DEAR CHRISTINE: Boyfriend won’t stop beating me

19 April 2017

Dear Christine, I HOPE THAT YOU and some of your readers can help me. I am not married, but I have a boyfriend who I love very much. We were going together for seven years and for all those years I have been honest to him, but he just thinks that all women cheat on... Read More


How does your garden grow?

18 April 2017

UNEVENTFUL IS GOOD, right? This week was uneventful – well, as far as my garden went anyway. I was rushed to the emergency room with a kidney stone and then I managed to get food poisoning, but I had no plant crises. Nothing attacked my garden. Nothing died. As a matter... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: He ‘loves’ me but lives with child’s mother

18 April 2017

Dear Christine, I STARTED BEING friendly with a man nearly a year ago. He is older than I am and says he loves me. I try to believe him but what worries me is that he insists on living at the home of his child’s mother. He told me they are not as close as before. At... Read More


Taurean still standing tall

17 April 2017

IF YOU HAD a second chance at life, what would you do? Would you try to positively effect change around you? Well, that is what Taurean Clarke has been doing for the past several months after he miraculous recovered from an almost fatal vehicular accident last year,... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Women, no man is worth your life

17 April 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I want to let you know how much I like you and the answers you give to people. I don’t really have a problem any longer but I would be pleased if you could print my letter for those women who think that when a man lets them down, the only answer is to... Read More


Hedy’s artful life

16 April 2017

THE WIND CHIMES sang sweetly as the Monday morning breeze played gently with them. There were Buddhas everywhere and the music seemed to put a smile on their faces. Birds joined in, lending their chirping to create another type of music as butterflies dipped and landed... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Easter bonnet parade

16 April 2017

CREATIVITY WAS PUT to the test at the Barbados Christian Women’s Club’s Easter tea and bonnet parade at Accra Beach Hotel last weekend. The Christian women’s group was celebrating its 21st anniversary, and there was a packed house sharing the occasion, with many women... Read More


I CONFESS: Just give me a chance

15 April 2017

PEOPLE CAN CHANGE. I did, and I am better for it. I used to use drugs. I became addicted and that drove me to do some unspeakable things before I was rescued. It wasn’t easy, but I stopped using. I managed to cleanup myself and have remained clean for nearly two years.... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Am I showing him enough love?

14 April 2017

Dear Christine, FIRST OF ALL, thank you for the advice you are giving. Christine, I have a problem. I have been in love with a man for four years. He is my first and only love. I met him when I was 18 years old and things were going very good. He’d call me on the phone... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Wary of getting remarried

13 April 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I have a girl I love very much and she is always saying things she has no right to say. When I ask her about them, she says that I get vexed at everything and that I am a confused man. Christine, my mother and I don’t get on well and I spend most... Read More


WEDNESDAY WOMAN: Wedding planner with blissful package

12 April 2017

VITEROSE CADOGAN has always prided herself on making women look good. These days her emphasis is on doing so on one of the big days in their lives – weddings. She once turned heads of hair into well placed coifs, but lately has taken to dressing brides, doing... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: I thought he was the one

12 April 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I am writing to you not only to get advice but to express my situation. Thanks for the opportunity. I courted my husband for ten years before we got married. During that period, there were never any quarrels regarding his relationships with girlfriends... Read More


Peeved over pests

11 April 2017

I THOUGHT I had it figured out this week. What was missing from my previous attempts at gardening was commitment and a little faith. The thing about gardening is that in a sense you have to give up control and trust that if you are doing the right things you will get... Read More


Destined to save souls

11 April 2017

APOSTLE MARGUERITE BREEDY-HAYNES said she was destined to save lost souls and was given a gift to transform lives. Her journey to apostleship wasn’t easy but she held her ground and through faith she carried through. In her riveting testimony she explained that with... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Another five years until marriage

11 April 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I read your column every day and I like the advice you give to the people who need it. Now I would like you to help me. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost five years. He is 26 and I am 22. He works and I don’t. My parents, seeing us... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Earlwaine breaking sound barrier

10 April 2017

A DESIRE to communicate with a childhood friend who was deaf changed Earlwaine Cumberbatch’s life forever, and for the better. Ensuring that he learnt sign language and going on to being an advocate for members of the hearing impaired community has brought much satisfaction... Read More


Creative with culture

10 April 2017

FOR OVER THE past four years, a group of talented young adults have been donning Shaggy Bear and Green Monkey costumes as members of the Michael Taitt Tumblers. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Teenagers need parenting group

10 April 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I am a regular reader of your column. I think it is high time that a parenting group be set up to help teenage girls cope with their problems. I do not have any children but I know what it’s like. I was brought up in a single parent home where my... Read More


Laying the foundation

09 April 2017

AFTER SECONDARY SCHOOL Shakira Padmore was unsure of what career path to pursue. She was encouraged to focus on academia and therefore attended the Barbados Community College (doing accounting and sociology) and Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic (office management).... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Lions shine bright

09 April 2017

THE STARS OF Lionism shone bright on the Hilton stage when local Lions Clubs hosted their centennial black tie awards dinner at Hilton Barbados last week. The humanitarian efforts of outstanding Lions and Leos were recognised, and Prime Minister Freundel Stuart was... Read More


I CONFESS: No good comes from gossiping

08 April 2017

WHY ARE BAJANS so judgemental? Why do they always believe the worst about people and, though they don’t know the facts, talk about the particular individuals and the situations as if they were there when they occurred? It sickens me that this happens. I can’t... Read More




Should Barbadians living overseas be added to the tax net?

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