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SOCIAL SCENE: Harmony reunited

25 November 2018

It is 26 years since Leo Murphy and Andrew Murphy were home in Barbados enjoying a good jam session with friends. That is why just under 100 followers of their former band Harmony recently enjoyed a fantastic night of music with them and their German guest musicians... Read More


Betty B talks candidly after being behind bars

25 November 2018

Singer Betty Griffith-Payne is in a great place right now. Having gone through a rebranding with a new name – Betty B, she is finally ready to let people see who she really is. After the launch of her new EP Behind Bars at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre last Saturday... Read More


Nazinga’s handmade skincare line

19 November 2018

The desire to try something new helped Nazinga Henry fuel her entrepreneurial drive. Though Henry enjoyed making fine handcrafted jewellery, she wanted to express her artistic ability through a different medium. After giving it some thought, she finally decided to... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Celebrating our waters

18 November 2018

Art lovers and others engaged in the protection of Barbados’ reefs were at the Gallery of Caribbean Art in Speightstown for the opening of the latest exhibition there entitled Celebrate Our Waters. Read More


Angela making mark in education

18 November 2018

Dr Angela Smith has dedicated 40 years of her life to educating the nation’s children. Fulfilled, accomplished and proud are just some of the emotions she feels today having made such a contribution to her nation. Read More


Judy Boyce: I took my scar and turned it into a star

12 November 2018

Judy Boyce stands today a proud mother of two, grandmother and a successful business owner. But there was a time when the world didn’t see her in this light and only had negative vibes towards and about her. In fact, she admitted that there was a time when she was... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Trust Loan Fund Unit opens

11 November 2018

The air was charged with excitement when ministers of Government, leaders in the small business sector, prospective entrepreneurs and a host of other guests gathered at the Harbour Road premises for the grand opening of the new Trust Loan Fund Unit last week. Read More


Darnel making Monumental impact

11 November 2018

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘monumental’ as epic, huge, massive or enormous. That’s exactly the type of impact Darnel Greenidge is looking to make with his new local luxury brand Monumental Watches. Since launching his brand on August 30, the buzz has been nothing... Read More


Stacey McKenzie: I decided to own who I am

06 November 2018

When Stacey McKenzie was young, all she wanted to become was a model. And today, the Jamaican national, lives in Canada, is one of the biggest supermodels across the world. “At a young age I found out about the world of fashion and realised it could be a career.... Read More


The reel world of Kia

05 November 2018

Kia Redman bagged six Barbados Visual Media Awards last Sunday night for her animated short film Roots|Routes. It wasn’t something the 23-year old videographer and designer expected. Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Barbados Food And Rum Festival

04 November 2018

Foodies were out in their numbers for the 2018 Barbados Food And Rum Festival’s spectacular Taste Of The Exotic Signature Rum Event at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. Patrons from Barbados, across the Caribbean and even further afield enjoyed the night of food and fun... Read More


Sheena Lambert: Prayer pulled me through

04 November 2018

Never let your past define your future. If it’s one person who lives by that mantra it’s 31-year-old Sheena Lambert. In 2011, the beautiful and well-spoken woman found herself on the wrong side of the law and ended up behind bars at HMP Dodds. She said it’s not... Read More


‘I had brain surgery for TN’

29 October 2018

Fifteen weeks ago, I underwent brain surgery. Not because I had a brain tumour, or a stroke or even hydrocephalus, but in an effort to “cure” a painful, life-altering condition I’d been living with for approximately five years – trigeminal neuralgia (TN). Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: BTMI media awards

28 October 2018

It was a night of glamour at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre when the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc., handed out its media awards. Local and foreign journalists who keep Barbados in the forefront of the travel world were rewarded for their work and the BTMI’s... Read More


Barbados not just sun, sea and sand

28 October 2018

When Dianelle Rivers-Mitchell was 13 years old, and a student at high school in the United States of America, she went on a school trip that “saved her life”. No, she wasn’t in physical danger. But she was at risk of becoming another statistic out of the ‘projects’... Read More


Pap smear saved her life

22 October 2018

Shakira Shorey went to the doctor three years ago for a sinus infection. That turned out to be a visit and conversation that saved her life. “I went to the doctor for a sinus infection. We were having a general conversation and my daughter, who was two at the time,... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: IICA hosts mix and mingle

21 October 2018

A mid-morning cocktail reception is a rarity, but it was the time director of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture Manuel Otero could squeeze out of his hectic Barbados schedule last week, to socialise with local and regional leaders in agriculture.... Read More


Sisters share pain of losing mum to cancer

21 October 2018

Engritta Marshall was fun loving, kind, determined and a devoted follower of Christ. In 2009 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sadly, Engritta lost her battle three months ago and passed away at home surrounded by her family. But she lived and she lived well.... Read More


Sheena Hinds: Double mastectomy saved my life

15 October 2018

Sheena Hinds was in love with her perfect cosmetically enhanced breasts. But on May 26, 2016 after some prompting from her general physician to have a mammogram done, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, news that rocked her world and threatened her “two girls”. Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Warm welcome for New Zealand High Commissioner

14 October 2018

New Zealand’s new High Commissioner to Barbados Anton Ojala was warmly welcomed by government representatives, fellow diplomats and other prominent society figures at a reception in their honour. Read More


Nikita: Breast health still taboo

14 October 2018

Cancer is a dreaded word no woman wants to hear. So when Nikita Browne found a lump in her breast, she had a range of emotions. Then the one lump turned into two, then three, then four. Read More


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