Simon Pipe: Learning to be a good dad

18 June 2017

SIMON PIPE was a carefree 21-year-old working in a bank and doing music part time. He would go to work (“because I had to pay rent”) and then play gigs at night, getting home at 4 a.m. He then had a few hours sleep so he could be at his 8 a.m. job. All that changed... Read More


Novel idea

13 June 2017

WHEN MARC GIBSON’S story is written, nowhere will it be noted that he is a quitter. After taking 11 years to complete the Bridgeland graphic novel series, a fictional story of two underprivileged brothers (Winfield and Terrance) set in Barbados, he is just getting... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Off to see The Queen

12 June 2017

FIRST IT WAS China celebrating 40 years of diplomatic relations with Barbados. Then South Korea followed one week later. The Embassy of South Korea brought The Queen, a Korean traditional music group to perform in Barbados, in commemoration of the 40th anniversary... Read More


Marlon Legall: ‘Music made me’

11 June 2017

MARLON LEGALL’s love for music grew from going to choir practice and listening to old hymns and Negro spirituals at the Cane Vale Seventh-day Adventist Church. It also helped that his family was a musical group – mum Olga Gale sang soprano, dad Chesterfield Legall... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: European Film Festival

06 June 2017

THE CURTAIN HAS come down on the Ninth European Film Festival being hailed as the most extensive collection of European films to be shown in Barbados to date. People involved in various areas of the arts, diplomats and some local film producers joined European Union... Read More


Shantal’s a star

05 June 2017

BARBADIAN OPERA SINGER Shantal Martin had her final curtain call at the Manhattan School of Music, but the soprano’s act has definitely not ended. After four years at the renowned United States-based music conservatory, the 23-year-old graduated with a Bachelor of... Read More


When ideas shine Bright

05 June 2017

TWO YEARS AGO Tricia Hercules took on a mammoth task. She needed a job and none was available. So she took a big leap of faith. She started her own business. “I started Bright Life Family Centre in 2015. One of the main reasons was out of desperation because there... Read More


‘There is a never a dull moment with my sons’

30 May 2017

DUANA PETERSON KNOWS how exhausting raising two boys are, especially two with boundless energy – Xavier, ten and Christian, eight. The attorney is also a part-time lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill. “Being a working mother is very challenging... Read More


Hair her story

29 May 2017

SHANTEL JORDAN WAS the go-to girl for the latest hairdos at school. Her service was always in high demand and sometimes she had to play the role of a referee to stop schoolmates from getting into arguments about whose hair should be done next. “At Springer we would... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Dame Patsy feted

28 May 2017

NEW ZEALAND’S Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy and her husband Sir David Gascoigne travelled thousands of miles to savour Barbados during a brief official visit to the island last week. There were the official engagements such as the meeting with Governor General... Read More


Ayo – setting an example for Alora

28 May 2017

ALORA IS THE apple of Ayo’s eye. She turns two years old in July but the precocious toddler has already stolen the hearts of many. She is an only child, but her parents are hoping to give her some company in the form of siblings. Ayo Barnard-Rawlins loves travelling,... Read More


Johnathan’s focused on helping other children

23 May 2017

THERE’S A SAYING that life can change in an instant. That statement became a stark reality for the Austin family in 2014. Little did they know that a stomachache would totally alter the course of their son’s life and their own. Looking back it’s hard for them to... Read More


Lisa & Gabrielle – two peas in a pod

22 May 2017

LISA BAYLEY, because of the several hats she wears, interacted with children almost every day. But she wanted one of her own. When she gave birth to Gabrielle Bayley five years ago however, she never expected that so much of her would be moulded into the beautiful baby... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Tourism chit chat

21 May 2017

THE WHO’S WHO in tourism were at Gun Hill Signal Station last week to welcome tour operators and travel agents from around the globe. It was the first night of Connect Barbados, the annual event during which the international travel representatives are updated on... Read More


Jaye Applewaite: Made In Barbados

21 May 2017

THROWN IN AT the deep end, it was either sink or swim. Could she do this? She had, after all, promised she could. She gave her word it would be perfect. “Did I bite off more than I could chew?” thought Jaye. “I have no formal training in making a real bridal gown.”... Read More


Insta dinner with Akilah

17 May 2017

YOU SEE THE Instagram posts. Culinary concoctions that create a yearning to taste them but also a yearning to create them. Akilah Bryan has used her passion for the kitchen to become not only an entrepreneur but an Instagram celebrity, so to speak. “Whenever it... Read More


Nadia embracing motherhood

16 May 2017

NADIA REIFER-LAFLOUF is a typical mum – juggling work and home and making sure her toddler son is developing well. Nadia wasn’t leaving anything to chance when she found out she was pregnant. She and hubby Joseph wanted to know the sex of the baby to be “better able... Read More


Celia – a juggling mum

15 May 2017

CELIA CALLENDER, 38, calls herself a good juggler. She is mum to son Kyle Luke, age 11, who is a bundle of energy – likes bike riding, road and lawn tennis, chess and gaming. Celia has to balance that out with her business of planning and designing weddings (managing... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Culture works

14 May 2017

THE SPOTLIGHT FELL on the Caribbean’s heritage and culture last week when regional politicians responsible for heritage and culture joined their Barbados counterpart and others with interest in the two areas, for a workshop in Barbados organised by the Organisation... Read More


Leanna: My mistakes made me a better mum

14 May 2017

LEANNA RYCE HAD a complicated life growing up. Beneath that smile lies heartache. But with her story, she doesn’t want to be a role model but an inspiration to others. “I lost my mother when I was 15 years old,’ said the 25-year-old sales executive. “I still miss... Read More


Cooking with class

10 May 2017

CHEF GLENROY ALLEYNE never saw himself where he is now, running a restaurant, cooking for a who’s who, catering for exclusive functions and being part of the Barbados National Culinary Team. “I had no love for the kitchen or cooking,” said the chef who works alongside... Read More




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