Blind man ‘reliving life all over again’

04 October 2015

Paul Bayne went from being a working conductor with sight to being unemployed and blind. “I never thought that this would have happened!” he cried. For Bayne, whose family has a known history of diabetes, the last thing he would have thought was that the “silent... Read More


I CONFESS: Afraid past may hurt future happiness

03 October 2015

A YEAR AGO I met a man for whom I have sincere feelings and I would not like him to walk out of my life. But I fear my past indiscretions can hurt me. I got pregnant at 17 and had an abortion, and by 19 I had had three such terminations. My mother knew of at least two... Read More


Wesley is about talking the talk

29 September 2015

HE HAS A VOICE that needs to be heard. So every day on call in programmes, such as VOB’s Down To Brass Tacks or CITA’s morning show, Wesley Chandler airs his opinions and thoughts. Chandler, who hails from Welchman Hall in St Thomas, is an auto body repairman who keeps... Read More


Cosplay queen Yaya Han

28 September 2015

GETTING PAID TO DRESS UP in superhero outfits and becoming a social media celebrity seems like a dream job. Well it is to Yaya Han. She has turned her hobby into a lucrative business, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Yaya Han is a cosplayer with hundreds of thousands... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Truth about paternity matters

28 September 2015

Dear Christine, I’LL LIKE TO share some information with you. There are a lot of husbands who go around with other women and get children from them. When their wives hear about it, they want to bring down God to say the children do not belong to their husbands. Christine,... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Lights, camera, action

27 September 2015

THE BUSINESS OF FILM PRODUCTION is a new area that creative Barbadians are pursuing and local film producers have certainly been pitching to the world, with participation in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France this year. Head of the European Union Delegation... Read More


Lauren: the Zulu warrior princess

27 September 2015

WHAT LAUREN AUSTIN IS UP TO NEXT is a surprise and no amount of prodding or cajoling can get her to reveal it. The designer sure can keep a secret. Maybe that is why she was entrusted by Barbadian superstar Rihanna to design her 2013 and 2015 costumes for Crop Over.... Read More


Living off the grid state of mind

24 September 2015

Ken Browne has been living off the grid (OTG) for the past two decades. The 42-year-old wood sculptor and naturopathic practitioner met with EASY magazine at Brandons Beach and explained how he had spent the last two decades perfecting the art of being one with nature.... Read More


WEDNESDAY WOMAN: Sewing her way to perfection

23 September 2015

AFTER 20 YEARS CUTTING, sewing and fitting thousands of garments for several hundred customers, Maxine Reid has returned to the background seat of student and is thoroughly enjoying it. “I have a designer that has taken me under her wing ... Read More


Franklyn carving his own niche

23 September 2015

From as early as 7 a.m. you can find 52-year-old Franklyn Harwood busy at work cutting and carving masterpieces at his stall at #2 Pelican Village. His passion was crafted as a young boy, working at the feet of his father Henderson Harwood. Harwood, who is father... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband refuses to accept divorce

21 September 2015

Dear Christine, I WAS MARRIED for eight years and there are few periods during that time that I could say I was happy. My husband turned out to be a real threat to me and our children and also turned out to be a big bully. He treated me the same way he treated... Read More


Saluting Sharon's success

21 September 2015

Talent, intelligence and confidence are key traits of any good queen, and Sharon Sargeant, the woman who has moulded many a queen, is royalty in her own right. The local franchise owner of Barbados Talented Teens (BTT) said she has been in the pageantry business... Read More


MONDAY MAN: ‘Sammy’ finally following dreams

21 September 2015

Erskine “Sammy” Husbands is a man who proves that it is never too late to follow your dreams. While his life could have been considered a relatively good one, Husbands wasn’t happy. Read More


Turning passion into profit

21 September 2015

VALISE KELLMAN is skilled in sheepskin stretching. He uses the material to make leather craft. Kellman said leather craft was not something he imagined himself creating but he developed a love for it. “When I came out of school at 19, I was looking for something... Read More


Life of the village

21 September 2015

AS A BABY, Dondré Hunte-Weekes was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy. As a result, he is unable to walk and uses a wheelchair. He cannot talk and has limited use of his hands. Additionally, he cannot chew as a “normal” person would so all of his foods are blended.... Read More


Rolling in the dough

20 September 2015

CHEF Luc Poirine is rolling in dough, literally. Wearing his white coat, he was behind the kitchen counter, wrist deep in flour as he moulded shapeless dough beneath his palms. Poirine, a Frenchman who went to culinary arts school in Paris at 16 and a half years... Read More


White twins with black roots

20 September 2015

The way Susan Taylor and Janet Kangro talk about their “granddad”, one pictures two little red-haired English girls playfully romping on the lap of a grandfather they adored. But these twins from Liverpool never knew their paternal grandfather. In fact, not before... Read More


Band of brothers had each other’s backs in Dominica

20 September 2015

The egg and small salad eaten earlier that morning had long since been digested. Thrown into a terrain they had never seen before, Barbados’ search and rescue team in Dominica was now running on low fumes of energy, and high levels of adrenaline. The stench of death... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Liquor make my girlfriend cheat

18 September 2015

Der Christine, MY GIRLFRIEND at the time (now my fiancée) got drunk while we were an item and slept with someone – her girlfriend set her up. I suspected all along something was amiss and asked her point-blank. She constantly denied it, but then we went to a party... Read More


Meals ready to roll

17 September 2015

THE RIDE to getting her business on the road and thriving has been long and winding. But Christina Mayers, owner of Christina’s Delights, is pleased that her idea of transforming a bus into a restaurant has finally come to fruition. “This was an idea I have had... Read More


Poetic relief

16 September 2015

MERLE NILES, affectionately known as Tantie Merle, is well known in arts circles for her stellar work as a playwright, director, producer, actress, manager, administrator, tent manager, competition judge and the list goes on. But although Merle’s contribution spans... Read More




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