I CONFESS: I let the wrong man get too close

20 August 2016

LADIES, BE CAREFUL falling asleep after sex. The man may take a picture of your private parts and send it to his friends. That happened to me and though he never took a picture of my face, I was deeply embarrassed. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Afraid he might hurt me if I leave

18 August 2016

Dear Christine, I AM hoping that you’ll be able to help me with my present situation and tell me how to deal with it. I am living with a man who totally disrespects me. We have been together for four years and have been living together for the past two. I moved... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Ksyn: ‘It cyan be ova’

16 August 2016

Ksyn has been bitten by the Crop Over bug. And she isn’t ashamed to admit it. In the island for the last lap week, the professional dancer, actor and model also jumped for Kadooment Day and slyly promises to be back. Born Ksyn Cason, she goes just by Ksyn (pronounced... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Why mas ain’t missing me

16 August 2016

The first year I played mas was 1995. Of course the costumes were cheaper and were made of more material. My big sis Sabrina Harper was working at Almond Beach at the time and took me along to be a part of the BS&T [Barbados Shipping & Trading] band. It was $75 for... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Would a baby fix our marriage?

16 August 2016

Dear Christine, MY MARRIAGE has been rocky lately. It’s not just one problem, but a general awakening that we may not have been meant to be married. We seem to be growing further and further apart. My husband has been having little flings and so have I. Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Ingrid Holder: Large and in charge

15 August 2016

A pint-sized Ingrid Holder is the driving force behind some mega entertainers. But don’t let her stature or unassuming appearance fool you. She has the capacity and willpower of a person ten times her size. She is a powerhouse at 105 pounds, commanding respect and... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Tanya pic of the crop

15 August 2016

Miss Crop Over Tanya Hinds is not your typical beauty queen, not physically at least. Standing at 4 ft 11 inches, she was the shortest contestant in the recently held pageant that she entered “on a whim”, but she stood tall at the end of the night, not only winning... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Horned by my best friend

15 August 2016

Dear Christine, I AM ONE of those persons who never thought the day would come when I’ll be writing to you about any problems, but here I am writing this letter with tears in my eyes. I am 19 years old and my boyfriend is 25. I introduced him to my family and... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Jamar hooked on tuk

15 August 2016

MORE THAN 30 YEARS AGO, entertainer Wayne “Poonka” Willock sang about his love for tuk band music, its origins, Barbadian traditions centred on what is an indigenous art form and what the beat does to the body when one hears it. Jamar Walkes wasn’t even born then... Read More


BAJAN TO DE BONE: Pat’s designing glory at Rio Olympics

14 August 2016

PAT BRATHWAITE wanted to be a fashion designer from age 10. The inspiration came from growing up within a family involved in dress-making. The classy uniforms she designed for the 21-member Barbados delegation in the Parade of Nations at the 2016 Olympic... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Partying at Ilaro Court

14 August 2016

THE STARS of Crop Over 2016 were on stage at Ilaro Court just a few nights after the curtain came down on this year’s festival, and the patrons were in full party mood. Hundreds waved, danced and sang along with Mistah Dale, Aziza, Marvay, Grynner and Lil Rick, among... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Machel has the Midas touch

14 August 2016

When you are soca superstar Machel Montano with a resume that reads singer, songwriter and producer, what else can you add to that? What about movie star? Machel is in his first acting role as the lead actor in the movie Bazodee released last week in United States... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Tempted to touch old flame

11 August 2016

Dear Christine, I HAVE BEEN married for the past 15 years and have never once cheated on my wife. However, I am faced with a situation and I am hoping you will help me. Before my wife and I were married, I was in love with a woman who broke my heart. In fact, I was... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Is younger lover really the one?

10 August 2016

Dear Christine, I AM A 38-YEAR-OLD woman who has been dating a 32-year-old man for three months. When I realised that I had developed strong feelings for him, I decided to ask him what his feelings were about our friendship and where he saw it going. Keep in mind he... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Is younger lover really the one?

09 August 2016

Dear Christine, I AM A 38-YEAR-OLD woman who has been dating a 32-year-old man for three months. When I realised that I had developed strong feelings for him, I decided to ask him what his feelings were about our friendship and where he saw it going. Keep in mind... Read More


Lush is coolers & crowd

09 August 2016

THIS YEAR’S instalment of Lush: The Ultimate Cooler Party Experience, got off to a somewhat rocky start last Thursday. The park-and-ride system set up at Bulkeley’s Plantation in St George was painfully slow, causing long delays in getting to the event venue. Read More


Popular Panache party-perfect

09 August 2016

THE LUCKY ONES got a chance to enjoy the finesse that was Panache, the all-inclusive premium event last Sunday at Sweetfield Manor, Brittons Hill, St Michael. From around 5 p.m. till just after 10 p.m. a crowd of mature people chatted, mixed and mingled and danced the... Read More


Scorching time at Island Mas

08 August 2016

THERE WAS A DOUBLE DOSE of heat on Sunday and it was centred on one location – Ocean Park, Christ Church. The party vibes were hot and the temperature scorching. But the patrons at Island Mas Breakfast Party seemed to want to set a record as to who can party plenty.... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Making her look good a real task

08 August 2016

Dear Christine, HOW WOULD you deal with the following situation? I have a close friend who is more than 50 pounds overweight. She wears the trendiest clothes, styles her hair and make-up to perfection, and has oodles of male friends she’d love to be more than... Read More


Bajan Brek-Fus a treat

08 August 2016

It was Crop Over last lap. What to do and where to go with so many choices. One was Brek-Fus: The Bajan Experience, which came off last Sunday morning at Fisherpond Great House. The first-time event was a breakfast party with a difference. Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Accolades for Sir Garry

07 August 2016

GIVE THE ACCOLADES when people are alive, they say. National Hero Rt Excellent Sir Garry Sobers got his last week in a spectacular event, compliments of the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited. The outpouring of appreciation for the contribution of this Barbadian... Read More




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