Karina the cosplayer

25 August 2015

IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW, now you know that cosplay is a huge subculture in Barbados. Just ask the hundreds that turned out last weekend for the biggest AnimeKon Expo in the event’s five-year history. From anime to TV superheroes and even villians, the art of dressing up... Read More


To market we go

25 August 2015

HOLDERS FARMERS MARKET on the outskirts of Holders House brings a basketful of local produce, plants, craft and other products. Eating fresh and local is made easy with all the different farmers market throughout the island. Most of the vendors spoken to last Sunday... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: He’s only coming around for sex

24 August 2015

Dear Christine, I HAVE BEEN friends with a guy for the past year. I am 18 and he is 23 years old. During that time we got really close to each other and everything appeared to be going well, until a few months ago when his regular visits ceased. He scarcely comes... Read More


Torchlight Tour into the past

24 August 2015

A HAND desperately clawing through the food slot of Cell 50. The buxom great-great-great grandmother of literary giant Frank Collymore, a freed slave amid the luxury of her plantation home. The original fire cart that carried a hose, but no water. It was all part... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Keep up the good work, teachers

24 August 2015

Dear Christine, I WOULD LIKE to give a special “thank you” to all of the teachers, tutors and helpers leading up to the Common Entrance Exam for 2015. Mrs Best of Charles F. Broome made sure to challenge her class to excel through excellence, which was the 2015... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Serious about his jokes

24 August 2015

It is an unlikely place to peddle one’s wares, but Kemmerick Harrison does it. The former comedian sells his self-penned books in front of St John’s Parish Church perched high on the rugged Parris Hill, St John, with a breathtaking view of the ocean. The 60-year-old... Read More


Young Guns ‘bringing about change’

24 August 2015

The level of gun violence in Barbados is leaving many wondering what is happening to our young men. The Joshua Men Young Guns is one group whose mandate is mentoring and empowering young men to seek God and do better in their lives. Read More


Colourful works of art

24 August 2015

IN THE REALM OF COLOUR, a group exhibition featuring the most recent works of local and international artists Alison Chapman-Andrews, Amel Chamandy™, Dennis de Caires, Neville Legall, Terrence Rupert Piggott, Alexander Poll Doval, Dermot Punnett and Charles Richard... Read More


Quench your thirst with Rum and Koke

24 August 2015

“DEY AIN’T NOTHING LIKE A RUM AND COKE.” The drink rum and coke is universal, and like the drink, the two-man act of Chrispen Hackett and Simon Alleyne is no different. The duo met in 2008 as part of the comedic group Laff-It-Off. Noting that they had great chemistry... Read More


McKay slows the pace after being at death’s door

23 August 2015

BOBBI MCKAY IS BACK ON HER FEET. After suffering a life-threatening aneurysm (subdural haemotoma) earlier this year, the executive director of the Barbados Manufacturers’ Association (BMA) is on the job again, with a new lease on life and living her “new normal”. Read More


There’s Something about Samarah

23 August 2015

THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT SAMARAH COMISSIONG. I watched her intently dabbing paint on the stencil that’s on top of a piece of jute on a hot Sunday afternoon while the photographer took picture after picture, with nary a complaint. Pose after different pose with directions... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Justice served

23 August 2015

JUSTICE SHERMAN MOORE was hailed for his sterling contribution to the Barbados Defence Force when he retired recently. Head of the BDF Colonel Alvin Quintyne hosted a luncheon at BDF headquarters, where praise was showered on the man credited with drafting a bill for... Read More


Village life in paintings

22 August 2015

IF YOU WERE to ask any artist about their favourite paintings of life in Barbados, he or she would perhaps flood you with all the “sweet” and interesting scenes often seen in our everyday life. You would no doubt be able to capture the beauty there is in watching a... Read More


Rameses Brown firm in faith

20 August 2015

Rameses Brown has no axe to grind, no chip on his shoulder. He admits readily to being a heavily misunderstood man within Barbadian society, and now wants to clear the air on those misconceptions. For two and a half decades, Brown has dipped his toe into the cultural... Read More


Stylist a cut above the rest

19 August 2015

LET’S “HAIR” IT for the Style Master! Son of the soil Adrian Carew has been cutting up Toronto with his innovative hairstyling techniques, which have propelled him to catwalks in Rome as a global contender for one the largest hair shows in the world: the Style Masters... Read More


The saxy Shabaka

18 August 2015

SHABAKA HUTCHINGS heard a lot of calypso and reggae while growing up. This was because of his upbringing from age six to 16 in Barbados and it has formed part of who he is as a songwriter and musician. Read More


Orlando ready to reap what he sews

17 August 2015

Orlando Williams’ summer collection 2014 was resort wear for women and men, consisting of cover-ups, shorts, skirts and even a jumpsuit. His fabric were chiffons and African print. It was 13 well-thought-out pieces from the former Coleridge and Parry Secondary School... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband shows me no affection

17 August 2015

Dear Christine: I AM TIRED but my husband has no time for me. He goes out every night and does not come back until the next day. This happens more often than not. Those times when he comes back, he gives me his back when we are in bed. I am young and I have feelings.... Read More


Hill on lookout for next adventure

16 August 2015

A DEGREE IN CIRCUS ARTS. Yes, you read that right. When I saw that someone had pursued a degree in circus arts I figured the person was clowning around. This was an interview I had to do myself as my mind was trying to juggle what exactly is a degree in circus arts... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: PM’s ‘thank you’ reception

16 August 2015

What happens when you get reigning Pic-O-De-Crop Monarch Classic; Junior Monarch Dynamo; Hypasounds; People’s Monarch and many-times Calypso King Red Plastic Bag on stage in one night? It is non-stop feting until the National Anthem brings things to an end, and guests... Read More


For Jerry and Kat true love waits

16 August 2015

Some people say true love doesn’t exist anymore; cynics say maybe it never did. But observing Jerry Weekes as he lovingly gazes at his fiancée Katrine Phillips one cannot ignore the fact that it is very present between them. Beginning back in 1995, the story of the... Read More




Have we become too soft on crime as a country?

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