DEAR CHRISTINE: Sexually harassed by workmate

21 September 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I work for a very well established company here in Barbados. I do not have a problem with the work, but I do have a problem with one particular man in the office. He sneaks up on me ever so often and tells me what he’d like to do with me and for... Read More


MY STORY: 16-year love affair

20 September 2016

IF THERE IS ONE person who believes in love at first sight, it’s Elisabeth Alleyne. And 16 years on, her love affair with Barbados is still going strong. With a huge smile on her face, and from the comfort of her office at Coral Reef Hotel, Elisabeth recalled... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Mission Reggaelise the world

20 September 2016

Jamaicans Mark Warrior King Dyer and Kemmuel Rassi Hardknocks Foster are on a mission to “Reggaelise” the world one song at a time. “Greetings in the name of the Most High, Emperor Haile Selassie I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords and Conquering Lion of the Tribe of... Read More


OUT & ABOUT: @ Crop Over 2016 final curtain

20 September 2016

FOND MEMORIES of Crop Over 2016 were relived last Sunday night at Hilton Barbados when the National Cultural Foundation staged its annual awards ceremony and reception. The final curtain came down on the festival with a video presentation was shown recapping moments... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I leave cheating husband?

20 September 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I am married to a man who has cheated on me from day one. The very day that we got married, he was seemingly chasing after skirts. In fact, he invited his children’s mother to our wedding against my better judgment and a fight almost broke out. Not... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: There is life after cancer

19 September 2016

Shorma James loves life but cancer has threatened to take it away from her not once, but four times. She is heading off to Miami today for a battery of tests to find out whether she will be lucky the fifth time around but you would never believe the 53-year has been... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Torn between two friends

19 September 2016

Dear Christine, I HAVE BEEN reading your column from the time I was a teenager at school. I am now a grown adult and I still read the column every day it is printed. Keep up the good work. Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Beauty Glitz

18 September 2016

The line-up of beauties vying to represent the island at the Miss Universe Pageant were on the cocktail circuit last week, days before competing in last night’s Miss Universe Barbados show at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. Social Scene caught up with the contestants... Read More


MY STORY: Cita shaped by mix of cultures

17 September 2016

GUYANESE BLOOD FLOWS in her veins, but at heart Cita Pilgrim is an example of a successful Guyanese/Barbadian fusion. She was born in Guyana and married Barbadian Cecil Pilgrim, who spent the greater part of his life representing Guyana, where he had grown up with... Read More


I CONFESS: He cheated on me with my sister

17 September 2016

I READ THAT lasting relationships are built on the ability of two people to trust each other; two people who have an unshakeable belief in the honesty and reliability of each other, which gives them the confidence and assurance to persevere together, no matter the challenge.... Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Chelsea's man

16 September 2016

Reverend Wayne Ramsay is a jack of all trades. He is not the average man of God. He is a trained chef, a basket weaver, he does ceramic pottery and also sugar craft, but above all he is an outstanding floral designer, having a plethora of local and international medals... Read More


Sister: Jamar a devoted dad

16 September 2016

JAMAR OMAR SCOTT will be remembered in a variety of ways. He was a hard-working employee, a pleasant and fun-loving individual, a rally enthusiast and a caring brother. But above all things, he was a devoted father. And during a thanksgiving service at a packed... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Parents don’t think he’s the one

16 September 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, i am 19 years old and have been seeing my boyfriend for the past two years. He is four years older than I am. We love each other, but my mother is doing everything in her power to break us up because she does not think that my boyfriend is good enough... Read More


MY STORY: Winnie is Bajan to de bone

15 September 2016

WINNIE GRIFFITH MIGHT NOT HAVE been born in Barbados, but she considers herself as much a Barbadian as anyone else. So much so, she refers to herself as “the best cou cou maker on the island”. Griffith, or Winnie as she is well known because of her outspokenness... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Giving love another try

15 September 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I am writing from one of the islands. I read your column online and I love the information and advice that you give to others. I am 26 years old and I am in love with a young woman – who is the subject of my letter. I met “Annie”, as I would call... Read More


WEDNESDAY WOMAN: King aims to be queen of fashion design

14 September 2016

JANINE KING’S love for art is now firmly sewn into fashion design. But that’s just the start of the journey. She is now sketching out her dream to be one of the best known in the local fashion industry. The Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic (SJPP) student has... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Please help me find a friend

14 September 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I AM A REGULAR READER of your column and I agree with your answers. You also help people to make friends. I am a 16-year-old and do not have a boyfriend. I am also a shy person and not very attractive. When I see other girls my age with boyfriends,... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Don’t want to hurt my married man

14 September 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, AFTER BREAKING UP with my boyfriend two years ago I became very reserved. It is only recently that I started sneaking around with a man who is older than I am and married with two children. The matter got to his wife’s ears and they started bickering.... Read More


Over 2 000 hit road for cancer

13 September 2016

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE took over the Bay Street Esplanade on Sunday to support the cause against cancer. More than 2 000 people could be seen running and walking during the annual Barbados Cancer Society-organised Sagicor Globeathon Awareness Walk And 5k Run. Participants... Read More


Allysen’s living in the sweet Layne

13 September 2016

ALLYSEN LAYNE is elbow deep in dough. No, it is not slang for money, it is actually the flour mixture for the base of her cakes and pastries. Allysen is the brains behind Cake Central, the three-year-old a cake supply store, decorating school and gourmet bakery. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Friends trying to break us up

13 September 2016

DEAR CHRISTINE, I need your help. Eight years ago I left my husband after a not so good marriage, and returned to my country of birth. I met a very nice guy and we fell in love. I love him to his every wrong and now have a daughter for him. He has another girl... Read More




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