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Lady St John on the pain of parting

31 October 2010

SiLady St John, widow of the late former Prime Minister Sir Harold St John, has words of encouragement for Mara Thompson. Read More


Lysanne living a full life

24 October 2010

Living life in retrospect has become commonplace for 36-year-old Lysanne Simmons. Read More


Living a normal life

24 October 2010

Being a mother with young children, Briony Jenkins’ life was filled with the business of school, lunches, pickup and drop-offs, trying to settle into life in a new country, and balance her family. Read More


Florita Kentish on her "Peas and Cubes"

17 October 2010

"I am a truly Caribbean person and my desire and aim was always to contribute to the Caribbean."   Read More


Sueann's love for fashion

17 October 2010

Sueann Tannis talks about her homegrown style, love for vintage pieces and a weakness she can't live without. Read More


Cancer didn't keep me down

11 October 2010

VILMA HARPER is looking forward to her 80th birthday in January 2011. That is because Harper is in her 22nd year of surviving a disease that continues to take the lives of many, and seemingly didn’t miss a beat through it all. Read More


The write stuff

10 October 2010

African-American Author Eric Jerome Dickey has penned such novels as Between Lovers, Milk In My Coffee, Friends And Lovers and others. Read More


Family helped me fight cancer

09 October 2010

Linda Lewis has learnt not to get stressed out about the little things in life that just don’t matter. Unfortunately, it took a bout with breast cancer five years ago to give her a whole new perspective on life. Read More


I'm a survivor

03 October 2010

A year ago, Janielle Blenman’s life was like that of any ambitious 24-year-old’s. Read More


It's all about Megan

03 October 2010

Nad Cyrus has gained a whole new appreciation for his wife and for parenting as well. That’s because over the past year, with his wife Erika studying overseas, he’s found himself as the solo parent in his home. Read More

Passionate about life

03 October 2010

Fashion designer Nefertari Caddle talks candidly about why she’s living the Good Life. Read More


In Sunday's Easy magazine

02 October 2010



Glenda is a 'gem'

28 September 2010

While attending the then St Leonard’s Girls’ School, Glenda King became pregnant at age 15 and had to halt her studies. Although she had her mother’s full support, King had no immediate plans about what she would do, but somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she... Read More


Artist pencils way to medal

27 September 2010

Nowadays the digital camera has become almost a necessity for some people. This, however, does not prevent 27-year-old Sherlun Norris, from taking up his pencils, a sheet of paper and someone’s picture and reproduce a realistic replica. Sherlun is a freelance artist... Read More


Makeup artist wants colourful career

27 September 2010

PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP artist Leah Whitehead did not get involved in this career because of the glitz and glamour, but rather because of her passion for being artistic. Read More


STYLE FILE: Sexy the style for Skeete

26 September 2010

Joyann Skeete is a Senior CSR and the managing director of her own business, Diamond Entertainment Agency. She was the inaugural winner of the Island Queen competition. Read More


Polo grounds her turf

26 September 2010

Monique Archer’s love for horses began at a very early age. Despite having a physique that could easily have landed her a contract on the international modelling stage, young Monique chose the saddle instead. Read More


STYLE FILE: Weeke-ness for heels

20 September 2010

How would you define your personal style? Classy. I’m a dress lover. Especially a fitted dress. They are easy-going and suited for all occasions. Read More


Fab at 40: New lease on life

18 September 2010

IN EASY MAGAZINE ON SUNDAY: Two days before Maria Boyce-Taylor’s birthday she had a very candid conversation with her mother on reaching this milestone and the changes that the Big 4-0 often brings. Read More


Shooter takes aim at medals

13 September 2010

She loves to be in control and she loves a challenge. Claire King said being involved in shooting satisfied those feelings. Read More


Finesse with fruit

13 September 2010

THROUGHOUT HER LIFETIME her talented hands and creative mind have led her to try all types of crafts – some she perfected, others she did not. Read More


Did you expect more guns to be turned in during the amnesty?