DEAR CHRISTINE: Torn between two lovers

16 January 2017

Dear Christine, I WOULD LIKE you to help me with this problem. I am 22 years old and have two boyfriends. I am living in a house with one. The next one I would say is too serious about me, knowing that I am living with this other guy. When I am going out, this... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Shannon ready to take on the universe

15 January 2017

UNIVERSE, make way for Barbadian beauty queen Shannon Harris. After claiming the coveted Miss Universe Barbados 2016 tiara, the 22-year-old has fire in her eyes and spunk in her stride. But Harris loves more than the spotlight, glitz and glamour. In addition to her... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Dancing feats

15 January 2017

LIVY ALLEYNE LITERALLY waltzed his way into the heart of his wife and dance partner Betty Alleyne. “We love each other and that’s the main thing. Once we do dance we are [good],” she said. Not only do they share the track as senior athletes, they also share the... Read More


Pensioner living in house with rats

15 January 2017

AN ELDERLY client of the National Assistance Board (NAB) is living in a dilapidated rat-infested house with no electricity, running water or toilet facilities. Old cardboard sheets which fell from the ceiling have been covered with old clothes to serve as a bed for... Read More


2 new gardens on show soon

14 January 2017

THE DEPARTURE of a number of non-nationals has had an effect on the larger gardens on the island. But this, says president of the Barbados Horticultural Society (BHS) Orson Daisley, has not stopped the BHS from attracting two new gardens to its 2017 Open Garden Programme.... Read More


I CONFESS: Found my happiness with a married man

14 January 2017

RELATIONSHIPS ARE COMPLICATED interactions. Sometimes you are with someone and you think, ‘this is it; I have met my soulmate. I could not be happier’. Then he cheats on you and you’re devastated. Or you may be in a relationship where the man shows more interest in... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: In touch with craft

13 January 2017

“A todas las personas el limite es el cielo, no existe barreras para lograr tu metas.” (Spanish) – Nancy Roach Translation: “To all people the limit is the sky, there are no barriers to achieve your goals.” NANCY ROACH has not lost sight of the good in... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Co-worker tried to kiss me

13 January 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I've a wife and three children that I love very much. I get along very well on my job but recently something happened that upset me very much. A new young woman came to work at our firm, and from the time she got there she has been making passes at... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Boyfriend can’t get over my past

12 January 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, In a few months I expect to be married to my boyfriend who I have known for just over a year. There is just one thing that bothers me and it is his constant questioning over another boyfriend I had long before I met him. He knows that I was living... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I give him up for ‘nice’ girl?

11 January 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I AM 25 YEARS OLD and my boyfriend is 31. He has been going steady with a girl three years before we met, and I have known him for 15 months. His girlfriend came to my place on three occasions for him, and although her friends call me on the phone... Read More


OUT & ABOUT: Shoe fits for Toni and friends

10 January 2017

TONI THORNE is making a return to fashion. She launched a Caribbean shoe line at Primo Restaurant last Saturday when she hosted her Sip & Shop experience. The brand is called “SWEETHEART”. Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: DJ Puffy follows his dream

10 January 2017

THERE COMES a time in life where you have to make the ultimate decision and André Parris has proven that following your heart is using your head. He had to choose between following his dream and conforming to society’s expectations. He had no idea of what the... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Pregnant for older man

10 January 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I am 21 years old and I am in love with a man who is 35. I met him when I was 17 years old and the two of us really love each other. This man comes to me and sleeps whenever he wants to. He also tried to please me by giving me whatever I ask for.... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: The lifeguard ‘hero’ of Dover Beach

09 January 2017

TANYA WELCH is making a name for herself in a male-dominated career field. Her physical strength and agility are on par with those of her male counterparts, but her feminine qualities give her an advantage. Tanya says anything a man can do a woman can do just as... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: A Sandals affair

09 January 2017

NEW YEAR'S EVE is the one night of the year when couples are not shy about making a public display of their love and affection for each other, and the kiss that begins at the stroke of midnight lingers. This time around, the party scene on the big night of the year... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: My boyfriend is avoiding me

09 January 2017

Dear Christine, MY BOYFRIEND HAS left me and I don’t feel I can go on without him. What I cannot understand is how he could have changed after telling me how different I was from all the other girls he knew. He would brag about how easy it was to get them to do whatever... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Can’t stop this hobby

08 January 2017

EVAN CLARKE is unsealing the beauty of bottle cap art in Barbados. He has found a way to give these easily discarded items a brand new purpose. He is not only taking recycling to a whole new level but he is also adding a twist to the concept of art on the island.... Read More


A burning desire to fight fires

08 January 2017

JUDGING BY THE mischievous fires she would constantly light around her childhood home, Natasha Forde’s father always said his daughter would be either an arsonist” or “a firefighter”. The elder Forde was right on the second count. At that time though, the idea... Read More


For the love of horses

07 January 2017

ASTRUAL WEEKES’ love for horses is immeasurable. The passion he has for grooming the majestic animals stems from the first time he made contact with one. Its ripping muscles, pricked ears, distended nostrils and thundering heartbeat fascinated him and since then... Read More


I CONFESS: Even animals run from abuse

07 January 2017

THE HOLIDAY SEASON seems to bring out the worst in some men. Through the years I have found that around this period several men like to beat up their partners over the most frivolous things. For example, if they see their woman talking to another man – blows. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Tired of being the outside woman

06 January 2017

DEAR CHRISTINE, I AM IN LOVE with a married man who says how much he loves me. It has been three years of seeing him if I can arrange the meeting and only to make love, and then he is up and gone until the next day when he calls me two or three times. I have asked... Read More




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