Leanna: My mistakes made me a better mum

14 May 2017

LEANNA RYCE HAD a complicated life growing up. Beneath that smile lies heartache. But with her story, she doesn’t want to be a role model but an inspiration to others. “I lost my mother when I was 15 years old,’ said the 25-year-old sales executive. “I still miss... Read More


Cooking with class

10 May 2017

CHEF GLENROY ALLEYNE never saw himself where he is now, running a restaurant, cooking for a who’s who, catering for exclusive functions and being part of the Barbados National Culinary Team. “I had no love for the kitchen or cooking,” said the chef who works alongside... Read More


I hit pay dirt

09 May 2017

WOW. HAS IT REALLY been seven weeks? As I look back on my journey I am somewhat in disbelief. After 30-something years of trying, I’ve managed to grow a garden! I’m eating food I’ve grown organically. Seriously, how did this happen? I’m so proud of myself. One more... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t get over boyfriend’s affair

09 May 2017

Dear Christine, I EXPECT TO be getting married at the end of this year to a man who I heard had an affair with a woman who had left her husband. She was even expecting a baby for him but lost it. When I asked him if it was true, he did not deny it but swore it... Read More


Drawing inspiration

08 May 2017

TROY BURGESS LOVED loved reading the Sunday comic strips. Slowly he would take his time and trace over the comics, mimicking what he saw. He would pester his brother when he came home from Combermere to teach him what he did in art class. “At that time I was nine... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: No future in loving married man

08 May 2017

Dear Christine, I HOPE YOU can help me to make a decision about my problem. You see, I am involved with a man who was married twice. He was a youngster when he first got married and after he and his wife broke up, she and the children left the island. He is... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Fond farewell to Sir George

07 May 2017

IT WAS A glitzy event attended by notables in Caribbean academia when the University of the West Indies (UWI) formally said farewell to retiring chancellor Sir George Alleyne. Officials from UWI campuses across the Caribbean, graduates who sat at the Barbadian academic’s... Read More


I CONFESS: Never take a man at face value

06 May 2017

LADIES, NEVER TAKE a man at face value. Never believe that what you see and hear from any man is all there is to him. Although many of you might say you already practise what I just said, sometimes you can drop your guard because of your feelings for the individual.... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Pregnant wife refuses to have sex

04 May 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, Keep up the good work you are doing. Personally, I would like to see when you could print a whole page instead of one or two letters at a time. I have this problem with my wife. We are both in our 20s and used to have sex fairly regularly. Now that... Read More


Reaping what you sow

02 May 2017

FACEBOOK HAS THIS wonderful module called “Memories”. It gives you a glimpse of your past by showing you what you posted on that particular day in previous years. It prompts you to remember what made you laugh or cry. It reminds you what held your interest, what your... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Lover shares bed with child mother

02 May 2017

Dear Christine, I REALLY LOVE a young man who tells me he loves me, but he also lives at another woman’s house. She has a child for him. I try to get him to come and live with me all the time or for me to come and live with him, but he keeps making excuses. He says... Read More


Owen’s labour of love

01 May 2017

OWEN WALDRON loves getting his hands dirty. His free evenings would see him in the garden nurturing his plants and coming up with new ways to make them grow. “This was something passed down through the generations,” he told EASY magazine. “My grandmother was in love... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: To the Queen

30 April 2017

GOVERNOR GENERALl Sir Elliott Belgrave joined other Heads of State in the Commonwealth in the celebration of the 91st birthday of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth last weekend. The gala event at Government House on April 21 was attended by a who’s who in the Government service,... Read More


Chef Kirk steps up to the plate

30 April 2017

SEVEN YEARS AGO Kirk Ruck got his first taste of international competition. August 10 to 13, 2010, he was the only Barbadian competing in a United States-sponsored culinary cook-off against 24 other chefs – nine from the Caribbean and 15 from Mexico. Back then he had... Read More


I CONFESS: Pictures can come back to haunt you

29 April 2017

I’M CONVINCED THAT common sense is the most uncommon ability in the world. And the longer I live, the more I see this. Based on my experiences, people tend to be unwilling to think things through for themselves, even though the decisions they are called on to make... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband has an eye for young girls

28 April 2017

Dear Christine, I HAVE BEEN married for 30 years and through all that time I have suffered anxiety because my husband always eyes young girls. He does not make dates with them or anything like that, but he must go and talk to them when they are at the parties we go... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Side chick with not much benefits

27 April 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, Rich and I have been best friends with benefits for nine years. He has a live-in girlfriend, and they have an 11-month-old son together. The two of them are always fighting and yelling, and I’m always the peacemaker. I helped in raising their child... Read More


Going green

26 April 2017

I TRY TO EAT about ten to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. I don’t always make it, but I try. I’ve never really been into taking supplements; I prefer instead to get my nutrients straight from the source. It’s a good habit. It’s also a cause of worry for... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Should my daughter marry again?

26 April 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, We have one child for whom we did everything possible. When she was 17 she got pregnant, and we helped her and the young man to get married. That was a mistake from the start. They struggled along for six years, and finally he left her. She returned... Read More


Wonder women: Marisha Browne

25 April 2017

A FIRST GLANCE at Marisha Browne and one would think she is all about being glammed up. But looks can be deceiving. Though she enjoys having manicures, making a statement with her bold hair colour choices and wearing make-up, she can still roll up her sleeves to make... Read More


Wonder women: Nnaka Forde

25 April 2017

WHEN LIFE THROWS you lemons you make lemonade, and add as much sugar as you want. Nnaka Forde has made her own lemonade stand in terms of bridging the gap in a male-dominated field and she wouldn’t have it any other way. In 2002 she gained her bachelor’s in surveying... Read More




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