Sweet treat for rum lovers

24 November 2015

THOSE WITH ECLETIC food palates were in heaven as the Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival hosted Taste The Spirits Of Polo at the Holder’s Polo Club last Saturday. With the mood being set by DJ Kirk Brown, patrons were treated to an event that engaged all of their... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Boyfriend can’t control temper

24 November 2015

DEAR CHRISTINE, I AM 15 YEARS OLD and will be 16 years in four months. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for two years and he is the only person I have ever loved. We have never had sex because my parents have spoken to me about the need to concentrate... Read More


An inside story about blogging

24 November 2015

IT WAS HER LOVE for design and decorating and her determination to succeed, and now it seems Natasha Simpson’s destiny to continue to expand her brands and browsing. At 28 years of age, the brains and beauty behind the blog Love Design Barbados and its companion social... Read More


Work in progress

23 November 2015

RIHANNA PUT BARBADOS ON THE MAP with her voice. Marvo White-Jessamy is on her way to putting the Barbados stamp on the fashion world with her designs. The holder of a diploma in garment technology from the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic has already sampled the big... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Happily married after admitting to cheating

23 November 2015

Dear Christine, THANK YOU for printing the following testimonial. I hope it will help married couples who have strayed. Six years ago, my wife found out that I had been having an affair with a woman at work for more than three years. Her husband called my wife and... Read More


Make-up is an art

23 November 2015

IT STARTED WITH a new job at CS Pharmacy where Asha Johnson was working in the beauty department. Surrounded by lipsticks, foundation, primers and every make-up item needed for women, the 26-year-old’s interest was piqued. “It was in 2008 and I started working there.... Read More


Tamara Holder is Baydian to the bone

22 November 2015

“I TOOK BARBADIAN and crossed out the “RBA” and added a “Y” in the space to make Baydian,” said the designer in an interview with EASY magazine. The 25-year-old former student of Harrison College has been residing in the United States since 2006 and has launched a textile... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: The classics at Apes Hill again

22 November 2015

CLASSICAL POPS, the show that brings Broadway performers and world-class classical music to the Barbadian stage is back for the second year after a successful staging last year. Chief organiser Michael Aiken was clearly excited about this year’s show as he shared details... Read More


I CONFESS: Could not take wife’s nagging

21 November 2015

TWO YEARS AGO I walked away from my marriage, and have not regretted one moment of my action. Indeed, by taking that decision, I may very well have saved my health from being placed in a mental state of “no return” since I suffered brutally at the hands of my wife.... Read More


Charity for girls gets award

21 November 2015

Local charity I AM A GIRL BARBADOS is one of just 20 organisations from around the world to receive an inaugural With and For Girls Award. The With and For Girls Awards is a global initiative to identify and support strong local organisations working with and for... Read More


Life’s a breeze in Long Gap

21 November 2015

In the spirit of celebrating Barbados’ 49th anniversary of Independence a SATURDAY SUN team recently embarked on a cross country journey to discover and learn more about the island. The first stop was the northernmost parish, St Lucy. Neither did I nor photographer... Read More


Wake-up call for Flo

20 November 2015

FLO BISSETTE-GODDARD thought it would never happen to her, that she would not be another statistic. But her failure to act, to heed warning signs and the advice of her doctor has left her in that very position. Bissette-Goddard was diagnosed with gestational diabetes... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Never been kissed and feeling left out

20 November 2015

DEAR CHRISTINE: I AM A TEENAGER with a problem. All my teenaged friends are having sex and up to this day I have never been kissed. Is something wrong with me? I am wondering if I should pretend I am more experienced so I can have sex like my friends. I feel a... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband too insecure for me

19 November 2015

DEAR CHRISTINE, MY HUSBAND AND I have been married for six years but right now, I am not sure I want to remain in this union. I have not discussed my feelings with him, as I know he will become very defensive. In my opinion he has low self-esteem and is very dependent... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: My husband is a bisexual

18 November 2015

DEAR CHRISTINE, IT HURTS MY HEART as I pen this letter to you. I am doing so with tears in my eyes, as I do not know where else to turn and who to talk to. The truth is, I have tried to turn a blind eye to my situation, but I cannot do so any longer. I have been... Read More


Sean Field of dreams

17 November 2015

THERE WAS A LOOK of satisfaction on the face of award-winning actor, director, and writer Sean Field. Perhaps it was from the knowledge that his contribution to the local film industry is significant. It was almost midnight, and he had returned to Barbados minutes... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Daughter down over school

17 November 2015

DEAR CHRISTINE, I AM THE MOTHER of a 12-year-old girl who always seemed fairly well adjusted to life and happy with her friends and family. One morning she woke up and appeared moody and sad. I asked her if everything was all right and she started to cry. She told... Read More


Doing it horse and buggy style

16 November 2015

What is life without dreams? Whether possible or impossible, just the thought of making a dream a reality brings immense pleasure to the dreamer. One dream that has come true is a new mode of transportation for Barbados in the form of a horse and carriage called... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Gifted artist a people’s person

16 November 2015

For some creative people, playing an instrument, performing a song, dance, poetry or even engaging in culinary arts are ways through which they touch people with their gift. In the case of Adrian Fletcher, owner of Exactly Different, portraiture gives him that opportunity... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Jealous boyfriend has made threats

16 November 2015

I am 16 years old and have been with my boyfriend for just about six months. From what I can see, he has always been a bit controlling and extremely jealous. About two weeks ago, my parents told me something needed to be done about this situation and they told me... Read More


Put health before sex, says cancer survivor

15 November 2015

Rawle Browne is living proof that being diagnosed with prostate cancer is not a death sentence. He was diagnosed with the illness in 2008 at 56 years old. Today, seven years later, this retiree reflects that he has always been on top of his health because of his... Read More




Has independence lost its significance to Barbadians?

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