DEAR CHRISTINE: Yo-yo boyfriend stressing me out

15 April 2015

Dear Christine, I HAVE BEEN WITH MY BOYFRIEND about two and a half years. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: I wanted to wait until marriage

14 April 2015

I AM 22 years old and always wanted to keep away from sex until after I got married. However, I have failed to live up to this by allowing my boyfriend to have sex with me. Now, I am feeling depressed and unhappy, especially since we never discussed plans to get married. Read More


Puppy love

13 April 2015

The Holders of Jackmans, St Michael, are no ordinary Barbadian family. While others may enjoy quality time at a picnic in the park, a night out at the drive-in cinema or an evening in Oistins, the Holders’ definition of family time is spent with their champion dogs. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: That ‘unhappily married’ tale again

13 April 2015

Dear Christine: I AM AWARE of all the letters you get concerning extra-marital affairs. Read More


Be daring, be bold

12 April 2015

Say the name Roland Bascombe and people would scratch their heads. Say “Rojoe” and many can describe the eccentric 48-year-old designer as one who dares to be different, seen around town in abstract patterns and prints and vibrant colours. Read More


Going for bespoke

12 April 2015

Rosca McDonald comes to the interview dressed in denim jeans (Levis), white shirt with sleeves rolled past elbow, purple tie and a waistcoat with printed back and the same material is used for the lining. It is a cool-laid back vibe bordering on business casual and he calls his personal style “uncomplicated... Read More


It suits him

12 April 2015

Rykii De Jude is full of swag as he fashions a scarf into a cravat for his photo shoot. The designer, along with Rosca McDonald and Rojoe Bascombe, was putting the final touches to outfits before taking positions for the cover shot. Read More


Sophia loves helping children realise dreams

12 April 2015

IN HER 32 years, Sophia Chase has packed more into her brief existence than many do in generations. She is perhaps the youngest member of the Kiwanis Club of Barbados South and one of the Kiwanis’ youngest presidents. Read More


A FAMILY AFFAIR: Hotel business sealed with love

12 April 2015

WHETHER at home or at work, the lives of all members of the Seale family are bound up in the hotel business. The family: Gordon Seale. Maria Nancy Seale. Morgan Seale. Dominic Seale. Read More


Mum wants answers on son’s death

12 April 2015

JENEFER CLARKE KNOWS the agony of burying a teenage son, but says the anguish she is going through is worse than that. That is, she does not know what caused her 20-year-old to die. She does not know if someone did him harm and is walking about scot-free. Read More




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