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Driving Ms Gibson

27 August 2010

Motor racing can be fun, but it can also be dangerous for both the competitors and the spectators! Read More


Living life Monica's way

26 August 2010

In Central Bank of Barbados circles she is identified as "First Lady". But the wife of bank governor Dr De Lisle Worrell insists: "I see myself as Monica still. Read More


Flying into history

25 August 2010

What started out as an ordinary day for flight attendant Diana Galloway turned out to be history in the making. Read More


Wild workout

24 August 2010

Adrenaline junkies, take note. There is an outlet locally for those Alpha-personality types who like to live life on the edge, literally. Read More


EASY READING: Born In The Briar Patch - A letter from Emily

23 August 2010

"Be careful Nellie," said Miss Una. "You got a lot of money. "You got to be careful who you let in your life." Read More

SEX TALK: Love times two

21 August 2010

While lounging on my neighbour's backyard patio and looking at him escort his 'outside' woman through the side door, I began to wonder about multiple loves. Read More



19 August 2010

Katrina selected coconut-crusted, beer-soaked shrimp as the starter. Three butterfly-cut, jumbo shrimp were soaked in a seasoned coconut batter Read More


Kelly-Anne keeps pace

18 August 2010

The number of young girls getting involved in motor racing in Barbados is steadily increasing. Read More


STLYE FILE: Dress code – Chic

18 August 2010

How would you define your personal style? Flirty and chic. However I like to take it up a notch for special events. Read More


EASY READING: While you were gone…

18 August 2010

"Now Nellie," said Sarah Bottomsley, "I want you to tell me everything that has been going on." Read More


Dancin's destiny

17 August 2010

If Jennifer Sealy had to live her life all over again, she would keep dancing on its path. Read More


Drawn to art

17 August 2010

CHERISE WARD only has eyes for the arts. And she doesn’t intend to change that. Read More


Ingrid Holder- the little lady behind krosfyah

07 August 2010

She’s the little lady behind the scenes that makes it possible for soca fans to see Edwin Yearwood and krosfyah appear live at home and abroad. During the Crop-Over season fans and followers of the group were able to enjoy partying in person with the band at no fewer... Read More


She's a 'top shotter'

06 August 2010

From a child growing up, this shooter was always keen on handling and firing a gun – and for good reason. And, she plans to keep shooting until she "can’t see or walk". Read More


My taste is very eclectic . . . I won't discriminate against rock bands

06 August 2010

Eliana Marcenaro is a wedding singer. Well, a part-time wedding singer. And a pub singer; a private events singer; and a guitar plus alto sax plus flute-playing singer. Not only that, she is a teacher too. Read More


Sous ready for Mexico

06 August 2010

Kirk Ruck says he never wanted to be anything else other than a chef, and for the past 15 years he has been in different kitchens – from his grandmother’s where he learned the basics to various professional restaurants where he worked. Read More

Easy stroll down Pingjiang Road

25 July 2010

It was a cool and easy stroll down Pingjiang Road as we took in the richness of one of the most historic streets in Suzhou City, Jiangsu province, in China. Read More


DISH OF THE WEEK – Spicy steak

24 July 2010

For his first course, Dimitri chose seared bacon-wrapped scallops. Jumbo scallops were wrapped in raw rashers of maple bacon and tossed in a very hot non-stick pan and allowed to sear to golden brown for two minutes on each side. Read More


Back to square one

24 July 2010

She has almost 25 years in the industry and yet is far from being stale. Singing sensation Alison Hinds understands what it means to have earned her crown Read More

Linton's love of speed

24 July 2010

There is the popular saying that a "berry never falls far from the tree". Read More


Having Pretty big ideas

24 July 2010

Barbadian dancer and choregrapher Trevor Pretty is pretty confident: "This is my year", he said. Trevor Pretty has pretty big ideas: " Read More


Do you think that fees at commercial banks have increased too much?