EASY MAGAZINE: Liberation of agriculture

27 March 2017

DESMOND CUMBERBATCH IS on a mission to change the concept of agriculture in Barbados. He explained that in the mid 1990s agriculture was a means of emancipating poor black families from the system of poverty. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: All I get now is a toot of his horn

27 March 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I AM very grateful for some of the answers you give people, although I don’t understand why people get so uptight about a married man. You cannot stop loving someone married or single. I would like to tell you my story and would be glad if you would... Read More



26 March 2017

THE ADAGE GOES, “behind every successful man is a great woman” and this is the case of Heshimu Akin-Yemi, a thriving artist who has the support of a strong, virtuous woman. You see, his girlfriend Nikele Davis is an alpha. Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Love for Cartier

26 March 2017

MANAGER OF DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL, Jacob Hassid, said it was just an occasion to relax and enjoy hospitality and, from all appearances, his guests at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre certainly did. Read More


Raising awareness on endometriosis and PCOS

25 March 2017

BARBADIANS ARE NOW MORE aware and are seeking information about endometriosis and PCOS. Treasurer and co-founder of the Barbados Association of Endometriosis and PCOS Dawn Williams told NATION Online there was very positive feedback as they wrapped up the month of... Read More


I CONFESS: Personal goals help marriages

25 March 2017

I WONDER how many married women are happy? This question comes to me whenever I think of what I went through in my first marriage, as well as what most of my friends often say about their relationship. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: He doesn’t respond to my feelings

24 March 2017

Dear Christine, I AM 16 years old and there is a fellow who lives in my district who I admire very much. His name is . . . . Many nights I dream about him. Once I wrote and told him how I feel about him, even though I could not say it face to face. I even sent... Read More


Living with endometriosis

23 March 2017

ENDOMETRIOSIS IS A disorder affecting one in ten women you know. The tissue that lines the inside of the uterus is called endometrial tissue and when it grows outside of the uterus the patient has endometriosis. The tissue may end up growing on fallopian tubes,... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: My mother forced me to get married

23 March 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I see other people writing about their problems and I am hoping you can help me with mine. I have two children for my husband but we are not together. You see, my mother made me marry him because I was pregnant. In fact, I had to leave school and... Read More


The best buljol in Bim

22 March 2017

“ALWAYS TRY TO be the best you can be”. Those were the words Augusta Holder kept repeating to her granddaughter Alicia Holder. And when she started to rebel against discipline and had to serve her punishment at the Summerville correctional facility, those were the words... Read More


WEDNESDAY WOMAN: There’s no stopping Hailli

22 March 2017

HER PHYSICAL APPEARANCE is not the first that comes to mind when you hear of the condition multiple sclerosis (MS). She looks like the typical young woman in her 20s going about her life, work, friends and other daily activities with no obvious physical disability.... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Not even a hug from boyfriend

22 March 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I need some advice. I am 17 and in love with a guy who is 25 years old. He is a hard worker, very determined to achieve his goals. He is also very intelligent, nice and considerate at times. Basically he likes his work and he is planning for his future.... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Always put your wife first

21 March 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, Here is a message to all married men. I would like to advise you that most of us are fortunate to have good wives, but we take them all for granted. We only know what we have when we have lost them by one means or another. I have been through the... Read More



20 March 2017

IMAGINE BEING CALLED insulting names all your childhood. All Gabrielle Bushell wanted was a normal life, but if that had been her lot, she would not be the inspiration she is today. Gabrielle was bullied from childhood to adulthood – because she was different. She... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I get involved with married friend?

20 March 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I am writing to you about someone I would call an “on-and-off friend”. We have known each other for years but a lot of time would pass when I don’t see him and then suddenly he turns up again. One of those times he turned up he told me he was married... Read More


Love on a plate

19 March 2017

ALLISON BRUNHAM USED used the power of a derogative term to create a bright and fruitful business. She was born in the United States and when she was growing up as a child in the 1980s the term coconut was used to insult people of Caribbean descent: “When I lived in... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Old scholars give back

19 March 2017

MEMBERS OF QUEENS’S COLLEGE alumni turned out at the Barbados Yacht Club last week to support the Give Back QC charity in yet another fundraiser for the school’s sporting facility. Read More


I CONFESS: Proud of you women for speaking out

18 March 2017

I AM PROUD of the people who are marching and speaking out about violence against women. It is time this happened. For too many years girls and women have had to be quiet about being abused. But no more. At last there are organisations and people interested in helping... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Hurt by married man

17 March 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I follow your column all the time and my heart goes out to some of those girls who get left in the lurch with men. I agree with you that if they give themselves some time, all will come right again. It takes courage but it can be done. I speak from... Read More


Piece of cake

16 March 2017

MEMORIES OF LICKING batter off a spoon kept playing in her mind. She remembered the texture and taste of the remnants of flour and sugar and chocolate and the smell of the finished product. Read More


HEATHER LYNN’S HABITAT: Effort to increase fruit variety

16 March 2017

A GROWER of tropical fruits says Barbadians need to be more adventurous when planting crops. Helen Knighton feels they need to step away from the traditional and everyday fruits and vegetables. She was speaking as she took a number of people on tour of her Benthams... Read More




Should minors be allowed to speak on political platforms?

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