Salute to a stellar career

17 October 2016

AS THE SUN set on the parade square at St Ann’s Fort last Saturday filling the sky with brilliant hues of orange, the command of the Barbados Cadet Corps was changing hands in what was the first handing over ceremony in the 112-year-old organisation. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Just tell her good riddance

17 October 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I am 30 and dated a woman for about five years. She dumped me as soon as she got her first job – with no explanation. All she said was she “needed to be alone for a while”, but she could see herself marrying me and having kids with me “eventually”.... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Cuban connection

16 October 2016

FRIENDS OF CUBA from across the Caribbean were in Barbados last week for a series of activities commemorating the 40th anniversary of the 1976 Cubana bombing and their Barbadian colleagues laid out the red carpet in celebration of friendship and solidarity with the... Read More


It’s crystal Claire: From script to screen

16 October 2016

WHEN CLAIRE INCE looks back on her journey, she marvels at how she started, where she is now and where she wants to go. The Bajan screenwriter might not be well known at Cannes or the Globes or Oscars, but she is steadily making a name for herself. Read More


I CONFESS: My cheating ways caught up to me

15 October 2016

MOST MEN CAN’T handle being horned. I know because I went through it, and it wasn’t easy at all. That’s why I’m writing this. I’m hoping that by telling my story other men who face a similar experience would learn how to cope. I was "horned" by my wife, but today we... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Too hurt to trust

14 October 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I’m 41 and a single mum. My first marriage lasted 19 years, during which my husband cheated on me three times that I know of. I have dated a few men since the divorce. I caught each of them lying to me, cheating on me – or both. I am now seeing a... Read More


MY STORY: In love with the rock

13 October 2016

IN OCTOBER OF 1984, with education first and foremost on her mind, Cyntra Smith packed her bags and left her homeland of Trinidad bound for Barbados. Her plan at the time was to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science at the University of... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: She likes being the boss

13 October 2016

HAVE YOU ever been so tired and frustrated in your career that you just felt like quitting? Well, meet Colette Johnson who overcame her fear and walked away from a “stable” job. Most people have thought of making that big step, but then the doubts sets in. ... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: He wants only sex and money

13 October 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I would like you to help me solve a problem. I have been having an affair with a man for the past four years. He insists that he loves me but I have my doubts, as there is another woman in his life. When he is with this woman he pays me no attention.... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Kirk’s talent pulls on your heartstrings

12 October 2016

SOME PEOPLE have a knack for weaving stories that captivate. For musician Kirk Layne every time he touches his bass guitar strings it is magical. If you’ve ever seen or heard him play at Christmas Notes – The Jazz Edition, held for the last two years at the Sanctuary... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Confused about fiance’s jealousy

12 October 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I am unhappy and at a loss to know what to do. I would like to tell you my story and see what you have to say about it. I was going around with a boy for some 18 months before we became engaged. Everything was okay until then. Right after the engagement,... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Ramsays rooted

11 October 2016

FOR DECADES, George Arthur Ramsay Sr wasn’t just the patriarch of his family. To his wife of 45 years, Zenaida, and his sons George Jr, affectionately known as Art, and Gary, who many know as Alan, he was also their root and inspiration. Sadly however, August 25... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Don’t want love affair to end

11 October 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I am a very nice young woman, but very unlucky. I have a loving mind for everyone, no matter what people may think or say about me. Christine, this is my problem. About two years ago I was very close with a loving, nice, sweet man who I knew as a... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Ian looks back at Coalishun days

10 October 2016

HIS FIRST studio began in a spare bedroom. Now he is the process of reconstructing his former music studio Aasramam, which he hopes to have open within the next two months. Ian Eyan Alleyne is a former member of Coalishun, a band formed almost three decades ago in... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: No reasoning with Miss Hot To Trot

10 October 2016

Dear Christine, I HAVE been trying to talk to my friend but she is not listening. She feels that I don’t want her to get through. You see, there is a man who works with her who she says she loves. She also feels the man loves her. During the week she hardly... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: To Bim, with love

09 October 2016

CHEF Jason Howard wants to end 2016 with a bang. The Bajan born, who resides and works in Britain, was a quarter-finalist last year on BBC MasterChef, and has been busy with culinary visits to South Africa, Germany, Italy and Spain, showcasing and presenting his take... Read More


BAJAN TO DE BONE: Jeffrey the cookshop legend

09 October 2016

ON A GOOD day when the aches and pains of age are not gnawing away at his body, an upbeat Jeffrey Austin heads for the kitchen to do what he loves best – cook for himself and anyone else who wants a share. No longer can he do it at Austin’s Cookshop, the place on... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Farewell to Callender

09 October 2016

FOR MANY years he has been a familiar face on bandstands, conducting the Royal Barbados Police Force Band with style and flair and last week Superintendent Cortez Callender stood in that role for one last time before putting down the baton. The popular deputy director... Read More


MY STORY: From Gros Islet to Bridgetown

08 October 2016

WHEN ASKED WHAT he loves most about Barbados, Patrick Annius replied, without pausing, “Everything.” For that reason alone it’s not hard to understand why he has called Barbados his home for over 40 years. “So long I here, I love Barbados as if it is my home.... Read More


I CONFESS: How can it be wrong if it feels so right?

08 October 2016

EACH TIME I hear the painful stories about women who wasted their most productive years due to their involvement with married men, I think about my situation. I, too, am involved with a married man. He is 17 years older than me, and has told me he will not break-up... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Country life

07 October 2016

FRESH AIR, FARMING AND FRIENDLY neighbours is what life’s like in Baird’s Village, St George. And for Damien Hinkson, there is no place in the world better to live. Hinkson fell in love with the country at the age of seven when his family moved from the city to the... Read More




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