Lauren loves helping

21 February 2017

LAUREN SIMMONS is about helping others and, the 23-year-old Barbadian will be in Cambodia from today volunteering to help the locals wherever her skill set is needed. The past student of St Ursuline has a Bachelor of Creative Arts (dance and theatre) from The University... Read More


BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Roberts rose from humble beginnings

21 February 2017

Today the DAILY NATION continues its Black History Month series on the lives of people of colour who have made their mark on the local, regional and global stage with a look at the life of Clifton Roberts. ROBERTS MANUFACTURING has grown to become a very successful... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Having doubts after affair of four years

21 February 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I would like you to help me solve a problem.I have been having an affair with a man for the past four years, but I have my doubts, as there is another woman in his life. When he is with this woman, he pays me no attention. Whatsoever the two of us... Read More


Nadia nails it

20 February 2017

NADIA HOLMES is the girl next door. She likes to hang out with friends, socialise, go to the movies and the beach. But how does she find time to do all when she is also a model, dancer and a singer and holds down three jobs? Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Unhappy after engagement

20 February 2017

Dear Christine, I AM UNHAPPY and at a loss to know what to do. I was going around with a young man for some 18 months before we became engaged. Everything was okay until then. Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Sweet, spirited evening

19 February 2017

THE LAUNCH OF the Barbados Sugar and Rum Season brought out top tourism players for a sweet, spirited evening at the historic Sunbury Plantation Great House. Read More


58 years of vending, still strong

18 February 2017

RUDOLPH CLARKE once sold newspapers for three cents and made a cent for every paper sold – back in the 1950s when he started. “I’ve been selling since 1959; they ain’t had no NATION then, only the Advocate and the Observer. Back then, there were not so many vendors,”... Read More


I CONFESS: Burning the candle at both ends

18 February 2017

I ONCE DID a horrible thing that haunts me to this day. It disturbs me because it was a wicked thing to do. And though the person I hurt the most by my actions never discovered the truth, the fact that I did it has always eaten away at me. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Seems you are being used

17 February 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I would appreciate some advice from you. You see, I am in love with a very nice, young attractive man. The problem is he is living in a house with a woman by the name of P. This guy says he really loves me and does not want to hurt me in any way because... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Steve Mason takes it to the X-Treme

16 February 2017

Steven Mason is someone who never dreads going to work. He likes to feel the intensity of an adrenalin rush, he told EASY magazine. The feeling of excitement from fitness challenges or sports brings him ultimate happiness. And most of all, he likes to work up a sweat.... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Maybe we can still be friends

16 February 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, My name is G.A. and I am a very nice young woman, but very unlucky. I have a loving mind for everyone no matter what people will say of me. Christine, this is my problem. About two years ago I was very close with a loving, nice, sweet man who I knew... Read More


WEDNESDAY WOMAN: Champion of Scoliosis Network

15 February 2017

FOR FOUR YEARS, Blanche Goring went from doctor to doctor, all of whom seemed clueless about how to handle her daughter’s worsening condition. Her daughter is now 18, but when she was ten, a curve had started to develop in her back, Goring said. “I realised there... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Eight years feeling neglected and alone

15 February 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I AM 30 YEARS OLD and have been in love with a man from the time I was 20. He is 31 years old and I have an eight-year-old child from him. There is another girl with whom he fell in love when I was pregnant. When the child was two years old, she left... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Cuban affair

14 February 2017

Young musicians from the Barbados Community College (BCC) Cuban Ensemble illustrated the spirit and vibrant nature of the Cuban people with the energetic set of music they played at the reception to mark the 58th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution last week. Members... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: 15 and afraid I am pregnant

14 February 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I am 15 years old and still attend school. My problem is that I fell in love with this guy and we had sex many times. I enjoyed it very much but I am now worried as I have missed my menstrual cycle for a month. I feel as though I am pregnant. Christine,... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Preacher creating forum for men

13 February 2017

IN 2003, A YOUNG MAN was sitting in the congregation when he heard the preacher speaking words he felt were directed at him. Although the preacher did not identify this young man as the intended receiver, he told the congregation the Lord was calling this individual... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Crafting a life of love

13 February 2017

There is always a story behind two people meeting and falling in love. When Sugar Asher met Judah, he said her spirit drew him to her. The couple have been together for 19 years and seven months. “He troubled me first,” Judah said, laughing. “I used to carry... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Married lover cannot support me

13 February 2017

Dear Christine, THIS IS the first time that I have had an opportunity to write to you. I have been reading your column fora long time. I am a 35-year-old woman and I have two children for a young man. Now, he has left me in the house with them. He does not want... Read More


Fighting abuse via #LifeinLeggings

12 February 2017

RONELLE KING’S strength is in the stride of her step, the curl of her lips and, above all, her willingness to speak up. While embodying the qualities expressed in Maya Angelou’s famous poem Phenomenal Woman, the 24-year-old feminist stands up against abuse and harassment... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: The Nebletts: 46 years of wedded bliss

12 February 2017

The mystery of Diana and Henderson Neblett’s long and happy marriage? “We gradually became friends, it was not a one time thing,” said Henderson. The Nebletts met at the First Baptist Church. They both belonged to the church’s youth group, and out of all the ladies... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: When love conquers

12 February 2017

Zamani and Loweno Williams love for each other ignited the day the couple met. They can attest to the saying that the best relationships begin unexpectedly, as the lovebirds met coincidentally. It just so happened that when Zamani visited Lowena’s beauty salon... Read More




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