Sweet talk has my friend caught up

02 March 2015

Dear Christine, I AM not writing to you about any personal problem but I am writing on behalf of a friend whom I believe needs some advice. In fact, I am hoping that the advice you give me will help her to see the light. Read More


PHOTO FLASH: The Iron Giant

01 March 2015

TAKE A QUICK TOUR, made up entirely of photos, of Dr Lawrence Bannister’s Iron Garden. Read More


Jalicia eyeing Top Model prize

01 March 2015

Jalicia Nightengale Hebson is looking to score another feather in her cap. The 23-year-old Barbadian, originally from Kinglsand, Christ Church, has been selected to be the Barbados representative in the Top Model UK competition. Read More


BHM: Slave houses in Barbados

28 February 2015

HOUSING FOR SLAVES in Barbados became a necessity from the early days of slavery. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: His ex-wife is harassing me

26 February 2015

Dear Christine, I am in my mid-40s and have been seeing a man who is ten years my junior for the past five months. Everything was going great for us until his ex-wife discovered that he was seeing someone else. Read More


BHM: Barbados’ Arawak Princess

25 February 2015

ARAWAKS ARE A GROUP of indigenous people belonging to the Amerindian peoples. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Cheater won’t support children

25 February 2015

Dear Christine, I LIVE ALONE and have two children whose father is not contributing to their upkeep. Read More


BHM: Bajan Stick licking

24 February 2015

BAJAN STICK LICKIN’ is a stick fighting martial art that has its roots from Africa, where two participants used fire hardened wooden sticks, varying in length as weapons and carrying out fighting techniques. Read More


Sailing into another season

24 February 2015

SAILING IS IN JACK HOAD’S GENES, a passion inherited from his father who was “a very keen” sailor. Read More


Should I let her walk away?

24 February 2015

Dear Christine, I AM a deeply worried man. When I met the young woman I am with, she had two children from two different men, both of whom had forsaken her. I told her I would also care for her children. Read More



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