SOCIAL SCENE: Pan African Awards

01 May 2016

IT WAS A NIGHT when their contribution to Barbados was celebrated, and the 19 honorees acknowledged by the Pan African Commission at a glitzy awards event last week, were overjoyed that someone took notice of their work in this way. Read More


For rights of the child

30 April 2016

SHE HAS BEEN the object of scathing criticism and death threats from people infuriated by the stance she continues to take on controversial incidents involving teachers and students. But child advocate Shelly Ross says she is only seeking fairness from teachers... Read More


I CONFESS: Partner’s weight getting in the way

30 April 2016

IN TODAY’S WORLD first impressions count and this is true whether it is in an office, a retail outlet, at an entertainment event or how a vehicle looks. Clearly, features often matter more than performance. This is not only applicable to material things and the world... Read More


Griffith up to challenge of heading YWCA

29 April 2016

TAMITA GRIFFITH has spent the last five years working with the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA). She has served as a floor member and also as first vice-president of the non-profit organisation. Today, Griffith is at the helm of the YWCA. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby prefers porn to me

29 April 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE: My husband and I have been married for five years. He has been a good husband, and yet one thing bothers me: Will a man claim to be happily married yet also look at porn? He knows I don’t like this, but he continues to look at it behind my back. ... Read More


Ex-Scotia banker says early days not all rosy

28 April 2016

PETER ROSS WAS the first teller hired by Scotiabank when the Canadian bank set up operations in Barbados in 1956. Looking back on his life, he regards his foundation in banking the template. Long retired, the 79-year-old has many stories to tell. He has in fact... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Struggling to tell lover I cheated

28 April 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I HAVE OFTEN WONDERED why some people who seek your advice can’t open their eyes and simply see the solution to their problem right in front of them. That was until I found myself in a situation where I now need answers to a problem that I can’t seem... Read More


Brooks living up to family name

27 April 2016

APRIL has been a special month for Randy Brooks. He celebrated his 45th birthday on the day that West Indies won the men’s and women’s World Twenty20 championships, and a cricket photograph he took in 2015 was chosen as one of the best in the world. Brooks, younger... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Is my husband a cheat?

27 April 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, MY HUSBAND and I have been married for 30 years and he was always the perfect man, believed in total commitment and believed that infidelity was wrong. His first wife cheated, so he knew how it felt and always said that he would never do it to me. ... Read More


Biddy – a rallying institution

26 April 2016

BIDDY BARBER’S car racing days are now in the rear view, but her love for the sport will never go away. Barber began blazing a trail in competitive motorsport at the age of 17 when she joined the Barbados Rally Club. She was introduced to the club by its then chairman,... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Why won’t he marry me?

26 April 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I find that I have always been attracted to popular people, entertainers and other prominent individuals. After a couple of failed tries I caught a big fish; only thing, he was married. But I didn’t mind – he left his wife after a lot of luring from... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Worried about my illiterate daughter

25 April 2016

Dear Christine, I LOVE MY daughter very much but it seems that other people are getting between us. She is 13 years old, but does not live with me. We see each other one week in every few months. The last time she came was nearly two months ago and her behaviour changed... Read More


What’s shaking in St Croix?

24 April 2016

IN JUST A FEW MINUTES and with one drink, award winning Cruzan bartender Frank Robinson had accomplished his mission. “My mission simply is to produce quality and also produce the products of my home,” he asserted. It was the final hours of my first night in St... Read More


Legacy Magazine out on Heroes Day

24 April 2016

“50: THE BARBADOS LEGACY will be unveiled next week and it is a must- have for every Barbadian at home and abroad as we celebrate our 50th year of Independence.” This sentiment was expressed by Adrian Bowen, Deputy Circulation Manager of the Nation Publishing Company... Read More


I CONFESS: Dad livid over my partner’s age

23 April 2016

MY FATHER VEX WITH ME. I mean he real vex, blue vex with me. He behaving as if I am not a woman, but a little child. He is objecting to the man with whom I am now friendly and actually sharing a house. To be more accurate, I should really say that this man has prepared... Read More


Omar Ward is carving his own niché

20 April 2016

ONE DAY Omar Ward stepped into a workshop where some guys were carving and that moment changed his life. Now 17 years later, Omar is fashioning pieces with such a wow factor that people are easily duped into thinking they are something else. “Two weeks after leaving... Read More


Ryan’s in the mix of it

19 April 2016

IF RYAN ADAMSON had his way he would talk politics all day. The holder of a degree in sociology and political science from the University of the West Indies instead had to talk about rums and sours and cocktails when he sat down with EASY magazine last week Friday.... Read More


Robin Douglas a stickler for rules

18 April 2016

AT 40, ROBIN DOUGLAS is the youngest deputy principal in the island. Apart from his age and youthful appearance, the recently-appointed deputy at Princess Margaret Secondary School is also in a minority of those in that position of authority who wears dreadlocks. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Regret walking out on family

18 April 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I am a mother ofone who has a problem that I would likeyour advice on. It has to do with my child’s father. Christine, simply put, this man is just so heartless at times. Yes, he is a very good father in that he provides for his son, but he seldom... Read More


Wilwore’s way

17 April 2016

WILWORE JORDAN has worked in about ten kitchens in his stint as a chef. While that number might seem far-fetched, after-all he is only 43, he said the experiences were necessary as what he has learnt at each one is a stepping stone to his final destination – executive... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Down to business

17 April 2016

THE CAVE HILL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS last week celebrated 25 years of turning out business leaders for the Caribbean. Graduates of the institution’s programmes savoured the opportunity to get together and reflect over cocktails after an anniversary lecture by governor... Read More




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