Fitness first at no-fear gym

30 July 2015

THERE IS SOMETHING about Limitless Performance fitness centre that says comfort and challenge. Read More


Edwin listens to The Voice in his Head

28 July 2015

EDWIN YEARWOOD BELIEVES he is a “better man” after all he has overcome. In 1995 he rose to stardom when he created history by winning all three competitions – Pic-O-De-Crop, Party Monarch and Tune Of The Crop. Now – exactly 20 years later – the entertainer and lead... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Tissue samples in his blood

27 July 2015

CHECKING BLOOD and tissue samples to assist with the diagnosis and prognosis of patient ailments has been the life of Adrian Howard for more than two decades. Howard, a senior laboratory technologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), has served in every section... Read More


ALTAR CALL: The church is not a club, says cleric

27 July 2015

THE CHURCH IS NOT a club, but was established on the blood of Jesus Christ. As such, its purposes are to offer healing and wholeness, deliverance to the oppressed and possessed, and to declare the good news of mankind being put right with God through the blood of Jesus.... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Boyfriend treats me like a maid

27 July 2015

Dear Christine, I am 24 years old and I am worried about what is happening with my life. I am in love with a man who is twice my age. I am not worried about the fact that he has at least one child who is older than I am and that he is a divorced man. Read More


I CONFESS: Youth need all the guidance we can give

25 July 2015

WE TEACH ALL sorts of things at secondary school, but overlook some of the simple things which could make life easier for young people as they face the real world, filled with loving decent people as well as those who are criminal-minded and bent on creating havoc in... Read More


Queen’s Park falling apart

25 July 2015

QUEEN’S PARK was once viewed as a venue fit for British royalty and top military officials but now it appears as if it isn’t even fit for a pauper. True, over the years the gazebo, the fountain, the well manicured lawns and the Steel Shed have been pictures of beauty,... Read More


MONDAY MAN: Chandler’s natural work of art

20 July 2015

WITH NATURAL ROCK FORMATIONS as the guide for his painted sculptures, Chris Chandler may be on to something big. Read More


ALTAR CALL: Women told to shun the ungodly

20 July 2015

YOUR BODY is an altar so be careful what and who you connect with. Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby’s drinking out of control

20 July 2015

I AM 36 YEARS OLD and a mother of three children, one of whom is a soon to be teenager. We live a reasonably good life, apart from the fact that my husband, who is 45 years old, drinks at home almost every night. Read More


20 questions with Tionne

17 July 2015

How long have you been on the music/entertainment scene? I’ve been in entertainment from the time I was 10 years old. This year I’ll be 20. Read More


20 questions with Sammy G

17 July 2015

How long have you been on the music/entertainment scene? Seven years. Read More


20 questions with Honesty

16 July 2015

How long have you been on the music/entertainment scene? I have been in the music entertainment scene since 2010 when I entered Junior Monarch for the first time. Read More


20 questions with Aziza

16 July 2015

How long have you been on the music/entertainment scene? For 12 years. Read More


20 questions with Nikita

15 July 2015

How long have you been on the music/entertainment scene? I have been singing since I was three years old but professionally I've been in the business for about 12 years. Read More


20 questions with Shanta

15 July 2015

How long have you been on the music/entertainment scene? From my days of the school choir and concerts. I was into R&B, pop. Then, as I got older, I became a backup vocalist for Bacchanal Time Tent and Biggie Irie, Rupee and for various artistes on records, Machel Montano,... Read More


20 questions with Faith

14 July 2015

How long have you been on the music/entertainment scene? Just over three years but the last two in soca. Read More


ALTAR CALL: Spiritual fitness ‘vital’

13 July 2015

BODILY FITNESS has a certain value but spiritual fitness is essential for this present life and the life to come. Read More


20 questions with Chrystal

13 July 2015

How long have you been in the music/entertainment scene? I have been in the music industry since I was a student at the Alleyne School. I entered NIFCA while in fourth form and continued doing so for 11 consecutive years. I also started performing in the hotel circuit... Read More


DEAR CHRISTINE: Still secretive about his home after a whole year

13 July 2015

DEAR CHRISTINE, PLEASE HELP ME if you can, or maybe I should say, please advise me on what I should do. Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Downtime with dignitaries

13 July 2015

HEADS OF GOVERNMENT from several Caribbean islands were in Barbados for the CARICOM meeting at the same time the Canadians and the Americans here were celebrating their respective independence anniversaries. The social diary was therefore packed for those who make the... Read More




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