07 February 2016

THE PARTNERS of KPMG accounting firm invited business associates and friends of the company to celebrate with them as they threw open the doors of a renovated and refurbished KPMG building on Hastings Main Road, Christ Church, last weekend. Read More


I CONFESS: Dream marriage crumbled once I improved self

06 February 2016

FOR OVER FIVE years I lived a lie and my experiences were such that I would never like anyone to have to go through what I endured. I have come to realise that you should live your life to please you and not anyone else, including your parents or your children. ... Read More


BLACK HISTORY MONTH: The dearly departed 2

03 February 2016

IN THE DAYS BEFORE funeral homes were popular, the body of the deceased remained at home after death and the funeral took place within one to three days, as there was no professional way of preserving the body. It was also believed that the body “rises” on the third... Read More


Art to art

02 February 2016

THE completely different styles of artists and friends Maureen Tracy and Christine Farmer are currently on show at Artsplash, Hastings, Christ Church. Showcasing from the acrylic resin ocean-themed collages of Farmer to the wax-resistant Japanese parchment paper... Read More


BLACK HISTORY MONTH: The dearly departed

01 February 2016

RESEARCH SHOWS THAT MANY COUNTRIES in the Caribbean share similarities with the rituals of death. Funerals and wakes have been traditional after the death of a loved one, dating back to the slave era, as a celebration of the life of the dead and departure of their spirits... Read More


When vision turns into reality

01 February 2016

AS THE AUTHOR OF at least ten books, Delores Callender-Taylor thought that she could easily include a chapter or note on loneliness at any stage. Yet she said when God “showed” her in a vision that he wanted her to write a book entirely about loneliness, she didn’t... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Sleepovers out of the question

01 February 2016

Dear Christine, I AM A SINGLE FATHER of a 12-year-old daughter who is shared between me and my former wife. My daughter and I are extremely close and she is very open with me. The court arrangement between her mum and I is that I get her on weekends – from Friday to... Read More


Going green one meal at a time

31 January 2016

Living a green life isn’t easy. It takes patience and a mindset that many do not possess. Shelly Gellineau has been running Green Gourmet for the past two years but has been living green for the past 20 years. “I became a vegetarian over 20 years ago. I do eat... Read More


I CONFESS: Mr Right turned out all wrong

30 January 2016

THERE IS A MYTH that we have held sacred that if you have not found marriage and love then your life is neither fulfilled or joyous. The problem is that too many of us, especially women, go looking for love and only find hurt and heartache. Very often we end up permanently... Read More


BHS flower and garden show bigger than ever

30 January 2016

DESPITE THE ECONOMIC recession, the Barbados Horticultural Society (BHS) has attracted even more booths to this weekend’s Annual Flower and Garden Show. This has been revealed by BHS president Orson Daisley, who took the Saturday Sun on a preview of the eagerly awaited... Read More


Beverley – the golden girl

26 January 2016

BEVERLEY WALTERS, who describes herself as a 55-plus golden girl, wears many hats. She has been an English teacher for all her working life, and in recent times she has been a national athlete representing Barbados at senior meets around the world. Walters, who has... Read More


A healthy body leads to a healthy mind

26 January 2016

PETER WALCOTT knows he has a passion for fitness and helping others achieve their fitness goals. And his humble beginnings continue to be an inspiration. “I used to help out in the gym and one day I decided to take the fitness regime outdoors to the beach. I started... Read More



25 January 2016

IT’S BEEN a little over ten years in the making – the garden at Hybay, Brittons Hill, St Michael. And for owner Jerry Ishmael, the work on his pride and joy was still ongoing even as his garden made its debut in the Barbados Horticultural Society’s open garden programme... Read More


Minimi Marvels

25 January 2016

AT THE START OF EVERY YEAR, several people make resolutions about starting or sticking to their exercise regime, eating healthy foods, starting a new hobby and myriad others. Michelle Batson, a baker and owner of Minimi Cakes, has resolved to improve on what she has... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Her man-bashing driving me crazy

25 January 2016

Dear Christine, I’LL DESCRIBE MYSELF as a cool brother, who loves music, reading, watching television, cooking and hanging out with the fellows from time to time. All these activities and interests are quite legitimate. I love women folk and I respect women. Read More


Allison is on the write path

24 January 2016

THE THIRD TIME’S A CHARM, they say, and Allison Cadogan can attest to that. It has been a long journey but she is the 2016 recipient of the Frank Collymore Literary Endowment Award, the highest honour bestowed on writers of prose fiction. Allison was always a bridesmaid,... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Honourable mentions

24 January 2016

GOVERNOR GENERAL Sir Elliott Belgrave and Lady Belgrave were gracious hosts to recipients of National Honours, their friends and families at Government House last week. Twenty-two Barbadians whom the country recognised for their outstanding contribution in various areas... Read More


I CONFESS: Mother always knows best

23 January 2016

SOMETIMES YOU MUST listen to your mother, for very often she knows what is best for you, even in a relationship. But when you are young and you are in love, no one can guide you, not your head, but certainly your heart. This has been exactly my experience and I have... Read More


Meet the brains behind Charlie panto

20 January 2016

Rashida Harding has always had a love of theatre arts and being on the stage and she is passing on this infectious love and passion to her young students at the St Ursuline Convent School. In 2005 a young Rashida furthered her education in theatre arts at Barbados... Read More


The Sixt dynasty

19 January 2016

Regine Sixt is part of a German family business dynasty that has put its stamp across the globe. As Barbados’ Honorary Consul General in Germany, she is working to make this country known not only in her homeland but, as far as possible, wherever the Sixt brand appears.... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Torn between two lovers

19 January 2016

Dear Christine, I AM an employed 30-year-old single mother of two. I love my children dearly and would do anything (or should I say almost anything) to make their lives easy. Their father walked out of our lives three years ago and started a second family. Soon... Read More




Should the student be allowed to return to Springer Memorial or is there too much water under the bridge?

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