Look out for more whistle-blowing!

14 August 2010

LONDON – The founder of WikiLeaks said on Thursday that the whistle-blower website was preparing to release another roughly 15 000 documents about the war in Afghanistan. Read More

US aid arrives in Pakistan

13 August 2010

SOHBATPUR, Pakistan – A shipload of United States Marines and helicopters arrived to boost relief efforts in flooded Pakistan yesterday, but the prime minister told The Associated Press his country needed more international help to cope with one of the worst natural... Read More


Rough diamonds up for auction

11 August 2010

HARARE – Zimbabwe began selling hundreds of thousands of carats of rough diamonds Read More

Space pump hurdle cleared

11 August 2010

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida – Spacewalking astronauts relied on brute force to remove a baulky ammonia line from a broken pump Read More

Storm holds up oil well drilling

11 August 2010

NEW ORLEANS – Drilling the final feet of a relief well intended to permanently plug the busted BP oil well deep below the Gulf of Mexico Read More

1 117 feared dead in China

11 August 2010

ZHOUQU, China – Heavy rains lashed a remote section of northwestern China as the death toll from weekend flooding Read More


Mayday! Mayday!

11 August 2010

Panamanian-registered container ship MSC Chitra that collided Saturday Read More


Bush in haiti

10 August 2010

Former President George W. Bush (left) joking with a child Read More

Zardari bashed over trip

10 August 2010

MUZAFFARGARH, Pakistan – President Asif Ali Zardari returned yesterday to flood-ravaged Pakistan, where he faced a storm of criticism for visiting Europe as his country was gripped by what his government called the nation’s worst natural disaster. Read More


Ex-senator dies in crash

10 August 2010

JUNEAU, Alaska – A plane carrying former Senator Ted Stevens and eight others crashed in remote southwest Alaska Read More

Nurse assaults at boiling point

10 August 2010

COLUMBUS – Emergency room nurse Erin Riley suffered bruises, scratches and a chipped tooth last year Read More

Flight attendant gets bail

10 August 2010

NEW YORK – A judge granted bail for a flight attendant accused of cursing out a passenger on an airplane public-address system Read More

Gold racket out of control

10 August 2010

MILWAUKEE – Law enforcement and local governments are scrambling to shut down a shadow industry that has grown up around the booming cash-for-gold business Read More

Hard times

10 August 2010

Pakistani flood-affected people eating their meal at a relief camp set up by Falah-e-Insaniyat foundation, Read More

Farrow: Naomi bragged about diamond

10 August 2010

LEIDSCHENDAM, Netherlands – Naomi Campbell flirted with Liberia’s former president across the dinner table at Nelson Mandela’s presidential mansion in 1997 and Read More

Mosque in Berlin closed

10 August 2010

BERLIN – A small Hamburg mosque once frequented by September 11 attackers was shut down and searched yesterday because German authorities believed the prayer Read More


Did you expect more guns to be turned in during the amnesty?