SOCIAL SCENE: Celebrating culture

24 July 2016

THE 205th anniversary of the independence of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela was an occasion for celebration and the Venezuelan embassy here marked it with a morning event at the embassy. Read More


I CONFESS: My children don’t believe I love them

23 July 2016

HOW DO YOU make someone you truly love know that you are honest about your feelings towards them? This is something that I have struggled with all of my life. I have managed to push away the few people I care about because I tended to be blunt in everything I said and... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Money no longer stretching

21 July 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, Recently, the man I have been living with for the past three years have been making what used to be a happy life, one of misery. It’s all over food and money. He is in the habit of giving me a certain amount of money every week and expects his food... Read More


WEDNESDAY WOMAN: Hortense reaps what God sews

20 July 2016

AT 105, ELEISE HORTENSE ROCK, familiarly known as Hortense, continues to savour life. The retired seamstress, who was born and raised in Ellerton, St George, holds firm to her belief in God and, despite her advanced age, still sews her own clothes. Last Tuesday... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Herpes daughter’s price for early sex

20 July 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, HOW WOULD you handle the following? My daughter, age 15, was just diagnosed with the herpes virus, and she is devastated by the news. I had cautioned her to wait until she was older to become sexually active because I understand that decisions made... Read More


Twins try hand at soca

19 July 2016

JUST LIKE RIHANNA, Dylan and Delano Atkins have big plans to take over the music world. The twins, who prefer the R&B genre, look up to stars like Usher, Justin Bieber and Trey Songz. This year they are trying something different as they have released their very first... Read More


Move to make Bajans more aware of condition

19 July 2016

BARBADIANS will soon know more about myasthenia gravis as the Myasthenia Gravis Association of Barbados intensifies its education and public awareness initiative. Rosalind Mascoll, president of the association, said her group wanted the word to become well known.... Read More


Puff of Colour(ful) time

19 July 2016

SOME PEOPLE eagerly paid double the original ticket price to be doused with paint, water and powder and I could see why they believed it was money well spent. Last Sunday morning, an estimated 5 000 party animals descended into the Searles Plantation quarry in Christ... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: He’s tired making love in the dark

19 July 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE: I HAVE A PROBLEM which I’d like you to share with you. Perhaps you can help. This is 19 years that I have been married. I am now 42 years old. As the years go by, I have been finding it more difficult to allow my husband to see my body. When we make... Read More


100% Bajan pride

18 July 2016

MANY MAY HAVE SEEN and heard the host of local artistes who collaborated on Tridents All De Way, the song that has been dubbed the anthem of the Tridents Pride of Barbados cricket team. But who are the brains behind the entire production? Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Dreading thought of trip back home

18 July 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I LIVE in New York but I am thinking of returning home with my husband. However, I have some reservations about doing so. I left Barbados a long time ago to live in the United States. Not only did I leave Barbados, but I also left my husband and... Read More


Party makes a splash

18 July 2016

THE ARTISTES who performed at Splash’s Beach House Breakfast Party had just as grand a time as the patrons they entertained. It was that kind of fete where the party bug hit all who were at the St James property. From 4 a.m. to 11 a.m. there was non-stop partying, food,... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Dining with Argentina

17 July 2016

TTHE DELICIOUS AROMA of meat being roasted Argentine-style filled the air when Argentina’s ambassador Diego de Limeres and his wife Maxileny threw open the doors of their official residence to fellow diplomats and other guests for Argentina’s independence anniversary... Read More


Time for a tour on an old-time bus

17 July 2016

SHE HA AN ALLURE Nicholas Rose couldn’t resist. That right tinge of blue. The calming sounds she made, the excitement of being around her was what he wanted everyday. “Her” was the Caribbean Sea, but while he still harbours love for her he has found a greater purpose.... Read More


Centenarian shares lighter side of life

16 July 2016

FROM THE GET-GO centenarian Myrtle Eumilda Lucas had Governor General Sir Elliot Belgrave in stitches. The resident of Wilkinson Road, Richmond, St Michael, who celebrated her milestone at a relative’s house in Lower Estate Heights, St Michael, earlier today, could... Read More


I CONFESS: Prepare for the worst

16 July 2016

I WAS MOVED to write about what happened to me after reading a Dear Christine letter this week in which a husband said he does not trust a man around his wife. I found the letter amazing because some of the same things his wife is doing and saying are what my former... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: 31 with not a friend in the world

15 July 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I AM a young mother of boys ages six and ten. I grew up in a fairly big family, but because of problems with my grandparents, my mother pulled away when I was about 12 years old. To make a long story short, I hardly ever came into contact with my... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Don’t trust him around my wife

14 July 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I HAVE BEEN MARRIED for nearly seven years and living quite happily with our children. We have been experiencing some problems in ourmarriage for a couple of years and I was believing that it was because of my work and the time it was taking up. Now... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: He treats me like his doormat

13 July 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I live with a man who is ordering me to get in at a certain time. Can you imagine that when I am going to work, he says he believes I am going to another man’s house? Yet he comes in all hours of the foreday morning. He simply shows me no respect... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Family needs counselling

12 July 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I AM WRITING to tell you about a certain family that I think needs counselling. It starts out with a friend of mine who invited me to her house which is rented by her mother and her husband, who is not her father. She doesn’t like him. In fact,... Read More


Dalee B back on soca scene

11 July 2016

Dalee B has re-entered the Crop Over scene and he is ready to Get On Bad. The former member of the band Synergy and the now defunct Electrik, real name Dale Best, his last time on a stage was nine years ago. His last time peforming in Barbados was for the Mount... Read More




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