Daddy dearest

22 June 2015

FATHERS and their families were out in their numbers yesterday to celebrate. Some men took to churches to be blessed and reminded of their important roles in society, while others spent a few hours indulging their taste buds with the fare that was on offer at a number... Read More


Holders making mas, playing mas

22 June 2015

IT WAS LATE SUNDAY AFTERNOON, and the Wednesday 2000 band house was steadily coming to life. Prototypes on full display at Speedbird House, the City base; equipment was being delivered for the “full throttle” towards Kadooment Day; faithful band members popping in... Read More


Duo bring the heat

22 June 2015

MOST BARBADIAN MEN share the common dream of one day fathering a son. That dream becomes even more significant when that son plays a sport that the father loves or played himself. Read More


Stuck in my position for years

22 June 2015

Dear Christine, THIS IS six years now that I have worked in the public service sector. For those past six years I have been through hell, while trusting God to see me through. Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Mixing and mingling

21 June 2015

GUYANA‘S CONSUL GENERAL in Barbados Michael Brotherson never misses an opportunity to entertain and every time it is a happy mingling of Guyanese and Barbadians. Read More


Coopa Dan's new role

21 June 2015

JERMAINE COOPA DAN GITTENS is no stranger to the Crop Over scene. One can say he is almost a fixture as he has been attending tents and shows with his mum from age five. Read More


TALKING SEX: No money, no sex debate

20 June 2015

I WAS GETTING MY HAIR DONE when the conversation broke out about Captain Sawyer’s now infamous song. Opinions were all over the map about whether he should talk about it and how he should talk about it. Read More


Chucky's a full-time calypsonian

20 June 2015

Local issues, global appeal. It was a formula that garnered fans for calypso the world over in its heyday. And with some effort and a few good men – and women – reigning Trinidadian soca monarch Roderick Chucky Gordon believes that the glory days of calypso in its... Read More


Tired of my wife’s and in-laws’ boasting

20 June 2015

LISTENING TO OLDER PEOPLE and observing them have always provided lessons. You can learn so many things and often try not to repeat their errors. Sometimes it is not so easy, and you understand and appreciate why so many compromises are made in life, once you wear... Read More


Teach youth early about culture

20 June 2015

HALF MOON FORT’S Primary School’s recent celebration of its own special Culture Day has been held up an example to other schools. Read More




Do you want to see the Tridents Franchise leave Barbados?

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