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SOCIAL SCENE: Luminaries gather at UWI

08 May 2018

Stars from local artistic circles rubbed shoulders with University of the West Indies (UWI) officials, prominent figures from the business community and a host of other guests when the UWI, Cave Hill Campus, staged The Luminaries Gala at the campus last week. Read More


Shallene wants to be a good example

07 May 2018

Being a mother has been a life-changing experience for Shallene “Pookie” Francis. Not only did she become a better version of herself, but she was also able to help a young woman in her Salisbury, St George community develop her talent. Francis, a loctician and entrepreneur... Read More


Brandi a strong and resilient woman

06 May 2018

When it comes to strong and resilient women, Brandi Gilkes is up there with the best of them. The fashion designer, in her mid-20s, has been through the unimaginable at a very young age, but she has always come out of her situations stronger, with a testimony to tell.... Read More


Shenique’s weight loss journey a ride

01 May 2018

When Shenique Clarke stepped on a scale three years ago, it brought her to tears. She was 345 pounds at the time. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, she decided to do something about it. “I was never really ashamed of my size or how I look but I kept seeing... Read More


Mum tackling autism step by step

30 April 2018

Deborah Thompson-Smith is in a happy place today. That wasn’t always the case for the co-founder of Spectrum Possibilities, a charity whose aim is “to facilitate a shift in the paradigm of understanding and response to children, adolescents and adults with autism spectrum... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Celebration for the Queen

29 April 2018

If there was any doubt about how much being part of the Commonwealth means to some Barbadians, you had to be at Government House last week for Governor General Dame Sandra Mason’s reception marking the Queen’s 92nd birthday. Read More


Ashley ticking off life goals

29 April 2018

Ashley Lashley is ticking off goals one by one. The 18-year-old’s most recent achievement was winning the title of Miss World Barbados, a dream she had from age 13. Ashley who still lives in Halls Road, St Michael, where she grew up, said she has many pleasant memories... Read More


Former Miss World Zoe gone global in her travels

24 April 2018

Former Miss Barbados Zoe Trotman is so sure of the woman she has become that nothing can break her spirit. She is focused, happy, and living her best life. Zoe rose to local fame when she won the Miss Barbados World title in 2014, and since the local franchise only... Read More


Gibbs give of their best for 50 years

23 April 2018

Fifty years is definitely not fifty days. One couple who knows this full well is Ricardo and Lelia Gibbs, who have been married for 50 years. The now retired couple celebrated their milestone anniversary on February 24 of this year. When asked the secret to making... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Queen’s College Association hosts tea party

22 April 2018

It was all for charity, and the members of the Queen’s College Association and their friends had a great evening of camaraderie at the Barbados Yacht Club earlier this month. Highlight of the fund-raising tea party was a bonnet parade and the ladies pulled out the... Read More


‘Elijah inspires us’

22 April 2018

Nicole Peach Bless Callender is passionate, knows what she wants and gets things done. She is also caring, funny, and patient. The reggae singer sat with EASY on a sunny, breezy Tuesday morning to talk about what she has been up to re her music, her family, her hopes,... Read More


Headhunter Traron Johnson is hair to stay

17 April 2018

Usually when one thinks of hairdressing or hairstyling, females come to mind. But not anymore. Males are now the go-to, some doing hair better than females. Right here in Barbados, Headhunter Ronny is one of the hottest hairstylists around. Real name Traron Johnson,... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Royal Commonwealth Society reception

15 April 2018

New Zealand High Commissioner Jan Henderson and her husband David will soon be heading back home at the end of her Barbados assignment, and she threw open the doors of her official residence one last time, hosting a rollicking reception in honour of the Barbados branch... Read More


Gregory Skeete is a man on a mission

10 April 2018

Author, entrepreneur and life engineer Gregory Skeete didn’t exactly know what he wanted to be growing up, but he drew inspiration from his grandfather Selwyn Edwards, who raised six children on a modest salary. “I see him as one of my biggest inspirations of all... Read More


Creating their own legacy

09 April 2018

It is often said that a family that plays together stays together. Meet Nakita and Dario Goddard, married for three years but together for ten. As individuals, they both have completely different attributes – Nakita has a go-getting personality and is willing to... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Nikki Beach White Party

08 April 2018

The theme was all white, the atmosphere ethereal and it was enjoyed by scores of Barbadians joining guests from all over the world, taking in the festivities to mark the official opening of Nikki Beach Barbados last week. The grand opening White Party, a signature... Read More


Darrio Prescod: More than a killer smile

08 April 2018

Darrio Prescod loves to talk. As corny as it may sound, it’s a fact. He loves it and he does it well. He has one of the most captivating voices around and he’s using it to his advantage. He’s an emcee for many different companies, including the National Cultural... Read More


Here to help kids with autism

03 April 2018

Natasha Heaselgrave and her company are committed to doing more for children. Through her charity More4kids, started four years ago, the mission is to create brighter futures for children with autism and to help them get a little further in life. In an interview... Read More


Life in a Maya-centred world

02 April 2018

Every new parent’s life is centred around their newborn baby. Their every waking moment is all about the baby. In essence, baby comes first, each and everytime. This is no different for 32-year-old Jessica Reid. In fact, it may be more so. That’s because her two-year-old... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Night of indulgence

01 April 2018

It was dubbed A Night Of Soothing Indulgence and guests attending the launch of Kama Spa and Siam Bar and Restaurant at Bougainvillea Hotel were indeed pampered. The Maxwell Coast Road hotel pulled out all the stops for an entertaining evening beside the sea, with... Read More


Danielle’s mind and body transformation

01 April 2018

It was Saturday morning. People were out and about shopping in Speightstown in St Peter in the brilliant sunshine, cooled only by a light breeze. Certified yoga teacher Danielle Moore met up with EASY at J.G Fitness in the Town Square Mall half hour before the... Read More


Barbados has introduced e-passports which feature biometric chips embedded in them. Do you think this will increase security and ease travel?

Not sure